Andy Burnham (5)

Emergency cunting of Andy Burnham who as we all know is a Labour Loony who parades around Manchester like a god, in fact, the only person to out god him is Bono.

The reason for Burnahms cunting is the self-styled flamboyant git is paid a huge salary and expenses that now Manchester council tax payers have to cough up money to pay for this waste of space/

An extra charge on this year’s council tax bill has been agreed to pay for Greater Manchester’s mayor. Manchester Householders will be charged an average of £7 annually to pay for Andy Burnham’s £110,000 salary, as well as his transport and housing plans.

The precept agreed unanimously at a meeting of all ten council leaders,
will also pay the £730,000 cost of running his office including his
wages. The Taxpayers’ Alliance described the council tax rise as “pretty bad news”.

Most people in Greater Manchester were not aware they would have to pay
between £6 and £18 to have an elected mayor, the group claimed.

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Andy fucking Burnham’s hair resembles that of a bullied schoolboy, 3 hours after his daily toilet head-flushing. The only slight amendment I’d like to make on that simile is to ensure Burnham’s head-flushing takes place over an Armitage Shanks pan, filled to the brim with steaming piss and shit.

He is one ultra-heavyweight fucking cunt. Tries so hard to curl his vowels into that Warrington working-class bonhomie; but fails to convince anyone that he is anything other than just one more aloof and disconnected career bureaucrat. And cunt.

So the insult to our Mancunian friends must be all the more unpalatable – not only have they had a premier league cunt parachuted into their region, they now have to PAY for the fucking privilege via that council tax surcharge. I feel sorry for those who didn’t vote for him – those who did, well, what did you fucking expect?

It’s testament to the Labour front bench/prominents that someone with the cunt-calibre of Burnham isn’t even in the top 10 cunts of the party. In any other realm, he is a cunt colossus and would stand head and shoulders above cunts pretty much anywhere other than Labour HQ.

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Andy Burnham [3]

Day Four - The Labour Party Holds Its Annual Party Conference

Andy Burnham – or ‘Plastic Man’, as I prefer to call him – is a cunt. He’s just been made the official Labour candidate for the new post of Mayor of Manchester. So it’s safe to say that he’ll be the first elected Mayor of Manchester. Because despite every true Manc telling the scouse cunt to take a running jump into the fucking Mersey, I can guarantee that a sizeable minority of the people who vote in the election, will be thick enough to vote Labour.

I’m a 43 year old, born and bred Manc, and I’ve never known the City council, or the majority of Greater Manchester councils be anything but Labour. That’s how I know Kiss Ass Burnham WILL be the Mayor of Manchester. Technically, I should be cunting the thick fuckers who will vote him into power, amidst much grumbling that they don’t want him. But Burnham was told, in uncertain terms, that he wasn’t wanted. The fact he ignored such a large number of people telling him to fuck right off, is yet more proof that politicians are ignorant cunts, who are just out to get as much money from taxpayers as possible.

The good news, is that he’ll have to quit as an MP. The bad news, is that he won’t care, because he’ll be trousering roughly double the salary he got as an MP. Which is why the shiny faced cunt wants the job.

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Andy Burnham [2]


Andy Burnham is indeed a puppet-faced cunt. Looks like he’s been sculpted by Gerry Anderson – two parts Scott Tracy to one part Captain Scarlet.

Fucking principle-free opportunistic cunt can fuck right off.

Nominated by: Fred West and TooManyCunts