The High Court


The High Court is a cunt for perpetuating the corrosive drip drip of institutionalised cuntery .

The whingey-whinery of uber cunts like Gina Fuckface and her fellow travellers is beneath contempt. We supposedly live in a democracy ; the antics of these airy-fairy cunts illustrate perfectly why we want to escape the tyranny of an unwieldy, homogenising, bland Euro dictatorship which is championed by those fuckers sucking at its teat.

Nominated by: Simon de Cuntford

Theresa May [4]

Maggie May - or may not...

Maggie May – or may not…

So the Tory tossers thought they would get another Margaret Thatcher as leader by electing the old dobbin in kitten heels, Theresa May. No chance cunters. She don’t look a like leader, she don’t talk like a leader and by God she don’t walk like a leader. Exploded in embarrassment the other night as the old round shouldered tart teetered orn her kitten heels following her belly doine the corridors orf Brussels. This is supposed to be an ambassador for British fashion? Fuck me.

Supposed to be there to put the British point orf view re fucking orf and the Euro Cunts refused to talk and gave her fifteen minutes at one am after a long dinner and piss-up. Orn top orf that indignity before the bash even started the Euro Cunts, odious froggie dwarf Holland, shite pants Schultz and garlic arsed Tusk (pronounced Toooosk cunts) went oit orf their way to tell her to fuck orf in front orf the BBC News cameras. Even some Lithuanian slapper in a Myra Hindley syrup had a go.

Bugger me. Would Mrs T have stood for that? No fan orf the lady but she did have a nice line in putting Johnny Foreigner in his place. She pulled orf a take no prisoners re-negotiation.
Orf course the continentals have always despised Her Majesty’s Sovereign Realm but we did have armed forces to keep them polite. All gorn to some dodgy scrapyard in India now but we do have a few aging nukes left. Lets drop ‘em orn the EU while they are still in date and we can yet afford a few gallons orf fuel.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke



Remainers. Again. So here we are, nine weeks after telling the EU to go uck itself. The world has not descended into to World War 3. The UK is NOT in recession, nor is it likely to be anytime soon. In fact, NONE of the doom laden predictions of Cameron, Osbourne and all the other lying traitors has proved to be even remotely true. Yet we STILL have braindead, ignorant, cock sucking, anti-democratic SCUM, whingeing about the result of the referendum.

On Saturday there were demonstrations in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Oxford, and Cambridge. Backed by arrogant arsewipes like Umunna and ‘comedian’ Izzard, (dunno about comedian, he’s certainly a clown), these tiresome arseholes will once again demand that democracy be pissed on, and a second referendum held. How many times must these traitors be told…NO?

So weary am I of these whingeing fucking monkeys, that I would not only applaud an ISIS attack on these scum, I would actually offer to pay for the ammunition and explosives. The referendum is OVER, you ignorant fucking cretins. Democracy has been done, the people have spoken. It doesn’t matter that you disagree with the result. What you’re too thick to understand is that this is how democracy works. We get asked a question. In this case, ‘Do you want to leave the EU, or stay in’? We then get to vote. Some people will vote to leave, and some will vote to stay. Whichever has the most votes at the end, is the winner. In this case, LEAVE won. It was simple, it was fair, it was democratic.

If you wish to live in an EU country, that’s fine. You have every right to do so. I suggest you pick an EU country, France, Belgium or Germany for example, and FUCK OFF to live there. Because regardless of your fucking childish whingeing, insults and foot stomping, this country IS leaving the EU. And there is NOTHING you can do about it. So, either move to the continent and live in your anti-democratic, EU dictatorship, or SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Giuliano Amato

amato mio

Giuliano Amato is another masive cunt in this already over-infested season (“Shut the door, they’re coming through the window”).

The man that wrote Article 50 has now told a conference in Rome that it was NEVER supposed to be used. Why the fuck write it, then??!

It seems that he had specifically “inserted the Article” (just wait til Auntie Belinda gets you!! You’ll be begging for mercy…) to “prevent the British government complaining that there was no way for them to leave the bloc

Fackin’ CUNT.

Proof again, if we needed it, that the EU is just a reincarnation of the Turd Reich. Juncker hated the Nazis, and now he’s effectively become one – a classic case of the abused becoming the abuser. Or, in his case, self-abuser.

All in all, the makings/continuings of a tragically awful joke…

There was a Luxemburger, a German and an Italian, who walked into a Brussels bar; they got blown up by a DAESH operative…”

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke