Tourist Tax

Tourist Tax
It’s a dreary time of year, so the wife and I have been thinking about booking a Spring break in Majorca to lift our spirits and give us something to look forward to. We love Spain, but it’s not a ‘budget’ option these days. I was therefore truly pissed to find out that the cunts have a ‘levy’ (that’s a tax to you and me) that now stands at 4 Euros per person per night on the holiday. The Balearic Government states that the tax is ‘absolutely necessary’ to protect Majorca’s natural beauty and improve infrastructure.

Let me get this straight. For decades the Spanish Government has assiduously sought to built up its tourist industry, relying on it heavily to attract massive investment into its economy and provide employment for its people. Visitors in their millions have spent God alone knows how much in that time. But suddenly it’s about ‘sustainability’, although I wish they’d explain to me just how this tax is actually going to be utilised to  ‘preserve’  Majorca’s beauty. And maybe they should have thought about ‘infrastructure’ issues when they were hell bent on creating their tourism behemoth to begin with.

It’s the same here. In Edinburgh, the City Council is whinging on about the ‘impact’ of tourism, and is talking about imposing a tax. Here’s a thought fuckwits; if you’re that worried, why are you persistently allowing more and yet more hotels to spring up like fucking mushrooms in Auld Reekie?

Ah. Perhaps Spain (and oh yes, Greece, Italy, Portugal et al) have simply cottoned on to the fact that surcharging the very visitors that have provided lifeblood for so long is a neat little way to ratchet even more dough out of them. That’s it, bite the hand that feeds you. It’s a sweet as a nut little tickle, you cunts.


Nominated by Ron Knee

The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre.

The Globe Theatre is to stage a ‘historic’ production of Shakespeare’s Richard II featuring an all female BAME cast. So far so predictably box ticking right-on pile of cunt, forget that it was written with King Richard II being a white man as are most of the characters but when did left-wing equality headbangers ever let accusations of cultural appropriation double standards get in the way of a bit of diversity brainwashing.

The real piss boiler of this cunting though is how the play will ‘explore a post-Empire and pre-Brexit Britain and will reflect on identity and ownership’. Interpreted by non cunts as a chance to trash our history and heritage once again and give the race card a good airing. How a 400 year old play about a 14th century English king is relevant to empire and Brexit is a mystery only understood by cunts like TGT.

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator

Stupid Road Signs

A nomination for stupid road signs. Just spotted one today, due to roadworks, there is a sign showing two cute kids with the slogan ‘My mummy works in this town, please drive carefully’ yeah well when you’re crawling at 2mph you can’t do much else can you, stupid local council twats.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour

This smug old cabbage with her hamster face, who sounds like an English jolly hockey sticks schoolgirl but looks decidedly Anglo-Indian, has been eyeballing us from CNN for over 30 years. She was a looker in her younger days and made her reputation by giving Bill Clinton a public bollocking over his pitiful performance in Bosnia.

Nothing wrong with that because Clinton was too busy fondling any female who came near him – except Hillary the Horrible of course – and was a coward, hypocrite and disgrace to his office. (Despite this, she was a friend of the Clintons and married his press spokesman. Whether she let Clinton fondle her is not known but let´s wait for her memoirs.)

However, by making her personal views known, Amanpour moved the boundaries and led reporters thinking they could take sides. As an ex-hack, I think that when reporters starts putting their spin on events it becomes their opinion and not objective. This is the case nowadays when most reporting comes from a politically correct aspect and items that would never even have been regarded as news in the past, such as a famous actor groping someone 40 years earlier or a well-known person telling a “racist” joke, become front-page stories.

Look at how people like Woody Allen and Kevin Spacey (both overrated in my view for what it´s worth) have become pariahs.

Apparently Amanpour is a member of the Center for Public Integrity whatever that is. I wonder if Bill or Hillary are also members.

Nominated by Mr Polly

Liam Neeson

A quick mini cunting for Liam Neeson.
Following on from saying the following about the aftermath of a friend allegedly getting struggle-snuggled by a person of sooty persuasion, Neeson said: “I went up and down areas with a cosh, hoping I’d be approached by somebody – I’m ashamed to say that – and I did it for maybe a week, hoping some ‘black bastard’ would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, you know? So that I could … kill him.”

The cunting is because he’s now apologised and done all the usual part denial, part contrition, rather than coming out and admitting that yes, he’s a bit racist, same as most of us, especially blacks, Muslims and snooty Indians.

Fucking chicken shit.


Nominated by Thomas The Cunt Engine


Liam Neeson is a cunt…
I think the old bugger has gone mad… Everyone knows what he said and the ‘racist’ shitstorm (yeah, another one) it has kicked up… But fancy putting such a huge target on your own back for snowflakes and chippy uppity never done no wrong, no sir blambos to fire at….Neeson is a cunt for giving these cunts something (else) to moan about and for putting white western men in a bad light (and don’t we get enough of that?)….

On the other hand, these black rap cunts are ‘allowed’ to put out crap like ‘Cop Killer’ and ‘Fuck Tha Police’ and no fucker bats an eyelid… While shitfaces like Azelia Banks and Buggerdorf Munro are ‘allowed’ to be as racist to white people as they like.. Fucking bollocks…


Nominated by Norman