The Royal British Legion (2)

Here’s one I never thought I would have to do. The Royal British Legion, or rather, those at the head of the RBL. It’s been announced today that the RBL is closing the four hotels it runs. The clown they just had on North West Tonight, who had obviously never served a day in his life, said it was to help veterans in other areas. A few weeks back though, the excuse was that the four hotels cost £6.5 million per year each to run and the RBL had a deficit of £40 million. However, it’s been revealed that the RBL has somewhere around £270 million sitting in the bank. This thing with the hotels goes back to November last year, and when I asked a guy manning a RBL stall in my local shopping mall, he got shirty and told me that it was only temporary. He then snottily asked if I’d ever served (I was wearing a hoodie that had “Royal Artillery Commando, with a red commando dagger beneath it). I was also wearing my HM Armed Forces badge. Of course I replied that I’d served for over twenty years. I later asked an RBL outreach worker I know, and she told me what was confirmed tonight, that the closures were permanent. So much for the lying cunt at the stall. And think on this, most of the staff at the hotels were volunteers. Some of them had been there years, and now they’re out of a job. And I would point out that I am in no way having a go at ordinary employees.

And the hotels aren’t the only thing the RBL are getting rid of. They’ve also gotten rid of their team of handymen, who were all veterans themselves. Those men did a brilliant job, for free, and now they’re unemployed. Of course, that hasn’t been widely mentioned. The fact is, those hotels provided a welcome break for veterans and their families, who might not necessarily be able to take breaks. More importantly, we were among people we could relate to more easily, other veterans. And in the summer, they opened to serving personnel and their families. Not anymore. Now the RBL has taken that away from us.

It seems to me that the RBL, which was once run by people who had served, has now gone the way of charities like Save the Children, the British Heart Foundation, Water Aid, etc and has been taken over by a bunch of arrogant, clueless pricks, who’ve never served a day in their lives, and whose sole aim is to make money. Well, not from me. Apart from buying a poppy come Remembrance day, they won’t get a single penny out of me. I’ve cancelled my direct debit. And I’m not the only one.

It’s a real shame, because the Legion has done a lot for me, and other veterans over the years. Unfortunately, the upper echelons have now been infested with the kind of middle class, elitist, know better than you types that infest other charities. Those people are cunts.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Shocking but not overly surprising!

    The big charities can all go fuck themselves for all I care. They’re more bothered about feathering their own nests or getting new investors on board to cream off the profits that should be meant for those in desperate need rather than just getting a small percentage.

    I hope there is an outcry on social media in order to shame the bastards! This is where the likes of Facebook and Twatter can do some good for a change. And it would be interesting to know exactly how much money the RBL have in their various bank accounts, and then explain what the hell its doing there in the first place rather than giving it to those in need!

    These great institutions seem to be run by greedy fuckwits where only the bottom line matters.


    • The canals in this country have been infected with the same mindset cunts. A mega salary for scum at the top but fuck anyone lower. And of course they have to pay such a vast amount because they only want the best. Odious bastard’s.

  2. ‘…whose sole aim is to make money…’. To which, sadly, could probably be added ‘and keep themselves in a cushty job’.
    I’m always suspicious of any charity that has its hq in a big office in central London. It always smacks of an organisation top heavy with high paid execs on large expenses packages, company car etc. It sounds more like a business than a charity, and esp. so if RBL does indeed have £270m. stacked away. Why the fuck don’t they do something with that?
    However I’m all in favour of anybody that helps our service personnel, so I find myself in a bit of a quandry where RBL is concerned.

    • Ron. There are other service charities, SSAFA, Help the Heroes etc,etc. These can be checked out before you part with any of your hard earned cash. I have not supported the RBL for years. (apart from getting a Poppy) They are A1 Cunts

  3. I don’t know much about this but Mr McGraw. Thank you for your 20 years of service. And Il definitely join you in the cunting.

  4. Like trade unions charities pay there directors and CEO’s exceptionally well. Do I trust the cunts? Not one of the cunts!

  5. Good work to QDM for exposing this utter fucking lunacy. The RBL sounds like it is run by cuntish ‘Execs’, normally called Gareth. Gareth is a keen cyclist at weekends and has a professional lycra pack and lightweight bike. Gareth owns an ex-showhouse on an exclusive gated development and has a younger trophy wife and three children in private school. Gareth’s wife doesn’t work and is regularly and roughly fucked by her secret toyboy lover.

    Fuck RBL; I will buy my poppy and that is it. I do struggle with the fact that this country continually and consistently fails its service personnel.


    • I very much enjoyed f*cking Gareth’s Wife PM! And thanks for describing me as a toyboy – I knew my evening moisturising routine would bring benefits! 🤣
      Help for servicemen I am all for, greed and exploitation I am not – and if the RBL have all this money why are they not opening drop in centres, halfway houses and buying property to rent to ex service personnel?
      Get some cash out RBL!

