Epping Forest District Councillors

A “don’t question us as we know better” cunting for Epping Forest District councillors. Where the fuck is that I hear you say – yes, a little market town on the edge of the M25 and “famous” for being the last station on the Central Line. The sort of place where nothing really happens except for a punch up on Friday night in the local hostelries. So, apparently, it is the ideal place to lump a load of Syrian “refugees”. The motel (brings back memories of Crossroads) is owned by some Joe Dakis, so they don’t give a fuck about who is in there.

But, I digress, the real cunting is for the councillors who, regardless of their political hue, are sticking together to tell us locals that we are all r@cists should we be unhappy with these cunts being foisted on us. And what the Britain First say is right as I, unlike the councillors, have spoken to local people and the “refugees” are indeed nicking the food out of the charity basket.

Nominated by : Lord Cuntingford 


The Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly

I’d like to nominate the old lady who swallowed a fly.
The song or nursery rhyme.

She swallows a fly. Instead of letting nature take its course and passing it out the other end, she then swallows a spider to catch fly, then a bird to catch the spider. It goes on and on.

*Spoiler alert!*

Then she dies.

For fork sake! In the words of Alf Garnett, “Silly moo!”

Nominated by: Spoonington

(Hope the Animal Rebellion mob don’t read this! – admin)

The Legacy of Derek Michael Chauvin

This is the stupid cunt who allegedly killed Chicken George by kneeling on his throat for 8 or 9 minutes.

He was assisted by 2 or 3 fellow police officers, but it was him who actually killed him. Not only that but he is being charged with alleged tax evasion – but that’s a different story.

The actions of this stupid cunt has effectively changed history, either for the best or worst, depending on who’s side you’re taking. But clearly it has come at great cost both in lives and cost, perhaps running into the billions.

Not only that but it has reignited the Far Left, while more or less castrating anything even remotely approaching centrist or moderate-right politics and opinion.

Both the US and UK have seen social anarchy in the streets ever since. I don’t know if this is the same in other countries, but all of a sudden the traditional social fabric of England in particular is under siege from all directions.

Derek Michael Chauvin, has a lot to answer for, not only for allegedly killing a known criminal, but also destroying this country’s history and freedoms for ever!

That will be his legacy when he eventually leaves this world – what a stupid stupid cunt!

Nominated by: Technocunt

Men Wearing Red and Pink Jeans


I’ve just done a job in Bury st Edmunds and as a simple northern lad, was shocked at the quite flagrant sight of men wearing red or pink jeans – In broad daylight without anyone taking them to task!

This is worrying as it could spread north and id like this deviancy to stay where it belongs.

Jeans are blue.Maybe black if feeling depressed, or gothic or your Johnny Cash.

But Pink or red? Well that’s the realm of duckys like your popstars and thespians not for waltzing about by real people.

Bury st Edmunds should have a fine for men who do this at the least, at best?

..a good hiding and sent to a ‘reeducation camp.

Its immoral.

Nominated by: Miserable Northern Cunt

Diverse Cleansing of Sheffield Cathedral

A House of the Lord cunting for Sheffield Cathedral and why would I want to cunt a grand and historic Cathedral, well it’s not the actual building but the cunts who run the place.

The Choir which was mainly white and male (adults and children) has been disbanded due to lack of diversity, the great plan is to reform the choir in a years time to better reflect Sheffields diverse community, but the current members will be welcome to return (maybe, if they can can change sex and colour).

Rather than encouraging effnicks (which the choir claim they have been doing) to join the choir, the infinite wisdom of the grand masters of the Cathedral is to completely dump it and start again.

There must be case for racial discrimination, the poor kids in the choir just can’t help being white, perhaps blacking up as per the black and white minstrels and singing mammy would tick the right boxes.


Nominated by: Sick of it