Grace Blakely

A biblical cunting for new turd on the block,’The New Statesman”s Grace Blakeley.

If any of you have been watching an annoying, white, woke princess on TV recently, it’s a good bet it’s uber cunt and leftie gobshite Blakeley. Although only 26, Blakeley is an expert on absolutely everything, trained in the same debating technique employed by ISAC’s favourite cry baby Owen Jones. When Blakeley talks, you LISTEN!! And when it’s your chance to respond, Blackley talks right over the top of you!!

I just happened to see her performance on GMB hosted by Ben “fuck face” Shephard and Kate (frayed around the edges but you still would) Garraway. The victim was LBC host Iain Dale who I think is a brilliant presenter and talks a lot of sense. Poor Dale was seated between some sand coloured man of the left with an unpronounceable surname and PRINCESS WOKE. It began with a sermon from Blakeley, with the sand man occasionally piping up, with Dale sitting listening to their utter bollocks until he made the fatal error of thinking they actually wanted to debate. Before he could finish a sentence, Blakeley was talking loudly over the top of him. Dale waited and tried again. This time the pig-ignorant cunt Blakeley started pulling faces, eye-rolling and waving her arms about (Owen Jones style) Sand man sprang into action as the two cunts tag teamed Dale!! All the while “fuck face“ Shephard and Garraway just sat back and did absolutely nothing. Realising this was a fucking stitch up, Dale removed his mic and calmly walked off.

GMB should be ashamed of themselves!! Utter cunts!!!

Nominated by Quislings

It’s high time someone cunted Grace Blackley.

How and why the media put this left-wing piece of shit on the television is anyone’s guess, but instead of engaging in reasonable debate, she screams on like some harpy banshee whilst spouting her left-wing bollocks.

This cunt is like listening to fucking Vicky Pollard from ‘Little Britain’ and any debate is as pointless as watching sad has-been Terry Christian.

I just wish this horrible cunt would go away somewhere and die……

Nominated by Jack Jones

81 thoughts on “Grace Blakely

  1. How dare Dale think in his wildest dreams he was there to get a word in.
    Blakely is a lefty so just knows that people like him are far right nazis and the word of the all knowing wise left WILL be heard loudly from people like her and that other communism pusher little Owen.
    Always loud and annoying these commies arn’t they?

    • That stupid fucking leftie deserves a cricket bat applied swiftly to her hooter, What a fucking USELESS CUNT

  2. Grace lobbied strongly for Labour to agree to the election, Grace knows what she’s doing.

    The Moët Marxist is a clueless cunt.

    • Indeed , it’s because of jackasses like Blakely that Boris won a landslide. Leave her alone, she is doing fine.

  3. Blakeley was privately educated at Lord Wandsworth College,[2] and later attended the comprehensive school, Sixth Form College, Farnborough (both in Hampshire).[3] “Blakely studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at St Peter’s College, Oxford, graduating with a first.[3][4] Blakeley then obtained a master’s degree in African Studies at St Antony’s College, Oxford.[5] After graduating, she worked as a management consultant for KPMG in their Public Sector and Healthcare Practice division.[4] Blakeley then worked as a research fellow for a year at the left-wing think tank, Institute for Public Policy Research in Manchester, specialising in regional economic policy.[4]”

    So at the grand old age of 26 and with years of real-life experience behind her Grace deigns to rationally debate matters…or perhaps not….better to just scream over the top of anyone who disagrees,roll your eyes and just generally act like a spoiled brat.

    How utterly predictable.

      • Must admit that when I looked her up I saw some photos of her with her mouth wide-open…in mid rant presumably….and it did occur to me that I’d happily enough shove something in there to stop her yammering.
        Of course I have the same reaction whenever I see a photo of any woman even yawning…I still remember the struggle-wank to a picture of Anne Widdicombe jaws akimbo and shudder…but I’m a warrior and toughed my way through to an admittedly rather watery, thin and,it has to be said, hollow victory.


      • Christ Almighty, Dick. Wanking to Anne Widdicome? And getting there? You are spending too much time at the Towers alone with the hounds.

        I’ll pop round later and we can go to the pub you’re not banned from for a pint or twelve. I assume your extensive landholdings are still above the water?

