Brexit [2]

May has made the UK a laughing stock all over the world. She and her cabinet colleagues (with the possible exception of David Davis) are nothing more than an embarrassing bunch of remainer 5th columnist cunts. Who’d take us seriously now negotiating trade deals, etc?

Along with the EU fawning media and its leftard commentators asserting the UK is obliged to pay a ‘Divorce Bill’, they are selling us down the river, with drip drip estimates ranging from €36billion to €100billion.

But where on earth did this absurd notion of a divorce bill come from?

It beggars belief that the UK taxpayer, having poured £10s of billions net into the EU over the last 40 years, should now be expected to pay anything at all on leaving!
5th columnist EU supporting Financial Times reckon €100bn would be about right. Really? 10 years net membership fees upfront for fuck all?

Besides, the EU accounts have not been audited and signed off by a recognised accounting firm for years. If anything, the UK is probably due a sizeable reimbursement! What about the considerable UK stakes in EU assets (property and other profligate investments) not taken into account?

And why do they call it a divorce? Most divorces (apart from those involving Peacefuls and Morons) do not consist of 1 versus 27. It’s more akin to leaving a club. But what sort of club charges a member (who has paid heavy net membership fees for next to nothing in return) a fortune to leave said club? If anything UK should be due a refund. Unfortunately it seems a sizeable proportion of the electorate has been brainwashed by everyone from T. Bliar to Lord Haw Haw, aka James O’Brian, into accepting the opposite!

Our Establishment and negotiators are still overwhelmingly Remain, soft as shite, and totally lacking balls and experience. Cunts all, pure and simple.

Nominated by Shitcake Baker


Fucked in Florence

Could the sirens sound more strident? May has spoken in Florence and the fate orf poor Blighty is laid oit clear and crystal. We are to be buggered, shafted and fucked.
Once again the Hunch Back orf Downing Street has proved herself no Margaret Thatcher who battled the graft and incest orf the EU and achieved long term meaningful reforms for Blighty in the snarling teeth orf the bureaucrats orf Brussels. Teetering orn her kitten heels, May, the old crooked back boiler, is twisted and guided by the malicious Sir Humphreys orf the Civil Service and, desperate sad day, the traitors within the Tory Party. Compared to May, Merkel looks like a Berliner sex bombe.

To mark the cards orf more callow cunters, the concept orf a European Trading Zone was dreamed up by Sir Winston after the war and backed by the Yanks. Churchill had saved De Gaul’s jambon many times during the war and considered him a friend so went to him first with the idea. Naturally old gallic conk poo pooed anything not orf his own creation so bided his time and then went running around Europe drumming up support for “his” brain wave. This became the Coal and Steel Community which Blighty was specifically not invited to join. To give them their due both the Belgians and the Dutch objected, thinking it a very rum show to cold shoulder Blighty who had recently given its all to save the world.

This then morphed into the EEC which Blighty subsequently applied to join in 1961 and was then most perfidiously black balled by old frog conk in league with the Blighty hating Kraut arse snake Konrad Adenauer. Recall as if it were yesterday the shameful headlines “De Gaul Says Non” (14th Jan 1963). Sir Winston stabbed in the back once again. Worth noting that the running boy for Blighty in this farrago was Edward Heath who likewise was shafted by old garlic breath whose principal object was to achieve French domination orf Europe.

Fast forward to 1973 and after many endless loop negotiations now PM Edward Heath will accept any crapola terms just to get in. Heath gets the bums rush and successor Wilson offers a referendum on membership in which he prudently stays out of the picture (unlike cunt Cameron). Re the crap terms we have been playing catch up ever since and eventually it’s the vote to fuck orfski.

As both De Gaul and Thatcher demonstrated the only way to get a halfway decent deal is to negotiate like a wog camel trader backed up by all the hit men in Sicily. Total intransigence is the only way to handle the fuckers. Yet May has already let most orf Europe sniff her knickers and park its bikes in her fanny. Easy or what?

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

Sir Keir (don’t call me Sir!) Starmer KCB QC MP

This gormless looking turd first came to public notice as Director of Public Prosecutions in bigoted old woman Gordon Brown’s hopeless fag-end New Labour Government back in 2008.

Amongst other duties, the dim fuckwit’s DPP job was to find ways of not charging corrupt politicians caught defrauding the taxpayer by fiddling their expenses.

Furthermore, in 2009 he approved a decision not to prosecute keystone cops over the illegal fatal shooting of Charles de Menezes on the London underground four years earlier. Also (as esteemed mucker TECB kindly reminded me) Sir Kunt then went on to excuse plod Simon Harwood for the blatant manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson in 2010.

