Daisy Goodwin

Sociopathic females, with the Machiavellian mentality. Akin to leeches, not letting go as they seek to draw even more blood. Quid Pro Quo does not figure in their world.

Daisy Goodwin, author & poet, in reference to the main roles in the BBC dramas, The Body Guard & Eve, both played by females. Job done you might think, women rights applauding. A tick in the box for an already overpopulated TV female employees. Not so according to Madam Goodwin.”By awarding females these two major roles, only undermines the fight for female equality.” “By pretending that sexism has gone away through gender blind eyes!!!” No!! you screwed up, retarded woman, of some intelligence, minus one iota of common sense, it does not!!! What it does show is these snowflake TV bosses, with their own ulterior motives, bending over backwards to please you. But true to form, you just move the goal posts again, like a bunny boiling, stir crazy fanatic, whose end justifies the means. Give a little, take a little, a simplistic equaliser, is not part of your curriculum. You demand the lot, and then more.

Another destructive force, too embittered to see the sorrowful downfall of your ways. Even when it’s all too late. Pleasing you, is like catching a greased eel wearing a Pair of Mitts.
Though a lot less fun.

Nominated by Lostsheep