      • My vast Estates are awash alas,Mike…..I’m sure I’ll be getting a boatload of Enrichers bobbing past The East Turret before much longer…” This way to Benefit-Office?” indeed.

      • I fear that St Dick is under great pressure at moment, floods, worrying about his hounds, where to buy ammunition for the Bofors etc. On the other hand , he may be a colossal pervert; if so, welcome to the club.

      • Economic Marxist. Which means she knows, or has learned nothing from the last 100 years.

      • Suddenly, she’s interesting. Although, if she’s learned nothing from the last 100 years, it doesn’t look to me as if capitalism has, either.

      • Well it took me only 56 years to figure out that ALL political, social and religious ideology is actually bollocks.
        Fat greedy and corrupt bastards will gravitate to the top of whichever system we have to endure…

    • African studies? Hope the course covered the well established science regarding racial IQs. Or was it mainly discussing Ugandan issues?

  4. The minimum of research reveals this person to have attended Lord Wandsworth’s College – fees upwards of 30,000 quid a year – and that she studied PPE at university. Establishment through and through. Watched a brief clip on Twatter and she simply refuses to let anyone else speak.

    It’s BASTARD hot here at the moment.

    • That’s climate change for you CMC . We have rich young people sitting in roads, digging up lawns and glueing themselves to trains to save you so you should be grateful.
      Of course it would help if you went and lived in a tree and ate lentils, tofu and hummus you fascist bastard.

      • Did you see those activist’s digging up the lawn in Oxford the other day? , what a fucking disgrace they should have beaten them with the spades they were using .

  5. Fucking tarts like this always have long unkempt hair (she probably needs the services of a good nit nurse) and those bloody big glasses, which is supposed to make them look brainy, but merely makes them look backward. Wrong-Daileyis another big specs wearer.

  6. Does she know Dale is a bender? That makes him one of society’s most persecuted victims in the libtard playbook.
    Oh Grace, what have you done?

    • Dale’s of the right so is the wrong kind of bender. Just like Thatcher and May were the wrong kind of women to the all knowing caring left.

    • He could have made the other two look silly with their constant interruptions but he marched off too quickly. A lost opportunity.

      • Iain Dale is good seasoned debater, so I was very disappointed to see him give in so quickly and not give those two little-knowns a run for their money. I think he suffers from being too nice at times but to be totally fair it was two against one with him in the middle getting it in both ear holes.

        It was the job of Ben Shepheard or his co-host to shout “Whoaa, you’ve had your say, let Iain speak” in a firm manner. ITV have failed to ensure a balanced conversation could be conducted. I agree that Piers Morgan would have done a better job than Shepheard who frankly is only fit for children’s telly. I would like to see little miss ‘up-speak’ against another LBC legend Nick Ferrari in a similar scenario. ITV and the BBC have become the Woke Broadcasting Corparation between them. Cunts.

    • This technique of “debating “ is favoured by such luminaries as

      Terry Christian
      Alibi brown
      Owen Jones
      Angela rayner
      Jess Phillips

      Fuck I’ve just named BBC question times
      Dream team………

    • I had to deal with someone called Grace during my recent “selection procedure”…
      I bet she’s a fat munter with big specs.
      She was totally graceless, rather like the historical sort of kraut you really wouldn’t want to meet when getting off a goods train in Poland. Evil bitch. And that was only over the phone.
      I pray she’s not going to be my next boss…

  7. A common trait exhibited by lefty cunts is a total lack of manners. Manners maketh man/women so logically they are ignorant sub human cunts not really fit to hold any position of authority or influence. They also have zero quotient of class. This is a poor advert for our higher education system as the worst of the pack all have good qualifications from top uni’s. There again methinks the PPE degree course material should be changed as so many people who achieve the qualification are total fucking twats.

    • She and the other twat on there had a total lack of any self awareness. They were so use to talking over other people that I suspect they had no idea of what they were doing. My real anger though is reserved for the two presenters who should have pulled them up immediately and reminded them that Ian Dale had not interrupted them and they should extend the same courtesy. However what do you expect of Kate Garraway ( married to Dolly Draper who made up the emails about Cameron having to go to the pox doctor) and Ben Shepherd.

  8. I read about this incident in a column in The Telegraph, so this lefty stuff doesn’t go unnoticed. Lefties are an irrelevance so why do they so much MSM time?

  9. I watched this so-called’debate’ online. It was disgusting the way those two cunts – this twat and some cunt who I had never in my life heard of – in fact, I had to Google to find out who the upstart ethnic was – Nihal Arthanayake , a ‘BBC Asian Network DJ’, tag teamed Iain Dale with their lefty ranting. It was nothing short of televised bullying and those utter, utter morons, Ben Shithead and Kate Grannyway just let them get away with it.

    Where was that cunt Piers Morgan when you need him?

    There was no ‘debate’ going on at all. Just the pair of them shouting at Mr Dale. Then when he walked off, they did what all lefties do, which is get sarcastic, childishly mock him (the ethnic needed a fucking punch) and feign perplexity. I seriously wanted to bitch slap the pair of those obnoxious cunts.

    Blakely probably got where she is now through that enormous mouth of hers -through using it to spout a lot of virtue-signalling, topical shit that satisfied the head honchos she needed to please….. and no doubt to suck a lot of cock along the way (Allegedly, of course. She probably doesn’t know how. Too posh and precious…plus it would ruin her hair and get her glasses dirty)

    I don’t blame Iain Dale for walking off. I would have done the same, but only after head butting that mouthy snatch.

    • I put my comment before reading yours and similar in what i thought but have to say you worded yours a’lot better than me 👍. You was right about the sarcasm from that Asian cunt , really needed a good fucking back hand in the chops he did , she just wanted kicking off her chair and a quick to fingers to Ben and Kate calling them a pair of pathetic cunts then i’d go off for a coffee and a bacon sandwich.

      • Yeah, that ethnic needed a swift and hard kick in the gonads, the smug prick.

        Kate Grannyway and Ben Shithead were about as much use as a dick in a nunnery. Useless tossers.

  10. I’ve just watched it and it made my blood boil , that fucking paki making cocky comments as the guy walked off , i would’ve fucking grabbing him by the fucking throat and dragged him off stage as i went. I’t wouldn’t have happen if Piers was on he would’ve given them to cunts a right grilling , Ben shepherd is a cunt with no bollocks and shouldn’t be involved in debates full stop. The fact that they have people like Grace on the show in the first place baffles me , i mean she knows fuck all shes still a kid.

      • They need to think themselves lucky to be honest as go back to the Victorian times all the lefties would be put in an asylum as they are all clearly mental. Once the doctors saw then ranting and raving and eyes bulging out they would be like “come on , come with me iv a nice padded cell for you lot” , ” bit of electric shock treatment for you , if that doesn’t work we will have to remove part of your brain “.

      • Well as much as i like that idea Moggie for me i’d personally would just like to see them all sat there like cabbages shitting and pissing there pant. Once i was bored of seeing them suffer etc i’d just end it for them .

      • moggie63 that’s funny good response 👍.
        Hopefully soon enough they will abolish them useless twats as well. wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have carers on stand by in the upper chamber.

      • Open a hole and scramble what’s in there with a blender. Hmmm nah would make no difference

  11. She should be called Flakeley, moves around like a bad smell, between the cunting being put in and now she has moved to the Tribune magazine.

    The interview on This Morning was ridiculous, trying to say funding (it’s always funding) was the cause of the nut job throwing a kid off the Tate balcony is bollocks, the recording the care worker made should have been taken to the police, a specific threat to kill by someone with a mental disorder and acts of violence should have meant him being sectioned.


    • Yeah but the care worker would have been brainwashed with all the libtard bollocks so going to the coppers would have been “betraying the client’s trust “ and resulted in a P45.
      So a fucking nutter is allowed to wander about among the public and do what the fuck they fancy.
      You just have to keep your eyes peeled and be on your toes and hope you don’t get unlucky.

      • Good news Freddie, I see Suckdick is fighting Londoners corner and lobbying for them to be allowed ‘associate citizens’ of Europe. This must be a desperate election sweetener.

      • Dozy cunt……..that would only appeal to the libtards and he’s already got their vote. He can stick his “associate membership” up his publicity hungry, goatshagger arse.

      • Suckdick should fuck off to Paris where he can be at home with his peaceful bretheren.

        The goat-worrying, shortarsed cunt.

