Carillion, the unscruplous granny-selling cuntractors, are mastodon-size cunts, right down to the last employee.

I’m delighted to see one of these firms go to the wall. For years now, the whole notion of contracting everything out to bodies of bastardry like Serco, Carillion, G4S and any other rip-off merchant you can mention has helped effectively ring-fence taxpayer’s money on nothing but contractor mistakes and strategically planned ‘variations’ – effectively extra money because of caveats excluding certain elements in a project, buried under a ton of contract documents too impenetrable for government project managers to handle – thereby fleecing hospitals, schools, highways, utilities…. you name it.

Now these shitcunts cry for help from the government because they, despite loads of high profile contracts, still managed to fuck up. I note the bosses have secured gold plated wank flannels though – of course they won’t suffer.

I despise contracting firms with a fucking passion. My only sadness here is that more of them don’t go fucking bust.

Brick-chewing, estuary-vowelled, pencil-in-ear whistling cuntfucks.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

Remaniacs (2)

All remoaners are cunts in my opinion. They fail to acknowledge or face facts when there’s any good news about leaving the cunty EU.
But a whiff of bad news about it and there off like cunts in a cunt race .
I could in fact be talking about the seriously cuntuous cunts that are the BBC but no , any remoaning cunt fits the bill here. So I nominate ” The Remoaner”

Nominated by Cunt care less.

The things that Remoaners claim Brexit is responsible for is becoming increasingly ridiculous. While driving my mother to a hospital appointment this morning, there was a clearly brain dead “environmentalist”, (emphasis on “mental”) on Radio 2, who was whingeing about the government’s new policy on dealing with waste plastic. At one point, the swivel eyed bint actually made the absurd claim that, and I quote; “Brexit is responsible for climate change”. Obviously, with this being BBC Radio 2, it went completely unchallenged, but I can’t have been the only one who heard that and shouted; “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU WORK THAT ONE OUT”? And Remoaners have the nerve to call Brexiteers uneducated? Fuck off!

It’s a simple, tiresome, fact that as we get closer to the day that we ‘leave’ the EU, Remoaners will become increasingly desperate with their claims as to what will happen to the UK, and the world in general once we’re out. They haven’t been able to change our minds with lies and insults, so now it seems they’re changing tactics and attempting to change our minds with insanity. What next? HMS Royal Oak was sunk because of Brexit? Apollo 13 malfunctioned because of Brexit. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated by a Brexiteer? Adolf Hitler supported Brexit. The sun will explode due to Brexit. And they say the Leave campaign are liars?

So called man made climate change was being thrown at us long before we had the referendum, so how the fuck could Brexit possibly be responsible for it? Is Doctor Who a Brexiteer? That’ll upset Stephen Moffatt.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

Labour Party (4)

I want to nominate the Labour party for a cunting. They’ve always been a party of a hypocritical shit houses, but there reaction to the Toby Young affair have seen them well and truly corner the market. Ok, fair enough, Young was a knob for posting what he did. But there are members of the Labour party, John McDonnell and Clive Lewis being two of the most notable examples, who have openly made sexist comments toward specific women. According to Labour though, that’s different.

Esther McVey has allegedly accused John McDonnell of sexist comments on more than one occasion, even suggesting he used the words, “lynch the bitch”. Lewis was also alleged to shout “get on your knees”, to a woman in a nightclub, AFTER she had already been subjected to sexist abuse from another Labour MP.

So, it’s ok for male Labourites to make sexist comments, but Toby Young, who is NOT a Labourite is viewed by some as a misogynist pig, who must be executed and fed to stray dogs for his tweets. And it’s not the first time Labour have been hypocrites. A couple of years back, photos emerged of a Tory MP wearing a Nazi themed costume at a party during his university days. Labour made a huge deal out of it, as if none of them had ever done anything stupid while they drunken students. And this was in the pre-Corbyn era. Only last week, Keir Starmer tried to brush off criticism of his handling of the Warboys case by saying, “it was nine years ago”. Well that’s ok then. It’s ancient history, so let’s forget about his incompetence being partly responsible for a convicted rapist, who, by all accounts, is still a danger to women, about to be put back on the streets.

