Meghan Markle [14]

Me-gain Markle is an attention seeking cunt, I bet this gold digging slapper was booking her plain ticket to Texas as soon as she heard the news that a shooting masicer had begun, muck like Adelle at Grenfall or Lilly the mong in Calais, these fuckers love a disaster and an opportunity to try and look like caring, supporting, gentle people.

The reality is jthese fuckers just see it as a chance to be on the news and gain a little good publicity, whilst looking like a hero, I don’t believe a millisecond of it, Megain is just a desperate, attention seeking F list ex actress who is now only famous for bagging the Ginger fuckmonkey and breaking up families.

She gives not a single flying fuck about the kids that were gunned down, just about forwarding her profile, what a cunt.

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I would like to second this cunting. The media are also cunts for aiding and abetting this fraud.

“Meghan Markle fought back tears at a makeshift memorial for the 19 pupils and 2 teachers killed during Tuesday’s Texas school shooting. The former actress, 40, laid a bouquet of white roses during her low key (LOL!) visit on Thursday. The Duchess made the trip in a personal capacity as a mother, her spokesperson said, adding that she wanted to give her condolences and support in person.” Yuck, yuck and triple yuck!

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Are there no depths to which this money grubbing publicity hound will not sink?

Meghan Markle [3]

Megan Markle is without doubt a vulgar cardboard cut-out cunt with illusions of grandeur – but as they say, the enemy of your enemy is your friend!

I’m sure bare-faced, brazen ambition is a useful commodity in Hollywood, but to those insulated, horse faced Royals, a trashy, loud American is about as welcome as AIDs…Oh, and did I mention she is half-caste? I’d pay a grand just to see the look on that ignorant cunt the Duke of Edinburgh’s boat race!
That said a Princess is supposed to show demure innocence and integrity whereas that greedy cunt’s quest for old illegitimate ginger nob has been done with the subtlety of a guided missile. Clearly having failed miserably to make a mark on Hollywood, the next best thing is to get knocked up by a Royal and hang onto their coat tails instead.

As Alexander O’Neil’s song goes; “If a woman could be counterfeit, then you’d be IT”

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