Lily Allen (15) – Nepo Crybaby

Lily Allen has once again demonstrated her cosmic-grade cuntitude.

Not content with lecturing the little people on important matters of woke, she now comes out with the almost unbelievable statement that we should all feel sorry for “nepo babies” (apparently, this means celebrity offspring who enjoy careers in the public eye. The phrase “nepo babies”, and anyone who uses it outside of IsAC, is deserving of a no-holds-barred cunting in their own right).

Yes, my heart fucking bleeds for those who have achieved fame and fortune and a generally piss-easy ride through life entirely on the back of being the sprogs of famous parents. When I write ‘entirely’, I mean completely, totally, utterly, wholly, exclusively, solely. I don’t begrudge anyone anything if they’ve got talent and have worked hard, but for the sake of fuck, there’s no way that this talentless sack of shit would have achieved anything in her life without being given a colossal leg-up by famous luvvie parents. In the real world, I wouldn’t trust her to scrub skid marks from porcelain.

Allen is well and truly scraping the fucking barrel. She now has literally fuck all to offer the world other than trying to garner pity for her over-privileged upbringing and massive overachievement in life.

Another “nepo baby” mentioned in the article is Brooklyn Beckham. Fuck knows why he’s currently trying to launch a career as a lowly celebrity chef. I mean, with parents like David and Victoria, he should trying to crack nuclear fusion, solve the riddle of the fate of the universe, or write plays and sonnets that make Shakespeare look dyslexic.

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  1. One of the worst examples of nepotism known to man is that turkey necked bitch, Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Can’t act and never will be able to. Mummy and Daddy set everything up for their horrendous brat. A friend of Mrs Norman is a make up artisit, and she met Paltrow on the set of Sliding Doors. And she told us in no uncertain terms that ‘Gwynnie’ is one of the biggest and most unpleasant spoonfed cunts on the planet. And loves herself isn’t in it. This cross between Verucca Salt and a Disney giraffe is so up herself, she has candles made replicating the smell of her snatch.🤢

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