Rachel Riley

Rachel Riley is a cunt…
This dizzy bitch had this to say today:

‘Huge day for all the little girls who dream of growing up to play for Manchester United. Good luck on your first league game today Man Utd Women, we’re all behind you!!! ‘

“We’re all” are we? We are fucking well not! We’re into ridding the club of the mass of utter cunts that now run the place… The same cunts that have brought this PC shite onto a majority that didn’t want it in the first place… So fuck off, Riley you nu-footie post-premiership gloryhunttng cockmunching clueless cunt… And what part of Manchester and Salford are you from anyway, you daft slag?! Rochford, Essex? Do fuck off!

Nominated by Norman

51 thoughts on “Rachel Riley

  1. I’d love to see this team of wimminz against my son’s team of 15 year old lads, no holds barred. It’d be a slaughter.
    At least fanny-wielding cunts haven’t ruined motor sport (yet).

    • A wimminz F1 would be a catastrophe, they’d never complete a lap. Just one big clusterfuck crash at the start of every race. I’d pay to watch that for sure.

      That’s if they can even manage to park correctly at the starting lines though. One will probably turn up in an SUV too.

    • A woman did win a motorbike world championship last week, though she did beat 30 odd blokes to do so fair play.

  2. I know Rochford. Very nice place, very expensive. You have to be rich as fuck to live there. You won’t find too many peacefuls, Eurotrash or Albanian beggars in Rochford. Easy to be a libtard when you live there.

  3. If I was a woman lover, I’d have to disagree .
    But being a raging Gaylord I have to say that womens football is a non starter with me.
    But anything that brings man u. down is fine with me.

    • Hi Admin, now that we regularly have two crafty butchers posting, doesn’t ISAC qualify for some sort of government grant or lottery fund or something to help pay for bandwidth?!

      • I’ve counted at least three… not to mention Thomasina the pre-op Cunt Engine.

      • Afternoon Mr Cunt Engine.

        Thomasina’s wife must be thrilled – last I heard the moustache was an especially grisly bone of contention between them.

        Dare we to hope, a giant step on the road to reconciliation?

      • Quite the opposite, RTC.
        We’re getting divorced….finally! And thank fuck too.
        Goodness only knows the sort of financial Lubbocking that awaits me…

      • Oh God… it doesn’t bear thinking about.

        Will look forward to seeing you on Judge Rinder – you’ll be a regular!

      • Good luck with the disentangling TTCE and I hope your luck is better than mine. Been hitched and unhitched twice now. Once to the kids Mum who partially monetarily raped me – then I got tangled again with a cunt I dated as a youth and was fully financially raped and taken to the cleaners. Too long a story to waffle amongst my ISAC chums (although I usually write paragraphs of tripe) but suffice to say if ever I feel the urge to tie myself to some female, I will find the ugliest smelliest fattest cunt on the high street and just buy her a house. Cuts out all that love hate recrimination bollocks. I will just stick to online porn to sate my urges. Much cheaper

  4. Lukaku should don a wig and try-out for the women’s team. Mind you, he couldn’t even score against a Harridan 11.

    I, alternatively, would let Ms.Riley score with me over and over again in endless, balls-manoeuvring, nutmegged beauty.

    • I’d be delighted to get in the bath with her after the game, and assist with soaping her abundantly all over *snarf snuffle*
      By the way Cap’n, just saw your comment about the cabbage throwing at Villa Pk. It weren’t me mate, I don’t know nothin’ about it…
      Was reading a paper over a coffee earlier and some daft cunt in it was arguing that Man U should give Moaninho the tin tack and hire Bruce. I suspect he’ll be sectioned for his own well being.

      • Christ on a bike, don’t they ever learn?
        Become a manager; do an appalling job; get sacked; get rewarded with another manager position. Bonkers.

  5. The libtards will soon be insisting on a change of name for MANchester United, for the purposes of inclusion, equality and all that PC bollocks!

    I watched Sky’s Gillette Soccer Special, last night – the first time in months – and was fucking gobsmacked to see all these women on the studio panel or out at the grounds reporting trying to look as if they knew what they were talking about!

    Admittedly compared to old cunts like Phil “The Beak” Thompson the tart sitting next to him made him look like the miserable old cunt he really is.

    All we want now is a few non-binary types on the show and a few boxes will be ticked!

    And as for Man United – fuck them and their cunt of a manager

    • It’s embarrassing. It’s when they start talking passionately about an incident, leaning forward, gesticulating, eyes wide, looking to the others for corroboration – all like they’re experts on men’s football. They know they’re there to tick boxes. It’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for them.

      Clear anyone off men’s football tv punditry who hasn’t got the required meat-&-two-veg, be it Alex Scott, Gaby Token or Gary Neville.

      • It’s the same with that useless bint who’s on Channel 5’s test commentary team. Boycs and the rest are providing in depth analysis on shots, choice of bowling, field placings, conditions, state of the match etc, and she’s ‘oh, could that go for four? There’s a man fielding at er down by the boundary’…
        Fucking clueless.

      • Totally agree Ron. She was useless on C5 but note also that at times TMS had TWO of them on. Part of me is delighted that both the forthcoming winter series are on Talkshite because (I think) that’s a wimminz-free zone commentary-wise. Trouble is, we’ll be plagued by Office Rental plugs and ads instead!!

        Ryder Cup highlights on Al-Beeb 2 similarly blighted last weekend by that screeching, incomprehensible Scots bint reminding us of the Leaderboard every 5 mins. Made me long for the return of the excellent Hazel.

        Did you see that corker of an o.g. backpass from the halfway line by the Man City Ladies? Note too that even the best resourced team in the country is watched by two men and a dog.

        As for RR. Yes I would. In a heartbeat!

