Federica Mogherini


Federica Mogherini. A name you may not know, but a name you should know.

She is the EU’s Head of Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. And this is what she said:

“Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and – what matters most – in Europe’s present and future”.

I wonder if this view will be publicised during the EU referendum campaigns? Somehow I doubt it

This is not just as nonsensical as saying that non-European Australia belongs in the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s FAR more dangerous. And for this reason alone she deserves a big fat urgent cunting.

Nominated by: Fred West

15 thoughts on “Federica Mogherini

  1. You are right on two counts……..

    1. I’ve never heard of her
    2. She’s a CUNT

    Maybe strap her to the bomb that should be dropped on the fucking cunts in the middle east.



    What an absolute load of fucking shit, Black Friday has arrived and the Great British Public are out like sheep under the misguided illusion they are getting an ‘absolute bargain’.
    If you ever needed proof that people are mind-controlled then look at Black Friday.
    Hoards of arseholes stampeding through the shops like they hadn’t eaten for 3 weeks all to get their XBOX for half-price. Fighting over the products like it’s a scrap of bread in the Gulag.

    Now if that was not proof enough people are fucking moronic mind-controlled cunts, then the assumption they are getting it half-price is even more proof.

    NO you are not getting it half-price, you are getting:

    1. The retailer making 100% mark-up instead of the usual 200%
    2. Old technology which is now slower but also cheaper because it is essentially obsolete.

    Have you seen the new iPhone 6s advert? It starts out by saying:
    “This is iPhone 6S, Not much has changed except it responds to the pressure of your finger”

    Well fuck-me, Mrs Boaby responds the pressure of my fist, especially this time of year.

    So …..


    Happy Christ mas 😀

    • These pricks who behave like savages in stores on Black Friday are cunts of the highest order and wankstains on society…. These scrotes act like they’ve heard the four minute warning… Only it isn’t, and it’s not a desperate scramble for water, food or anything else that would be needed in such an emergency… These people revert to caveman levels and don’t think twice about hurting one another over fucking iPods and flat screen televisions… These bastards are the scum of the earth and sum up how terribly wrong things have gone in Britain…

      • Both of you well behind the times…the quietest black friday in the UK on record, all done online this year fnarrr fnarrrr fnarrrrr

      • That may be so, but just think of poor little Jonny on Xmas day, he rushes down to the tree to see if Santa has been and delivered his Xbox, he has been a good boy all year, he wrote his letter to Santa and cannot contain his excitement…
        He rushes down the stairs, “has he been? has he been?” he proclaims…

        Under the tree is nothing, not one present. Jonny cannot work this out, he had been a good boy.
        He asks his MUm, “Why did Santa not come?”
        “Jonny”, she replies, “he uses Royal Mail & Yodel to deliver his presents,” “and they have not arrived”.
        “Remember when you wrote to santa on-line in September, asking for an Xbox?”

        “Yes mummy”

        “well everything is on-line now, even Santa’s deliveries come from the magical elfs factory, known as Amazon”, “He does not guarantee delivery by xmas”

        Happy fucking Christmas Jonny

      • And how many black fridays has the UK indulged in? all of 2 or 3 at most?
        You wait till next year, the sheep will lap it up,
        Won’t be long till thanksgiving is adopted too!

      • Last year was a proper scrum down across stores in the UK hence that’s why this year the large majority of the cunts fighting over cheap tat thought fuck it why bother so whether it ever gets back to scrum down levels remains to be seen. The fact remains this year’s black friday was hardly a blip on the radar in comparison.

        As for the tale of little johnny, that’s either a cunting for delivery services or Amazon, not black friday.

        Thanksgiving….i’m undecided how that would affect me but if it means I get an extra xmas dinner deal me in.

      • Yup! Slap another star on the flag and proclaim us the 51st state, or as the yanks will christen us: USS United Kingdom the latest addition to the Atlantic fleet carrier groups.

  3. Federica Mogherini belongs in some Islamic shithole. I hear the food is to die for. As is everything else. Stupid cow.

  4. She’s as bad as the mediocrity of her predecessor Catherine Ashton. How much does this dross cost us in executive pay?

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