James O’Brien (5)

Our fuzzy faced faux-friend of the people, James O’Blarney has excelled himself in maths post-budget.

Continuing his long running radio show, with a daily dose of Brexit bashing, he was left a bit confused how right-wing (doublespeak for ‘fascist’) press (aka Daily Fail, Torygraph etc) have forgiven the Chancellor Phil Hand-me-down for a past litany of political land mines. All because he set aside 3 billion squids for a Brexit ‘no deal’.

James doesn’t understand why this is a cause for celebration and said the following which I quote:

“What did Philip Hammond do yesterday to get right-wing newspapers onside?         Answer – he put aside £3bn for the possibility of a no deal Brexit, something upon which everybody with an informed opinion agrees is going to be a disaster.” 

He then went on to say…

You could today be forgiven for thinking that you’ve woken up in a parallel universe, £3bn.”

…and this further gem…

“You can stick this on a t-shirt if you want or even the side of a bus, why can’t we take the money that we’re spending on Brexit, and give it all to the NHS?”

Whoa …..hold yer horses Einstein O’Brien.  A £3 billion contingency cost plus WTO tariff rules if no deal is reached. According to the head of WTO is a 5 billion cost to UK exporters and 9 billion charged to importers. Net 4 billion ‘profit’ for the Treasury. Ignore the 9 billion since the Treasury will probably pay it back to consumers anyway. So that’s a cost of 3 billion contingency plus 5 billion to the exporters. A total cost of 8 billion to the Government. That sounds like a bargain  even if it ends up costing a few billion more than that. Better than the 40 to 100 billion the EU is currently demanding with menaces.

O’Blarney must have been in the retard (sorry..remedial) maths class at his private school if he thinks 40 billion plus pounds is a preferable option. Remember cunters, J.O.B is the one with an “informed opinion”.  However, contrary to his grandiose self belief, his nous is looking a bit tatty around the edges, in fact,  it looks positively threadbare like his barnet these days…all that head scratching post-Brexit maybe? Plebs, thickos, racists….voted leave….how?… why? …

He should be doing a little Oirish jig, since the country he claims to love, will be saved from any further rack and ruin by the Dick Turpins of the EU –  if Mavis May does not fold like a cheap suit – to their highway robbery.

Everyday, post-referendum has been an opportunity for him to pollute the airwaves, bitching like a two bob whore who got short-changed by a punter. In his ideological world, he’s still in his student days at the LSE debating society where if he repeated himself often enough he got to be have his way. He has honed that skill since those days to always having the last snidey word on the radio. All ‘”ifs” and “buts” interjected like rapid machine gun fire to cut down all dissenting callers voices. A smug, holier than thou, know it all.

On Brexit, the economic price is irrelevant to him, just so long as we stay a prize hostage to the bandits of the corrupt EU. As for living in a parallel universe, he is firmly stuck in a Noel Edmond’s-esque world where any ‘Deal’ is better than ‘No deal’, even if the box Britain gets handed by the EU bankers at the end is as empty as Junker the drunker’s wine cellar after he has pulled an all nighter.

O’Blarney’s   ‘informed opinion’ …fuck it….who needs it?

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Theresa May’s government

Can’t stand the thought of our esteemed Prime Monster not being represented on The Wall of Cunt sitting there with only 9 nominations, so here’s a well deserved tenth!

What the flying fuck does she think she’s doing over Brexit. The daft tart is now going to chuck FORTY FUCKING BILLION of taxpayer’s (thats you and I folks) money at the Fourth Reich to “unlock trade talks”. FFS does she not realize that the more we offer, the more they’ll demand!?!

If this is being a “bloody difficult woman” then I’m a transgender half caste disabled wooftah! Do a Thatcher, woman. Keeping saying no, sack Hammond, offer them fuck all and if none of that works then handbag the cunts!

Grow a pair. There’s not going to be deal. Fuck the ‘transitional period’. Fuck the ECJ. Fuck Barnier and Drunker. Fuck ’em all!

This used to be a great country. Between you and that cunt Corbyn, you’ve turned us into a bloody laughing stock. Shape up or fuck off!

Nominated by Dioclese

We have agreed to allow the EU to ‘Have a say’ on some EU citizens still here AFTER Brexit and also £40 billion as a settlement.
A sell out of 17 million mugs cause that’s what we are mugs for expecting a Government of cunts to deliver a simple fuck off to the European Union.

This whole thing is an absolute joke, I bet that cunt Clegg is having a wank with his dick wrapped in an EU flag.

I don’t think I’m gonna ever vote again, I love my country but they don’t give a fuck about the ordinary people, I mean any country that allows even one ex service man or woman end up sleeping rough has to be run by Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunts.

The government…my nomination for cunt of the year.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt

Gordon Brown [12]

Gordon Brown is and will for ever be a cunt. He has warned that the UK may hit a ‘crisis point next summer’ as we get closer to brexit. He maintains there may be a possibility we will not leave the EU, (not if he has his way).