      • Incomprehensible Scots bint? Ah yes, the one that sounds like a broken chainsaw. Not that the rest of them are much better.

        Where, one wonders, are the modern-day equivalents of the likes of Bill McLaren and David Coleman, chaps whose commentary actually added to the experience of watching sport on the telly rather than causing one to hit the mute button.

    • They’ve got them on BBC radio too, now. It was bad enough hearing the faux-hysteria of a male commentator as a bloke kicked a ball into a net, but football punditry from a nice little girl who, you can be certain, played netball at school and graduated with a Media Studies degree last year is just fucking ludicrous.

      • OK, this one’s better…
        Breaking: Manchester United is set to be renamed Peoplechester United as women’s groups and feminist activists express outrage over the inherent sexism present in the word Manchester. A spokesman for the club was quoted as saying: “Now we once again have a woman’s team, the name Manchester doesn’t sound very inclusive. As such we have changed the name of the club in order to reflect the values of society in 2018. Such outdated verbiage has absolutely no place in our club.”

    • Forget about Manchester united women’s team (I couldn’t be arsed which gender they are – and what happens to those cunts who refuse to have a paper gender?), I want to see Nanchester United. Bunch of old cunts dribbling a crocheted ball about a bowls lawn. Get them out the house. Only downside if when they fall over after being almost nudged by another player, they might not get up again so it would have more obstacles than a game of crazy golf.

  6. A few years ago me and the wife agreed we could both have three ‘free passes’ to play away if we ever got the chance.
    She chose two actors and some Latino singer.

    I currently have only one pass left, not because I’ve fucked the other two, but because two of my choices were her mum and sister.
    Riley is my remaining pass….I live in hope….

    • Did they both bomb you out JRC?

      Hope= when all avenues ( realistic or not) of possible success have been completely and utterly dismissed …. 😂

  7. I can’t honestly cunt Rachel Riley except for being a Man U fan who needs a fucking map to find the place. She looks good on Cuntdown and I would like to see her on A Question of Spurt. I’d shoot in her box anytime AND try the 69 times table.

  8. Totally agree AF…
    Like one of our foreign football imports I would definitely go down in the (her) box …..
    It wouldn’t require even the faintest touch …. 😂

  9. If you asked Rachel Riley who Martin Buchan was, she wouldn’t be so clever then…. She’d just look thick and not know who he is, because he was United’s Captain in the 70s…Riley is just one of many nu-footie celebrity slags who attached their barnacle-like cunts to United during the Fergie glory years… See also Zoe Ball, Ulrika-cunt-cunt-cunt! And Michelle Keegan, although I’d let Keegan off if she did me a ‘favour’ or two… And as for United? I’d rather the club disbanded entirely than appointed that utter cunt Brendan Rodgers as Manager….

    • Ah but she’s one of the many “young uns” who believe football began in 1992. Anything before that is irrelevant.

      Ignorant Cunts

    • I think they should appoint Giggsy next.

      Liverpool fan

      PS Our equivalent Hot Tottie is ……Sue Johnson!!

      • I’ve always regarded Johnson’s acting ability on a par with Mrs Overall. Anyway, she is from Warrington.

    • Rodgers would soon have you challenging for honours again. It’d be in the Championship, mind…

    • Fucking Hell Norman I’m a Pompey fan and I wouldn’t even wish that cunt Rogers on Southampton. He really is a complete human turd. And as someone else said in here. Be a shit manager at one club get sacked move on to someone else to fleece. Gone are the days of managers moving to bigger and better things after cutting their teeth at lower league clubs or played at a higher level.

  10. Women’s football is just like any kid’s Sunday league, not just the quality, but the fact that the only people interested are the family and friends of the players.

    They keep pushing it as viable entertainment but the interest isn’t there.
    Sorry girls..oh! well back to the chopping board….

  11. Rochford? Isn’t that where the Spiv hails from? I assume he’s been following the Westminster Bridge Terrorist inquest? Odd he wasn’t called to give his views after all he has carried out an ‘in depth investigation’ (ha ha ha ha). They probably didn’t realise that ‘no one died’.

  12. Afternoon Cuntflap.

    Can’t see it matters much one way or another – all footballers are poofs and closet trannies anyway, might even be worth a watch if there’s a bonny lass or two showing out of a Saturday afternoon.

  13. You want brain deadf post-Premier League nu-footie slags? I’ve got ’em….
    It’s hard (not to) forget what a bunch of cunts they really were…
    Is Scouser Spice arguably the worst celebrity football totty ever?
    And – even with a 20 year gap – I still see Posh/ Dog/Leech/Yoko Spice in that United kit and I still want to whack her in the mush… I bet Fergie wanted to shoot her…


    • makes a change to see most of these tarts with their legs closed for more than 10 seconds! They look like they’re all gagging for a piss!

      And is that Emma Bunton in the Spurs Kit, with her mouth in the default open position?

      • Legs closed, except for the one referred to as Sporty Spice, but then she has probably had them open so many times she can’t close them anymore.

  14. Rachel Riley? I’d use her shot for toothpaste. As for women having anything to do with men’s football, and men’s sport in general, they have a couple of bints commentating on Match Of The Day sometimes. I have to mute the fucking telly. Fuck RIGHT off, BBC – stop forcing your right-on fucking ideologies onto every fucking subject and cunting program. They’ve even got a bird spouting forth on the rugby on BT Sport. ‘Kettle’s that way, Luv’, should be the response when she starts spouting her bullshit. I’d wager Jeff Probyn would have uttered it!

  15. A showbizzey ambitious anorexic Essex skank with brains,wears daft skirts that makes her look like them dolls you hid your bog rolls in in the 70,s…….slag!!

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