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‘Talk Sport Radio’ – Gawd help us!

For a start, by sport they mean football because thats what its about for 95% of the time. You can tune in any time of the day or night and there are fuckin’ idiots phoning in talking about ‘flat back fours’ or ‘making a run from the back’ or’ diamond formations’.

They take it so fuckin’ seriously. I really think the presenters must think to themselves ‘who are these fuckin idiots?’ but on the other hand they are keeping us in a job.

Its absolutely dire!

Nominated by: Ozmandias

5 thoughts on “Talk Sport Radio

  1. It’s bad enough having sport on the telly, let alone on the fucking radio. Listened to by the most boring closeted gays in the world.

  2. But like, its football, like innit.

    The beautiful game, innit.

    Its tribal, innit.

    Actually no. Football is a game played by retards, for the purpose of keeping other retards off the streets for a couple of hours on a Saturday and giving them something to talk about for hours on end during the week.

    While they’re doing this, me and people just like me who can also read and write, are porking their wives.

    Have a think about that next time you and a group of mates go out for a few pints and you start spouting off about ‘your’ team and their new acquisition who isn’t living up to your expectations.

    What you won’t see is the bored looking bloke who despises football and football bores disappearing out of the boozer and slipping your missus a length.

    Ever wondered why your Doris looks so happy when you fuck off to watch ‘the ‘ammers’ play mid week?

    Yup, that would be me.

    (I fucking hate football, footballers, the cause of footballers, anyone who talks about football, anyone who asks me who I support, anyone who refers to a game of kickball as the beautiful game)

    Cunts, one and all.

  3. oh and if want a personification of verbal diahhrea ( hard to spell ) listen to Stan Colleymore doing his ‘expert analysis’. fuckin hell , he don’t half go on.

    • Stan ‘Wife beating dogging cunt’ Collymore is a complete cunt… He blocks anyone on Twitter who disagrees with him or tells it like it is (that he is a woman beating dirty dogging ex-Scouse cunt!)…

  4. off topic but breaking news Mr Spivey has ‘solved’ the Glasgow bin lorry ‘ mystery’ get on other there if you want a laugh.

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