Theresa May (7)

I’m gonna cunt Theresa May.

What an utter cunt she is.

I’ll vote for her anyway but only coz I don’t have a choice.

She called a vote and when she did. she was way, way, way, ahead of the lefties, the commies and the incompetant, wind farm loving cunts she was up against.
I think I may even have said that it was a great idea and that she’d be able to consolidate her power.

She called an election coz she knew she’d win.

I knew she’d win.

We ALL KNEW she’d win.

…but let’s face it. She’s not the sharpest tool in the box.

Einstein proved that everything in the universe is relative …

…well …

Compared to comrade Cuntbyn she’s a leviathan.

Compared to the Greens she is a genius.

Compared to minor fart of the illiberal undemocrats she’s a human being.
(They’re an unclassified species as far as I’m concerned. …somewhere between rats and cocroaches).

I would mention Angus McPorridgecunt of the SNP but fuck him.
Go eat some leaves and bitch to a country that gives a shit.

…Try the Reich.

But they’ll probably call you a cunt too!

Theresa seemed so promising. “Strong and stable” (aherm aherm…You’re no Thatcher)
“Best deal for Brexit” (not too bad the first 500 times I heard it) (oh and to be honest, fuck the EU. They’re an irrelevance in my life and I have more important things to think about other than “is Junkers on the blob this week” and “the best team for Brexit”.

Am I the only one stopping and thinking    ……Oh fuck.

Imagine the country with comrade Cuntbyn, Pie Anne Flabbott and “Stalin II” McDonnell in charge.

That’s why she’s a cunt.

She’s too thick to even beat the most useless, Incompetant and unelectable cunts in British society and she wants me to believe that she won’t get fucked by Vanhogtaft, or whatever the fuck.

The dump that I took this morning could organise a better campaign than the Tories this election.

#The ISAC general election game#

Dear Fellow Cunts/Cunters

Seeing as I will be up all night on Thursday despairing at the shitstorm that is modern British politics I thought I would host a game that exists purely to help facilitate further joy at MP`s losing their seats.Pick 50 names of MP`s who had a seat when Parliament was dissolved and are fighting to keep that seat in the comments below and the cunt who correctly has the most MP`s lose their seats wins.

Will anyone predict the Portillo or Balls moment that perfectly encapsulates the political downfall of a so called rising star?,_2015%E2%80%9317 :Here is a list of current MP`s by seniority in case you can`t be arsed to look.

You can put as much or as little effort in as you want but get 50 names of current MP`s you either think or want to lose their seats by Thursday at 22:00.No entries after this.
I will put a master list up after the deadline by editing this post.That way we won`t get lost and can come back to this thread for fast pace cunting of events as they unfold.

-Entries must be in by 22;00 on Thursday 8th June
-No entries or changes count after that
-You can pick up to 50 names
-The cunt who has the most amount of MP`s on their lost that lose their seat wins.
-Cunts that have been in parliament and are fighting again e.g Vince Cable Simon Hughes George Galloway Esther McVey Julian Huppert etc can not be picked as they dont have a seat to lose technically.
-Sinn Fein MP`s count.
-Best of British luck.


Roger Waters

Roger Waters is a cunt….

Loved Floyd when I was younger, but this lefty windbag’s latest interview in Uncu(n)t Magazine shows what a blundering, harumphing snowflake old fool he really is… First of all, he compares Farage to Hitler: saying Hitler had it in for Jews, while Farage ‘has it in for’ everyone in Europe…. Someone should tell this old cunt trombone that not wanting you homeland infested with thieves, rapists, terrorists and benefit cheats is not the same as gassing millions just because you don’t like them… Gilmour’s nemesis then also has digs at Enoch Powell, says that Brexit is a ‘disaster’ that ‘disgusts him’, and also compares Trump to Hitler (Trump ‘has it in for’ Muslims apparently)… The cunt dodders on about Magna Carta and saying ‘the people should decide!’ Errr… The people did, Rog, and they voted out of the EU…

Yet another rich as fuck country mansion cunt who will never have to live near Iron Curtain benefits thiebing gyppos, or muslamist human flith rapeugees… 22 people from my home city died because of these ‘they’re not all bad’ scum last week, so I am in no mood for his pompous and self righteous buffoonery… Mind you’ he’s always been a bit ‘diificult’ with anyone who dares to disagree with him… The ex-members of Floyd could tell you that…

Nominated by Norman.


Angela Merkel (8)

It’s about time Obersturmbanfuhrer Merkel got a good cunting. Now she is saying that NATO can no longer rely on the UK and the US for defence because :

(1) The Tangoman has the cheek to insist that the Krauts and their hangers on pay their fair share.

(2) The Brits have the bare faced front to want to be out of the EU.

Ok Herr Oberst, have it your way. Us and the Yanks saved your brainwashed arses from the Russian bear last time, if you want to go on your own be our guest. See how useful your hardworking, taxpaying immigrants are when Ivan’s tanks roll into Berlin and Dimitri’s missiles are smashing up your cities. Fucking mouthy arrogant bitch. As Basil Fawlty, quite rightly, said…..”Who won the bleedin’ war anyway?”

Nominated by Freddie the Frog.

James O’Brien (4)

London’s Biggest Cunt, James O’Blarney Bullshitter, is overdue for another front page.

Whenever, a peaceful comes on the line, on his show, he oozes so much empathy, I am starting to wonder whether he has switched teams. Running straight down to the Chiswick mosque, after his Friday morning show?

A little bit of advice James:  I don’t think you should take your missus’ yoga mat with you, so best take the rolled up doormat with you under your arm. Make sure you pray towards the East. In case you’re not sure, that would be White City. I realise that’s a bit downmarket for you, but then again, so is Mecca and I don’t mean the Bingo either. Remember, not to tell your priest about your conversion. Not that you’ll have to anymore, since you won’t need to go to confession. In fact, the more sins you commit – according to your favourite cult – the more points you pick up to get into their heaven. Points make prizes – with extra bonus points for atrocities commited against ‘infidels’.

On another point, whenever anyone who has suffered a disaster or had a crisis in their lives and phones in, he starts up his ‘Man of the People’ act with a large helping of faux sincerity. It is so transparent. Someone, please tell him, if he wants a career as an actor he needs to try harder. He will never win an Oscar at this rate.

Lastly, no one has to listen him, anymore, banging on about sharing a platform with ‘it’. The ‘it’, he was referrring to, being Katie Hopkins. For months he had taken sideswipes at her and Nigel of the Farage. Without doubt, highly unprofessional, and something I have never heard from any other presenters on LBC. I am amazed that the LBC management tolerate this type of behaviour. Perhaps, he has grown too big for his boots. He should remember, be nice to people on the way up, since you may meet them on the way down.

On 23rd May, he talked about walking away from the microphone in protest at Hopkins’ ill conceived tweet. He decided against this, because, as he said he ‘values his time with his listeners too much’. Oh really?…..No…..He values the pay cheque too much. He also cajoled his one million listeners to protest to the LBC management about her (deleted) tweet. Using his platform to assist in her sacking. What a steaming heap of sanctimonious bullshit from the Commander-in-Chief – of the peaceful propaganda arm – of the UK radio airwaves. I am sure in time, if he doesn’t land a full time role at the British Bullshit Corporation, he will be offered one by Al Jazeera, the Qatari State (royal family) funded, fake news and propaganda outlet.

I do hope he is reading this, so at least, he may pretend to be balanced and unbiased for a week or two, before reverting to type. Otherwise, no doubt, we will see his smug mug posted up here again very soon.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.