Greedy Parents

This Cunt claims that he didn’t know that a company car put him over the 50k threshold for certain benefits. Well, he fucking well should know. However,what really gets me is that someone who earns 50k+ still has the gall to claim child benefit. I thought that benefits were for the “needy”, not for some cunt on a grand a week.

Fair enough, he works for his money and I bet that his enabled him to live a decent lifestyle: nice holidays, clothes, etc, and good luck to him, he’s earned them. But why does he think that his money should be topped up by other taxpayers? He whines that the taxman is hammering “the working man”, as is he with his greedy and fraudulent claim. Other “working men” will be earning less than him and yet he still thinks that they should boost his not inconsiderable wage and contribute to raising HIS children, the fucking nerve of the cunt.

People choose to have children. They should fucking well pay for themselves. I won’t even start on the child-popping Chavs and multi-hued “Enrichers” who see every squalling brat as another few quid in the bank. My dander is already on the point of popping.

Back to the greedy cunt in the story. I hope that the tax-office wring every fucking penny out of him. If he can’t pay, they should send the bailiffs in. I bet the kids all have mobile phones, computers etc. That should raise a couple of quid, plus have the added bonus of teaching them and their cheating parents a lesson.

Fuck them.

Nominated by Dick de Pfeffel Foxchaser-Fiddler

61 thoughts on “Greedy Parents

    • Excellent cunting, your Lordship. What a cunt – expect taxpayers to pay for a holiday for her? I haven’t had a holiday in at least 15 years but I don’t fucking sponge off the state to fund one for me. Judging by the look of the pig ugly cow, that money should have been used to sterilise the grotesque cunt at birth before she had to time to spawn any hideous offspring. Anyway, it’s about time the automatic payment of Child Benefit was just scrapped and dealt with on a case by case basis.

    • I’ve never seen a popped dander Dick.
      Are you going to live stream it as the whole grisly episode unfolds ?

  1. Yes Dick you are bang on with this.
    I’d bet most on here work,pay our way and ask for fuck all from the state.
    Cunts like this leech have zero moral compass and I sincerely hope the appropriate department takes him to the cleaners.
    He and his will have every gadget under the sun and want for bugger all while many struggle but make do as they don’t want to degrade themselves by asking for help .
    This nuclear powered cunt should be punished to the full extent.

    Utter cunt.

  2. Love the way the mum said she could have spent the money on a holiday. Hahahaha ……not bills or helping a family member but self indulgence.

    Greedy cunts.

  3. Not being aware is no excuse but I would also say that cunts who bang out kids without being able to afford them are bigger cunts!

    Cunts who have never worked, never will work and have kids need to be sterilised, why should the state pay, OK if they are working and on low income fair enough at least they making an effort.

    Back to Mr 50K, he has had this company car for several years so I would guess by now he is well over 50K even without the car.


    • Too right.
      Sterilise the cunts, and deduct the cost from their benefits.
      Not at 50p per week, either; half your benefits until it’s paid, cunts.

  4. I have never been a parent ( not reproduced) but seem to have spent my life financing and looking after other peoples children (even those older than me).
    so I will shut up.

  5. Me and the missus don’t have any sprog. My income is less than half that greedy cunt’s. Yet I have to subsidise his lifestyle? Fuck off.

    • If we’re True Brits and all putting in, shouldn’t we be able to take something out? At least he’s working and paying some tax, not an immo who brought his teenage cousin wife to the UK and had 6 kids in 10 years all born in UK, (£30,000+ in maternity care from NHS, of which not a penny has been paid in by them or their parents!) from which she receives £400 a month Child benefit + £3000 universal credit at her NW Ldn address. Don’t forget as they’re married islamically only and not registered in UK, the husband can get on a council list as a single guy and acquire a second council house that he’s paying subsidised rent £300 monthly so the wife can collect her single parent money, oh he will move a second wife into the council flat cleverly one that’s not claiming to pay his bills, but not tell the 1st Immo wife and don’t forget they all need more kids before the youngest is 5 or she will lose her exemption from the benefit cap and won’t be able to earn additional 16hrs wages without paying one penny in tax! wasn’t that supposed to have stopped in 2017?! They’re still leeching and taking all they can get! I say the indigenous Brits should take what we are eligible for with no guilt, at least we are paying something in to the pot! The immos who most are Muslim need to remember that tax is haram and they’re stealing what has never belonged to them! I regret having a career, it’s depressing that should I have been a single mum since leaving high school, I would now have beautiful kids and a fat giro check monthly for sitting on my stretched cunt daily. These women are the ones flossing with their designers, going abroad for weddings, parties and sending their untaxed cash back to Africa where they don’t want to live because UK benefits, education and healthcare are soooo worth the cold weather, but still buy holiday homes and b2l investments from our blood sweat and tears, in their own countries!!

  6. What is even more fuckin’ ridiculous is, if each parent earns, say £40,000 each, they are then entitled to the full child benefit – i.e. they don’t base it on the total income!!
    It is for this reason that Mrs B and myself always make sure our income works out to 49k each per year. I’ve always been a firm believer in tax planning.