      • Splendid stuff, VF.

        I forgot to write that Gareth also moisturises – both ends apparently!

        I know from my own work that the MOD has thousands of voids in MQ properties throughout the UK. I can’t see why the RBL can’t get together with Graham Dalton, the Chief Exec of MOD’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation and work out something cost effective. Bu then again this may well be low on their priority list…

    • Beware of Gavins and Joshes as well.

      With any luck the armed forces will revolt, and take over what’s left of Britain.

      As I kid, I remember going to the Aldershot army display (early 70s) with Dad and Unc, and was mighty impressed by the army hamburgers – streets ahead of Wimpy. It always made me think that if the Catering Corps could produce edible food in hellish conditions, why where school lunches so toxic ? I’ll gloss over the day we had an RN PT instructor in for or PE lesson… he put the pot-bellied, pasty-faced head of PE to shame, and left us weedy kids dead on our feet (or what was left of them).

  6. For the big ones “business” is probably not the right word……”Corporation” would be more appropriate. The ones that advertise on TV with short armed, long pocketed slebs pretending that they give a fuck. They have become self perpetuating, maintaining their own existence becoming their priority rather than achieving the aim they were set up for.
    And, of course, they have a corporate structure with levels of management all sucking on the teat of the public’s generosity. Like that oily creep Miliband over in the States raking in a fucking fortune. Bunch of cunts.

  7. It’s in the interests of RBL’s upper echelons /bureaucracy that veterans continue to suffer. In much the same way that it’s in Oxfam’s interests that Africa continues to breed starving, dependent millions.

    • The poorest areas generally have the cheapest sex workers, which some OXFAM employees are very happy about!

      “Eli has to walk ten miles to get water” – move closer!
      “The water is filthy and full of diseases” – boil and strain the f*cker!
      “Moses is going blind and needs a cataract operation” – get the dictatorship in charge to buy one less Rolls Royce and pay for your own people!

      • “M’Tebe has to walk ten miles to get water…”

        Get it online from Sainsbury’s – free delivery for orders over £100.

      • It has been said before… “move nearer to the watering hole,” you don’t have to be Einstein to work it out.

      • What makes me laugh about all these African charities is the fact the kids all have flies on there face while there mother just watches it happen. They moan there starving etc, just pick a fly off your face and eat it .

      • The mother is also sitting there almost certainly pregnant staring at the half a dozen kids she cant already feed. They need an emergency drop of rubbers not a fucking well.

  8. Sadly seems everything today is run so some greedy cunts at the top can stuff their pockets.
    I’m done with this and apart from my poppy once a year that’s it.
    Hearing this sort of thing really gets on my tits.

    Avaricious cunts.

  9. It’s about time we stopped housing Mr Somalian and his eight kids in a £300000 house and treat the important people i.e ex and still serving serving personnel. Absolute fucking disgrace that we have homeless veterans. Still serving soldiers some of them living in accommodation that’s not fit for purpose. It’s a national fucking disgrace. Boatloads of fighting age scroungers housed and looked after whilst our lads are ignored. Boils my piss to the max. The full weight wanker Tony Bliar was quick enough to send our lads to war but was more busy importing 10 million into the country and putting them in houses our lads could only dream about living in. Thanks for your service Quick Draw and to all present and past, your the heroes that kids should look up to not these fanny footballers on £100k a week.

  10. Another fine charity getting turned into a cash machine.
    Not for the benefit of those it should support.
    Executive cunts.

    • The thing is the royal British legion has been around since 1921 and was there for many veteran’s over many years .
      Help for hero’s came about in 2007 and seem’s to have a’lot more publicity now than the legion , there finances are £45 million with £21.3 million in savings in the bank , this was in 2015 though.
      I’ts obvious that the legion has accumulated this money over many years and served it well.
      Now i could be very wrong on this but my understanding is the Legion doesn’t get really much publicity anymore and it seems that help the hero’s has kind of taken over (again could be wrong) the mantle as the veterans main charity in this day and age.
      I think certain people have noticed this and have seen how much money the legion have in the bank and i wouldn’t be at all surprised if they don’t try to phase it out altogether and the money just disappears . Maybe i’m wrong but unfortunately in this day and age nothing is beyond suspicion.

      • Just to add to that i think the closure of the hotels is the first start in a change of events that could possibly end with demise ( sadly ) of the legion along with the disappearance of that £270 million. Like someone pointed out above it will no doubt be run by people who have never served and probably don’t even care about veterans and just see it off using it as a cash machine, WANKERS.

  11. All ex- service personnel should get a guaranteed pension of at least 2k a month and private dental and medical for life.

