Nicola Sturgeon [15]

Nicola fucking Sturgeon

Just listened to this entitled harridan on R4 demanding that the Labour Party do her bidding and support another referendum.

She is not an MP.
She sits in a Mickey Mouse assembly of misfits representing an economically negligible part of the UK.
(by the way, as is usual in these matters, challenge came there none from the Today presenter)
Isnt it time we made the SNP absolute rulers of the UK? They seem to be more important than the rest put together.
Sturgeon – Useless cunt with no self-awareness.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Overuse of the Word ‘Bullying’

I want to Cunt “bullying”.

I’m constantly reading about “celebrities” who claimed to have been bullied at school. Yet when you read it, what the bullying amounted to was a bit of name-calling . Leaving aside the fact that they probably deserved it,what they describe is nothing more than teasing. It’s a part of growing up. However much people may dislike it, the world is not a nice place,and children need to learn how to deal with people who are “Cunts”…we Cunts exist in every walk of life and age is no barrier to our Cuntishness. Children need to learn that running to teacher isn’t going to be an option when they leave school and have to work and interact with people who don’t consider every bit of mickey-taking as “bullying”.

I,myself, was accused of “bullying” a lad who came to help on a forestry job that we were doing. Apparently telling him that he was a lazy bastard who seemed to think that he was too grand (thanks to his 1 year college qualification) to get on with the shitty parts of the job,leaving the clearing up to lads who’d forgotten more than he’d ever know….I’ll admit that I probably did say slightly more than that,but it needed saying. I’d have had more respect for him if he’d stood his ground,but he just went quiet,and I swear that his eyes started to water. All I got was a text from him that night saying that due to my “bullying” he wouldn’t be back the next day. Leaving aside the fact that I was going to finish the Cunt at the end of the week anyhow,how pathetic to just send a text…still at least I won’t have to pay him for the few days that he did. Apparently his father is coming to pick his gear up and collect his pay…his father is in for a nasty shock,I certainly won’t be paying and I chucked his gear out of the transit at my road end after getting the text….hopefully the binmen took it away.

I think that this “Run, Hide and Tell” shit is a symptom of the the general softness that seems so prevalent in the young today. When I was young there wasn’t a weekend village disco that didn’t end up in a punch-up….not knives or shit like that,but just a good punch-up that settled scores fuellled by a bellyfull of drink…noone ever got badly hurt,and nobody bore grudges,but people stood up for themselves….never happens now. Indeed,the last proper punch-up happened at a wake where some of us disgraced ourselves leading to a phone-call to the police concerning “a group of foul-mouthed old men in suits fighting on the village green” according to the copper who turned up the next day asking questions at the local pub.

“Bullying” has become an overused word and actually trivialises real bullying.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

Crowdfunding [3]

I nominate crowdfunding. In very exceptional cases, it can be for a good cause, but it’s usually for some totally selfish reason, and it’s basically scrounging, by any other name. A case recently, forgot the cunt’s name, but he is an unemployed father of five brats, with another on the way, and the cunt has started a crowdfunding page so that the public can raise money for him to buy xmas presents for his brats. How about crowdfunding for a vasectomy, you poncing,scrounging git.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Little Shitx

Little Mix are cunts…
These tuneless pop puppet slappers getting their kit off as a ‘feminist message’? Please pick me up off the fucking floor… If a bird wants to pose in the rick then fair enough… But it’s hilarious that they make out that it’s ’empowering’ and some sort of gesture about equality, just because they don’t have the intelligence to do anything else… See also Kim Lardassian, Rita Oral, and Emily Ratashagbag… It’s selling sex and nothing more… The Little Mix tarts have also covered their naked bodies in ‘nasty names’ that they’ve been called over the years… Funny that, I didn’t see the words ‘Slags’ ‘Talentless’ ‘Footballer Fuckers’ ‘Music Industry Whores’ and ‘Strippers’ there… Which is what everybody does call them…

And it’s photoshopped to buggery and all….

Nominated by Norman

Danny Dyer [5]

Danny Dyer must be grievously cunted.

Just when you tought What A Load Of Sneery Old Toss (HIGNFY – Haemorrhoids, Ingrowing Egos, Glans, Nads, Farts, Yuck..) couldn’t possibly get any worse, they’ve given the job to this appalling wannabe fourth-division footballer-type dingleberry.

I haven’t watched it for ages, as Slapped Baby-Arse Face superheats my piss.
Dyer is an utter sphincter.

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard