Tiktok. What a load of utter wank. I see adverts for it on 90% of the YouTube videos I watch. It encourages predators and perverts by allowing children to sexualise themselves and do duets with said perverts, thereby giving said perverts an opportunity to creep on them. Its annoying. It encourages children to publicly embarrass and humiliate themselves. It’s a part of the culture of sexualisation of children so eloquently cunted by NoCuntForOldMen. In short, its a musical version of Vine and a paedophile’s wet dream.


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  1. I don’t know what it is but I’m fucked off by the incessant ads for it on YouTube.

    From the shit I’ve seen (lot’s of far east young girls bouncing in time to an animated cat or summat) it seems like a pee-doughs paradise.

    Like I say, I haven’t a clue what the fuck it is, I’m just going by what I see in the enforced 5 seconds viewing time before my hovering finger hits “Skip Ad”.

  2. Haven’t a clue what this is.

    I do remember the character Ting Tong from Little Britain though, any relation?

    Goodbye for now.

  3. Youtube is the only site that I allow ads to be shown as the creators and channels I follow, whoever they may be, deserve to be recompensed for their efforts so they can afford to continue otherwise we are stuck with mainstream bollocks. A bit annoying at times but a minor discomfort

    However from my limited knowledge of how adverts are selected for the viewer are based on the viewers previous topic/content history, therefore if one is receiving adverts it is because ones viewing/browsing history has been selected as a match for the adverts. For example I regularly see youtube adverts for a site as I searched for them on google and bought boots from them back in November.

    The upshot is if you are receiving ads is because you look at or search for that or related material. It isn’t random.

    Note to Admin, my posts are seem to all go into moderation for some reason, is there a problem?

    Nope we like reading them! xxxx

    • Really? You actually voluntarily want to read my drunken inane ramblings? What a crazy world we live in!

      Mate we are slaves to the computer, computer puts this post in a box we check it and approve it, we don’t really give a fuck as long as it does not cross certain boundaries that are nicely outlined in the T’s and C’s like wise you need to understand you are speaking to the Janitor not the manager.

    • I block all advertising on my destop. The fact I looked for something 3 months ago doesn’t mean I want to see adverts for it now or, indeed, ever. Supermarkets piss me off for the same reason – I pick up something I only buy every 6 months or less then, when I get to the checkout, I get a fucking voucher for my next purchase which expires in a fortnight.

    • I only started getting ads for Tik Tok on YouTube after I subscribed to Pew Die Pie and started watching his videos (including one he made about Tik Tok) they are creepy and annoying ads.

  4. I have no fucking idea what this is but, it certainly looks creepy.

    In other news:

    ‘Police have arrested 55 men in connection with historical child sex abuse cases in West Yorkshire.

    The men are from Dewsbury, Batley and Bradford and the arrests began in November, West Yorkshire Police said.

    All the men were interviewed and released under investigation, the force said.

    The claims by seven women relate to abuse against them as children in Dewsbury and Batley between 2002 and 2009.’

    No doubt it was suntanned Sally Army fuckers. Particularly rampant in Bradford.

    • Sounds suspiciously like Norwegians to me and anyone who thinks otherwise is a discusting facist/racist/far far right etc.

    • “Nothing to see here!”

      Groaniads headline for tomorrow.

      “Some men.”

      “British Nationals.”

      “Mental illness.”

      “Nothing to do with religion.”


      • A pack of lone wolves who just happened by coincidence to get arrested for the same crime allegedly

  5. I hate youtube ads in general, they seem to show up in an annoyingly frequent manner these days.

    It didn’t seem that long ago that you’d get an ad maybe every half dozen videos, now it’s every bloody video and I don’t give a rat’s arse about any of them!

  6. My little boy’s school ran a great seminar on internet security for kids and TikTok was one they mentioned that should be avoided.

    A veritable pee-doh fest. A cull of pee-dohs is long overdue and I for one believe that these bastards should be run into the sea. They should not be allowed to reside anywhere near children. Perhaps they could be sent to St Kilda?

