Ticket touts [2]


Ticket sites are undisputed cunts…

A matter of hours after Stone Roses tickets went on sale those bastards at getmein.com are flogging them well over their face value… If someone does this outside Old Trafford they are viewed as a tout… And that’s all these sites like Ticketmaster and Get Me In are: just touts who want to hoover up as much money as possible…

The band themselves could find a better way and help stop fans getting ripped off… Didn’t Led Zeppelin in their early years used to sell their tickets through their fan club and therefore their fans got first pickings and at face value? I like The Roses as a band and as people… I just hope they don’t turn into another Eagles: just doing their greatest hits for enormous amounts of cash…

The upcoming gigs are also at The Etihad Stadium…. Fuck that… Surely the Arena would have been a better venue?

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Problem is that the so-called primary ticket agencies like Ticketmaster are permitted to own and operate the secondary agencies like GetMeIn and Seatwave. While this state of affairs persists, the suspicion will always be that Ticketmaster dumps the majority of its ticket allocation straight onto its secondary sites where there’s even more of a mark-up to be had. How else can vast quantities of tickets be listed for sale on GetMeIn and Seatwave at the very same time – or in some instances, BEFORE – tickets officially go on sale?

    • Fred’s right norm these so called ticket sellers are fucking thieves of the worst kind worse then scalppers. Wikipedia states “Ticketmaster has been criticized by some who claim its fees are excessive, with forty British MPs signing an early day motion criticizing the company for overcharging and for the lack of transparency in its pricing structure.” Hope you can get a ticket norm but I’m sure it will be difficult now hopefully somebody tapes it or a live album comes out in support of the tour.

    • People forget they hold the true power.
      Boycott Ticketmaster & getmein, simple.
      But no, instead of actually affecting some change people would rather pay £5000 to listen to one direction perform an auto-tuned karaoke song at Wembley.

      Fuck them, let them pay the money the dozy cunts

  2. As an expat living abroad I just seen the latest Aviva app advert that can apparently reduce your car insurance premium simply by the way you drive. l would ask people here to side with me on this cunting and I would understand why they could possibly ask why as there is a chance to save their hard earned! I’ll tell you why! the whole family is welsh and I sincerely hope everyone of the yaki darr we want a job for life boring coalmining family cunts die in a collective slow speed minor road accident which also wipes out the next 30 generations of their family tree! The welsh are bred for complaining about anything not welsh so as Aviva is an English company they are hypocritical cunts for even appearing in the Ad and can fuck off, eat whatever coal is left in their shit mines rather than starve and instead of constant pitiful moaning about them thar fuckin wealthy Brits whatever welsh cunt is left is welcome to die under a slagheap mudslide! Eh, too soon! Nahhhhhh only if you’re welsh!

  3. Never mind Norm. With a bit of luck all that foot stomping’ll cause a cave in of the old Bradford colliery and The Etihad will cause you no more pain.


  4. ‘these so called ticket sellers are fucking thieves of the worst kind worse then scalppers.’

    Eerm try harder or stop posting. Spelling mistakes aside the people you are agreeing to complain about ARE ticket scalpers ffs! Being able to use google to post a wikilink just means you can use google, any trollymong can do that, yet it does not mean you know anything about the subject.

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      • boaby noooooooooooo….now trollymong will google ironic, still get it wrong in a clumsy semi-literate reply full of insults that have been directed at him all his life and be angrier than ever….hmmmm on second thoughts i’m laughing already 🙂

    • And for someone to say I use sockpuppets is delusional also how did you get 4 upvotes 10 minutes after posting it wouldn’t be because you’re a incompetent loser who upvotes his own posts would it?

      • eerm, is there an actual spelling for ‘erm’ Dio? eeerm i’ll take your word for it but your pot, kettle, black seems unduly racist 🙂

        I am playing nicely, my observations are at least relevant to the replies, but if you prefer a spivey type blog where fucktards can post nonsense freely with no reproach i’ll only laugh at tittyboy’s shocking asshlolery on the inside?

      • I replied to fred and norm and only them alone. My previous post to clownwank earlier in the day(welby post) I was being nice as can be. It was only when he started to point out my spelling mistakes in this post and insulted me is when I lost it he’s a dumb clown.

      • You insult yourself with most of the nonsense you post.

        You still haven’t realised your particular type of internet insults simply just highlight your intellect level but on the plus side for me you are at least consistent as I have rarely laughed so much in a long time 🙂

        £25 to the usual address, ta.

  5. I’m going to that gig. And no, I didn’t buy my tickets from some piece of shit tout. Anyone who buys a ticket from those scum deserve to be ripped off. Then doused in petrol and ignited, just for being so fucking stupid.

    • I’ve seen the lads many times and even helped with their gear on occasion (I used to work mainly for The Happy Mondays in the late 80s) and went to all the Heaton Park gigs… But the fucking Etihad?! They’re top lads (especially Reni) and their gigs were always more like gestures and events rather than just concerts ( Warehouse Flower Show, Spike Island, Ally Pally, Blackpool etc)… I hope they keep their mystique and don’t end up as another stadium band like The Stones or U2…

  6. This is some sort of tax loophole. If the powers that be were not so corrupt and looked into it they would find a paper trail back to the original vendor.

    Replying to just 2 people and just them alone but on a public website. Is anyone going to tell this imbecile where he is going wrong?

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