Lily Allen (15) – Nepo Crybaby

Lily Allen has once again demonstrated her cosmic-grade cuntitude.

Not content with lecturing the little people on important matters of woke, she now comes out with the almost unbelievable statement that we should all feel sorry for “nepo babies” (apparently, this means celebrity offspring who enjoy careers in the public eye. The phrase “nepo babies”, and anyone who uses it outside of IsAC, is deserving of a no-holds-barred cunting in their own right).

Yes, my heart fucking bleeds for those who have achieved fame and fortune and a generally piss-easy ride through life entirely on the back of being the sprogs of famous parents. When I write ‘entirely’, I mean completely, totally, utterly, wholly, exclusively, solely. I don’t begrudge anyone anything if they’ve got talent and have worked hard, but for the sake of fuck, there’s no way that this talentless sack of shit would have achieved anything in her life without being given a colossal leg-up by famous luvvie parents. In the real world, I wouldn’t trust her to scrub skid marks from porcelain.

Allen is well and truly scraping the fucking barrel. She now has literally fuck all to offer the world other than trying to garner pity for her over-privileged upbringing and massive overachievement in life.

Another “nepo baby” mentioned in the article is Brooklyn Beckham. Fuck knows why he’s currently trying to launch a career as a lowly celebrity chef. I mean, with parents like David and Victoria, he should trying to crack nuclear fusion, solve the riddle of the fate of the universe, or write plays and sonnets that make Shakespeare look dyslexic.

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Nominated by: Cunty McCunt

73 thoughts on “Lily Allen (15) – Nepo Crybaby

  1. Like all the barely-talemted products of nepotism, the Beckhams, Hilary Benn, et al, Lily should have been syphoned into her dad’s sock.

  2. I saw Brookly Beckham on YouTube the other week, was asked what he did for a living and he fucking said ‘I’m a chef “

    If his culinary career is as distinguished as his photography career then I’d advise avoiding any restaurant his old man pays to set up

    • From what I’ve seen the dozy little cunt could burn water.

      As for his photography career, I have seen Stevie Wonder take better snaps with the lens cap on.

      • There was a snap in his book apparently of some empty savannah. The accompanying text said something along the lines of “this would have been a really good photograph just 30 seconds before as there was an elephant standing here but I just missed it”

        Pure genius

  3. As for Lily Allen, the thick slag will undoubtedly try and get her hideous ginger daughter, Marnie shoehorned into playing the role of Rocky Dennis in any future productions about his life.

  4. Lily would be hawking her pearly for loose change in some Brixton crack-den if she wasn’t a “nepo baby”.

  5. Frankly I never cease to be amazed at the preening attention seeking behaviour of these cunts.

    Shut the fuck up and spend your money.

    Nobody gives a shit.

  6. Educated at Millfield school-a cunt production line of the highest order.

    Remember, she won all the awards going for her “masterpiece”, The Fear.

  7. I feel sorry for them.

    Raised by luvvie talentless cunts obsessed with themselves.
    Sheltered and showered with fashionable tat,

    “you can be anything your heart desires my cherub”…

    Then reality bites.
    Your not talented
    Your not beautiful
    Not everyone loves you
    Your fuckin clueless
    You have no worth or merit.

    Poor lambs.

    Sorry did I say I felt sorry for them?
    Meant I think they should be set on fire.
    Always get the two confused.

    • Has your new found status as the Western World’s foremost Cunter, opened doors for Miserable Junior(s)?
      We expect total transparency.

    • She wouldn’t have to venture as far as Calais for that Barry.

      Just a tour of British hotels and stately homes would suffice.

  8. Point proven time and time again no matter what advantages a person receives if they are a cunt they always will be a cunt. Universal law

  9. The Oxford dictionary defines the word nepotism thus….

    the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives, friends, or associates, especially by giving them jobs.

    They could also add ‘the practice of giving recording contracts to talentless slappers who have famous parents of dubious talent’.

  10. Keith Allen is a talentless little shit Sounds like one of his offspring is the same Lilly Allen has always had a chip on her shoulder probably from the private school she went to These people teach pupils to look down their nose at common people from an early age Don’t you know who I am so it’s normal to the likes of her.
    Lilly to me always looks like she wants a good wash a proper soap dodger but then again I’m just one of the common people 👍👍

    • Aye the fucking neck of it to apologise on behalf of an entire fucking country lol.

