Humanity at large

We appear to be in the midst of another full blown Moral Panic. This sort of bullshit is nothing new.

The Govt, career politicians, commentators and opinion makers, having run out of easy ‘fool the public’ pain-free solutions to our urgent virtually impossible to solve issues, have gratefully latched onto the latest media bandwagon frenzy (Weinstein vs. slags) to distract and smother the infantile, snowflake electorate under a slag heap of sinister trivia. Talk about ‘Fiddling’ while Rome burns!

Another cunting due for Humanity at large anyone?

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

Tulip Sadqui

Stupid leftard snowflake, Tulip Sadqui, was on LBC with Iain Dale the other day. Reckons a woman who have suffered the indignity of a man touching her knee is a victim of serious sexual abuse and how dare anyone say otherwise!


Nominate by kravdarth

Self-entitled sportswomen

I would like to nominate self-entitled sportswomen for a cunting.

Two examples of note in the last week alone:

Eni Aluko, England footballer. Earlier in 2017, she accuses her England manager, Mark Sampson, of racism and harassment. He is found not guilty by the FA but then gets sacked anyway for another matter. This week, self-important martyr Ms. Aluko tweets that she is ‘disappointed by the lack of support from her England team-mates’. Jesus Christ, what more does this fucking uppity cunt want? Red carpet and reading slippers all laid on? Cunt off.

Then next up we have Jess Varnish. This was the track cyclist who couldn’t handle being dropped from the UK team, turning on her then-technical director Shane Sutton and playing the sexism accusation card. Notwithstanding that Sutton was cleared on eight charges, Sutton resigned and the women’s lib got their way. Not being enough for Varnish, she is now suing UK Sport and British Cycling, citing victimisation and unfair dismissal.

So much for women being ‘equal’ to men. Top coaches and directors bawl the most vitriolic abuse at their players/athletes to get performance out of them, always have done. Unfortunately, equality only seems to apply to the advantageous, so when the little darlings can’t handle the less glamorous aspects of competitive sport, they play the card(s). Fuck right off.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

LBC Advertising

I would like to cunt the adverts on LBC.

Fuck me, I haven’t timed them but they must take up a good 25 minutes of each hour. I like listening to LBC,even O’Briern , but the ads drive me nuts, i turn em down actually. I particularly loathe those ads where at the end they blather on about ‘terms and conditions’ as though they are just an afterthought whereas that is in fact the most important stuff you need to know, they only mention them because they are required by law to do so..

oh yeh British Gas stick that penguin up your arse, not funny.

Nominated by Richard1

Simon Jenkins

EMERGENCY CUNTING: The Guardian’s Simon Jenkins wants to ban rememberance day. Words to describe this muzzie appeasing cunt do not exist. He deserves to be locked in a lift with me for 5 minutes. Only one of us would cone out alive the utter scum cunt.

Nominated by Kravdarth

And as a postscript to this story, read the comments in The Guardian in response to this fuckwittery. Especially this one :
“Forgetting past wars led to Brexit. The biggest success of the EU has been no wars between member states, yet those wars that occurred before its formation are so completely forgotten they were hardly mentioned in the Brexit campaigns.”

Firstly, Remembrance Day is NOT a celebration. Secondly it remembers all who died, not just our side. Jenkins’ attitude is an affront to those who died in all wars on all sides.

And why does the cunt that wrote that comment not understand that the EU is the third European war being fought with politics and economics instead of guns and bombs?

“Those who forget history are in danger of repeating it”

Nominated by Dioclese