He is not advocating a second referendum (yet) but says there ‘may be scope for a reassessment ‘ when we all realise what silly boys and girls we’ve been in voting to leave an Orwellian super – state in the making. Apparently we could change our minds when we are generously supplied with ‘ new evidence ‘ which proves we were foolish cunts in wanting to be an independent, sovereign nation, making our own way in the world, making our own laws and developing our democracy as a free independent people.

This evidence will apparently be the realisation that we will be getting a shit deal, will not be controlling our own borders, we’ll still be under the cosh of the ECJ and we won’t be controlling our own trade……. In other words, project fear 2.0. Right………

Fuck right off Gordon, you wonky eyed, baggy arsed, fucking useless sack of Scottish shit. How dare you pontificate on anything when you were fucking useless at everything you did whilst in government. Selling gold at rock bottom, trawling the world for immigrants, shelling out vast sums for workshy bastards, the infamous ‘ bigoted woman’ comment which showed your utter contempt for ordinary working folk, allowing the banks to shaft everybody and his brother to the point of economic disaster, prattling on about ‘Prudence’, who ended up raped and slaughtered, support for the Iraq war, etc. etc. etc.

This fucking under achiever should be tied to a stake at low tide. Hirers of deckchairs and ice cream sellers would have a field day as the moon’s magnetic pull worked its magic.

He is just another cunt who can’t accept democracy, we voted leave and will accept nothing less.

Nominated by Jack The Cunter

Guy Verhofstadt [4]

Vehorstadt really is a stratospheric cunt!!!
Brexit is a waste of time and effort??
Yeh I suppose he has a point?,
Who wants to be governed by democratically elected people??
Want sort of Cunts want that??
What sort of idiots want to retain some national identity??
What kind of fools want to control their borders??
What sort of people want to stop a tsunami of foreign workers prepared to work for less money??
Brexit is indeed a waste of time!! 😂😂😂

Nominated by Quislings

Verhofstadt is a grinning, gap toothed, curtain haired, Biggins glasses wearing, plutonium grade cunt.

This piece of political jenkem has told a conference in London that Brexit is a waste of time and energy.

Had he a slight appreciation that the EU had become undemocratic and conceded that reform was needed then Brexit possibly would not have gained a majority vote.

Clearly he has no concept whatsoever of democracy. Fuck off back to your cheap fags, snotty chocolate and chips smothered in mayo, you utter fucking cuntbox.

Verhofstadt is a fucking waste of skin and bone. Cunt x 10^infinity

Nominated by Paul Maskingback

Guy Verhofstadt has ordered the United Kingdom to take “financial responsibility” over Brexit and pay a divorce bill to Brussels. “You have to pay us!” he rants in the European Parliament.

Now listen here, Doddy you gap toothed cunt : NO WE FUCKING DON’T!!! IT’S NOT A FUCKING DIVORCE!!!

Take that back to your Diddy Men and smoke it. Fucking idiot…

Nominated by Dioclese

Brexit haters

Speaking of anti-Brexit cunts. That doddering old prick David Attenborough is in desperate need of a cunting. Speaking to Greenpeace magazine, Attenborough said that we shouldn’t have had a vote because we weren’t presented with the full facts. He also claimed we didn’t understand what it meant, and that we were spitting in Europe’s face. He also called the referendum “and abrogation of parliamentary democracy.

Jesus…fucking…Christ. Somebody get the old twat some Anusol, he clearly needs it for his persistent butthurt. Once again, and idiot remainer DELIBERATELY confuses EUROPE with the EU. They are NOT the same. And to be honest, if my voting to leave the EU is spitting in the face of the likes Juncker, Tusk, Verhofstadt and Barnier, I can live with that. I’d happily do it for real given the chance.

I’m sick of this now. At first it was amusing to watch pro-EU traitors going nuclear over the fact that a majority of voters had dared vote to leave their precious EU. Now it’s fucking tedious. It’s been FIFTEEN months since the referendum, and STILL we have democracy hating wankpuffins hurling insults at us, disrespecting democracy and basically still throwing a tantrum. Call the Guinness book of Records, I reckon they’ve broken the world sulking record.

Just a couple of days ago, that upper crust faggot, Colin Firth announced he had taken Italian citizenship because he just couldn’t bear the thought of the UK becoming a sovereign nation once again. Anyone noticed how most of those who’ve been whingeing about Brexit, Attenborough, Firth, Branson, Heseltine, Clarke, Miller, etc, are all rich bastards who have been completely unaffected by the EU’s less pleasant laws, like open borders.

We’ve also had Labour arseholes like Clive Lewis saying that Brexit is racist, and David Lammy comparing Brexiteers (I love that name) to Nazis. What prize fuckpoodles.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw