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With depressing inevitability, I find myself having to nominate David Lammy MP (Moronic Pussy). It’s beginning to seem like Lammy is putting himself forward, along with Lily Allen, for the title of “Cunt of the Year”. And it’s still only February. We’ve just had a very minor scandal about Jamaican criminals being deported back to Jamaica. And we’re not talking weed sellers here, we’re talking real scum. Burglars, rapists, car thieves, murderers. They’re now back in the land of their birth, and, happily the problem of the Jamaican authorities.

Of course, to brain dead puddle drinkers like Lammy, these scum sucking pigs were not returned to their homeland because of the crimes they committed. No no no. They were deported because they were black. Lammy doesn’t care that this filth could not show the country in they chose to make a home, or its people, any respect. He doesn’t care that one of those sacks of shit savagely beat a woman to death in front of her six year old son. That’s irrelevant to him. All of those scum were black, and to Lammy, that means only one thing…WWAAYYCCIISSTT!!!

Yes, Priti Patel had these savages deported to their country of origin not because they were persistent criminals who committed some very serious crimes, but because she, and the rest of Her Majesty’s government are racist. Give…me…a…fucking…break. In truth though, there is racism at work here. Not from the government, they actually did their for once. The racism comes from Lammy. Yes, that’s right. David Lammy is racist. There, I’ve said it. Lammy hates anyone who isn’t black, especially white people. This time though, he’s excelled himself. In his obsession to accuse others of not liking black people, he has callously pushed the victims of the criminals he’s protecting, way off into the long grass. What an absolute cunt he is.

Let me make this clear. Mass immigration is a massive problem. And I say that as someone who is half English and half American, and who came here at the age of nine. Unlike many other immigrants though, I’ve never broken the law, I’ve paid my dues, I’ve even served the UK. I love the UK, and it’s people. Most of them anyway. But the simple problem is, there are now too many people on this island. Worse still, there are too many people here who don’t work for a living and pay into the system. Thanks to idiot left wingers, there are far too many people here who not have no respect for the UK and its people, but they outright despise us. We certainly have too many foreign criminals. And in my opinion, we have the absolute right to deport them if they don’t behave.

Despite what that cretin Lammy, and his fellow lefties thinks, protecting decent, honest, law-abiding, tax paying citizens is of the utmost importance. The right of such people, be they born or naturalized citizens, to live with fear of becoming victims of crime takes precedence over the rights of criminals. And if you’re a foreign criminal who can’t behave in this country, regardless of your race, we have the absolute right to expect that you will kicked out. That is not racist, it’s common sense.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw


( I reviewed the title and upped the figure, and it is 7 title cuntings although he shares quite a few nominations )  

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  1. Despite knowing damn well the Tories are taking us for a ride I simply can’t help myself, I’m loving the deportations and stripping of citizenship they’re engaging in knowing full well the knife will go in our backs at a later date. David Lammy’s buckets of tears over ”TayJay” are a sheer joy and the best of it all is that we can’t help because to do so would make us ”White Saviours”.

    Having resigned myself that the slow collapse into anarchy and madness is a fact now, we can at least allow ourselves the odd chuckle on the road to hell…

  2. “mastermind” Lammy comes from Nigeria. His ancestors sold into slavery the anscestors of Jamaicans. That’s why it was called a trade. Lammy is a dunce, shit stirring, cunt.

    • I think this Wanker would crackle up nicely if scewered & roasted over a hot flame.
      My dog isn’t fussy & will eat anything – no matter how fat & gristly

      • Doubt he would have good crackling though . saying that it would be nice to score his skin with a Stanley knife and rub salt on him to hear him scream.

  3. Given that he gets a 30,000 majority in the tiny constituency of Tottenham, it makes you wonder what that place is like. Probably no point in playing “spot the white man”.

    It’s also sad that this turd gets airtime. Again, a reflection of the bias of the BBC.

    • I can tell you Sgt. Maj it full of our culturally enriching ethnic friends. Seven Sisters in North londonistan is a fucking toilet.
      Avoid like the plague.

      • Seven Sisters for Seven Brothers…
        Are there enough window-licker academies to cope with the inevitable outcome ?