  7. St Kilda is a world class bird sanctuary; unless the paedophiles are housed in cages and put on show for paying visitors to torment, they should not be allowed on dry land.

    • The pee-dohs should be made to scrape bird shit off rocks and weave baskets to pay their way.

      • I hear Gruinard Island is particularly nice this time of year especially if they decided to reintroduce Anthrax trials. Perfect Peado and Peaceful holiday destination.

      • Presumably you mean the St.Kilda the beautiful, remote Scotch island and not the rat-infested St.Kilda in Melbourne, Australia with its condom/syringe-strewn beach and which is 50% junkies, 25% bagpackers, and 25% boguns.

        It’s a shithole. Paëdos’d probably love it.

  8. Tic and Toc. What the fuck?

    Aren’t they some weird 1960s ‘mechanical men’ mime act who Peter Crouch modelled himself on?

  9. A tea time counting for Laura “wobbly gob” Kuntsberg. I simply detest her. A career nabbing scotch cunty, who’s worked for ch4 and ITV I believe. Now at al beebistan. Pro remain, unprofessional and embarrassing. Please kunty do one and leave for Europe

    • Its yoof Sir Mali,
      Once his balls drop he will be fine. Its a thing about yoof, its wasted on the young 😉

  10. Why don’t you post something better then? You know you’re not supposed to cunt cunters right? If you don’t like it then just ignore it.

      • I have nominated stuff in the past and it has never been posted, not a problem, and nothing on my mind at the mo. You seem to take offense easily, it’s not like I give you a cunting,all guns blazing, it was just a comment. I know you are now admin but no need to abuse the system. Take a chill pill and some constructive criticism.

      • Look, at the end of the day I just nominate whatever annoys me (hence why I get a lot posted – the name isn’t a joke you know). Not every cunting is going to be a 5 star one and I understand some people might find some of them boring (hell, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel the same way sometimes). Ultimately its up to the other admins to decide whether my cuntings are worthy of going up or not because with the exception of emergency cuntings about topical events its rare for me to process my own. Apologies if I came across as a snowflake cunt – I will admit to being quick to anger or annoyance sometimes because that’s how I am but it’s something I try to keep under control.

      • Consider us kissed and made up then. A few years ago I finally gave up being stressed out at the way my England was being fucked up so I moved to rural Spain, to a tiny village in Jaen province, long way from the kiss me quick crowd. I make a living as does my wife, couple of other brits here but almost all Spanish. Couldn’t want for a nicer, more helpful bunch. There is no crime, no pissheads, no junkies and I’m the immigrant.
        On the wall of my casa are my father’s war medals, he served from 39-46. He died when I was 22 just after his 65th birthday, so the poor old sod saw not one penny of his pension. Also I have medals from my uncle, killed at the Dunkirk rearguard and my great uncle, killed at the Somme. Maybe fellow cunters will think I have run away but blighty is now fucked, invaded by the hoardes our forefathers died to keep out. I admit to being a bit sniffy about some of the noms on here, I don’t read anything to do with politics and the like. I like good old rants about funny, everyday stuff like fatties, wanky celebs etc. My blood pressure is good, beer and fags are cheap. Don’t get old and bitter, move abroad and fuck them.

    • I think what was meant is that you haven’t yet got your bitter spite level up to scratch, OC!
      Another few years of being fucked over by the state, left wing pricks, dark1e5 and wimminz will see you right…

  11. Have we been infiltrated?

    There seems to be a lot more ‘beef’, if you’ll excuse the sharkey-ism, than we’re used to seeing round here. Just in the space of the last few days.

    There have also been some cuntings that seem obscure at best and/or deliberately designed to get us talking about certain ‘things’……

    • Ok. I can probably do without another cunting for the flabapottamus at this point. I get that.

      But some things felt a bit off in the last few days. Could be an influx of millenials with salt in their vaginas.

