Justin Welby (9)

Below is the latest virtuous hand-wringing coming from this clown in fancy dress.

‘The Church of England is “still deeply institutionally racist”, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.
The Most Reverend Justin Welby said at a meeting of the Church’s ruling body, the General Synod, that he was “ashamed” of its history of racism’

He’s found, or imagined another woke pile of bullshit to apologise for. Perhaps he would be better grovelling about sex abuse, persecution, anti-Semitism, and good old homophobia. Throw in mention of Anglican missionaries role in enabling colonisation and slavery. Stake burnings perhaps?

Pathetic, pointless, privileged fucking moron.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Seconded, I was about to cunt him myself for the same virtue signalling.

“I’m ashamed of our history and I’m ashamed of our failure,” he said. “I’m ashamed of our lack of witness to Christ. I’m ashamed of my lack of urgent voice to the church. It’s shaming, as well as shocking.”

He had advantages as a white, straight, educated man, he said, adding: “I’m not ashamed of those advantages; I’m ashamed of not knowing I had them. And I think that’s where we probably need to start.”

The General Synod voted unanimously to lament and apologise for the “conscious and unconscious” racism it showed to members of the Windrush generation and others, many of whom were turned away by Anglican churches or faced discrimination from parishioners and clergy.”

A Christian not living up to Christian values, shocking.

Like spending millions on church roofs whilst the poor remain hungry, like being a very rich organisation preaching abstinence to the poor? My question to the archbishop is, “Why have you chosen to highlight this fault in your church when there are so many others that are equally, and in many cases, much more problematic issues of morality staring you in the face? Could it be you want easy virtue-signalling points and you want the black folk in your church, and not not attending the church’s they’ve established successfully for themselves?”

Tell you something top bish, them black folk you want in your church most likely don’t believe you believe in Christ, any more than you care about the poor.

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79 thoughts on “Justin Welby (9)

  1. Funnily enough millions of Africans in Africa are extremely thankful for christian missionaries because they actually believe in Christianity and God unlike Welby and most of the cunt clergy in this country.

      • I get it! It’s the lyrics from Toto’s Africa. . . . . . . . . .
        🎶 I bless the rains down in Africa. 🎶
        FFS I’m really trying – don’t reply to that!

        Do not worry we also think we are talking to ourselves here sometimes.

      • Thanks Admin, I sometimes think I’m wasted (I’m already on to my 4th wine).
        Maybe I’m just too old, in that few people have heard Toto’s single Africa.

        There is no such thing as too old, it terminates at Death, as you are here you are not to old, be strong my friend.

      • Cheque is in the post? It will bounce Admin; unlike dear Percy of who we have heard nothing since Christmas.

      • I’ll have you know Guzzi that Percy has had a bad bout of Avian flu and is currently undergoing a period of self isolation at home!

    • Mumbo-jumbo religion is irrelevant these days,peddled mainly by useless cunts so they can stay in a job.
      Lying deceitful cunts the lot of them.

  2. Bring me the head of this turbulent priest!
    Thats not his real name by the way,
    That was a brag by his biyfriend at public school!
    ‘Just in welsby’…ahem.
    Anyway hes a little creepy lefty cunt.
    If theres a god Justin
    Pretty fair chance he hates you.

    Get fucked.
    Im late for work, kiss-💋 xx

    • ‘Bring me the head of this turbulent priest!’

      I think you’re getting your quotations mixed up there a bit Miserable.

      Combing ‘Bring me the head of John the Baptist’ and ‘Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?’.

      No charge for this service.

      • Yeah did mix them up didnt I?
        Was rushing for work.
        That makes it a MNC original then?
        You can use it if you like Miles!

      • Why tf is Cuntuar wearing Kirstie Alllslop’s handbag on his head ?

        Abdul and Mo must be vewy fwightened of Justin…

  3. Ffs is there no end to these hand wringing cunts apologizing for being white?
    I’m getting really fucking tired of this guff.
    If he’s so ashamed then he should sell his possessions, go to a monestary and take vow of silence and live on bread and water.
    Or just fuck off to the dark continent and put himself on the menu.


  4. No bigger cunts involved in the slave trade than the rich families who still run this country and the Church of cunting England.
    Sure, pay the blacks reparations but it comes from the pockets of the rich and the bulging coffers of the Church of England, NOT the fucking taxpayers.
    See how Welby and his rich, libtard mates like that. The only Church worth a fuck is Charlotte…….great tits and arse.
    Father forgive me.

    • The tax payer paid to purchase the slaves freedom, it equates to a third of gdp at the time.

      All this repatriations bollocks must end our forefathers already paid in full and we were paying that money back to the treasury until 2015 or sometime around then.

      If they want repatriation they best get on a plane.

    • Interesting article. I love the idea of “reverse mission” ……..Africans bringing back the fairy tale ideology we brainwashed them with in the first place. Looks like we’re the simple minded idiots now.
      I hope they’re not thinking about bringing back slavery…….the Eurotrash pikeys have already beaten them to it.

      • Pikeys have probably already had some sort of reverse missionary from Bercunt’s missus…

    • Victorian? Stone age more like. Once we learned how to reduce metals from ore the ogres were distinguished from anyone with half a brain yet somehow this goon escaped? Remind me where his filthy lucre came from before he phloomfed down in palace land.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with money, wealth & first choice at the knocking shop; I know I would.

      Religion is a synthetic predator. Prey no more our brains are adapted to be eaten, to avoid being eaten, to look beyond. Welby knows as all his predecessors knew.

      Two palaces? I’d settle for one, no fancy dress, trollops on tap, pathetic million or two losing track here hope get idea claret almost done cigars falling from my palsied lips there was something else GSTQ

  5. Selective memory!

    How about the many horrific stories of child abuse by not only the Catholic Church, but also the CoE?

    Is this arsehole a little too dismissive about putting his own house in order rather than trying to cover these allegations up?

    And let’s not forget how the CoE invests the many billions of pounds from mostly charitable donations! Clearly it has the odd billion invested in one or two off-shore accounts rather than going to where it is needed most. But again this cunt forgets all about that.

    Hope you rot in Hell you two-faced woke cunt!

  6. Somebody told me a lot of black people already attend church, often getting seriously involved with their singing and dancing in the aisles.
    Although I wouldn’t take that as gospel….

  7. What a shame this troublesome priest didn’t become aware of his shortcomings when he was amassing his fortune in the oil industry for more than a decade. He could have given some away to charity.
    He professes to have conversations with God. If he wasn’t wearing that ridiculous getup, he’d have been sectioned by now.

  8. First thing I did this morning* when I got up at 5am, ready for the 2.5 hour trip to the office, was thank my lucky stars for my white privilege that allows me to work myself to fucking death. Hooray for whitey!!
    *Actually it was try a crafty Tommy tank but was too tired

  9. I am sure you all know the joke.
    “What do you call a man with a one inch cock?”
    so let’s face it he had a bad start in life and life has not been kind to him hence the way he is.

  10. Ashamed !, for what?? , why should anyone be ashamed for something that happened years ago. What about all the good we did for other countries all the millions ( if not billions) in aid over the years , what about our own soldiers giving there lives over the years to liberate people . What about accommodating for all the immigrants etc allowing them to live and work here , what about foreigners being able to claim tax credits for there children that still live abroad . More importantly what about giving air time and publicity to all these people who constantly slag us off day in and day out . I think we have done more than enough to even think about being ashamed . Me i am ashamed , i’m ashamed that our government and our people have allowed such constant persecution about our country our heritage and our past .

  11. Admin, you wrecker! It was a joke. Not one of my best admittedly. Could I please change it back?

    Aw! I wish I’d nominated him for Jack’s new ‘Catch the Rainbow Pool.’
    I mitre been on to a winner with him.

    • Oh I suspect it was one of your best unfortunately.

      Morning All.

      • Morning Dick.
        Where’s LL when you need him?
        He thinks my jokes are punderful.
        Oh well, it looks like more expense, enrolling on one of JR Cuntley’s courses.

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future armistice day is banned and poppy’s become illegal , there is already certain people moaning about the celebration of this day, again because it’s our past.
    I’t will probably be replaced by something that celebrates diversity , transgenders , non binary , gays , people of different colour’s etc. Poppies will be replaced with Rainbow flags and they will be a group of leftist whites all walking the streets in chains to show everyone the oppression they have suffered at the hands of normal working class straight white people.

  13. Nothing like a nice dose of Self-flagellation to raise your profile and earn respect eh Justin. I suppose you can’t expect much more from a church leader setting an example to all the weak cowardly men beneath him wearing frocks and garnering false power by making people feel like sinners and reminding them of death.

    Some more tea Vicar?

  14. It was only last month that Justin Welby’s Church of England cult published official advice that sex is for married heterosexuals only…

    According to the House of Bishops, every fucker else (including those in civil partnerships) must abstain from having sex.

    Moral advice from a cunt organisation that had £75,000 worth of shares in Wonga.

    No wonder CofE attendance is only marginally greater than membership of the Labour Party.

  15. “persecution, anti-Semitism, and good old homophobia. Throw in mention of Anglican missionaries role in enabling colonisation and slavery. Stake burnings perhaps?”…..

    Stop it….you’re giving me the ‘orn.

  16. The cunt didn’t give a fuck about all this when he was working for Shell, screwing Nigeria for all it was worth.

    • There are 190+ million cunts in Nigeria. Be careful or Justin and his pals will half the fuckers over here to make up for his past sins.

  17. Welby is another simpering, hypocritical cunt who lives in the lap of luxury while breast-beating about the injustices of the world, and pontificating about how we should live our lives. It’s about time this cunt was on the wall.

    • The church of England is a business, just like the catholic church and all the rest of them. Sitting on a fortune while the poor are starving all round the world. They’ll get their reward in heaven, won’t they Justin?