  4. To be fair to David he doesn’t think we’re all WHITE DEVILS!!!
    There is, for example, the posh white bint he is married to…… an artist no less! No, I think, like all his sort his real hatred is for the white working class. When I say “his sort” I don’t mean blacks. I’m sure he has even more contempt for them as he blatantly uses their disadvantages to further his own career. No more so than his alleged “friend” who died in Grenfell. Lucky for him she’s not around to tell us what a fucking cunt he is.
    That’s if she ever existed in the first place. No other cunt seems to know who was living there so how come David does?

  5. David Lammy,Dawn Butler,Diane Abbott…..three Cunts who allow me to feel totally justified with my casual racism.

    Fuck them.

  6. As Dick says, one of the three Labour MPs who are constantly looking for reasons to find fault with white people.
    Why don’t they root out anti white as well as anti Semitism? There’ll be almost no-one left in the commons on the Labour benches.
    Then perhaps they can rebuild the party into what it was supposed to be in the first place. A platform for the British working class.

  7. David is quite literally not playing with a full deck.
    He has one card the race card, thats it!
    He needs something to fall back on when the race card doesnt work.
    Remember good old Roy Castle on Record Breakers?
    Always whipping out his trumpet or tap dancing?
    Gap in show, get tap dancing!
    Dave should take a leaf out of Roys book, doesnt have to be tap dancing,
    Could do body popping if he prefers?

    • Roy Castle was a cunt. Got lung cancer, bad luck, but blamed it on people smoking in the clubs he used to play in. Back in the day he was a leading anti smoking zealot and we all know how “those who know best” have turned a crafty fag into a crime against humanity.
      The same fuckers are out to stop us eating meat, driving cars and flying in planes, the fucking holier than thou hippy bastards.
      Nothing to do with Lammy of course, he looks like he’s fond of the odd burger and bucket of KFC. Cunt.

      • The very mention of his name always reminds me of a rather embarrassing moment I had at a pub quiz. The question was “Which Castle was destroyed by smoke in the early 90s?”, the correct answer was of course “Windsor”, and, not the answer I gave, “Roy”. Oops.

      • It was one of those “I’ll get me coat” moments, and I clearly remember some punters giving me looks that are normally reserved for skidmarks on towels.

      • I sure did, Telly. I think it was partly due to me not being able to remember the Fire at Windsor Castle (probably due to the 8 or 9 pints I’d sank), and partly due to me being a bit of a sick bastard. I’d have thought they would have appreciated my dark humour a bit more. Sour-faced cunts.

  8. Clever cunt Lammy, this is 2nd 4th cunting, is Diane In charge of counting previous cuntings?

    No matter, he is a cunt for many reasons and cannot be counted too much.

    That has been fixed

  9. Poor old Lammy – he git weary and sick of trying, tired of living but scared of dying, but ole man river, he keeps on rolling along..


    Yus sir – move along de bus dere man.

    He is just pissed he never got the chance to be a bus conductor so he could order whitey about in de rush hour man

    • He is also pissed because he isn’t white. He suffers from what we trick cyclists term Pathological Resentment Disorder.

  10. In the picture above hes throwing a gang sign, crips or bloods im not sure?
    But this obvious flaunting of gang culture is enough to get him a seat on that plane in my book.

    • No that is the “Bruce Lee” pull your heart out move, another bit of cultural appropriation, (now replaced with the sneeze on you and you are fucked move)

  11. Whilst I cannot claim to have studied David Lammy in any great depth whenever I have seen him on tv he comes over as being extremely thick. He claims to have qualifications which seem at odds with his persona. I would not be surprised if an investigator journalist exposed him as a complete fraud.

    • Well it looks as if he likes bending the rules a bit himself when it comes to mayoral elections guzziguy. Found this on his wiki under London Mayoral Candidate:

      In March 2016, he was fined £5,000 for instigating 35,629 automatic phone calls urging people to back his mayoral campaign without gaining permission to contact the party members concerned.

      It was the first time a politician had been fined for authorising nuisance calls.

      • Yeah and they ended up with Sadiq Khan another fucking useless pro muslim wanker. I mean where did he come from? , i’d never even heard of him till he become major and that seemed to be a swift silent move to get him elected as mayor. David Lammy as mayor? , now that would be very interesting to see. He would be like Mugabee but kicking all the whites out of London.

      • Khan was a serial arse-licker of Blair and Brown, always keeping in with the boss. Friend of Mandy’s also, I believe.

