Jack The Cunters, new idea.

I am putting this here because it is getting a bit chatty and off topic.

Apologies for the diversion. Request to admin.
I’ve been thinking, in light of the growing trend for celebrities to come out as poofs or tuppence touchers, in order to jump aboard the ever growing, rainbow coloured, cash generating, attention seeking, woke bandwagon. Shouldn’t we have a new game ?
Similar to Dead Pool and Suicide Squad, we’d make selections on who we think will come out next.
We could call it …
‘ Catch The Rainbow ‘
‘ I’m A Bender, Get Me Out Of This Closet ‘
Or something else. I’m sure fellow cunters and admin. could come up with a number of snappy titles.
It would be our contribution to diversity.

Suggested by Jack the cunter.


88 thoughts on “Jack The Cunters, new idea.

      • It’s because we’ve started a new page after your last post! Look for ‘older’ and ‘newer’ posts in blue type.

          • You’re a good sport Funboy. I’ll get Dick Fiddler to call off his hounds!
            When you said “Good things come to those who wait, Bertie!”, it’s not going to involve anything illegal is it?

          • Not at all, Bertie, ol’ chummage. Good ol’ funboy here is a paragon of decency and civility. It’s just finding the time for these things, being a man of significant social standing and all. And plus, I don’t own a laptop or pc anymore (and, no, it wasn’t because my hard drive was similar to that of Pete Townshend’s circa 2003 and subsequently confiscated from me 😀 ), so it’s a major horse kick to the balls trying to type anything of note or length on a 32 GB Iphone.

            Rest assured, though, my nomination debut will be spectacular; it will be the most colourful and florid of prose.

            As regards Mr Fiddler, I lurked here for several months prior to biting the bullet and finally registering and I remembered some of his posts for being entertaining, as well as having a particularly memorable username appended to them. But while Fiddler, all virile and hubristic with his equestrian and bloodhound tales, may tread ISAC’s noble boards like a strutting peacock, I fear it may be a mere cyber facade adopted by him to mask his true colours. I fear that, deep down, in real life, Fiddler may be England’s Gareth Thomas. 😱

  1. Don’t have time to read all of the previous replies on this thread, but I’d be surprised if any of the following have been omitted from your lists of noms:

    Robbie Williams
    Tom Cruise
    Richard Branson
    James Blunt
    Brian Cox
    Russell Howard
    Russell Brand
    Jools Holland
    A whole raft of tv presenters
    A whole raft of politicians
    A whole raft of clergymen and theologians
    A whole raft of Welsh and English rugby players

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