Currys (2) and BAMEs

Currys (and other retailers/corporates) obsession with the B in BAME.

Growing up I didn’t have a racist bone in my body. I have worked with many folk of all creeds and colour with no problem or ill effect, and still technically don’t.

What is gripping my shit along with many other cunters and other people of all races I know is the relentless onslaught of blik or mixed race bliks shoehorned into almost every corporate image and almost every advert going. Never a Chinese or other under representated non-chippy or stabby type, just bliks.

Its been bad enough for the last couple of years that Barclays only seem to offer products to bliks in its banking app and that the BBC have an extensive library of images to portray blik victimhood or cost of living payments, but today when wanting to contact Currys about an item my piss boiled over.

Their contact page literally only shows blik staff working there. Now this should not rile or wind me up, but it does purely because it is no longer overkill with the pandering to this demographic, but as with the illegal migrants being allowed to stay we have been conquered by a minority purely due to skin colour and no other reason of merit. No offence is intended against any person regardless of ethnicity in this nom, it is aimed at the architects of this cuntitude. You would not accept a pint of black stout with 90% white froth, it isn’t a true depiction of the product and is not acceptable, so why are we subjected to the reverse in regard to skin tone? It has now infested everything you see and everywhere you go, even in areas where there are literally none in the general population, like round here. Ffs bring back some balance.

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86 thoughts on “Currys (2) and BAMEs

  1. They almost always get it wrong too.

    Mrs Cunter is black. From the Caribbean and fit as fuck.

    Being around black people for most of my life (sensible, intelligent and moderate black people), I can tell the difference between black people from different Caribbean islands. I am usually right.
    Jamaicans generally have a different look than Barbadians, for instance.

    I can certainly tell if someone is from Africa or the West Indies.

    Advertisers can’t.
    For all their insistence on depicting coloured families they really don’t have a clue.

    They mix a West Indian man with a white wife and they have 2 kids that are obviously African.

    Mixed race marriages are rare.
    Almost unheard of back in the 80’s when I got married.

    Shoving mixed families on every ad is ridiculous and a little insulting to us.

  2. Fucking sick of it, I just make a note of what they are trying to sell, if the advert has more black/ Asian actors in it.

    I do not buy that product, simples…!

    • As they are advertising almost everything then you will be fucked.
      Unless you want equity release or life assurance.

      Companies use advertising to increase revenue.

      I suspect that their profits have remained stagnant for the last few years.

      Things will change.

      One advert that I remember was for some sort of yoghurt.
      The guy doing the voice over originally said that he eats it ‘so he can spend more time with his husband’.

      That has now been dropped and he says, ‘More time with my family’.

      A small victory, but change will come.

  3. I’m pleased that so many companies are contributing to the growing sense of alienation within the white majority and helping us to save our money.

    I’m sure the drug addicts, petty thieves, iand non binaries will plug the gap in revenue left by rich white people.

    • This for me is the rank stupidity. Eventually white people will tire of this and take their money else where

      Maybe the advertisers have started to believe their own hype and think that there is this burgeoning BAME middle class waiting to step in .

      Ironically, this sort of thinking has been developed due to them knowing no BAME people themselves and therefore knowing the reality

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