Meghan Markle [3]

Megan Markle is without doubt a vulgar cardboard cut-out cunt with illusions of grandeur – but as they say, the enemy of your enemy is your friend!

I’m sure bare-faced, brazen ambition is a useful commodity in Hollywood, but to those insulated, horse faced Royals, a trashy, loud American is about as welcome as AIDs…Oh, and did I mention she is half-caste? I’d pay a grand just to see the look on that ignorant cunt the Duke of Edinburgh’s boat race!
That said a Princess is supposed to show demure innocence and integrity whereas that greedy cunt’s quest for old illegitimate ginger nob has been done with the subtlety of a guided missile. Clearly having failed miserably to make a mark on Hollywood, the next best thing is to get knocked up by a Royal and hang onto their coat tails instead.

As Alexander O’Neil’s song goes; “If a woman could be counterfeit, then you’d be IT”

Nominated by Knuckle Butty

21 thoughts on “Meghan Markle [3]

  1. She’ll be the next Princess Diana for the 21st Century.

    Get knocked up by the Ginger whinger a few times, get bored and start shagging any old fucker for the lols.

    Then when she gets found out and the press on her back (or face, or whatever position she fancies), she’ll do one of those “oh woe is me” TV interviews, shedding a few crocodile tears (while off-camera asking the interviewer, the cameraman, the director, floor manager, the cleaner, the bloke down the road etc.. if they’ll take her the ‘arris afterwards)

    It’ll all go pear shaped when a pissed off old Queenie tells MI6 to carry out another black-ops (ha!) somewhere in Paris – job done!

    The country goes into mourning for three fucking weeks (probably longer with a larger population of snowflakes these days), and old ginger nut will breathe a sigh of relief and moves onto the white cow he’s been covertly shagging all this time (just like old Chuck!)

    Apart from that, I wish her all the very best!

  2. It’s clear as day who wears the trousers in that marriage. Little Harry Hewitt has been completely subjugated. Serves him right; he should have picked one of the compliant socialite blondes he was jizzing up years before, not this uppity pantomime dame.

    I predict a couple of mixed race offspring will tumble from her Royal clam before she flees back to the States in a prolonged frenzy of media attention.

  3. Whenever she is on tv its nearly always fawning and faux concern over some vulnerable group, usually wimminz empowerment or some Grenfell effnicks, preferably a combination of the two. I agree with above, I think ginger pubes will at some point revert to type and end up rooting some horse faced Sloane Ranger.

  4. I would love to have heard Prince Philip’s remarks when he first found out Harry was shagging the old whore, let alone marrying her.

    She is in a win/win situation. If she gets too much attention I am sure they will pay her well to fuck off back to daddy. Failing that it will be bit parts in Emmerdale Farm and a regular seat on Loose Women.

    I’d like her to become Dominic Grieve’s mistress, then they would both loose their heads. I can just see her sitting on the old motherfuckers face after having partaken red beans and rice, a KFC bargain bucket and a strong curry. If that didn’t kill the old bastard I don’t know what would.

  5. What I would like to know is what on earth they are going to do in the hospital if a ginger mopped albino pops out, now that would be an interesting few hours to be a fly on the wall.

    After all Hospitals can get babies mixed up from time to time…..

  6. I don’t mind her. She’s only doing what Dar kies do…look for a lazy benefit-funded lifestyle,and when she married Prince Prick-head,she hit the jackpot. I’ll be delighted if she makes a fool out of him(shouldn’t be hard,considering that he’s as thick as pig-shit anyhow),embarrasses the rest of the Sawney Bean clan(she’ll have her work cut out there,considering the cracking job the Wankers are making of it themselves),and leaves the way that most Dar kies leave a white man’s house…with all the valuables that she can carry.

    She’s just what Harry wanted to remind him of “Dearest Mummy”..a tart that would shag quicker than a crack-addict whore. She’ll pop out some mentally-deficient half-ginger,sunburnt Simpleton child which will be raised at the taxpayers’ expense,as are all the Clans’ failed experiments in eugenics. Tart’ll fuck off back to America,and the Half Blood/Half Brain Prince Gormless’ll be paired up with the white version of Meghan..Katie Price.

    Gawd bless yer, Meghan,you go Girlfriend. Do your thang…grab as much as you can,screw anything with a Dick and abandon any half-brained brats that you’ve spawned…just like Dear Dead Mummy-in-Law.

    Fuck them.

  7. Shes not stupid though. She can punch out colour baby and blame it on her own bloodline or match it to him – win win for her and the family really. Though Diana could punch a ginger out and cover it up, a Mo or Aspiring Architect would be raise even charlies mono brow.

