Jack The Cunters, new idea.

I am putting this here because it is getting a bit chatty and off topic.

Apologies for the diversion. Request to admin.
I’ve been thinking, in light of the growing trend for celebrities to come out as poofs or tuppence touchers, in order to jump aboard the ever growing, rainbow coloured, cash generating, attention seeking, woke bandwagon. Shouldn’t we have a new game ?
Similar to Dead Pool and Suicide Squad, we’d make selections on who we think will come out next.
We could call it …
‘ Catch The Rainbow ‘
‘ I’m A Bender, Get Me Out Of This Closet ‘
Or something else. I’m sure fellow cunters and admin. could come up with a number of snappy titles.
It would be our contribution to diversity.

Suggested by Jack the cunter.


87 thoughts on “Jack The Cunters, new idea.

  1. Good idea!
    ‘Bumming on ice’?
    ‘Strike it ducky’?
    ‘Uphill gardners world’?

    How about a game where we have a revolver and only 3 bullets in a room of celebs, politicians etc
    We pick 3 from a list we would shoot,
    Whoever gets the golden corpse that’s selected by admin picks the next nom?

    Hey everybody look it’s David Lammy ! Hint fucking Hint!

    • Sorry Admin ill stick to topic!
      Just thought most of us would like to play ‘Mark Chapmans wheel of Fortune’…

      • Morning MNC
        I’m hoping your working on the follow up to Peter the rabbit and friends .

    • The Genderation game
      The chase me

      We could have one game show where a celebrity is just about to come out as gay and we have to guess who it is by someone going through there house and it could be called , Through the bum hole .

  2. I think the most likely lads are Anthony Blair and Kweer Charmer (once he is elected Labour leader).

    In the world of entertainment I am sure the Peter Pansy of Pop, Cliff Richard has something important to tell us

  3. They keep telling us that there MUST be some gay footballers so i’ll go for ……
    Jack Grealish
    Paul Pogba
    That Korean cunt who plays for Spurs

  4. I suggested a Puffpool a while back, so I’d like to claim credit for this idea!

  5. Excellent suggestion, but what would be the legal implications?

    Legal will look at it, Not our department, so you speculate amongst yourselves

    • Is it any different to suggesting someone is suicidal ? ( Suicide Squad )

      you ever had legal action taken against you by a dead person?

  6. Jamie Rednap
    Louise Rednap
    Yasmin Alibi Brown
    Chris Martin (Coldplay)
    Arthur Mullard

  7. Yeah that’s a good list we could do a new version of the game show take me out but we use sniper rifles instead .

  8. Great idea Jack the Cunter.

    My suggestions to follow later today. I’m a bit busy right now .

    • The Hairy Bikers indeed Mr Fiddler, all those trips away ‘filming’ weeks at a time and an excuse to wear leather can only mean one thing.

  9. On Freddie’s football theme I would like to throw into the mix Declan Rice and Mason Mount – even for best friends they seem to be very close. Possibly Harry Wilson too – he has that air about him. Great idea Jack.

  10. Absolutely brilliant idea !!
    it’s a target rich environment with so many flip flopping and jumping on that bandwagon!!

    Will trans and self identifying be included? Probably not because that would be a bit obvious

    Putting from the rough?
    The donut punchers party ?

    Rodrigo alves ( human Ken doll)
    Who’s now a woman but I’m gambling will transition to a llama within 12 months…..

    Timothy Dalton
    Lily Allen

    • Not before they came out admin
      Who would have guessed boxing promoter frank maloney was going to dress a woman? As far as I know he’s just a cross dresser so can’t he be included?

      I don’t make the rules, neither will I be consulted on them so I cant answer that I can only speculate like you.

      • fair enough……
        it’s rules we need …..

        Put a photo on the post for you all, very in keeping with the discussion.

  11. Re-do Rainbow – hosted by Philip Schofield
    The comer-outers can be dressed up as Zippy and Bungle – before they unzip for the big reveal – or not so big.
    Sara Jane Me me me
    and Paddy McGuinness

  12. 1) Robbie Williams
    2) Mike Pence
    3) Anybody from One Direction
    4) Any ranting anti-gay priest
    5) Israel Folau (or any International rugby player).

  13. I honestly have always believed that former failed politician, now BBC arselicker James Purnell is a secret iron, and I have the same feeling about David “Family Man” Miliband who was so keen to be a family man he actually paid to adopt two kids. Family values, duckies!

  14. Apologies for the surfeit of actors but then as in that “profession” seems to attract an extraordinary number…..

    1. George Clooney
    2. John Travolta
    3. Hugh Jackman
    4. Tom Cruise
    5. Penny Mordaunt MP

    “Return to Bender” for the header?

    • wiki says:
      “When receiving The Spectator magazine’s Parliamentarian of the Year award in November 2014, Mordaunt said that she had delivered a speech in the House of Commons just before the Easter recess in 2013 on poultry welfare so as to use the word “cock”, as a forfeit for a misdemeanour during Naval Reserve training.[29][30] She used the word “cock” six times and “lay” or “laid” five times”

      nudge nudge, say no more, know what i mean>>>>>>>>>>

    • Parky ! That’s hilarious. If that ever turned out to be true you’d have to go out and buy a Lottery ticket, Sock.

      His old chum Dickie Bird would be a decent shout but he’s a top bloke and far too good to appear on ISAC.

      • I was in the hospital recently for my sister. Finished our meal in the restaurant and got up and just as we were leaving oh look Dickie Bird. He looked to be with some administrator.
        Like a Scorsese long shot we followed him down corridors (passing different departments, the walking wounded, patients being wheeled) yet another corridor, left again, right, passing the lifts, out into the foyer and I can report HE DIDN’T STOP FUCKING YAPPING THE WHOLE TIME.

      • I’ve got you down for many things Miles but not a Stalker!!
        How is your sister now? I know you were very concerned at one time.

      • Particularly bad in Winter for her Bertie.. Anyway she’s got a new mattress so at least she’ll be more comfortable. Its never really any good, but at least she not suicidal. Fibro (imaginary disease for many) is a Cunt.

        Yes Dickie talks. The odd times I have been near him. And he’s ‘fussy’ I think.
        A great Barnsley man though.

      • Is that fibromyalgia? Doctors do seem to be accepting though that it is a very real physical disorder, unlike years ago when they thought it was all in the mind.

      • Yes that’s it Bertie. See the problem is because people don’t and won’t recognise it they cannot help. All her friends (dwindled to one now and even she doesn’t really accept it) used to come in bustling ‘you’re depressed or you need to do this…trying to sort things out. It’s understandable. But it’s not the right approach to one suffering this illness.
        As I say it is a cunt.

    • Yesss Seamus Milne! Great pick. Always seems to have that pained expression suggesting too much cock in his arse-nal. I always thought he was suss.

      I long for the day that loathsome champagne communist cunt gets his just desserts.

      Gardiner another great shout.

      • What about Manchester mayor Andy Burnham? Its those plump Max Factor eyelashes, the Bambi eyed cunt.

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