Randa ‘land whale’ Jarrar

Randa Jarrar

It’s a cold, bleak time of year, and I imagine that fellow cunters won’t say no to a bit of a laugh to brighten up the day. Okay, have a look at this clip;


Step forward one Randa Jarrar. Believe it or not, this motormouthed barrage balloon is a full professor at Califlakeia State University in Fresno, Dept. of Arts and Humanities, naturally (mercifully, the identity of the simpering looby in the middle remains unknown).
To be more serious, though. Imagine paying thousands a year in tuition fees for the privilege of going to university. Naively, you might expect an experience that will broaden your mind, that you’ll benefit from an objective, rational analysis of a whole host of differing ideas and viewpoints. Then you find yourself being harangued by THIS unsavoury idealogue. Do you think that a straight white male student could have a reasonable expectation that she would bring objectivity to her grading of his work, especially if it didn’t toe the party line??
Following the death of Barbara Bush in 2018, Jannar found herself in hot water with the university authorities after making remarks about the deceased which were widely regarded as being extremely offensive. The university was going to bounce her hateful fat ass, but was advised that to do so would be ‘a violation of her constitutional rights’.
It’s the lunatic asylum of American academia folks, and if this horrible cunt is anything to go by, they’re welcome to it.

Nominated by Ron Knee

A major nomination for Randa Jarrar, an obnoxious fat, foul mouthed lesbian, so called professor, whose main method of communication is effing this and effing that etc…
See this for a taster:
Check out the other freak and the soy boy in the studio.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

81 thoughts on “Randa ‘land whale’ Jarrar

  1. A true academic eccentric. How many of you have read her seminal work “I am a massive cunt who earns vast amounts of money by milking the leftlibtard teat. The money which flows from the teat comes from all the organisations that I really hate like the fucking government unless of course Obama is leader” foreword by D Abott and other notable pc warriors. Published by wish I had not press, sold more copies than the official Dead Sea scroll translation into N’dunkue.
    Fuck me who’s nicked my meds.

    • This slab cracking odious cunt epitomises not only Americans but also 99% of the rest of the planet! Thick gobshite of a cunt FUCK OFF!

  2. Nice one Ron & MM. Cuntings like this are what makes ISAC so necessary and great.

    This cunt’s a professor? The West is finished.

    PS: Gary Linekunt on the radio last night: “My mind is one of my greatest strengths.”

    Begs the question, “What mind?” He should apply to be a professor…

    • Gary Linekunt (you cunt), you kicked around a sack of stale air for a living. The space between your windsail ears is likewise a sack of stale air, one I would gladly kick around for free. Hell I’d even by some of your air filled bags of shite crisps just for a punt or two at your empty fucking head.

      Sincerely, TBCC

    • His mind was obviously so “epic” it couldn’t control his bowelling…

      Fackin Carnt.

      I take an immense pleasure in exercising great care in the purchase of potato-based snacks these days…

  3. How I yearn for the bygone age when it would have been acceptable to openly poss through the letterbox of such an abomination of society.

  4. What a fucking honking bit of kit.

    Even more worrying to realise that she is only the tip of the lardberg. Her appointment, and survival, in such a potentially influential position is a perfect example of what can happen when self-perpetuating progressive libtard policies are allowed to displace and replace common sense. Imagine what the interviewing panel must have looked like when she went for the job?

    For fuck’s sake take a step back; look at the actual value and contribution this lump is making, adjust your sights and shoot it.

  5. For a second there I thought it was Jabba the Pizza Hutt in drag!

    And then I looked again and it fucking well is!!!

    • What’s the difference between Randa Jarrraarrrr and a sealion? One weighs 400lb, has a moustache, stinks of fish and spends all day lying on the floor moving only to either eat or scratch its massive arse, and the other is a sealion.

  6. Off topic, The BBC …. Silent Witness last night…..
    Storyline was as close to reality as i have seen for a while.

    Black layabout kids distributing drugs (with knives)

    One very nasty looking guy calling the shots …. for sure Albanian

    A “facilitator’ …..east european, mayber Polish or Romanian…..

    It concludes tonight …. worth a watch

    Cant beleive the BBC put this on, demonising the ethnics and EU immigrants haha.

    • Didn’t see it but it’ll be the middle aged far far right white bloke wot dun it!

    • Re that Silent Witness post, don’t get your hopes up, at the end of the episode it’ll be shown to be merely a dream sequence.

  7. what happened to the tweed -jacketed old gentlemen…his mind in the fourth century…smelling of old books…tobacco…

  8. For the sake of fuck….what IS that??? She makes Jo Brand look like Cindy fucking Crawford.

  9. Interesting that any deviation from the party line of the totalitarian left in the US gets you fired from academia yet these creatures can say or do what they want.

  10. Why, why does this thing exist? I didn’t know if it’s existence, think of how many other monstrosities are out there, spouting this crap. What a disgusting piece of shit. It needs to be euthanised.