For these achievements and more he was appointed in 2014 ‘Knight Commander of the Order of Bath’ (KCB) for “services to law and criminal justice”. You could not make it up.

Sir Kunt has also been hired sporadically (for a small fortune) by law firm Mishcon de Reya, notorious as one of three firms that brought arch Remoaner-mong Gina Miller’s High Court legal challenge, chucking spanners in the Brexit works and costing the taxpayer £millions – just to delay Treesa May invoking Article 50.

He quit doing work for them after being appointed shadow Brexit Secretary by comrade Corbyn in October 2016.

Earlier this year, in answer to an opening question put by Andrew Marr, Sir Kunt – with total irrelevance – couldn’t help but immediately launch into something like (I paraphrase),

“Could I just say…before going any further… that my thoughts, prayers and bleeding heart goes out to the families and friends of [insert victims & calamity of choice here] who I know not from Adam, care even less about, and would run a country fucking mile from spending even 5 seconds with in the same room, blah-blah-virtue-signal-woof-woof.”

Andrew Marr’s reaction? Irritation, judging by the expression on his face.

Despite using his title when it suits, champagne socialist Sir Kunt conveniently dropped the ‘Sir’ during the General Election campaign to promote an illusory ‘ordinary man’ image.

“Address as Mr Starmer,” he advised Commons colleagues and officials.

More recently (together with ‘principled’ comrade Steptoe & numerally challenged Flabbott) he has performed multiple Brexit policy U-turns, most recently calling for Britain to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union for AT LEAST two years AFTER we finally extricate ourselves from the Evil Empire…

last week the useless cretins cynically bent over backwards to undermine Brexit whipping Labour to vote against the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and bring down the Government. They lost, Brexit may still happen – democracy lives to fight another day.

A festering cunt of the highest KCB order.

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

Richard Branson (8)

That desert island dwelling pirate Long Silver Beardy Branson has been telling porkies. Well I never!

He has been caught with his Bermuda shorts around his ankles over ‘Traingate’ last year. After a seven month wait, a small media outlet called Double Down News which requested the full version of the CCTV camera footage from the ‘Traingate’  incident has been reluctantly given it by Virgin Trains. Some bits are still missing due to  Virgin’s ‘technical difficulties’ (oh yeh) but it clearly exonerates comrade Corbyn.  The new footage  shows there were plenty of other passengers sitting on the floor of the Virgin train and all those “empty” seats, we saw last year, were in fact taken. Occupied by children and adults which in the original selective footage were invisible, now when run continuously, appear visible for a few seconds in frame as they fidget around or return to their seats. So it would now seem our tax exile Dickie handed over a doctored version to the media last year – the naughty cabin boy.

So what are we to conclude? 

First, Jezza was actually telling the truth, on this occasion, which I know is not a popular notion among cunters here, yet there you have it.

Secondly, Dickie once again shows himself to be a shifty, untrustworthy, E.U. schlong sucking globalist:

  • While he enjoys his billionaire lifestyle on his tax haven private isle in the Carribean he still has the front to raise the question of a second EU referendum.
  • He also should not be allowed within a Pendolino train’s length of another railway    franchise, since he runs ram-packed trains without sufficient seating for a rip-off priced ticket.
  • Then, there is the ‘small’ matter of him suing the NHS for £82 million since he lost out on a contract to provide healthcare sevices in Surrey. If the NHS loses this case, some children or old people may die due to lack of funding. As if he cares what is best for the country and it’s people and not just his bank balance.

However, to give him credit, where credit is due, as an advocate of open borders he does practise what he preaches. His luxury desert island is open to all, including migrants who can endure the 3000 mile rubber dinghy journey across the stormy Atlantic. For only the “nominal” cost of £330,000 per week, a migrant can enjoy an all inclusive stay for himself and upto 29 of his wives and children, subject to passport checks I am sure. By the same token any ex-Towering Inferno residents still in need of accommodation are also welcome but it is unclear at this time, if the smug bearded pirate takes Department of Work and Pensions payments.

Dickie is a true cunt of the people.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Party Politics

Party politics is a cunt.

Actually, it is a waste of time. It exists to give the sheeple the impression they have a choice. Tory, Labour or Lib Dumbs, SNP and Greens all to varying degrees ‘yes’ men and instruments of the establishment.

The establishment is the establishment. For example, is the BBC left wing or right wing?  It doesn’t matter. It is the establishment. It will promote the agenda of the establishment. Politicians are the same, they are either self serving weasels or lemmings – they follow the agenda. The MSM and internet/social media behemoths are part of the establishment. They too subscribe to the agenda and seek to suffocate views and opinions that differ.

So what is the current establishment agenda?

Unsurprisingly, it is globalism.

