UB40 – There’s a Cunt in the Kitchen

(Wearing shades, trying to look cool-with-da-kids, innit – Day Admin)

UB40 are cunts, aren’t they!

I’ve just heard these talentless turds are making a comeback to inflict more dreary bum gravy for our ears.

What could be worse than a bunch of dreadlock’d Hash Brownies playing that dull, bass-heavy chukka chukka reggae? That’s right: Hònkeys doing it.

Whether it’s doing shitty covers of classics (Falling in Love with You, Red Red Wine, Many Rivers To Cross), whining about being unemployed or shouting about”old Faatcher”, these lumpy Brummie shitbiscuits took the piss with how dire they were. Repeating “Der’s a ra’ in me kitchin wot am ah gonna doo” in a pretend Jamaican accent should have been enough to put them in prison.

It’s amazing to think there are TWO breath-taking cunts called Al/Ali Campbell in the world. One’s the Remoaner who gave Blair stress-relieving hand jobs and the other’s the zombie who sings like an amputee for these tedious drab cabbages.

Reggae is for cunts. However, this monotonous dirge is even worse. It’s not even for wîggers. It’s music for people who loathe music.

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

68 thoughts on “UB40 – There’s a Cunt in the Kitchen

  1. Far left, ringo starr has been piling on the pounds. And centre left is that gary Oldman researching a role.

  2. Fucking wigger shite music.

    I heard on the radio recently their new album has some new ‘material’, which is probably another load of bullshit covers sung in a fake Jamaican reggae style…. and a ‘reimagining’ of some of their ‘much loved classics’…. Whatever the fuck that means.

    Utter wank. I hated their shite sound in the eighties, right up there in the crap shelf with those other scruffy ugly wankers Dexsy’s Midnight Bummers…

  3. Back in the 80’s my mate used to call them white coons.
    That dreary voice made the recession seem positively joyful.

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