The NME are cunts…

The last printed issue of this pile of shite is now dead and gone, and good fucking riddance….

It has always been crap and a breeding ground for knobheads and utter cunts… Julie Burchill, Tony Parsons, Danny Kelly, Bob Geldof, Paul Morley (colossal cunt), David Quantick, Stuart Maconie, Andrew Collins, Danny Baker, Sam Wolfson, Hamish McBain are just a few in their cunts roll of honour…. Also the publications’ unhealthy long term obsession with Morrissey gives them a cunt red alert…

Their worst crime (apart from sucking up to Morrissey)? In 1988, Mark Sinker (a rare non-cunt at NME) said U2’s ‘Rattle and Hum; album was crap and gave it 4 out of 10… NME wanted a U2 cover story and interview, so they changed Sinker’s review without telling him, and Stuart Baille gave the album an arselcking 8 out of 10 instead….

They got their U2 exclusive. licked Bonio’s jacksy, and Sinker resigned in fury…. Conclusive proof that the so-called New Musical Express was by cunts and for cunts….

Nominated by Norman

The Gender Pay Gap

I’d like to nominate advocates of the gender pay myth for a cunting. Whilst it does exist it exists for perfectly legitimate reasons and I’m sick of right on snowflake cunts like Al-BBC pretending its only there because of ‘muh sexism’. Hasn’t it crossed their minds that that would be illegal?

nominated by.OpinionatedCunt


Trump’s Air strikes

I would like to cunt The Donald’s air strikes.

Where is the rest of it?

In an age where he could just about steer a tomahawk into the front door of Bashars shit hole in Damascus, the launch of not less than 107 took out a few empty buildings.

And what has Treeza and Macaroon done to cause any pain?

I’m sure Vlad and Basha are really feeling that heat from this one,

Nominated by King cunt

Tracey Emin [3]

Tracey Emin is a cunt. Her latest offering of ‘art’ is a pink neon sign at St Pancras which says ‘I want my time with you’ That’s it. Oh, and its near the clock. Did some cunt pay for this?
Her crowning glory was an unmade bed complete with wet patch and used condoms.
How pretentious a cunt do you have to be to produce or appreciate this shit?
Emperor’s new clothes anybody?

Nominated By Cuntstable Cuntbubble

The Vagina

I would like to put forward for a cunting, VAGINAS. They have probably caused more strife and upset than anything on the planet, even more so than religion

Personally they have led me down routes a sane man wouldnt entertain costing me financially and mentally and leading me to my present situation. Who would have believed a little pocket of pleasure could have such a pull and its a huge pull it must be when u think of some of the complete fuckwits that own it.

And when you haven’t got your blood up they are not very pleasant if you believe the vagasil adverts : smelly, itchy, leaky in fact another 57 reasons to avoid getting to close. Fuck me it can strip the dye from a gusset think what it can do to a chaps meaty bits.

Yes, the vagina is literally a cunt!

Nominated by Civvydog