National Treasures (2)

A huge cunting for “ National Treasures”.

As soon as someone is declared a “ national treasure” then you can be sure that person is an utter cunt, viz –

Clare Balding – lezzer and cunt.
Eddie Redmayne – crap actor and cunt.
David Attenborough – global warming gobshite and cunt.
David Beckham – ponce and cunt.
Jamie Oliver – cunt food purveyor and cunt.
JK Rowling – illiterate cunt.
David Dimbleby – broadcaster and cunt
Kate Moss – skinny drug addict and cunt
Jo Brand – unfunny ugly cunt obsessed with her cunt
Miranda Hart – unfunny ugly cunt obsessed with her tits.
Allen Bennett – professional Yorkshireman and cunt.
Grayson Perry – cunt.

I rest my case.


Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

Clive Lewis


A red flag waving cunting please for this oleaginous turd, who in addition to agitating for a “confirmatory” referendum, and his often prejudiced remarks against people he dislikes or disapproves of, has reached a new level of cuntishness today by appearing on Wireless 4 World At 1 to stir up tomorrow’s London demonstration against President Trump. No doubt the unemployed, housewives, students and pansy Labour MPs, not to mention Saddick Kunt will be there blowing their whistles and shouting and there, cheerleading at the front will be Steptoe and his boyfriend Clive.

If Lewis had brains instead of a big uncouth mouth , he should realise that there are very many serious problems in their own shitstained party, and it will be remembered, especially as general election time approaches, thanks to the wankers trying to become Prime Minister, that Lewis, Thornberry, Steptoe and Kahn are perfectly happy to insult the leader of our closest ally, yet never said a word against the commie leaders of China being afforded the same civic ceremonies that the Donald is receiving. I suspect these Poundland Labour politicians would rather it were Robert Mugabe or one of their other *underprivileged* friends who were being feted.

Lewis and his pals should keep their bowels open (Thornberry looks as if she has the worst case of constipation in medical history) and their mouths shut, and go and fuck themselves into oblivion.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

The Royal College of General Practitioners

The Royal College of General Practitioners are lefty pc obsessed cunts who deserve a good kicking.

Broadcaster and journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer had been invited to talk at the annual conference of these medi-cunts. However, she has now been disinvited as a result of a petition signed by only some 70 gp cunts who complained about her allegedly “highly controversial views on immigration”.

Now, we all now that to express any view on immigration, even one that is reasoned, gentle, non-racist and non-discriminatory, is to risk immediate annihilation by social media based, right on trendy, millenial lefty cunts.

Alas, poor Julia? Her unforgivable offence was to agree with aspects of Enoch Powell’s “ rivers of blood” speech by arguing that Powell hadn’t been racist and was speaking of the need to stem mass immigration as the failure of many arrivals to integrate would lead to racial tension in the U.K. Powell was quite correct here and Hartley-Brewer was right to quote him and to defend him.

One gp said he would resign from the RCGP if Hartley-Brewer spoke as it would be “ platforming someone who defends fascism”!!

So, in the interests of free speech, it was decided to cancel Hartley-Brewer as too many would be offended by her views – well, 70 or so remain obsessed pc cunts would be offended.

I read reports like this and believe George Orwell was far of the mark in 1984. He was too optimistic. The future is going to be much worse.

Fuck off.

Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

Tom & Eve Penn

A Neighbourhood Watch, Friends and Neighbours cunting please for this *public spirited?* shitstain who was so concerned for the welfare of our future Prime minister and his tart that he phoned the police, and also had the presence of mind to record the brouhaha AND send it to *The Guardian*.

The Guardian says it all doesn’t it? Some fucking nose in the air do-fucking-gooder with too much sodding time on his hands. I smell stitch-up

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Boris Johnson’s neighbours are right Guardianista interfering cunts.

Its one thing calling the police to a perceived affray but recording it and giving it to the Guardian is another. They obviously don’t like Johnson and now have a perma-erection thinking how brilliant they are that they’ve knocked 10 bells of popularity out of our best candidate for prime minister since Maggie Thatcher.

I hope Boris get’s the job and gets to live in nice Chequers and Downing Street away from those awful Guardian remainer plebs.

Nominated by Cuntologist

Anthony Joshua

A knockout of a cunting please for that Great Black Hope, Anthony Joshua.

This arrogant, self-absorbed cunt lost a match with Mexican slugger Andy Ruiz over the weekend, a fight which every Hearn and his dog assumed Joshua would win.

In the heavyweight division, an old, old adage – beware the thick set man with fast hands – and as it proved, the unfit-looking Ruiz demonstrated his hands were not just fast at the buffet-table, as well as showing some good old fashioned ringcraft to outclass, out-manoeuvre and out-hit the truly over-hyped Joshua. A cursory look over Ruiz’s fight record showed that this man was dangerous and I suspect Joshua’s team judged a book by its cover when agreeing for him to be the latest ‘fodder’ for the Hearn Hype Machine, at relatively short notice.

Ruiz thanked Joshua’s team in kind for the opportunity by laying him on his back multiple times en route to a seventh round TKO, thus walking away with four belts which he admittedly could use end-to-end judging by his ample girth. Don’t tell him I said that.

Joshua, who has become so full of himself and been the subject of many a BBC article boiling to down to ‘blacks are fab’ showed us just how limited he is as a boxer. Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that one error-strewn loss does a shit boxer make – Lennox Lewis had a few of weird defeats – but from AJ there was no tactics, a glass jaw and the fucker was completely spent after a few rounds. It is in my opinion no coincidence that this is the first fight Joshua trained for in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency’s training programme, and the fucker was gasping and wheezing before the third round.

I suspect that in buying into his own spin, Joshua has made the fatal error as a boxer of training to look good rather than training exclusively to box. I never wish KOs on any boxer but every-time the camera panned to Eddie Hearn’s face after the latest knockdown, the look of ‘there goes my main source of income’ made me long for the next Ruiz howitzer.

Less Joe Frazier and more Audley Harrison, the cunt.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back