    Except people who smack their co in the face and do a runner, like Duncan Bannatyne.

    • Ummm… I think calling Admin “oi” won’t do you any favours in terms of getting your posts back.

      • Thank’s for the heads up , was a little annoyed to be honest as i didn’t see anything that i put that warranted it to be taken off , oh well it is what it is .

        shit spelling, poor punctuation?

      • Evening Telly.

        FYI, “accümulated” is a moderation trigger word, which is why one of your earlier posts disappeared earlier.

        And Americanisms such as “it is what it is” are strictly verboten on this site! 😂

      • Probably yeah , my grammer hasn’t always been the best i’m afraid i’m more off a hands on type of guy .So thanks for pointing out my shit spelling and poor punctuation to everyone , CUNT 😄

  12. Charity, just another career now. Funny how so many of these”charidees” seem to be rather uncharitable. Fuck the lot of them.

  13. I have mixed feelings about the legion, I was a NGVFA member (National Gulf Veterans And Family’s association) which was absorbed by the legion.
    I found at that time that the legion was stuck in the “Great wars” Concentrating on world war I and II but not really giving a fuck about anyone else, It was not until “Help for Hero’s” turned up on the scene appealing for the modern soldier that they experienced some competition in the field.
    I did have a lot of empathy for them and yes they do a good job for existing and retired servicemen, But (and it is a fucking big but) the funnelled a lot of donations into refurbishment of MOD properties that were then sold on, (and not at any profit) so the money collected was pissed up the wall so to speak, But as I have said it was a game changer for the Legion and they got all cooperate.
    As for how it is now, well most of the grass root branches are closed, my legion card will get me in the CIU and I don’t need them, as for the future of ALL of them I think that the charity commission needs to get involved, there are some bogus military charities’ that defraud the public and give little to those who they claim to support.
    So I believe that the British legion has reacted to the loss of market share to Help for hero’s with a new “Proactive” management that instead of addressing the actual problem and increasing support by acknowledging younger veteran’s, is going round engaged in a cost cutting exercise, cutting its nose of to spite its face.
    But that is cooperate management for you

  14. I used to donate, as and when, and bought something from them but the cheeky fuckers ‘phoned me and asked me to sign up to a monthly donation. I have a ‘past’ before the emergency services, so support them and I still display a poppy on my uniform and my ambulance with pride, but, begging is a step too far in my book.

    I commend this cunting to The House.

  15. From what I understand all charitable organisations are allowed to keep 40% of donations as they aren’t taxed on them. It takes a generous charity to not do this. Charity begins at home for me. Just take a look at how huge some of these organisations are and if this is the case it all makes sense. CEO’s of most of the big ones are just fat cats, robbing people just like the normal corporations do. They beg you for your hard earnt money via media. I would rather pay a household bill, and give straight to the needy knowing they are getting 100% of my donation, and so some sly shyster doesn’t take his cut. Any charity that says it gives 100% for the needy is probably bullshitting.

  16. Very sad day indeed when we have to cunt the British Legion. An organisation that was once the most principalled of all charities, and one that would guarantee that money given, was used for the benefit of those who served and those who were in need.

    A deserved cunting Quikdraw, and I like you take little pleasure in cunting the Legion for their present condition of “self interest and self serving ” for that is exactly what it is fast becoming. The Nursing Homes are ( believe it or not ) a massive profit making enterprise, and is now open to almost all in fucking Sundry.

    Nice ( but sad cunting ) Quickdraw

  17. So kid’s gather a sand bag and let me tell you a story.
    As a kid there were a few people of note in my village one was an old veteran from Burma, nice chap did a lot for the kids and the village.
    fast forward 20 years, I came back from mine and was talking to him and he excused himself ran off, half hour wait and he was back.
    “Sorry son I just shit myself” .
    I asked him why and it turned out he picked something up in the Jungle and was de mobbed, I asked if he had a pension, he did not, my Dad had been invalided out the navy because of a stomach ulcer.
    So I called my Legion rep (not making this up).
    The legion had him taken up for pension assessment, he was referred to the London school of Tropical medicine and it was found that he had picked up a parasite.
    so the math he came out 1950? I spoke to him in 1992 that is almost 40 years of shiting yourself, but we got it fixed, The legion can be good and there are a lot of good people in it, just finding them is a cunt.

  18. Seems I’m not allowed to talk about it LL. I will only change subject when I think a nom has run it’s course. Admin have different levels of tolerance to it.
    I wouldn’t think it would be classed as hijacking when the nom is 71/2 hours old.

    • Oh right Blunty, I thought what’s happened here then?. My offer still stands though, much appreciated.

      Take the hint, your input is appreciated your comment was not let us leave it at that, carry on cunting.

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