    • That is one that pisses me off royally too, Bertie. Unfortunately whilst I get arsefucked on tax as a PAYE puppet of the state, my wife earns about half of the £50K threshold as a GP, but her allowance cannot be transferred over.

      I suppose I should thank small mercies that ZanuLabour are not in power as anyone who earns a decent wedge would be arsefucked to death under their Marxist, punitive tax-taking regime.


      • Afternoon Paul. I was of course joking about my situation as I’m a retired old git but it does discriminate against a professional couple where only one earns over the threshold.
        They use the excuse that it would cost too much to administer if they did it on a joint basis. What a load of tosh!

  7. Child benefits had their use when the population took a hit after the war and the government of the day wanted to incentive people to start breeding to make up the shortfall.

    Fast forward to 2020. We have a housing crisis and the second most densely populated G8 country behind Japan. Why the fuck are we paying people to breed? All child benefits for children not yet born should be withdrawn immediately. Although you will hear the lefties cry that it is ‘unfair’ and that poorer people have ‘a right to breed’.

    Fuck off.

    • They do have a right to breed. I have a right to own a car but I don’t expect the taxpayer to fund it.

    • How about we take child benefit from every parent that has had kids prev 2017 and make them all eligible for two children only. Then we can at least even out with the British women in their 30s now planning for a family after spending 15+ years paying uni fees and tax to build a career? Or should the hard workers, who’ve struggled to build their own before having kids, now lose out to immo women the same age with 5+ kids living off benefits?

  8. I fucking hate ‘child benefit’ & the cunts that claim it.

    1. IF there was to be CB, it should be for the 1st child only. You want 3, 6, 10 kids ? then you clothe & feed them. If the church thinks this is un-christian, then let them put their hands in their fat rich pockets & give them money.

    2. Every child takes up resources – NHS doctors time, hospital use, free medicine & school places, so logic dictates parents should pay MORE TAX to make up for what they are taking out of the nation.

    3. Every child has a carbon footprint that is massive (food, heating, electric, generated waste, petrol burnt on trips to & from school) – so every person WITHOUT a child should be allowed to drive a gas guzzling 4×4 or sportscar FREE from road tax. – stick that one in your pipe Greta.

    4. ‘Parent & Child’ parking spaces – a waste of time gimick. Get rid & create plenty of parking spaces for the elderly, infirm & GENUINELY disabled. Also, the fat sprogs will get much needed fresh air & exercise walking further.

    I rest my case.

  9. I don’t have a problem with it, working people getting something back, fair play. Benefit claimants can claim up to 26k a year so the working fellas wage is worth another 24k pa before tax. He’ll be taxed on anything over 12.5k. Meanwhile Chelsea will be firing out babies to ensure she maximises her income and entitlements whilst everyone points the finger at this poor cunt.

    Child benefit is dished out just for having a kid or 10, it’s an insane idea that needs an end putting to it.

    • I agree Sixdog. It’s the Universal aspect of some benefits that often annoy people.
      Mind you, Mrs B, who is normally mild mannered, would stab anyone who tried to take her bus pass off her.

    • I’ve always felt this way about child benefit. How many people would think twice about breeding if they knew they would have to fund it themselves? People should be taught from an early age that they’re not doing the country a favour, and the world really will continue to turn round even if they don’t have kids.

    • New government advisor, Andrew Sabisky has come under fire for saying what IsAC has been saying for some time. Libtards have been urging for him to be sacked.
      In a blog post from 2014 . . . . . . . . .

      He suggested that compulsory contraception could be used to stop a “permanent underclass”.
      “One way to get around the problems of unplanned pregnancies creating a permanent underclass would be to legally enforce universal uptake of long-term contraception at the onset of puberty,” he wrote.
      “Vaccination laws give it a precedent, I would argue.”

      • When Dominic Cümmings called for “misfits and weirdos” to apply for jobs in Downing St., I applied, only to receive a polite reply that even they had to draw the line somewhere.
        I did write back, however, suggesting people from IsAC but to date, I’ve not heard anything back.

  10. Ban it.
    Then reduce income tax appropriately.
    Also ban housing benefit.
    Right away.
    Now fuck off.

  11. We have to pop kids out, if we don’t there will be too many moose limbs in the future. We need to address the balance or we’re screwed.

    • We don’t need to breed more street rats though. Quality will overcome quantity unless we keep financing the underclass and keep importing the third world.

    • The flaw in the argument is twofold. One, we will never outbreed the peacefuls, they have a thousand years head start, and they will bang close relatives to make it happen, and two, we would hardly be rearing an army of supermen. Judging by how pathetic the millennials who would be expected to pump these kids, their offspring would be too feeble to march to battle, let alone participate in one. ‘Where’s the safe space, I’ve been triggered…..’

