Is it just me?

I just watched our illustrious Prime Minister say on camera : “We will be asking for a further extension to article 50 because this situation cannot go on

So if it cannot carry on, why do we need an extension?

Nominated by Dioclese
Brexit means Brexit…
No deal is better than a bad deal…
Freedom is slavery..

Theresa “Treason” May [30]

I know this is getting repetitive but fuck me Theresa May is really upping her game for Cunt of the century isn`t she?Her latest shitshow has been snuggling up to the EU begging for an extension to Article 50 despite saying on 108 occasions in the commons that we would leave on the 29th March.Now to really top it off she has approved indicative votes in the commons that include a second referendum or revoking article 50 altogether.

I have come to the conclusion that Theresa May is not stupid she is doing a Columbo pretending to be clueless when really being incredibly sharp.She never wanted us to leave in the first place so she sabotaged the negotiations to the point that Olly Robbins overruled Davis and Raab and capitulated this country to the EU.May and Robbins could not get their tongues deeper up Juncker Verhofstadt and Tusk`s saggy arsehole s if they tried.Theresa May is a fucking trainwreck.The damage she has done to the countries reputation is immense and she has alienated Remainers Leavers the DUP and probably near enough all of her supporters.I mean whether you are a traitor who wants to keep us in the EU or not.I cannot fathom why the traitorous remainers or the Brexiteers in her party are still in her cabinet.She is beyond terrible.At this point I would say she is possibly worse than Anna Soubry.Soubry although a monumental cunt at least has the courtesy to let us know what her intentions are however objectionable.The Maybot though pretends to be on the Leavers side when she is euthanising Brexit .It is like Harold Shipman consoling a dead relatives family.She is the cause of Brexiteers anger.Not the sole cause but a big cause.Yet she keeps up this pretence.Who is she fooling at this point?She had no intention of even attempting to honour the referendum result and I think everyone can see that now.

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69

The “Cancel Brexit” petition

*EMERGENCY CUNTING* – The “Cancel Brexit” petition.

No. 1 “Most read” article on the BBC news website (which, given the shameless promotion of their own programmes in this list should be taken with a pinch of salt. Yes Victoria Derbyshite, I’m looking at you).

“‘Cancel Brexit’ petition passes 1m signatures on Parliament site”, thunders the headline.

Wow! 1 million!!


To coin a phrase of a distinguished member of this parish:

Fuck off.

Nominated by Thirkleby Spunktrumpet

Loadsa fucking publicity about the e-petition to cancel Brexit. Not a fucking word about the one I signed back in January to leave with no deal.

Balanced coverage isn’t it? What else did you expect?

Fuck ’em and the ship they sail in…

Nominated by Dioclese

Anna Soubry (4)

A right Independent, eye rolling cunting please for this demented old cunt, arch Remainer and the girl who cried wolf once too often.

Not for the first time, this loudmouthed old trollop calls for police assistance, because she is “frightened” during an interview. Like fuck she is, when she is in full ranting domineering mood, laughing at callers on phone-ins, bollicking Michael Gove or her former colleagues, she is never backward in coming forward.

The old cunt loves to draw attention to herself, then when it backfires she behaves like some Victorian virgin trapped on a troopship:

Enough already. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the fucking kitchen you shitstain on the bloomers of Chukka’s Blairite Boy Band.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Apparently Anna Soubry has called the police to report a protestor who called her a traitor.

Well, if you can’t stand the heat darling then I suggest you stay out of the kitchen.

Far be it from me to pass any opinion on this other than to quote the immortal words of Francis Urquhart – you may very well think that but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Nominated by Dioclese

British Democracy R.I.P

Democracy after tonight in the commons has been confirmed dead.Yes it was deceased before but tonight was the official death certificate being signed off and the funeral parlour manhandling the corpse off site.The idea of democracy has now physically left the building.Question as in when anyone dies is how to console oneself.I sat down long and hard earlier over a stiff drink and relived ever regret sadness and disappointment I have experienced in my 24 years and there have been many some extremely traumatic. Yet the depressing distressing memories I relived in full paled into insignificance when I considered what we had just lost.Gloss it over whatever you have witnessed or experienced in your life you would as I have previously fallen back on the fact we are in a democratic nation and not a dictatorship third world shithole.That consolation has been stripped away from me.Two weeks ago when on my work shift someone died in front of me and I had as the person responsible had to sort everything out legally and emotionally with the authorities and family. I thought to myself this was the night you became a man.Forget shagging that slut at lunchtime at her house whilst her father was at work opposite the school gates when I was 16.This was it.Oh but it was not it.The notion that whatever happened I still lived in a free society was irrevocably crushed when on 13th March 2019 our always dubious representatives once and for all confirmed our worst fears:That us voting without a shadow of a doubt meant jack shit.This is certainly the moment my adulthood has arrived.Will I be marching on the streets.You are damned fucking right.My eyes are now well and truly open.

This rant is being cunted tomorrow under the headline democracy R.I.P.I am using administration privileges to use my judgement without repercussions from you plebeians.Feels almost poetic.If you disagree just know I am your might unelected overload demanding your compliance of opinion.Peasants.

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69