Jeremy Corbyn (27)

Jeremy Corbyn needs a nomination. Bet you thought you’d never see that cunt’s name typed on this site again, didn’t you? Well, today (21st July) news has emerged that, in the wake of the EHRC report into Labour’s anti-Semitism, Labour has apologised and agreed to pay damages to the seven whistle blowers and the Panorama team, who were smeared over Labour’s anti-Semitism scandal, which blew up under Corbyn’s “leadership”. Rather than apologise to them for what happened, like any decent, honest person would, Corbyn issued a statement, which contained the graceless sentence, “this was a political not a legal decision”. And he wonders why he’s now on the back benches. Though from what I’ve heard, not for much longer. There is talk that he will soon have the whip withdrawn. In my opinion, he should be chained to a post and a real whip applied to his back. Vigorously.

This is a…piece of shit…who backed Russia after their attempt to murder a Russian dissident in Salisbury back in 2018, which left two (I think it was two) British citizens dead. He supported the IRA while they were active during “the troubles”. He has backed and apologised for Islamic terrorist groups and the political wings, and even laid a wreath at the grave of one the 1972 Munich Olympic terrorists, then tried to deny it in the face of photographic evidence. He has NEVER stood up for or backed Britain or the British people. He led Labour to its worst electoral defeat since 1935. Even Northern constituencies that had voted Labour for decades voted Tory. Yet instead of being dignified and statesmanlike in defeat, he chose to claim that he’d won the argument. No, motherfucker. You LOST the argument, that’s why you lost the fucking election.

And of course, there was his behaviour during the shutdown. He turned to parliament despite the fact that, being over 70, he was supposed to be staying at home. He also took to wandering around his constituency, ignoring social distancing by trying to shake hands with people. And then, because there were cameras present, he came out during one the “clap for the NHS” events with a fucking school bell. He wasn’t simply doing it to show his support for the NHS, he could have done that simply by clapping. No, he did purely to show the MEDIA that he was supporting the NHS. Even Derek Hatton was less of a cunt than Corbyn. And he was a huge cunt…..

…Forgot to mention. Because of Corbyn’s graceless statement, journalist John Ware is now seeking legal advice, apparently with a view to suing Magic Grandpa.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw


Shower Bottles

A limp wristed cunting for the bastards who design toiletry bottles.
I don’t wear glasses in the bath or the shower. Who the fuck does? But when I get in I have a bewildering number of bottles to choose from.

Mrs Cuntbubble’s, obviously. I have washed my hair in body lotion, oil, conditioner and fuck knows what else because you cant read the fucking product description on the fucking bottles.

Has it never occurred to these utter cunts that not everyfucker that washes their hair is 20 years old with 20/20 vision?

So I usually use soap, not shampoo. Which reduces the sales of the products these stupid cunts are entrusted with making more appealing.

What a collection of wankers.

The cunts.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble 

Twitter Twats (7)



Twitter – the online propaganda wing of the hateful dictatorial racist left.

A random one but I had to do this – I went on twitter briefly and asked gippo Branson why he felt it morally acceptable that a Man with so much money he can afford his own island and space programme can spend all his life avoiding taxes and then come running to the UK Government for a bailout (which the little c*nt got, BTW) – blocked.

I asked Rebecca Bongs-Daily to explain the benefits of communism to the 100 Million people it killed in the 20th Century – blocked.

Katie Hopkins barred, Tommy Robinson barred – free speech appears to be fine provided there is no free speech for some.

Closing down dissent and truth – a disturbing reminder of Nazi Germany, of Stalinist Russia, the killing fields of Cambodia, the oppression and brutality in North Korea – a warning from the past about our present.

And to teach twitter the lesson it deserves I have joined Parler and have three followers (that will tech them for being mean to me!😄) – the revolution starts here, because twitter is a CUNT!

Nominated by: Vernon Fox 

Rishi Sunak (3) – No Payrise for the NHS

A cunting for Rishi Sunak, who awards judges, civil servants, senior military officers, lazy teachers and knee-taking policemen with a pay rise for their ‘contributions’ during the Covid pandemic but not nurses, care workers, porters or cleaners who have been on the front line.

It’s a kick in the face and shows just how much of that clapping was empty virtue-signalling wank.

More evidence that Tory public spending is an inverted pyramid of more cash to the top and least useful.

Glad I never voted for the cunts.

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

“Professor” Jo Swinson (7)

(Couldn’t find anything appropriate for this nom, so here’s a pic of her tits instead – admin)

An incredulous mega CUNTING for mentally, dentally, challenged, mammary gifted, delusional former leader of the Limp Dems: Jo Swinson, who has be appointed Professor at “top” business management school, Cranfield School of Management, based at Cranfield University, Beds (no doubt formerly known as Bedford Technical College).

It amply demonstrates the calibre of the “academic” institution when an insane failure of a CUNT can be deemed worthy of a Professorship!!!

Nominated by: Sir Cuntalot