      One of the things I love about here is that we don’t have sacred cows – if you’re white, straight, gay, black, criminal, paedo, pikey, delivery man, single mother, cake maker, drug dealer, call centre worker – you get it up both barrels. Without mercy. For the last couple of years, I thought we had a gentlemen’s agreement like that. Krav gets that. B & w cunt gets That. (Although to be fair not seen him here for a while. Can’t think why)

      This site is one of my few remaining traps on sanity so let’s play nice, cunts.

  12. United will obviously lose a game at some point, but some “United fans” come across on social media as if they can’t wait for that to happen…, Fuck off and die in a lake of fire, you fucking cunts…

  13. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been meaning to cunt this for a while. My Mrs’ 2 girls are absolutely obsessed with it, and to be honest, being in the room with them whilst they are recording themselves has to be the most uncomfortable experience I’ve had in a long time.
    I continually tell them they are acting grossly inappropriately for their ages (9 and 12), posing, licking lips etc etc. Absolutely fucking repulsive. To be fair my Mrs has eventually banned them from it because she quickly became aware of the creepy potential consequences.
    God knows what dirty, filthy old pervs are taking advantage of such an app. Thing should be banned along with that other abomination, Musically.

  14. I have just had a look at what they all about are on their website…. and what a load of cuntery it is. It is for users to create ’short videos’ for friends, family and the great unwashed to view, otherwise known as attention seeking twats looking to gain a shit load of followers/subscribers/fame/fortune/swiss bank account/retirement at age 21….sheer bollocks in other words…..

    …and surprise, surprise, most of its users are under sixteens (the minimum age is 13) AKA PAEDOPHILE HEAVEN. Upon researching further into this bile, out of last year’s top ten most popular/viewed users, 8 were young girls. (Has anyone got a sick bucket handy?)

    More vacuous shite for the vacuous youth of today and their trance like usage of mobile phones. Just another nail in the coffin that is ‘using your creativity and imagination without the need for a fucking gadget.’

    This world is truly fucked.

  15. I’ve been on the Tik Tok website and I’m still clueless. No doubt this will be another cause of mental health problems amongst the yoof.

  16. Got mugged by six big lads last night, got a right kicking. Although against all the odds, I did manage to knock one out.

    Probably not the best time for a wank but it could of been my last…

    • Your contribution is appreciated JR. I don’t know about PMT, there seems to be some PBT on here today, pre-Brexit tension. Let’s not get too wound up, the politicians are going to have their fun and there’s nothing we can do about it. Except vote them out of office as soon as we get the chance.

      • Or unfortunately as we are British write a very stiff letter to the Daily Telegraph.
        But I do hope if brexit just fades away and never happens the general populace not the extreme ends of the people but the average man in the street gets up a head of steam and finally shouts, Howard Beale style “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore” and hope these useless bunch of tossers listen to the anger in our voices and our hearts because we are NOT being listened to.

  17. My children’s school had a presentation by two police officers warning them about which were the worst sites for peado’s. Tiktok and Musically were right up there. Preteen and younger teen girls dancing around for the attention of peado’s.

    What also came out is the average peado is about 20-25 male and the majority on internet are from places like Turkey and Pakistan.

  18. Lots of misinformation and boomerposting going on here with describing tik tok as preteen wank material don’t know what tik tok videos you are watching… but There is nothing pedoish happening with tik tok to my knowledge but I can assure you that tik tok is very irritating to listen too and possibly a form of cancer on this society

  19. I was going to post a tik tok video to prove how annoying it is but since i can’t because the spam filter identifies 90% of the youtube videos I link immediately as spam I can not, that spam filter works a little too well is a cunt mods just saying

  20. I don’t know anything about the subject – I am sufficiently ‘low use’ u- tube that I have not noticed it. I am just having a down time coffee in between work stress and don’t want to feel left out.
    Therefore my considered but 100% vicarious view is that those tick tock people are utter mutter futter scum bags!

    Good day to fellow ISAC’s. ( unless they happen to be Canadian or at the least the sort of Canadian person I often have issues with).

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