  12. The reason they act like this is because *they* are losing at every turn, and *they* know their woke bullshit is carrying about as much water as a broken colander with the ordinary (i.e. common sense) folk of the UK.

    The push-back started in earnest last year, has gathered steam since the left’s thumping in the general election, and is now attracting comment from slebs and centrist media types who can smell the blood in the water.

    Call the fuckers out. Hammer them with home truths and NEVER, under absolutely any circumstances, EVER apologise to the cunts for shitting on their skewed perception of reality!

    Fuck off!


    • Don’t debate the cunts at all. Do what Boris is doing and just don’t bother. What is the point? It’s mostly always a trap.

      • What are you talking about? Boris still takes part and often leads debates in Parliament.

      • Not just a trap, generally a trap at a tangent. Tangental ad hominem, Dog-whistle political tangents, straw man fallacy tangents.

        The point being, that most of the Wokes followers aren’t in and of themselves Woke/Self-aware enough to carry an argument through. But if it sounds like its right, they just follow on (the opposite of being woke paradoxically).

        It’s interesting because I rather suspect that most of the nominators and admins on here would consider themselves to be `awake’ to the bullshit, of politicians, advertisers, the plethora of modern hoodwinkers and so-called influencers, and so on and so forth. So does that makes us Woke Mk1?

        I ask myself this quite a bit.

        It seems being awake to issues is not new. It’s just as issues get more first world they become less relevant or urgent or just lack any point other than being like social media, who’s only point is to keep grabbing your attention pointlessly? To keep the shouty wokists social media hits healthy, to ensure their revenues are healthy based on how much money is converted from their wokists presence online.

        It is perplexing.

  13. Blakely is like little Owen, a gobshite cunt in love with the sound of her own voice. The other cunt in that interview with Dale needed a fucking kick to the head. Hartley-Brewer would have eaten the pair of them for breakfast.

    PS. Julia, Please eat me for breakfast.

  14. That lisping, floppy-titted, low-quality, opposition hopeful, Litha Nandy has announced she would vote to abolish the Monarchy in any future referendum.

    Mith Nandy is showing her true red colours now. Prince Charles is, reassuringly, a daft old cunt, but rather him as King than President Nandy or some other Labour cunt at the head of a banana republic.

    Nandy is finished. She ought to realise her future lies in making short films for Xhamster, rubbing oil and whipped cream on her massive knockers and chapel hat peg nipples.

    Fuck off.

  15. Spoilt, little rich girl. Mouthy and always right as they’ve never been corrected. She will live her whole life in a comfort zone. Beautiful hair though.

    • “Momentum” – what you have as you move slowly towards disaster.
      A top idea – have an electronic cutoff so anyone interrupting has their microphone disabled – that will frustrate the bad mannered little c*nts.
      And I sorted my f*cking internet settings (finally!) – yeay 😃

  16. Libtards like Blakely seem to place an over reliance on body language to try and put a point over. Notice the outstretched arms in the photo, as if to appeal towards the audience. To me it tries to convey “look what I’m up against.”
    It’s very reminiscent of Jo Swinson when she spoke.
    Many of these fuckin women political commentators do the same on tv and I find myself shouting “keep your fuckin’ hands still” at the screen.
    It is largely women who do it with notable exceptions like Tony Blair who was a master at it. And don’t get me started again on that fuckin North West weatherman
    Owain Wyn Evans. What gives him the right to come mincing through my lounge every night? If he came to my door every night like that, I’d kick him in the balls and send him on his way.

    • Another one is Wee Jimmy Krankie, who can’t keep her head still when she’s pontificating. It seems as though she thinks it adds emphasis to her Very Important Statements. Nic Nic reminds me of one of those Churchill nodding dogs you sometimes see on the back shelf in people’s cars. It’s just one of many annoying things about the Ginger Whinger.

  17. Am I the only one that thinks she’s hot as fuck despite being a total lefty cunt?

    The brutality I’d I inflict on her stinking sphincter is immeasurable I fucking tells ye!

  18. There is nothing more right wing than a left wing person these days.! Also I reckon Shepard is knocking the Back off Kate Garraway, I would.!

  19. I’m sure B&W would know how to deal with this situation and shut the mouthy shitcunt up in short order.

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