eBay – a market of cunts!

A friend of mine recently wanted to bid for an item but was not happy that the robbing cunt of a seller was asking 15 fucking quid for postage. Luckily she found another similar item for the same price from a local seller so arranged the purchase to collect. Only this cunt was worse. The fucker failed to mention missing parts till the 11th hour, so my friend told him to fuck himself, quite rightly the cunt. Of course by now she’d missed the first cunt’s sale and there was only one more available from some cunt asking £50 more, so he got fucked off as well.

I once won a Cocteau Twins CD off there for a quid. The cunt selling must have been miffed ‘cos the tightarsed fuck failed to dispatch the cunt for six fucking weeks. I gave the bastard some right negative feedback, I can fucking tell you.

What I also hate about these cunts is how 99% of items are now fucking buy it now. The cunts don’t even let you nab a fucking bargain like they used to when it was all bids. And don’t get me started on Pay Cunting Pal, I wouldn’t trust that fucking set up again after the cunts got hacked that time.

Nominated by: Dead Bill

Ebay are cunts, buying is usually ok, selling can be a financial fucking minefield of ways ebay can hold on to your dosh under a smokescreen of ‘buyer protection’ loopholes!

Nominated by: Pagliacci

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  1. Louis van Gaal us making a right cunt of himself at press conferences these days.Saying stupid things and stuff.

    • Like a stupid cunt, I went to Stoke to watch that shower of shit… Is it loyalty or blind fucking stupidity?

      • I saw him, the Mourinho bloke…. LVG looking at the Sky interviewer like he wanted to murder him… It’s not a Sky Sports hack’s fault we are fucked… And we are..

      • Oh fuck me I saw that ‘look’ and thought that is the definition of if looks could kill, who does he think he intimidates with that look, what a cunt Norm.

  2. I recently closed my PayPal account.

    Took all of 30 seconds. Which is considerably less time than it takes to pay for anything with PayPal.
    Once you have reset the password (every time) and then fucked about getting funds into the account from an non-verified account, answered the security questions from the bank (every time, because they think it looks like fraud) and then eventually paid for the thing.
    I would say at least a couple of hours per transaction.

    Now I just don’t bother buying from people who insist on using PayPal.

    Your loss mingepieces!

    • £9.63 they’re into me for, no explanation, no paper trail and no joy with the complaint procedure. Tomorrow I will be printing off all my invoices/receipts to date and I’ll be joining you in the: fuck your service closure of account. They still have my £9.63; chalk that up to experience.

      Fleabay/Upay up Pal: Ocean Going Cunts.

  3. Just flogged a load of Stones LPs in mono on FleaBay… The odd thing was there was a bidding frenzy for ‘Rolling Stones No.2’ and it went for more than the self titled debut album.. Also sold a white vinyl ‘White Album’ (Apple not Capitol) for quite a bit… People do pay silly money for things this time of year… Can’t be arsed with the Paypal shite and all that crap… The mrs does all that bit…

  4. I bought a set of extension studs advertised a suzuki compatible on ebay.
    Loaded one up into the impact driver, fired it on and it split!
    Cause 1.5 thread not 1.25 thread.
    I asked to return and refund but the seller who had mis sold the item refused, so off we went to paypal buyer protection.
    They ruled that because one had split (because it was the wrong size for the stud) I could not have my money back!
    So I now have 19 shit 1.5 thread stud extensions that are no good to man nor beast, cunts!

  5. Oh don’t get me started on fucking Ebay.
    You get screwed by Ebay fees, then Paypal fees, so you end up paying those cunts over 20% of your actual sale price.

    Years ago I put up some items, a road-bike fame that was going to cost £12 to send by Royal Mail 48hr (based on the size as opposed to the weight).
    The frame went for for a pittance as no-one bid on it and that’s the risk you take with no reserve, I was not bothered as I just wanted to get the fucking thing out of the shed, I would have just scrapped it, but figured I might make £30 on it.
    Anyway, it went for £12 in the end.
    Quite clearly in the description was stated NO LOCAL PICK-UP.
    Yet some little cunt won the frame for £12 then DEMANDED he would pick it up saving the £12 postage, I referred him to the listing and it stating NO LOCAL PICK UP, he then seemed to think I had to let him collect it for nothing.
    A few messages were sent back and forth with him saying he was going to pick them up weather I liked it or not – LOL.
    The cheeky cunt then went on and left me feedback calling me a cunt, to which I left the feedback stating “I may be a cunt, but you’re a fucking illiterate cunt”

    I was going to send him a video of me cutting the frame up with a hacksaw, but in the end I just deleted my Ebay account, that place is fucking shit, full of cunts, scammers and twats.
    It was good about 2003, but nowadays is just another corporate pile of wank.

  6. Ebay and their tax avoiding shitstabbing historic financial warcriminal partner of a company Gaypal (who they keep insisting has been spun off and and made two separate entities- yeah right cunts we believe you!) conspire together to fuck the seller everytime, had my account closed on account of “copyright issues” and use of a shared household computer wtf?! even though other twats were happily selling hundreds of the same items on there with impunity?? Right so it comes to selective closure of random people and then holding their money for criminally long periods because I also happen to use a PC in my shared family home?? I was then sent an email infoming me my account was closed without the option of an appeal. Thinking about it in hindsight though it was good thing, after watching the exhibition of criminal activity Gaypal get away with because they have the monopoly and force you to accept their “paypal preffered”shite payment to sell on Egay. Everybody should conspire to close their accounts and make these unscrupulous cowboy cunts bancrupt to atone for the criminal activity they have got away with for what seems like forever, lets hope the like of Skrill Worldpay Stripe etc can get a foothold and fuck these paypal cunts dead for good, lets also pray for a decent alternative to wanker ebay in the near future surely its not beyond some cunt to come up with a viable alternative to these robbing charlatan Ecunts and put them out of action permanently

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