    • Joshua Silver is a ridiculous, leftist baffoon.”She is picking on foreigners”, oh cry me a fucking river, cupcake, I saw no evidence of that in the speech. He’s a crybaby white knight in the form of a tired, old windbag. And he looks like Corbyn!

  11. I like Mars Bars. I going off Topic. The crucial Brexit vote. Well not crucial at all because it’s all just Capitalist game. But there was some discussion on here yesterday about toilet rolls. Now Mrs Plastic believes vehemently that the toilet roll should be placed in the toilet roll holder so that it flows down from the front. She believes it is a more hygienic orientation. I believe it should be the other way. We have had detailed negotiations on the (t)issue but no resolution yet. But the point is I have to listen to her. I have to listen to her because I have to live with her. The EU has great economic clout. So does Mrs Plastic (literally sometimes). So I have to negotiate with her. We have to negotiate with the EU. We have to negotiate with them because we have to live with them economically. I believe Mrs May’s deal is start in getting us out of the EU. I believe it is a shrewd deal in fact. It keeps tariff -free trade while loosening the political, judicial ties. Talking about loosening…

    • With respect of you believe this then you don’t understand the withdrawal agreement.
      Tariff free trade maybe but it locks us into having the rates set by the EU for the rest of the world, prevents us making trade agreements and keeps free movement.

      It’s not shrewd. It’s treasonous…

      • Dioclese. A tissue of lies then? Doesn’t she say we will be able to strike our own deals after the transition period? If not then the whole deal a conspiracy to keep us in. Maybe it is. But I find it hard to believe.my

      • Mrs Plastic has also just added- ‘those who put it the wrong way around show a district lack of breeding’. Her true colours

      • Morning Ruff Tuff. Mrs Plastic is next to me. I’ll type what she says. ‘little spiders can crawl down the wall and secrete themselves…’easier to tear the tissue to the amount you want’ ‘more aesthetically pleasing’. A powerful argument.

    • I am with mrs plastic, far more efficient orientation, I hope my intervention has broken the deadlock

      • Deadlock Mr Sick? At last count it was

        Miles: 1
        Other Cunters: 4

        Add Mrs Plastic to that and it’s 5 to 1 in favour of pulling down from the front.

        Komodo has suggested a referendum on the subject, I think he may have something there.

  12. Some leaver here pleeeeease phone up JOB and tell him why you think leave is a good idea ‘cos all the leavers who have called him this morning have failed miserably and no he didn’t cut them off. Think you can do it?

    • J-RM took up your challenge about an hour ago Richard.

      If you heard that it should now be obvious how pointless it is to phone O’Brien and try to put forward any opinion contrary to the one he is determined to push. He uses every cheap linguistic trick in the book to put the caller off and derail their train of thought, winding them up by constantly talking over them, usually before they’ve barely had a chance to get started, taking exception to to their grammar or introducing other ‘clever’ diversionary tactics like rapidly changing the subject or irrelevantly demanding to know why the NHS hasn’t received the £350million a week promised by that “racist liar Farige”, etc, etc, I need to stop now, my piss is coming to the boil.

      Even so, JR-M gave him a good run for his money, but even JR-M couldn’t get past O’Shithead’s crooked diversionary ‘debating’ tactics, so what hope for the ordinary, inarticulate cunt in the street?

      Incidentally, why don’t you take him on? Maybe you broadly agree with his position on Brexit, nothing wrong with that btw. 🙂

      • Someone from ISAC should call him up and start talking, then at a random point just shout CUNT or stagger it to CCCCUUUUNNNNNNT to get past the swear filter mechanism.

        Stupid cunt.

  13. If they ever made a Zeppelin of Treason May, it would look like this heffer.

    Toilet roll should roll down from the front if we are going to debate about it.

    I’m off for a meat and potato pie barmcake.

    Goodbye for now.

  14. There’s an insightful discussion between Jordan Peterson and Camilla Paglia on why and how the US education system has completely fucked up and enables thicky no-chins like this cunt to have careers, when they should be mopping floors.
    Gender/ Queer/Womens studies? Dross taught by failed female english professors with no knowledge of history, science or salad, invented for PR reason by colleges with low numbers of female teaching staff.
    As Paglia says, these featherweight courses are made of pure ideological nonsense with no core of academic rigour or historical perspective to guide them.
    ‘Peer review is oppression, RREEEEE!’

    • Speaking of ‘ideological’ courses CP, I watched an interview the other day with a Professor (black, female, American, of course) of ‘African-American Studies’. She said on tv that she would never shop or buy anything from a white owned business. Now just imagine what would happen if a white, male academic had gone on the record saying that he’d never buy anything from a shop run by black people… The stinking cant of these people like her and Jarrar make me want to spew.

  15. Re:- Andrexgate….

    A hotelier told me the toilet roll should be ‘wall side’ so as not to intrude into the room.

    Make of that what you will….

