Justin Welby (9)

Below is the latest virtuous hand-wringing coming from this clown in fancy dress.

‘The Church of England is “still deeply institutionally racist”, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.
The Most Reverend Justin Welby said at a meeting of the Church’s ruling body, the General Synod, that he was “ashamed” of its history of racism’

He’s found, or imagined another woke pile of bullshit to apologise for. Perhaps he would be better grovelling about sex abuse, persecution, anti-Semitism, and good old homophobia. Throw in mention of Anglican missionaries role in enabling colonisation and slavery. Stake burnings perhaps?

Pathetic, pointless, privileged fucking moron.

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Seconded, I was about to cunt him myself for the same virtue signalling.

“I’m ashamed of our history and I’m ashamed of our failure,” he said. “I’m ashamed of our lack of witness to Christ. I’m ashamed of my lack of urgent voice to the church. It’s shaming, as well as shocking.”

He had advantages as a white, straight, educated man, he said, adding: “I’m not ashamed of those advantages; I’m ashamed of not knowing I had them. And I think that’s where we probably need to start.”

The General Synod voted unanimously to lament and apologise for the “conscious and unconscious” racism it showed to members of the Windrush generation and others, many of whom were turned away by Anglican churches or faced discrimination from parishioners and clergy.”

A Christian not living up to Christian values, shocking.

Like spending millions on church roofs whilst the poor remain hungry, like being a very rich organisation preaching abstinence to the poor? My question to the archbishop is, “Why have you chosen to highlight this fault in your church when there are so many others that are equally, and in many cases, much more problematic issues of morality staring you in the face? Could it be you want easy virtue-signalling points and you want the black folk in your church, and not not attending the church’s they’ve established successfully for themselves?”

Tell you something top bish, them black folk you want in your church most likely don’t believe you believe in Christ, any more than you care about the poor.

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  1. The time is right for me as a White English man to apologise profusely for all the horrid and nasty things White men from England did in the past. I can no longer bear the shame that England’s history has heaped on my penitent shoulders so confess my feelings of aching grief for all the horrors my kind (White English man) have perpetrated throughout the known universe. Further more I totally respect the comments made by the likes of the righteous Lammy and his guide and mentor the sainted Abbott. I sincerely hope that my acknowledgement of my convenience in the destruction and ruination of many Ethnic societies and the beastly way I have allowed my government to treat persons of colour including killers, robbers, rapists, benefit cheats, nonce gangs and so on will be looked upon favourably.

    • I would really like to arrange a rally only for the said people above and i would love to walk on stage and give a quick speech.
      ” I thank you all for coming here today ”
      ” I have taken note of all your concerns and issues that has been
      raised in regards as your treatment in this country”.
      ” I feel sad that you all feel you have been let down by this nation”
      ” Which brings me to say to you all , GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU
      After that i would have water cannons filled with shit to blast them with. .

      • The word should have been connivance not convenience. Is it considered waycist to slag off the auto text?

        Fuck me try Dragon speak when you are pissed, go ahead my son

  2. My deepest thanks to all clergy for teaching me how to wank at the age of 7. I got to wank myself eventually !

  3. Say what you like about Justin
    But hes got some simply lovely hats.
    Just because he wears a frock, got soft hands, faints at swear words, an has a eye for a cute choirboy doesnt make him a bandit!!
    Hes probably just a run of the mill common pee do.(in my opinion)

  4. I am fed up of apologists of high standing demeaning our nation.

    Anyone virtue-signalling about how crap we are, from within our own group, are traitors pure and simple.

    Why should we apologise for being good at winning, having the temerity to create a just and progressive society (when “progressive” was a good thing rather than the “chicks with dicks” and “diversity is our greatest strength” bastardisation of it we’re force-fed now), and have given back so much to the world in terms of technology, medicine and judicial practices??

    All of these things were hard-fought for (both against internal and external tyranny), we should not be ashamed for anything in our past!

    Show me one British person living today with ties to the slave trade that WE abolished nearly 200yrs ago. Even a person who is 100yrs old is at least FIVE generations removed from 1833 (when BRITAIN abolished slavery and used OUR naval fleets to combat it)!

    A note to all BAMErs out there: as far a reparations go, you are not even going to get the rancid jewels from my stony shite! You cunts!

    If these are the rules for your idle asses to get free fucking hand-outs (over and above the free handouts you already get from this great, decent and tolerant nation) then fine, but, you’ll have to wait for the reparations due to us from Rome (Italy), who have to wait for the Carthaginians (Tunisa) to stump up, and the rest of the known world (in antiquity) waiting for the Greeks and the Egyptians to dip into their pockets.

    Think of it as a “reparation chain” if you will, much like a “home-buying chain”: you’ll get yours just as soon as we get ours!

    Until that time please feel free to fuck off!

    And if you still don’t like it, and we’re such a fucking awful country and bad place to be, then literally feel free to FUCK OFF!!!

    And to the rest of the world, including the ungrateful cunts living here, I say: YOU’RE WELCOME!


  5. It will surprise you all to know that I am an ordained minister in Humanities,
    It cost me £30 from California and gave me the right too orchestrate certain ceremony’s with state backing.
    Why? well I used to live next-door to an utter cunt who worked for HSB and was a fucking total cunt, before the crash he knew what was going on and applied for a C of E job.
    The walls were paper thin between us and we got to hear all the comings and going’s, fucking big rows ect, it was Bizarre that this chap was going to “Be a Shepard of the flock”
    I recall on one occasion knocking on his door (sound proof… after a terrible row with his psycho wife) Looked at him and said “If I hear that again I will speak to your bishop” they shut up.
    (admittedly I did the same at a later address, but was told too fuck off right and proper, but got my revenge by putting a massive dildo box in their hedge, that stayed there for some time)

  6. Under age boys arseholes are never far from this wankers mind, just look at the cunt, might as well wear a sandwich board saying I love cock and ringpiece.!

  7. I went to a strict C of E school and, although it wasn’t any nearly as bad as the corrupting, closet-flouncer “teachers” at the Catholic school, it wasn’t great. Fuck All Things Bright And Beautiful about my old school. I only thank the Lord it wasn’t a Catholic one, the mentalists.

  8. He says he had advantages as a white, straight, educated man, adding that he was not ashamed of those advantages but ashamed of not knowing he had them. It seems rather unusual that an oil executive would not realise he had advantages. In fact I would say it beggars belief.

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