      • As well as being an absolute wanker, he’s on my list of top twenty faces you’d most like to punch.
        To top it all off, this cross-dressing fanny (along with 25 other bishops) sits in the House of Lords, with voting rights. Just what we need in this day and age.

    • Silly stories and sillier hats cloying for recognition, relevance, donations, tax concessions and subsidies to fund, justify their egos, decadent privilege and perversions just like that Argie cunt, Persian cunt and other assorted behatted fairy tale cunts. I’ve more faith and respect for Punch and Judy or Skippy.

    • My other half says when he was a kid, Justin Welby was a friend of his old brother..I asked what he was like and he replied ” he was an oily tick, always behaved like a complete tit when he came round, I locked him in the shed for a few hours once”

  18. Excellent cunting, I hate this tosser with a vengeance. I don’t care if he is a man of the cloth, I would still take great delight in kicking the living daylights out of the fucker. I remember the deluded cunt a while back saying that he didn’t think the country was overcrowded. He’s obviously never had to try to find a NHS dentist, been on the waiting list for an operation, tried to find schools for his kids etc etc. He hasn’t exactly helped the problem either by having six fucking sprogs of his own although one of them died in a car crash as a baby apparently. He also sounds like a model father – one of his daughter’s has mental problems (obviously genetic) and another learning difficulties.

  19. With church attendances dropping thru the floor the last thing it needs is more ridiculous nonsense from this gormless turd.
    Personally I’m sick and tired of all this looking back at our history and apologising, don’t see the Spanish apologising for wiping out a civilisation
    Don’t hear the Germans saying sorry for two worlds wars
    There’s dirt and blood in most countries history’s , we’re always told to be progressive and forward thinking , instead people like welby just want to keep raking up the past…
    Fuck off and find a new hobby horse ya cunts ……….

  20. Welby is another one of those posh, rich cunts who are constantly crying about the world’s poor. Listen fuckface, they are poor because you and your mates are stinking rich. You stole it off them so don’t preach to me you fucking hypocrite bastard.
    Oh, and stick your sky fairy up your arse and fuck off while you’re doing it.

  21. You know your religion is properly twattish when it comes with costumes, especially this shit. Shut the fuck up and stick to the script about baby Jeebus.

  22. Just because he dresses up like a wizard on the Gayness doesn’t mean he can’t tell us what to do.
    Does it?
    Oh just shut up and fuck off back to the haunted castle.

  23. I have plenty of nothing. Nothing is plenty for me. World travel? Float in pools where tarts fall over backwards off their plastic toadstools displaying the business area? I ordered sizzled mushrooms and duck eggs instead. Go for it. “Welby is another one of those posh, rich cunts who are constantly crying about the world’s poor.” Maybe so.

    But there’s poor and rich everywhere. Bali, Dubai, Honolulu, Dingwall (best haggis ever) and certain leeches sucking hard but not all movers and shakers are parasitic filth.

    ………………………Something about fucking hypocrite bastard (he may or may not be) stick your sky fairy up your arse (best location + the permanent tazer assured for the rest of us) and fuck off while you’re doing it (or at any other time) Cunt.

    Think have covered most topics collywobbles strong now

  24. How anyone can take a cunt who talks to his imaginary friend who lives in the sky seriously is beyond me. Go guck yourself Welby, you irrelevant bellend.

      • his imaginary … irrelevant bellend

        Much support; missionaries do things anyone could do but only God can make a tree (and ebola) trying to choose next word “anus” or “hyæna” both probably we’re top order predators – we know they are (they hunt lions) too therefore they know who we are – spotted hyæna God symbiosis?

        Welby bellend: no brainer. Need to stop posting.

  25. We have a medieval church in a city near us, they’ve turned it into a cafe but left most of the churchy stuff still in it. It’s nice to call in for some nosh during the day, have a coffee, take a look at the art and the 16th and 17th century carvings on the pews, miseries and roods. (Interestingly, one installed as a memorial to the local fallen of WWI)

    Seems to me this is the best use for these old buildings. The clergy are an irrelevance. Welby needs to be returned to Head Office asap.

  26. I notice God hasn’t been on here defending him?
    You haven’t posted for a while God. What’s your view?

    • I work in mysterious ways, so I get you all to speak on my behalf.
      I generally look at the big picture and judge things from that, Now you have drawn him to my attention I can say only the following,
      I gave you all free will do with it what you like as has he, Just he is a bit of a knob.

  27. The CofE

    So twee
    We like to play croquet

    And have high tea
    (With cucumber sandwiches)

    We’re a very broad church
    And very gentile.

    We’re very liberal in all that we say
    And we’re gonna keep it that way.

  28. Gets paid for spreading the word of his imaginary friend to lots of people who think they have the same imaginary friend. Cunts to man.

    To paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi (in a quasi religious irony). Who is the bigger cunt? The cunt or the cunt that follows him.

    Cunting be upon you all.

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