    • Won’t be an issue for much longer…

      Curtains will be multi-tasking, no need for bog-roll

  16. I’m very sorry I clicked on that. Why is it that the world-famous US random school massacre artists never bring their sights to bear on obvious toxic vermin like this fat, malevolent and stupid cow? No jury would convict after showing the court that video. I don’t think the police would be too interested in bringing charges in the first place.

    If anything interesting happened after 15 seconds in, btw, please don’t bother to tell me.

  17. Fuck me – just suffered Kirsty Blackman (SNP) and Jo Swinson (LibDumb) together on Politics Live spouting the usual Project Fear ^10 bollocks!

    The only cunt talking any sense was a Tory black woman, whose name I have so far been unable to ascertain.

  18. What a repulsive bloater. She’s probably pissed off because no one’s ever tried to slip her one, despite her careful nurturing of copious amounts of cream cheese lubricant.
    I can’t wait for the U. S. backlash to kick in. I’m going to indulge myself and buy a massive telly so that I can watch round the clock coverage of cunts like this having their bloodied bodies dragged through the streets behind cars with a Confederate Battle Flag paint job .
    Get to fuck.

  19. Jeeze that land whale should be put in the old San Quentin gas chamber if they can find a seat big enough. Mouthy, illiterate fucking cunt. The turd looking Soy Boy there should be hanged by the balls (if he has any) too the cuck cunt.

    • The soy boy at 0.35 secs on the clip makes himself look and sound like an absolute tit. What a plonker.

  20. Update on Landa Jarrar:
    Tomorrow, Elton John, CBE (Cunted By Everyone) will be appearing at Cal State Fresno, where she works.
    She’s an Arab-American.
    She only has a Master’s degree (MFA, Master of Fuck All…sorry, Fine Arts…from U Mich)
    American professors are pretty well anyone who teaches: it’s not the same as a UK professorship.

    From a review of one of her books:

    ” “Jarrar’s stories are full of surprises—it’s hard to name another tale that’s narrated by a bisexual half Transjordanian ibex living in a tiny town in Texas. ”

    Probably says it all. Hope so.

    • Yes and the cunt that wrote that review was recaptured by police and medical staff as he was parading up and down the street wearing nothing but a traffic cone on his head with an organic sourdough baguette inserted to a depth of 10 ins in his anus. The arresting officers were unable to use lethal force as he claimed to be a pixie and then fell over. Thus reducing the threat to the officers from high to useless oxygen thief cunt.

  21. It’s all well and good this Professor the Hutt calling for violence, but how would this work exactly?

    The corpulent mass would struggle to.lift itself from a chair, let alone throw a punch.

    The only thing she could get violent with is a dustbin-lid sized chocolate torte.

  22. Mother of madness…I’ve never heard of her, but what a fat cunt. I can only assume her endangered roll-hidden twat, looks like a massive gob of fermented Stilton that’s been left out in the sun for a week. Fucking Gloucester Old Spot in a dress.

  23. Andrexgate:
    Hung with the loose end next to the wall, the roll may accelerate dangerously in the absence of friction as the incautious dumper pulls it away from the wall. This is a particular hazard should the motion be more copious than had been expected. Though in this case more is probably better. On the other hand, the increased contact pressure caused by a panicked grab of the alternatively-disposed roll may result in only one sheet being dispensed as the roll stalls, instead of the required quantity.

    We need to have a referendum on this.

    • Andrexgate? Showy off bastard.

      Tesco’s finest Blue Stripe Value ‘will o’the wisp’ bog rolls for me and mine. Never did us no harm.

      Rolls sit on the windowsill behind the cistern so that you have to contort the upper body through a full 180 to reach it; good for core strength, apparently.

    • In any event, no-one should use any sanitary facility without prior training, protective clothing and a completed Risk Assessment.

    • Nooooooo !
      A People’s Vote…

      Andrex is a cuuuuunt, always makes me think of Jilly Cooper.
      But that’s a plus if you’re constipated, and need to get things moving.

  24. Fuck me, the cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show have let themselves go!

    I mean I’m a salad Dodger but I can at least have a bath!

    What does this cunt do? Wait til it’s dark, then go through the car wash?

    • This walking lard factory makes a lot of noise to draw attention to the fact that she desperately needs to find a bloke with a stiff dick and a strong enough stomach. Where would she hope to find such a man? And he’d require help in the form of a search party to locate her actual crack after surgically removing her kecks.

      • My theory is that she’s so poisonous because she loathes herself for looking like a beached whale. You never know. If she lost ten stone she might find a new disposition.

      • I think the Liebore Party have the man with necessary experience for the job.

        One more Front Bench, and this KFC-Table Mountain will be able to sit down

  25. THAT THING is a ‘Professor’? A Professor of what? The art of eating so many pies that you end up looking like a fucking barrage balloon?

    She is truly foul. Foul mouthed, foul dressed, hair like a baboon’s pubes and a total disgrace to academia. She also has the look of stink about her…..the kind of obese female who hasn’t seen her ‘Missing In Action’ flange in 10 years to be able to wash it….YUCK!!!


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