  8. For a few brief years I bet Harry will be pretty chuffed to be messing up that face with a bit of baby batter.

    The wall remains undefeated however.

  9. One can only hope she goes Nepalese at the Sandringham Christmas lunch and wipes the lot out. Then a whole new bunch of inbred window lickers can take their place.

  10. This marriage harks back to the ‘Beautiful Girls’ cunting – Harry was clearly dazzled by the good looks and the probable rampant shafting, lost his grey cells and all concept of reality and was so mindbent that he ended up putting a ring on the crafty snatch.

    When she emerged out of the ether and being the soppy arse (yet still miserable) cunt that I am, I actually was happy for them, but after reading a lot about her and her shenanigans and how her staff are departing like rats off of a sinking ship, I have grown to dislike the woman.

    I was only saying to my Mum the other day – who from Day 1 has not liked Markle. I think the words were ‘ Fuck me, there is going to be a black in the Royal Family’ – that I give that marriage a couple of years MAX. Opposites may well attract, but they always come home to roost and repel in the end.

    I don’t trust her motives. She is psychotically ambitious and this hook-up has set her arse up for life. I suspect that every little move, simpering smile and eye bat that she makes in front of the press is done for effect. As a former actress she is pulling Princess Diana out of her repertoire right now, but it doesn’t wash for me AT ALL.

    If members of her own family are saying that she is a conniving cunt, that in itself says everything.


    • Anne Widdecombe was critized mercilessly for her estimation of her. Going off topic. I did notice in one of your posts Nurse Cunty you said you had Fibromyalgia. You have my deepest sympathy Dear Lady. Now that IS A CUNT. My sister has it. And it’s Bad. Often suicidal. I won’t keep you. Just a few thoughts. It might ‘raise awareness’. My sister was the most industrious of us all. She was a nurse like you. Then about twenty years ago now she suddenly became tired all the time. I remember when it hit me she had been in bed all day. Finally got up for an hour with me then back to bed again. For all of the next day. All that sleep and she never REVIVED. That has been the story since. All relationships broken down. All she has to talk about her chronic pain, tiredness. Oh weariness…in two weeks time we have to go to the PIP tribunal. ‘She was seen to take the bottle of water out of her bag, unscrew the top and take a drink’. That’s what the issue will turn upon. Whether she keeps her house or not. I will maintain that I took the bottle of water out, unscrewed the top… Can you belive it will turn on that?Screaming at me yesterday to get it right….’She was seen crossing and uncrossing her legs’. But she does that to relive the pain in her legs and arse you cunts…oh weariness Nurse Cunty…weariness…It goes without saying that over the many many interviews(not to mention the mountains of forms we have had to fill in, I’ve had to fill in, the gathering of evidence) I have noticed many fat fuckers and drug addicts who will get it and my sister who paid into the system won’t. She won’t get because she is honest. Fuck it.

      • Thanks so much Miles.

        God, I feel for your sister, really I do. The trouble with fibro (in fact not TROUBLE) the fucking UNFAIRNESS of Fibro is that often it is invisible to the outside world, except for those closest to us. They don’t see the fatigue, the muscle pains, the head like a mass of cotton wool, the skin pain so bad that even clothing hurts. They just think that we are a load of job shirking layabouts whining about nothing.

        On a personal note, I didn’t know I had fibro until a few years ago. I had it for about 20 years without knowing it, just kept nursing and feeling totally exhausted. I just put it down to the long shifts and working permanent nights. I had this weird pain that would travel around my body, where my skin was incredibly painful to the touch. It came and went so I just got on with things. Fibro is such a weird cunt of a condition.

        Those fucktards sound like classic, ignoramuses when it comes to understanding fibro. So what if your sister can do certain things? Does that negate the fact that she is in fact IN PAIN most of the time? No, it just means that what she can manage she does, but what she cannot she REALLY cannot. Arseholes.

        Like you say, it is staggering that so many truly work dodging, fat, ‘bad back’ claiming cunts get all of the help in the world and for fucking decades, but invisible illness sufferers like those with chronic pain get fuck all.

        I wish your sister wellness and strength, Miles.

      • So not hog the thread I’ll check in for advice from you Nurse Cunty if I may from time to time. Keep you updated on my sister’s appeal. I will say your description fits EXACTLY my sister’s experience. Even your salutation is so fitting. That’s what Fibro sufferers are in desperate need of-‘wellness and strength’.Which I wish to you.

  11. Who would have thought it a ‘Darkie”in The House of Windsor poor Darkie married into that set of retards

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