When Damian Green was accused of sexual harassment, Labour MP’s and followers were quick to demand his head. They weren’t so quick however, when Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins was accused of sexual harassment. That has been pretty much whitewashed. In early November 2017, he was accused of inappropriate behaviour by a Labour part activist, claims which were reported to Rosie Winterton in 2015. A week after the first claim, Labour MP Kerry McCarthy accused Hopkins of paying her unwanted attention via written notes, dating back to 1994, when they the Chairs of neighbouring constituency Labour parties in Luton. The attention allegedly resumed in 2005, when she became an MP, and didn’t stop until 2016. She even showed the notes to Labour whips, and they were reprinted in the Guardian. She even told that paper’s political editor that she was, “really, really wary of him”.

And it’s the same with Labour’s blatant anti-Semitism. Should anyone dare to criticise Islam, they and the demented halfwits of Momentum are the loudest in screaming “ISLAMOPHOBIA”. Yet when they are accused of doing to Jews what they accuse others of doing to Muslims, it’s not the same thing at all.

Then we have Jared O’Mara, MP for Sheffield Hallam. At least, he was ELECTED as MP for Sheffield Hallam. He was suspended by Labour last year, pending an investigation into allegations of sexism and homophobia, and hasn’t been seen October, four months after he was elected to parliament. He has NEVER stood up and made a speech in the commons, not even his maiden speech.

Since 2002, he’s certainly made a number of online comments that could be seen as homophobic, sexist, derogatory and even racist. He once got into an online forum argument with a Danish user and allegedly ended up calling him a pig shagger. The incident that got him suspended occurred in March last year, before he was elected in June, happened on a night out in March. A woman he was with claims they got into an argument and he allegedly told her, “I wouldn’t touch you with a manky woman’s cunt, you ugly bitch”. A number of the woman’s friends witnessed this, but O’Mara says they are liars.

What really gets me about these pricks, is that they have the nerve to call Tories the Nasty Party, and scum. Really? Was it the Tories who openly celebrated when Thatcher died? Was it the Tories who abused candidates from other parties, especially the Tories, at the last general election? No. It was, allegedly, members of that swivel eyed bunch of Corbyn lovers, Momentum. One member of Momentum is accused of pissing in the doorway of one Tory MP’s constituency office. If a Tory had done that to a Labour MP, there would have been hell to pay. Yet they have the nerve to call the Tories scum. Because the allegations of abuse are aimed at Labour and their followers though, they’ve been uncharacteristically quiet. Fucking hypocrites.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

Toby Young petition to sack him.

213,274 (and counting) nominations for anyone who signed the petition to sack Toby Young from the Office For Students.

The usual confected outrage over a few tweets is only cover for the real reason these people don’t want him; he’s a conservative columnist and blogger who doesn’t hold to the modern shibboleths of politically correct doublespeak or identity politics. Oh, and he’s a leave supporter. The reasons his opponents cite as to why he is unsuitable are, in fact, the reasons he is ideal for the position.

Just as one should never be on the same side of an argument as the BBC, It’s a clear truth that anything opposed by teaching unions is, by definition, a good thing.

Another 100 have cunted themselves in the time it took me to type this.

Nominated by Harry Axwound.

My sister

I crave indulgence from my fellow cunters, but today is my sister’s 77th birthday and I need to get this off my chest.

How the fucker has lasted this long is frankly beyond me. She is without a doubt one of the most truly evil people I have ever met. Her very existence is based around thinking “Who can I fuck up next?” She could give lessons to ISIS on being a cunt.

I not seen her since my mother’s funeral over 30 years ago. I even moved house twice without telling her where I live. While my mother was lying on her death bed, she was clearing out the house of her stuff. She persuaded my mother – not in the best mental health – to change her will to cut me out of it and then tried to persuade me to break my late father’s trust fund to get her hands on that as well.

She is so fucking evil that her husband committed suicide rather than live with her. Really. I can understand that. If I had to live with her, I’d kill myself.

At the age of 77 she is living proof that only the good die young.

Guess what, sis? You’re a cunt – and a fucking evil cunt to boot…

Nominated by Dioclese