In order for them to realise their aim, first the sheeple must be softened to accept the idea of a world without borders and without nation states. That is where the PC, liberal, left wing indoctrination comes in. Catch them young – at school. Teach them about multiculturalism. Teach them about tolerance. Teach them about ‘openness’. Then nuture them with a diet of indoctrination through the MSM, social media and vacuous celebrity endorsement, all singing in unison from the same hymn sheet. By bringing up the younger generations stripped of any remaining grey matter to accept this change, it is easier to convince the rest of society. Meanwhile, the older generations who are the most resistant and suspicious, are being starved to death, frozen to death, kicked out of hospital or being encouraged to visit Dignitas.

In theory there would be nothing wrong with globalism, if it were for the benefit of all humanity and led to peace and prosperity around the world. But it won’t.

The globalists are not doing these things for altruistic reasons. They want a One World Government (OWG) to centralise power, stop dissent and control the populace. They are anti-democratic, materialistic and exceedingly greedy. They know the current economic system is on borrowed time, and the central banks have run out of first aid and bandages. Civil unrest, social division and/or war are around the corner. In fact, these outcomes may suit their purpose by boosting the global economy while reducing the population (war), or civil unrest (hastening political change to an OWG).

Who are the globalists? They are the huge multinational tax dodging corporations, the banking toffs and shylocks, the military industrial complex (MIC) of warmongers, nouveau riche billionaires and those individual social climbers (over the bodies of others), hungry for power and additional wealth. This is about money, land and power. Retaining wealth and amassing more. It is capitalism at it’s worst wrapped up in a fluffy blanket of human rights, caring and sharing. The socialist, liberal left would appear to be on the same page as the old and new money capitalist establishment, making them unlikely bedfellows. However, in reality they are just ‘useful idiots’, too wrapped up in identity poiltics to realise they are doing the donkey work by brainwashing the masses on behalf or the establishment.

A world without borders allows the free movement of people. It centralises power and removes individual “plebs” further from the decision making process over matters that affect their daily lives. It opens up a vast pool of cheap labour and potential new sheeple to consume the products and services of the large corporations, all financed by the banks lending the sheeple the money with interest. The sheeple consumers of the Western world have consumed themselves with debt. They are mutton, packed and wrapped with debt until they die. Now, the establishment need fresh lambs to fatten.  So give a big round of applause, to open borders, mass migration and “free trade” to entice and entrap the billions of young lambs in the developing world, to continue the cycle as the new debt slaves. Born free – not for long – to be taxed and indebted to die a serf.

Most national governments are a sideshow, bankrupt in all but name, reduced to doffing their caps to the corporate elite and the banking shysters. Those governments who didn’t get  with  the programme were  given  the shock and  awe treatment. Iraq first, then Libya.  Syria is currently on hold but is still on the list along with Iran and North Korea for some future fire and fury. Only China and Russia may resist the globalists, forcing a final showdown (either World War 3 or a global economic collapse and reset), unless their leaders in the meanwhile, capitulate and aim for a negotiated deal. To end up with some elbow room at the globalist top table rather than risk the other options of their own/global economic ruin or going to war seems most likely.

Libertarians are the last bastion of hope in this sea of despair. Hence, the rush to crush those who dare to dissent and resist the globalist master plan. Whether you’re left or right is irrelevant to their master plan. So don’t get caught out fighting over party politics. Look at the bigger picture and understand who benefits the most from it. They are the ones who are truly running this show. This circus is for their amusement and profit.

The irony is the huge Western underclass, living on hand outs and a culture of entitlement, the working person and even the head up their arses, middle classe do-gooders – who buy into the utopian dream of equality, diversity, environmental protection, workers rights, human rights etc. being presented to them – are really being played by both the establishment capitalists and ideological socialists. Any rights gathered up until now will likely be snatched away in the New World Order, possibly along with property, land and other assets. The playing field is being bulldozered flat to financially squeeze the working and the middle classes of the developed world to fund this form of social engineering.

Unsurprisingly, this “equality” will not extend to the global super rich, aristocracy, oligarchs, multinational corporate leaders or their political and beaucratic ring kissing cronies. The global establishment stays at the top, same as it ever was. You don’t get to climb over countless others, manipulate, murder, thieve, racketeer or do whatever it takes to be a “winner” only to give it back. There are centuries of “tradition” and collosial wealth at stake. Those with new power and wealth are admitted to the clique but the old guard stands resolutely firm.

Whatever, this repackaged form of human control ends up being called, and how exactly it plays out, for that nobody has a crystal ball. However, I believe strongly, One World Government is the destination. The question is how the road twists and turns during the journey to that destination.

The writing is on the wall. Read it, before it is too late.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.