European Union [4]

I would like to request an emergency cunting for the EU. The glorious Fourth Reich have got their shitty, star spangled eurodraws in a knot, because Pfizer and Astrazeneca have had production problems and will not be able to supply the agreed amounts of vaccine in the agreed timeframe.

Therefore, a diktat has been issued from the Fuhrerbunker, that all planned vaccine exports must be notified to ZE AUTHORITIES, AT ONCE !! So that appropriate steps can be taken. This is more problematic for Pfizer, as the Astrazeneca is mainly produced in the UK. But, the EU, Being right cheeky cunts, have said that there will be no problems with exporting the Astrazeneca product from the UK to the Fatherland. Which is more than can be said for everything else we try to export to them, since BRINO, they’re wrapping everything up in red tape and petty officialdom.
Fuck off you eurotrash cunts.

I hope the Yellow Peril fucking ravages you, you sneaky protectionist cunts.

Get To Fuck.

Nominated by: Jack The Cunter


It seems that we have lost the ability to have a reasonable debate these days, and nothing illustrates this better than the Coronavirus catastrophe. And there will be little argument that it is a catastrophe, either from the virus, or the reaction to it.

Over the last ten years, politics has become an even more polarising subject than ever, mostly due to the internet, and the millennial bellends that have happily replaced a real balanced social life with the hollow online existence, where after a few clicks, you can find an army of cunts who will echo your uninformed opinions, or can fill up your empty head with any facts you like, with research from the hallowed halls of the university of YouTube.

In the U.K. it was the Brexit referendum that kickstarted the hate for the opposing argument, the USA followed with their election featuring the ultimate pantomime baddie, Donald Trump. Since then, there has been nothing like a reasonable debate about anything, from politicians and the public. Just hate and indifference.

And then came Covid.

Now there is little else discussed, anywhere. And, everyone has their own view, and fuck everyone else who disagrees. From the rabid calling for anyone meeting someone outside their ‘bubble’ to be executed, to conspiracy nutbags convinced that Bill Gates wants to put a chip in their head, there is no escape.

I seem to be in the middle. I find myself arguing against the pro mask, pro vaccine fascists one minute, then arguing against the anti mask, anti vaccine crazies the next.

With so many conflicting facts and evidence, it’s difficult to actually have an informed opinion, so most people have gone to an extreme, one way or another. I hate wearing a mask, and wouldn’t if I had a choice, so when I see people not wearing them in the supermarket, I should be cheering them on inside, but every time, it’s always some scrote or roider who I wish would get it anyway.

Then there is the potential cure.

Ah yes, the vaccine. Or should I say vaccines, as there are several, and I think some people think they get a choice. Again, there is no middle ground in whether to have one. From the pro vaccine faction, anyone who doesn’t think it’s a good idea should be murdered, to the anti faction, who think their DNA is being harvested and they are being made infertile, there is no reasoned debate.

Do I do what others have and put aside any doubts I have that the companies developing and supplying the vaccines have no legal responsibility for any adverse effects, and the testing phase was a fraction of what is usually required for a drug or treatment. Or, do I sit in front of a computer at 3am, watching YouTube videos on how big pharma, George Soros, and the Freemasons are out to get me? Sorry, neither appeal to me.

Hopefully, by the time it gets that I have to have a vaccine passport to leave the house they will have maybe sorted out which one has the least side effects and mortality rate. Then, the argument will be ‘died of the vaccine, or with the vaccine?’

Whatever happens, I hope one day that humanity can have an opinion without hating those that have a different one.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

Harvard University

Harvard University “Prestigious Institute of Politics” is a weak bunch of cunts!

Douglas Elmendof the dean asked one Republican congresswoman Elise Stefanik to step down from her role on the advisory board. Her crime? She dared to vote against Biden’s win and made “public assertions about voter fraud” She promptly refused to step down so he has has taken it upon himself to kick her out.

Elise Stafanik has hit back with what I can only describe as more truth than these witch hunting far left Marxists will be ever able to digest or or even comprehend!….

Hitting back, Stefanik called the decision “a rite of passage and badge of honour”.

“The decision by Harvard’s administration to cower and cave to the woke Left will continue to erode diversity of thought,” she tweeted.

“The Ivory Tower’s march toward a monoculture of like-minded, intolerant liberal views demonstrates the sneering disdain for everyday Americans and will instill a culture of fear for students.”

Hear hear, Elise! These far left intellectual terrorists are the biggest threat on Earth to the free world!

They won’t be happy until they get the ‘P’ on the end of all those other letters too, mark my words 😉

Fuck off!

Nominated by: Coolforcunts 

Qatar 2022 World Cup and the BLM

Interesting how Sky Sports, BBC, BT Sports, MSM, the Premier League, UEFA and FIFA, are keen to push the BLM bandwagon with its constant knee-bending bollocks, and how everyone should be more diverse, as well as respecting black lives.

And yet…..

They all seem strangely silent with what is happening in Qatar – the host country for the next football World Cup in 2022.

A simple Google search will reveal the appalling conditions workers – mostly black immigrants – have been facing over the last 2 or 3 years, with many sufferings inhuman treatment by their mostly non-white paymasters!

Thousands have suffered horrific injuries, hundreds have died or committed suicide.

But where is the BBC? Where is Sky News? Where are the Wokey Left? Where are the BLMs, Where is the Guardian?

One wonders if the World Cup players will be too concerned about what is happening to those poor black immigrants right now, just so long as their hotel rooms are suitably cool enough, and the swimming pools are at least Olympic size!

I recall a BLM statement suggesting that “Silence is Violence”

Well if that is the case, the very same BLM and their media apologists should be done for GBH on this particular matter!

Black Lives Matter – but not in Qatar it would seem

Nominated by: Technocunt 

Kamala Harris (2)

Kamala Harris and “Fweedom”.

With Joe Buy-In’s inauguration to POTUS imminent, the groundwork for an unelected Kamal Toe Harris to take over has started. Aided by a fawning MSM constructing a ‘Kamala the legend, the heroine, the legacy’ myth kicked off with a powder puff piece in lifestyle magazine Elle, well-known for its tough questioning and hard nosed political journalism.

In a profile with about as much critical objectivity as a teenage girl profiling Justin Bieber, Harris recalls how as a toddler she was attending a civil rights march in Oakland, California with her mother. “My mother tells the story how I’m fussing, and she’s like “Baby, what do you want? What do you need?” And I just looked at her and I said “Fweedom”.

So far so toe-curling vomit inducing political bullshit, Blair watching Jackie Milburn in Newcastle United’s Gallowgate End or Dame Kweer the son of humble tool maker, politicians embellishing their backgrounds to make them more relatable to voters is nothing new.

But Harris has been accused of plagiarising a 1965 interview Martin Luther King Jr gave to Playboy magazine saying: ” I will never forget a moment in Birmingham when a white policeman accosted a little negro girl, seven or eight years old, walking with her mother. “What do you want? ” the policeman asked her gruffly, and the the little girl looked him straight in the eye and answered ‘Fee-dom’”.

I don’t think Harris has caught Sleepy Joes Alzheimer’s, so another vapid, mediocre, preening political twat is now inventing childhood anecdotes and conjuring up Jackanory stories of racial childhood idealism to sell herself to the American public while shitting on the memory of true civil rights pioneer. This is probably just the start, maybe in future interviews she will ‘remember’ how she stood in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square or helped bring down the Berlin Wall.

Nominated by: Liberal Liquidator