The Beatles (4) and Apple Records

The Beatles and Apple Records are cunts.

As some might know, there is yet another Beatles cash-in imminent. As a reissue of the 1966 album ‘Revolver’ is about to surface.

Now, the fact that a 5.1 Blu-ray disc of the album won’t be included in the ludicrously priced box set, yet they will make it available via streaming (thus even more cashing in and screwing fans) shows them to be the cunts they really are.

However, there’s more, and worse…. For the book that will come with the ‘Revolver’ box set, there will be an ‘enlightening’ (their words) essay by some person called Questlove.

Now, who the fuck is Questlove? I hear you ask. And no, until now, I had not heard of him either. Well, he is Ahmir Khalib Thompson (born January 20, 1971), known professionally as Questlove (stylized as ?uestlove), apparently an American musician, record producer, disc jockey, filmmaker, music journalist, and actor. He also wasn’t born when ‘Revolver’ was made and has nothing to do with the Beatles or their history.

There are genuine Beatles historians like Mark Lewisohn and Keith Badman who could do an essay for a Beatles project. So, why has this ?uestlove (fuck me) got the gig? He’s a dark personage? Ah!

The Beatles (what’s left of them) have gone woke and ‘diversity’. Even the glorious past of the 1960s is not out of its reach. Got to get you into my life, the YouTube ad for ‘Revolver’ says….. Not if I can help it.

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Nominated by: Norman

Tempest Photographers

Tempest photographers are greedy money grubbing cunts.

We attended our grandsons graduation at Lincoln on Thursday. It was a great day, everyone was in a happy mood and the actual ceremony in the cathedral was special. In the grounds of the castle, where the festivities were taking place was a tent sectioned up, where photographers were.

These are obviously optional but who doesn’t want a photo of your grandson, proud as a peacock in cap and gown?

We’ve found out the cunts want £70 for one photo and it’s file on a CD, yes you read it properly, 1 fucking photo. Exploitative cunts.

The fuckers have you over a barrel, yes we took pictures with our phones, and yes they are nice, but not the same as a professional one with a proper flash set up.

He was expecting around £40, which is plenty to pay but the cunts seem to have upped the cost somewhat. I fucking hate having the piss taken out of me and the family by some bastards with a camera.

They will have made a killing, the graduates were queuing up to have their photos taken. £70 fucking quid, bastards.

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Nominated by: Bertram Cuntatious DCO



Vera (TV Series)

I wonder how many of you cunters knew that half the population of the North East is tinted. Well switch on to Vera, and that’s how it seems. Although the murderer is always white. How strange.

Oh no, they’re making yet another series of this festering pile of pigshit. Christ, where do I start? Well how about the boring story lines and risible attempts at a Geordie accent by most of the actors, which invariably sound somewhere between Welsh, Bulgarian and Parking Stanley. Then there’s the subdued lighting and low pitched background noise to give a sense of ‘Newcastle noir’ foreboding. Except it doesn’t, it’s just fucking annoying.

And who do we have playing the hard nosed Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope? Why, shortarsed Teletubby OAP Brenda Blethyn of course, who calls everyone ‘love’ when the correct Geordie term of endearment is ‘pet’. And her back up team of plain clothes coppers? A Scotsman past retirement age and a collection of 20 something kiddies. Even one in a wheelchair for fucks sake. Does this fit the typical detective demographic? No, it’s ITV fulfilling it’s diversity targets.

So here comes series 12, which I expect will go diversity mad. Brenda’s 76 now, so surely they’ll pension her off to be the next Miss Marple. To give it some female glamour let’s replace her with Dame Eddie Izzard in best frock and lippy. Back up team? Well those roles are a must for Ade Adepitan, Warwick Davis and Ellie Simmonds, who will all make highly credible police detectives. Where to film it? How about on the Newcastle quayside, at the coast or in the remote wilds of Northumberland, just for a change, eh?

I’m sorry to say that Mrs Twatt watches this shite, so that will be more business for the Whippet Inn from yours truly when it comes on. What a pile of cunt.

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Nominated by: Geordie Twatt

Woke Plastic Copper Stasi Policing

This is not a cunting of all rozzers, but of this plastic copper (PCSO) in particular. I’d use a ‘better’ source, but the lamestream media ignored this story, of course. It definitely happened though, the footage is out there and the cops aren’t denying it.

What happened was some far lefty PCSO knocked on a woman’s door who had a sticker in the window which said something like ‘Trans women aren’t real women.’

I agree. I wouldn’t put it in my window (you’re just asking for some woke prick to put a brick through it), but that’s up to her.

This Stasi-esque plastic copper knocked on her door and gave her a bollocking, telling the woman to get educated and ‘you need to read more, quite frankly’.

I was hoping to read some news that this little Adolf had been relieved of her duties, but I can’t find such a story.

I guess she’ll soon be the county’s highest ranking rozzer in a few years instead, the fucking shithouse.

Fuck off.

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Nominated by:Cuntybollocks

David Beckham (11)

A straight-forward cunting for old, “Goldenballs” himself, football “ambassador”, David Beckham. Why? Well, just watch this 2-minute video, says it all…

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Beckham already took $15 million from the Saudis to be their sports ambassador and has taken $150 million (some say $200 million) from the Qatar government (which is just an elite family in reality).

He used to revel in his, “gay icon” status, hanging out with Elton John, dressing in skirts and shit. But over the past few years he has been schmoozing in style with gay-murder-sanctioning states in the Arabian peninsula.

I’m looking forward to the World Cup, but more high-profile people need to speak out about the atrocities there, especially after Russian sports teams have been banned from tournaments. How can the governments and football associations say fuck all about Qatar’s woeful human rights record? It was too late to change the host nation for the 1978 World Cup in military junta Argentina, but we’ve known for years that Qatar has an awful human rights record. LGBTQ+ rights is all the rage, with a caveat for Qatar, it seems.

It’s hard to deploy cognitive dissonance over Qatar 2022 and just focus on the football. You’d think more players would speak up, not just retired German legend, Philipp Lahm who is boycotting the tournament. Southgate was sheepish when asked about boycotting back in May. But Beckham went against the grain HARD. Money-grubbing hypocrite.

Nominated by: Le Cunt

(Note. There is an additional nom about Becks and his queuing up at the Queen lying in State due to go live soon. Please keep comments about that separate from here. Thanks – Day Admin)