      Who the fuck is she to think she has such power over 70 million folk?

      A slag who only got famous because of her shit actor dad. Talks on her ‘songs’ because she can’t fucking sing.

  11. A thing which irritates me from time to time is someone who is successful in the same field as one or both of their parents and claim that not only was this not to their advatage but even that it was a drawback. Fucking ridiculous and I’ve heard this from a number of famous people.

    • Most egregious example being Will Smith trying to say his son won the audition for playing the part of his son in that ‘Happyness’ film, or whatever it was.

      He claimed he won it without anyone knowing the little cunt was his son, because he didn’t want to win unless he really deserved it.

      What absolute tosh!

      • Darren Ferguson
        Those Beckham cunts
        Anais Gallagher
        Eve Hewson
        Stellla McCuntney
        All those Jagger kids who are models.

      • Julian Lennon is a monumental cash-in cunt. He does the famous dad thing and milks it to the hilt, The cunt always says he wants ‘closure’ from his very famous (and dead) old man. Then he does it all over again. The twat has been getting ‘closure’ from the Lennon name for over 30 years.

      • That salt Water song was a piss poor John Lennon tribute.
        I imagine he was being pushed by a record company/manager.

        With the way John doted on Sean whilst ignoring Julian, I am surprised he hasn’t bought out a book called “Spare2”.

  12. Haven’t heard from this fake wokie socialist for a while. So now she’s crying for herself instead of filthy immo trash. At least she’s crying about something she really cares about.

  13. Old shitty undercrackers himself, Alex Ferguson, liked a bit of the old nepotism.

    Darren Ferguson?

    One of the worst players I’ve ever seen. And yet he was in Utd’s squad for fucking years!

    • Fergie Junior was fucking useless. An inept cunt.

      And when diddums Darren went into management, Fergie arranged lucrative friendlies against MUFC and he loaned him loads of United players. But when his boy got the sack, Old Taggart pulled all the loan players out of Peterborough. What a corrupt old cunt he can be…

  14. Lilly the mong is just the unflushable turd the keeps popping up now and then, this puddle if piss is a complete fuckwit that will sing,say,do anything to try and stay in the limelight, she really has sold her soul to the devil, no level is to low for Lilly.

  15. Like a floater that refuses to flush, El Mong always pops up to annoy the shit out of people and make us piss our sides at the same time . We’re still laughing at her racist taxi driver lies for a start..

    But I’d feel sorry for any kid who was brought up by this coke filled knickerless pisspot gluebag.

  16. Did I hear that El Mong posed for Penthouse a whilo back?

    Like two asprin on an ironing board. A total waste of time and money….

  17. I’d forgotten about Lilly the musical mong.

    I assumed she’d been of to Calais and hooked up with 20 plus immos all up for some skanky white meat,

    Ho hum.

  18. I remember seeing that film ‘Shallow Grave’ back in the day and Lily the mong’s actor dad lies bollock-naked on the bed, dead from an overdose.

    His cock was like a chipolata, which for some reason is an image that still haunts me to this day.

    Anyhoo, Lily is a cunt.

    • Wasn’t Keith Allen in that Vindaloo football song/video crap, stamping around the streets with a mob of assorted weirdoes,cunts and ugly buggers? Probably his way of being ” down with the plebs”.

      • Only half decent thing he has ever done, is that “Professional’s” piss take made by the Comic Strip Presents, “ The Bullshitters”.

      • I just remembered another thing he did which was most enjoyable – he went on a coach trip with a load of people with Tourettes as some sort of TV social experiment. One of these blokes was introduced to the then Prince Charles and proceeded to call him a jug eared cunt.

  19. What is it with virtually every mega-wealthy “celebrity” who’ve got their wealth from other people, who suddenly turn into “caring” “socialists” eager to redistribute OUR money to make themselves look and feel good in their righteousness? Is it some sort of narcissistic self-flagellation that rarely extends to their own assets, and when it does is often oppressive and dictatorial as opposed to benevolent, à-là Bill feed-em-bugs Gates.

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