Daisy Goodwin

Sociopathic females, with the Machiavellian mentality. Akin to leeches, not letting go as they seek to draw even more blood. Quid Pro Quo does not figure in their world.

Daisy Goodwin, author & poet, in reference to the main roles in the BBC dramas, The Body Guard & Eve, both played by females. Job done you might think, women rights applauding. A tick in the box for an already overpopulated TV female employees. Not so according to Madam Goodwin.”By awarding females these two major roles, only undermines the fight for female equality.” “By pretending that sexism has gone away through gender blind eyes!!!” No!! you screwed up, retarded woman, of some intelligence, minus one iota of common sense, it does not!!! What it does show is these snowflake TV bosses, with their own ulterior motives, bending over backwards to please you. But true to form, you just move the goal posts again, like a bunny boiling, stir crazy fanatic, whose end justifies the means. Give a little, take a little, a simplistic equaliser, is not part of your curriculum. You demand the lot, and then more.

Another destructive force, too embittered to see the sorrowful downfall of your ways. Even when it’s all too late. Pleasing you, is like catching a greased eel wearing a Pair of Mitts.
Though a lot less fun.

Nominated by Lostsheep

29 thoughts on “Daisy Goodwin

  1. It seems these days to get anywhere in the BBC you have to be female (Wimmins Hour love cunts up their own arses like Goodwin) or black or asian if you haven’t got pissflaps. Wimmin rugby commentators, wimmin editors, lessie presenters – what more do they want

    • Sick to the back fucking teeth of ‘wimmin’ being shoehorned into male sports. Mrs Punch hosting men’s fucking rugby, female commentators on men’s fucking football? You’re not fucking wanted, luv, you screeching fucking harpies. ‘What more do they want’? Certainly not fucking equality, that’s for fucking sure as then they’d have to look for another cause to bore the fucking arses off us about.

      Cunts. Literally.

      • They’re not interested in equality, not at all…they want everything, but they don’t really know why; the original point has been totally obscured from view.

        Sad really…no way back from here.

  2. If the woman wasn’t a bit too old, I’d have assumed that her rantings coincided with her being on the rag. There’s some group of curry-munchers that ban women from their tin-shack house,and make them sleep outside in a byre when it’s their time of the month…..Fucking good idea. Admittedly one or two have frozen to death,but you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Anyhow,it’s probably the whingiest ones who get banned for the longest,so at least it’ll teach them to hold their tongue in male company in the future.
    As this biddy looks menopausal, I can only assume that her ravings come from a lack of male attention. She needs telling that the only time she needs open her gob is to ask her man what he wants for dinner,or to give him a gobble. No more (undoubtedly) crap poetry or deluded rants, it should just be “Is steak O.K. for dinner,love? I need to lose some wight so I’ll just have salad” or “Gluh,glug…not so deep,you bastard”.

    Fuck off.

  3. I wonder what’s in her hand, underneath that pillow. 10″ black rubber cock perhaps?

  4. She’s only jibbing on in order to stay relevant and trendy. There are so many PC bandwagons doing the rounds these days that attention-seeking cunts like her just want to jump between as many as possible in order to be in with the “metoo” crowd.

    And now she’s resorting to reverse psychology – suggesting that giving women prominent roles is in itself sexist! So what the fuck does she want?

  5. Had to look this old slapper up. It has a website that states it lives in London with her three dogs, two daughters and one husband – in that order. Speaks volumes. Apparently she read history at Cambridge. Oh goody, at least she can read. But really who gives a flying fuck what she thinks? Just another well-heeled gobshite who thinks she has something important to say. Just fucking shut it, silly bitch. And why, if she’s made her money, does she shop for her dresses at Barnados? And further, Big Chunky Cunty what gives with the “black” rubber cock? A rubber cock is a rubber dildo regardless of colour innit blud.