    • His classic one was being asked the surname of Pierre and Marie—–, the French couple who worked on radioactivity.
      His answer ?

      What a fucking pigshit thick, spasticated, barrel of lard, odious, oxygen, sunlight, water and space-thieving tera-cunt.

  12. Cunts like lammy make me more racist than I’ve ever been. I hate to think all black people hate all white people, it just isn’t true. But this cast iron cunt just pushes people’s buttons. It’s as if he wants to create hatred between groups.
    To be be sure he is a window licking retard with the IQ of a baked bean.


    • The hatred Mccunt is there for everyone to see whether it be blacks or Muslims , i remember when i’d finished my service and spent a few years in London and the disrespect i saw from those to communities to the whites and this country was shocking. I was in Barking in east London one day and the soldiers that had came home from there tour in Afghan did a march , the hatred coming from gangs of muslims was incredible and yet after the soldiers finished there march the muslims had there own that was pure hatred waving placards of murders etc . What amazes me is the fact the Police allowed it to happen. The same happened in Walthamstow when they shut the main road off so the muslims could celebrate muhammad’s birthday , that wasn’t a celebration at all . They were shouting and screaming and the aura they was giving off was pure hate , certainly no celebration. Yet the people like Lammy and Abbott totally dismiss all this along with the majority of knife crime being caused by blacks , i get the impression they think we deserve all this hounding and blame game on the whites.

      • Fucking horror story.
        Short of shipping them off to their ancestral homeland what do we do?
        London is a fucking toilet bowl.

        Guess Enoch was right.

  13. Really we should thank the likes of David Lammy. As long as he, and others like him keep spouting their anti white vitriol, the more unlikely it is that labour will get back into power.

  14. What a fat, bloated change the record cunt. He is an embarrassment and I know the fat cunt probably dresses up in some massai warrior outfit before giving his whitey wife a pounding.
    He really does show me some of the worse traits in black people.
    I of course exude the very best of blacks and whites.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Stand for Parliament in Tottenham B&WC, all the black and white cunts would be represented instead of one massive cunt.

      You might be able to give Esther McVey a sorting.

  15. I’t amazes me that he ( along with Abbott) still have a constituency , saying that he suits being the tottenham MP because tottenham is a shit hole and he is a shit house. The thing with Lammy is he is constantly moaning about racism and diversity and how hard done by the blacks are being treated etc is that does he ever stop to think that they ( the blacks) bring most of it on themselves. It’s like the knife crimes , while he constantly blames the government for such crimes ( like it’s all there fault ) what he is actually doing about crime in his own constituency ?. Tottenham hale is one of the capitals roughest places to live and there is nothing anyone can really do about knife crime as long as you have people who are willing to do it . What he needs to get into his stupid thick fat head is to wake up and realize that most of the crime is caused by blacks , it’s that simple. The truth of the matter is since we allowed immigration on a big level murders , rapes , drugs and crime have shot up . We have Asian peadophile rings we have black drug gangs and black street gangs . I wonder if Lammy ever take the time to think about that rather than blaming everything on racism. What a fat black useless thick cunt he really is .

      • Couldn’t agree more , i mean Lammy said the ERG ( European research group) was worse than the Nazi’s anyway so we might as well show him we really are . McCunt switch the gas on for me please while i lead them all in.

    • Apparently, he was invited to speak at a local (well, within a few miles) private school, which is frequented by children of the Islington elites. While he was there, slagging off private schools, he had a good look around as he wants to send his kids there. No North London sink school for the young Lammys!

  16. One of the biggest cunts in politics, and that takes some doing. He really is a massive, pig ugly turd.

  17. Is he doing a Jeremy Beadle or Joey Deacon impression in that picture – like we used to do at school. Disablist cunt.

  18. The interview with Brillo over Grenfell was a classic, it still makes me laugh.

    Calling JRM and the ERG ‘worse than Nazis’ was an absolute disgrace, it’s the equivalent of one of the ERG calling him a thick black cunt, the later being factual, the former being ridiculous.

    Lammy is CUNT and deserves to be cunted every day!

  19. Sanctimonious cunt, boo fucking hoo, whites are to blame for everything bad, wah wah wah! He is just as racist as any white supremacist. Lammy, go sit on a spike!

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