  12. Some people are just tight fuckers,these cunts will stop at nothing to screw a few quid out of any fuckers, these are the cunts that are always having time off for any funeral no matter how tenuous the link, you know the kind my next door niehbours window cleaners second cousin twice removed had died so i,ll need the day off, the the cunt who takes his mrs and one of his kids on an all inclusive holiday and then smuggles the other kid in through the back….what a piece of dog shit, theres nothing worse than a penny pinching cunt and this cunt should be made to pay back all the money he fraudulently screwed out of the system ten fold
    Theres a special place in hell for cunts like this and i bet this cunt wouldnt give his own mother the steam off his piss…….weapons grade miserly cunt…..

    • Yeh, you watch the number of these cunts who’ll “self isolate” when they get a snotty nose.
      This self isolation crap is a shirker’s Charter.

  13. Benefits for the genuinely needy im all for, but ex servicemen kipping on the streets and abdhul an his 8 kids prosper?
    Something wrong somewhere.
    If id of know Dick was obliged to pay for my kids i wouldnt of wasted all these years working!
    Come on Dick, stop moaning just pay up!😁👍

  14. ************* Weather Warning ***************

    In Staffordshire, serious flooding caused a youth climate strike conference to be called off. Oh the irony!

  15. Off-piste but I am working for a client at the moment who has inherited a load of ex MOD housing stock. One of the roads is named Owen Jones Close.

    I shit you not!

  16. I understand the sentiment Dick but I am torn on this one.

    Matey boy may well be earning in the £50k bracket but he will also be paying the £50k bracket of income tax too.

    While he probably doesn’t need it, I think of this in terms of the “UK’s EU rebate” – we pay a fuck load more in than we get back, but if we didn’t take that rebate back then it would just be pissed away on lost causes like Greece.

    So if matey-boy doesn’t take his bit out in terms of child allowance, then that money will just be pissed away on the undeserving Kyle sc-um and vermin that invades our shores with zero paperwork – just the Kangol jacket, Nike Air Jordan trainers, and an iPhone X to their name (and a penchant for under-aged white “meat”).

    Better off in his taxpaying arse pocket than some undeserving cunt’s any day!

  17. Bertie Blunt@
    Warringtons celebs on sky news!
    Kerry katona
    Shes scriking her eyes out over the suicide of Caroline Flack,
    Apparently its all about Kerry.
    Shes shameless mate.
    Pop round an have a word with her.

    • The guy looked well and truly beaten up. People need to be reminded that female on male physical abuse takes place. It’s just conveniently kept quiet.

    • Hopefully Kerrie Katona will be the next to depart this earth. just when you think she’s gone out of the lime light she comes back . Flacker’s well i’m sick of hearing about her to be honest . Philip Schofield used her death to have a cry on dancing on ice last night WANKER., who gives a fuck she’s dead. She chose to take her own life and now they are blaming the media for hounding her over the court case . end of the day when your a celebrity the is certain things you have to put up with . I bet she wasn’t moaning when all them Cheque’s were rolling in for being on TV . iv’e no sympathy what so ever .

      • It seems two contestants on Lurv Island offed themselves, now this Slack nonentity…surely this pointless waste of electrons should be terminated ? Although it does seem to be a good way of getting rid of shitestains, perhaps the production company could go round schools &c., press-ganging the feeble-minded into appearing and ending their pointless existences under the public gaze.
        I wonder if Kerrie Katatonic will be next to go through life’s emergency exit…

    • Kuntona is a scouse woodlouse. This fucking cretin needs to cease all communication with the world at large.

      Every word she mutters, every witless word she hammers out on her keyboard with her clawed hands, only goes to add fuel to the cerebral fires of the Cro Magnon cunts who hang on her every word.

      Soppy cunt.

  18. Slightly off topic, some government advisor has mentioned eugenics and some races are not that bright.
    Case of light blue touch paper and retire!

    Nope the view of a 26 year old, not valid, I have opinions too but you ignore them, touch paper pissed on.

  19. Andrew Sabisky hes called, MSM have gone bananas over some historic tweets or something?
    Said along the lines of enforced contraception to stop a permanent underclass,
    And that black Americans are lower iq than white americans.
    Hed fit right in on here!
    Bit far fetched though, theres things under rocks wi higher IQs than Americans.

  20. Pay all resident females £100 per month from 16, for them to save for having kids.
    When each kid comes along, halve what is paid. So if they have 1 kid they get £50, 2 kids they get £25. 3 = £12.50, 4 = £6.25
    If they don’t ever have kids, they could keep it, or alternatively get a reduced state pension when they get old
    This should encourage many not to breed at all – which is money well spent on preserving precious resources and services.
    It might put a halt to population explosions in increasing the diversity of our nation.
    For those resident blokes out there left holding the baby then means tested help could be provided

  21. The only saving grace with the penny pinching cunt is his kid/kids will also grow to be tight cunts and hopefully pick his bones clean and leave the prick a cardboard box to see out his twilight years in, then karma/justice will be done….

  22. If people saved properly then nearly everyone would have savings and be oven the means tested threshold and not available for any benefits at all. Taxes could then be drastically reduced – win, win, win.

    I have diligently saved my wages and shortly after graduating Uni would no longer be eligible for any benefits, under means testing. Same for my parents when I went to Uni, not eligible for anything, too wealth off.

    As well as closing all borders and beginning a massive deportation program, of course.

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