    • * what gives with the “black” rubber cock? *

      They do say that they are bigger, which explains so many slappers chasing after black men. Not just wimmin either, I bet the reason Peter Mangledbum was so anxious to cultivate the friendship of Chukka Umuna was for a similar reason (“tell me ducky……”)

      I reckon he should try Lammy as well. He could be Jane to Lammy’s Tarzan

    • Don’t ask me mate, I don’t own any cocks beside my own nor do any of my fantasies involve cocks besides my own. Ask her why she went for a swinging black anaconda.

    • We once found a massive black dildo in the undergrowth when we were doing a clearance job. It got glued to the dash of the transit where it wobbled and waved merrily behind the windscreen at rather surprised pedestrians for weeks as we drove along. It was only removed after someone pointed out that we were liable to be mistaken for a bunch of rampant Gays touting for trade…The Aids Team if you will.

      Fuck Off.

      • Bloody hell. Something black and 12 inches and you don’t offer it to us of that persuasion on IAC first before discarding it. How the hell do you think you’re going to train us out of ‘the sin’ if you don’t take an active part in placating the needs of ‘the sinner’.

      • It’s the “taking an active part in placating the needs of the sinner” bit of it that frightens me.
        I’m not too sure what came of the 12 incher,think possibly that the hounds used it as a chew toy for a while,but seeing as Christmas is coming, I’ll upload a picture of me in my “Widow Twankey” costume from last years Panto….that should give the Fruity Gentleman the Christmas thrill of their lives.

        🙂 .

      • Good call Mr Fiddler, there is no need to take risks and encourage them at the expense of some jollies. A malfunctioning radio stuck on ‘Its Raining Men’ and the 12 incher wobbling about doesn’t bear thinking about.

  6. Let’s see if I understand this :

    Don’t give a woman a leading role and it’s sex discrimination
    Give a woman a leading role and it’s patronising.

    Silly cow. People like this make “intelligent woman” an oxymoron

  7. Daisy would love the world to be populated by nothing but wimminz and poofs. Everybody else is a dreary inconvenience.
    All part of the gradual emasculation of the western world.
    I see the Yanks elected 2 peaceful women yesterday.
    We are fucked.

  8. Dunno why there’s so many of them nowadays. Do they reproduce parthenogenetically? The only liftshare I could get this winter was a wimminz, and I find myself blocking most of my conversational offerings before they emerge (it’s a bloody long walk)

    When I am acclaimed the first reptile president-for-life of England (sic), I will ensure that the wimminz stay at home to tend the brats which are their main interest in life, while the men go out to work for the money which is the wimminz’ subsidiary interest in life. Even that’s unfair to the men, but nothing’s perfect in this wicked world, and it’s worked for most of recorded history, pretty well everywhere.

  9. Afternoon DF and all !
    This trollup is just a wee but mixed up I agree with DF she’s needing COCK !
    Aside from the fact her cunt will look like a slaters nail bag and could quite possibly fit us all in she’s genuinely deluded !
    Fuck Her !!!!

  10. ‘By pretending that sexism has gone away through gender blind eyes’. Not sure I follow what you’re on about there, love.
    Whatever, it’s clearly a no win situation with you. No women in lead roles, it’s sexism. Award women lead roles, and it’s, er, undermining the fight for equality.
    Go and have a lie down in a darkened room for an hour, and you might feel better, you dozy cow.

  11. Literally nothing will satisfy cunts like her. The general outrage industry (you’ll find her counterparts in any group: gays, christianists, cripples, any given race or religion, and amusingly, as frequently within cuntservatism as within liberalism/socialism) is booming, thanks in large part to social media, and incessant bitching is the price, purpose, and reward of their shitty existence.

    • Like…but thank god ISAC supports my incessant bitching, eh? Ah well, bitching to the converted is different…

  12. The Frau of Gimmegrants needs to be strung from a crane and infibulated in public. Only then – and it’s a big leap of faith mind you – might all these ‘feminists’ realise the reality of the future for them and their daughters that they’ve been so clamorously campaigning and voting for.

  13. Female genital mutilation, clitoris removal sewing up the lips so she can piss but not fuck. Usually the pathetic insecurity of pathetic men but often aided and abetted by women. Illegal obviously in UK, but often practised among a certain group, rarely prosecuted cos, yunno, community cohesion.

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