Davina McCall [5]

Davina McCall is a 24/7 cunt, this utter fuckwit who has been on the telly for the last 10 fucking years virtually non stop has said that she thinks having kids is the reason her marriage is going down the laazi….news flash cunt its more likely due to your as good as single husband bringing the kids up on his own as you are never there, and now rather than spend some time with her family she is having a multiple orgasm at the thought of inheriting [i’m a seleb get me out of here] from Alc and Dick, due to his latest fuck up, so no doubt another few months away from her family.
Now I don’t give a flying fuck about Davina McCall but when someone is so obviously the reason for a failed marriage to then come out and blame her kids is hard to swallow,so poor hubby,poor kids and Devina McCunt will be crying when has to cough up half at the divorce court…..ironic considering she has spent the last decade chasing the buck and the attention…..just another attention seeking money grabbing cunt…..

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Davina McCall [3]


Dippy Divina “attempting to make history by becoming the first woman to undertake an entire BT Sports Relief challenge, which involves running, swimming and cycling 500 miles from Edinburgh to London in a week.”

Hardly making history, is it? On the other hand she did make the headlines when she fell over in the snow in Scotland and then again when she got hypothermia by swimming in Lake Windermere in the middle of winter. I’ve heard of women being frigid, but that’s just fucking ridiculous!

Perhaps she will make history by being the first person to die while doing something totally pointless? Perhaps it will relaunch her flagging career? It sure as fuck isn’t doing a lot for her fitness books and videos.

Fucking silly little cunt.

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