22 thoughts on “Davina McCall [2]

  1. Now, she deserves a bloody good, old-fashioned reaming ..

    A length of the old ‘Arry Black Maskers to keep it quiet .. and away yer go, spinning yer back wheels ..

    Let’s face it .. it would save spoiling a good ‘un too ..

  2. Highly irritating, and all the more so because as the good Captain H observes in his ever politically correct way, I’d still like to give her one, or more.
    Randy Hack

  3. No fucking way she has a body like that! Go on – admit it. It’s been photoshopped hasn’t it?????
    Otherwise, I’d shag it as long as it had a cork in its mouth..

  4. She is indeed a grade A CUNT.
    With her fucking huge beak of a nose and her over excitment at everything.

    Yes that picture has indeed been photoshopped because her nose looks normal

    I would not fuck her, but i would certainly double fist her arsehole till it prolapsed like a rosebud

    I would then take a shit in her CUNT

  5. cheers bb=sf that was the best laugh i’ve had all week!!

    i’d also fuck that annoying cunt till her own cunt flaps as much as her speaking cunt!

  6. I am a moaning fuckwit and love what “Big Brother = Stupid Fucker” said above. Brilliant. Also Davina MaCunt always shouts and enunciates every word like she’s talking to tattoo laden Jeremy Kyle fodder.

  7. I am a moaning fuckwit and must confirm that Davina has got a right fucking conk on her – the beaky faced CUNT.

  8. a huge bugle and a trap like a fucking tunnel..screeching, fake,mental cunt……arrymonk

  9. Fucking snotbox like an Arab donkey shagger ! What an annoying Cunt she is !! Her arse needs ramming with an old railway sleeper, Talentless CUNT !!!!

  10. does this cunt even have a personality, apart from the unbelievably annoying put on persona which makes her look like she is constantly one second away from shitting herself??? please please please quit TV before I damage mine by throwing a brick at you

  11. I fucking hate this bitch. She is the kind of slut I would love to watch get raped and killed by some islamic extremist. She’s not even 100% british… she’s a fucking slimey frenchie… she should fuck off back there and have sex with her mum. All that money she made out of making trash porn (i.e. Big Brother)… she probably masturbated to the live shows as well… absolute scummy trailer trash aids infested SLAG!

  12. Hate to break it to all you lot having a go at her but she’s tall (about 5ft 8) she’s pretty strong and could snap any of you over her knee if you said this stuff to her face.

  13. A cunt, yes, but I’d still fuck that cunt’s cunt.

    Then I’d shit in her mouth, light her on fire, piss on her to put it out, shove a cactus up her cunt, tie her to my bumper and drive 200 miles down gravel roads, and then finally roll her in rotten catfish and drop her in a swamp full of alligators.

    And then I might get nasty.

  14. From HurlingDervish.
    She has a huge fucking hooter, is FUCKING ugly. And she fucking sways from side to side whenever she’s on the fuckin’ telly! That’s enough for me. Fucking poxy frog cunt. Me Oui!

  15. A talentless, vacuous tart
    Don’t know what to say? Oh, just shout bollocks at the microphone as loud as you can.
    The most irritating thing? She earns a bloody fortune for being a cunt
    Jeez, I’m a cunt and I’m potless

  16. Apart from the photoshop pic which is definitely wank worthy I would not want to fuck her the skanky heroin experimenting old slag for fear for getting some AIDS related death disease – oh and fuck off my tv with your fucking Lab Garnier bollocks you fucking cunting witch

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