Nicola Sturgeon (21)

Away the noo, she’s yearning for her ain folk – a kilt and bagpipes cunting please for the little lassie with her finger on the pulse, who is feeling “deeply depressed” at the prospect of a no deal Brexit:

Old Jock feels we should devote 100% of our time to Covid19 (as the BBC already does – and much good does it do them). I am sure her sentiments are echoed by Dame Kweer, Dominic Grieve, and the queer peers Mandy and Adonis, but the majority of us want to leave – HOW we leave, whether it is on Canadian, Australian or South Norwood terms is neither here nor there. It is clear Motherfucker Barnier never had or has any intention of a constructive “deal”.

The likes of surrender monkey Sturgeon have no doubt been hoping that Covid would scupper Brexit, hopefully Boris keeps his nerve and proves them wrong. If Sturgeon finds this too painful, perhaps she should have a chat with the McSamaritans.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs 


Siegmund Freud the ‘father’ of it. The ‘legacy’ carried in by his daughter Anna. But what was that legacy? The sexualisation of children I will argue.

You know that whole Freud family it turns out were fucking sexual weirdos- Lucian painting his daughters naked, Clement sexually abusing minors (Officially confirmed, just in case an “allegedly” was needed – DA)

Let’s start with the most famous ‘The Oedipus Complex’ that’s the little son wanting to shag Mom. Remember this is early childhood (3 or 4) not at puberty. But kids of 3 or 4 don’t have sexual feelings!

‘The Elektra Complex’. That’s the lltle daughter wanting to shag Dad. She wants more than cuddles from him she wants sexual relations!

But the poor daughter has another hurdle to get over -‘Penis Envy’! That’s right seeing her little brother waving his penis about makes her feel envious. Or she feels she’s been castrated. Or some such shit.

I mean what kind of family home has a brother waving his penis about in front of his kid sister. I didn’t wave mine about in front if mine.

Oedipus, Elektra. It’s all based on myth isn’t it? Its all Greek. And we know that that whole pantheon of gods were were dodgy sexually. Zeus was always shagging his sisters.

It’s sick. It was always fucking sick.

Nominated by: Miles Plastic 

(Let’s try and focus responses on the topic “Psychoanalysis” rather than any detailed analysis of sexual relationships with children, thanks – DA)

Mark Drakeford

I would like to cunt this ex teacher who has decided to “protect” the people of Wales from that most evil of entities, the “English”.

Apparently Von Drakeford believes he can almost imprison the population behind Offa’s Dyke until Covid1984 is brought under “control”. Of course the Führer of Wales believes in Marxist dogma so he will keep this going as long as possible.

He has his token kaffir Vaughan “unbongo” Gethin who will implement his most excellent desires.

This fucker is an East German disciplinarian type who believes that every cunt agrees with him at the parliament for the “socialist republic of Cymru”.

Fortunately we have Neil Hamilton (a true Welsh/British patriot) who also is opposed to the ethnic cleansing of Pembrokeshire, or muddying the waters as I say. The people of Pembrokeshire would never vote for the Orwellian goons so hopefully the tide will turn against these cunts.

I hope this fucker Von Drakeford is given his P45 at the next Welsh politburo election but he’s in a “safe” cunt seat, sorry I mean Labour seat, so not much chance of that.
Von Drakeford you are a cunt and always will be!!!

Nominated by: Captain Ian Douglas Van Der Byl Quimson 

and another one from Gutstick Japseye

Our glorious leader in the principality, Kim Jong Drakeford is at at pains to gazump that sicked up furball masquerading as a prime minister in plunging Wales into another lockdown, on top of the lockdown I’m already suffering.

Reichsfurher Drakeford has even given it a different name, firebreak. Like the rest of the fucking megalomaniac fuckwits, he expects people to believe if everyone stays in for a couple of weeks, it will go away. No, honestly, it will this time.

All I’m waiting for is that spite ridden racist crank Sturgeon to beat the pair of them with her own diktat to imprison her grateful flock.

Cunts, every last one of them.

Jonathan Ashworth MP (2)

A for the many not the few cunting please for the pansy voiced Shadow Health Secretary, who, like his boss, the noble Dame, wishes to face both ways at once, and is therefore two faced – a two faced slimy cunt.

All weekend we had the Dame and his acolytes questioning the need for further Covid restrictions, and sort-of suggesting Labour might not back them, but times have changed and Ashworth has been on both ITV and BBC today demanding to know why the government didn’t back the scientists, who, apparently in September wanted another “lockdown”;

Mr Ashworth says “we would always follow the scientific advice”

Really/ then why question it as little as one day ago.

As Kweer would say “Incompetent. Get a grip, duckie”

Nominated by: W.C.Boggs

Circuit Breaker

Speaking as an expert epidemiologist, virologist and medical statistician, I must commend my fellow expert, sir Kweer Charmer, for cutting through the bullshit and demanding a 3 week break from chinese plague.

Ignore the stance of scouse cunt Burnham who wants free money for Mancs in exchange for stopping in a bit. Mid week.

Sir Kweer has it nailed. And proves there is nothing wrong with changing your mind. Daily. (But not Wrong -Daily)

A circuit breaker would stop the spread of the plague in it’s tracks. For 3 weeks. Funded by the SAGE and Labour Party magic money tree. After which we could continue dying at our leisure.

You know it makes sense.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble