Currys (2) and BAMEs

Currys (and other retailers/corporates) obsession with the B in BAME.

Growing up I didn’t have a racist bone in my body. I have worked with many folk of all creeds and colour with no problem or ill effect, and still technically don’t.

What is gripping my shit along with many other cunters and other people of all races I know is the relentless onslaught of blik or mixed race bliks shoehorned into almost every corporate image and almost every advert going. Never a Chinese or other under representated non-chippy or stabby type, just bliks.

Its been bad enough for the last couple of years that Barclays only seem to offer products to bliks in its banking app and that the BBC have an extensive library of images to portray blik victimhood or cost of living payments, but today when wanting to contact Currys about an item my piss boiled over.

Their contact page literally only shows blik staff working there. Now this should not rile or wind me up, but it does purely because it is no longer overkill with the pandering to this demographic, but as with the illegal migrants being allowed to stay we have been conquered by a minority purely due to skin colour and no other reason of merit. No offence is intended against any person regardless of ethnicity in this nom, it is aimed at the architects of this cuntitude. You would not accept a pint of black stout with 90% white froth, it isn’t a true depiction of the product and is not acceptable, so why are we subjected to the reverse in regard to skin tone? It has now infested everything you see and everywhere you go, even in areas where there are literally none in the general population, like round here. Ffs bring back some balance.

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86 thoughts on “Currys (2) and BAMEs

  1. If Currys really do employ all those sooty-types, they ought to be more worried about their stock levels taking an unexpected dip (out the back door and into their mates’ car boots).
    If I needed any tech advice, I’d damn sure take the advice of a nip or a dog-eater over someone who believes the advice of a witch doctor and for whom the epitome of technology was, up until their recent dinghy journey, two coconut halves joined with a piece of string.

    • I note in their ‘Can we help’ section there was no returns policy for faulty goods looted during mainly peaceful BLM riots.

    • Yet the elites would have is believe that these camel turds are all the next Elon Musk.
      Clearly they are importing a permanent underclass to cement there power and control.

      • Factoid. Asians outnumber Blacks 3.27 to one. Asians have not so far formed para military units, have not formed political
        party’s ( as yet ) and normally go about their daily business in a civilised manner.
        Whitey comprises some 83% of the population.
        Meanwhile, Curry,s and others, portray Blacks to be the majority race.

        I never shopped at Curry’s Fuck em

  2. Quite right. There needs to be balance. That`s how the Black & White Minstrel Show got it exactly right – equal representation of ethnicity: You never saw the ladies blacking up did you?

    • However imagine the ladies’ disappointment backstage to discover that the black cock on offer was less dimensionally impressive than they’d expected.

      • Loony Henry got paid less.
        This cheeky cunt is doing a documentary on black classic music for the beeb. I have knowledge and a keen interest in classical composers, and there’s only Scott Joplin of note (get the sarcasm) and that’s only ragtime shite.

  3. If you were an alien and just arrived in the UK and was watching the adverts, you would be forgiven for assuming Blicks/Muzzies make up 70% of the population, 30% are disabled and 60% are gay/trans or what fucking ever they call themselves.

    • Remember the kids loving Transformers. Now forming complaints against trans for entering their toilets.

  4. It’s the tail wagging the dog.

    A lot of this is actually mandated by companies and regulators like the ASA saying you have to have a percentage of bliks to represent social equality. If it were based on them as a percentage of the population then only about 5 per cent of ads would feature bliks. Instead, it’s more like 90 per cent. Whitney’s only appear if paired of or married to a blik, with the appropriate blik or semi- blik children.

    This rubbish has done more harm to race relations than anything else. What happened to Martin Luther King’s dream of a colour blind society? Instead, everyone is now defined and ranked in a victimhood hierarchy determined by colour.

    • Looks like their finger slipped when implementing these preposterous mandates and added a zero after the nine!
      How are terrestrial telly ads still a thing in 2022? I record everything simply so I can skip the ads; no doubt most people do.

      • Indeed Thomas,imagine the countless millions spent by British companies what avail?

        Nobody with a brain watches any of them so why do they do it?

        I assume it’s to show us all those nice coloured people who definitely don’t run away from parental responsibility,routinely murder one another,loot shops and sell drugs.

      • I pre record and scroll so I don’t have to watch Lucy Edwards. Who she?. I might do a nom for her.

      • One can’t help accidentally catching a glimpse of these ludicrous adverts, when they’re showing a white family cosily having fun in the living room and the camera pans across the room showing a jet black bloke, alien to the contrary to what you have just seen. Especially with the sound off, is fucking well hilarious.

    • It might just be me but I can’;t help noticing that in these mixed marrige portrayals there are invariably two kids, the older one white (so obviously from a previous marriage) and the younger niglet providing that narrative that the white mother dumped him in preference for the nog.

  5. I live in a similar area as yourself, where there aren’t any blacks living here, only the odd one that might be passing through. But you see what I call “Wanted” posters in banks and other places that have money. Are they a subliminal message I wonder ?

  6. Luckily for me I was born with racist bones,
    And would never buy something I thought was used by ethnics or they’d been fondling.

    I’m not sold on their multicultural dream.
    I want no part of it.

    They’ll not sell me anything.


    • Mrs M had better take back that authentic pygmy bone beard comb she has got you for Christmas then Miserable.

      • Hehehe 😄👍
        That rather appeals LL!

        Can go in the cabinet with my Rosa parks skull brew mug.

    • I think we’ve all handled something that’s been on an assembly line and mauled by the filthy mitts of an uncleansed black lass, who’d been forever scratching her worm infected snatch every five minutes. We just have to pretend it didn’t happen.

  7. People still don’t understand what’s going on? It’s propaganda, the constant barrage of blackness is to eliminate any questioning of our multicultural multiracial society.

    When we are all dead, most of us on here are of an age where death is a real prospect in the next decade or so, those left behind won’t know it was once different. Those younger than us don’t question it or why there are so many ethnics in ads.

    It’s brainwashing for the indigenous, this is how it’s done.

    When was the last time you heard anyone in the mainstream questioning the benefits of mass immigration?

    Gary Linekar loves immigration, loves immigrants but he is repulsed by their cultures in their own countries. Odd that he can’t get enough of them to come here isn’t it?

    It’s not like they adopt British culture when they get here Gary!

    • “… those left behind won’t know it was once different.”

      Exactly; and that’s the point. How the fuckity fuck did thius happen? I’ll tell you…
      It used to be the case that genetics and shared history would shape a nation’s culture, that culture thus derived would in turn determine that nation’s societal traditions, norms and conventions. Those conventions inform and shape the media and the closely allied chosen political structure it adopts which finally issue the laws under which individual members of that society AGREE to be governed.
      That’s all changed… now the media has inveigled itself upstrem to the top like an intestinal worm that’s heading up the spine to the brain. People have abandoned their genetic inheritance and know fuck all of their history and it’s now the media which informs and shapes culture > conventions > politics > law. It also allows these cunts to dismiss complainants by claiming that they’re cultural dissidents, rebels, troublemakers … nazis!

  8. I used to think the advertising companies and those who employ them were playing safe by placing so many bleks in their adverts so that they couldn’t be labelled as racists by the calm and lovely population of Twatter.

    However I’m now persuaded they are just a festering bunch of soy cocksuckers who need gassing.

    Top notch.

  9. Got together with a few mates and watched the Wokeland v USA match last night.

    The highlights were the many laughs we had at the itv ads.

    The not so subtle over representation nowadays of one particular demographic is actually nothing more than one big laugh.

    To top it off – the ITV match coverage itself is sponsored by KFC.

    Shows that these cunts do have a sense of humour.

    • And if the principle actors aren’t blik you can bet your last bitcoin that the fucking backing music will be!

  10. The cunts are crowbarred into everything. There is a Welsh drama on at present (the Pact) where the population of what seems to be Penarth is entirely black. Adverts are only aimed at blacks often with mixed race where the black father is actually present. Very realistic.
    And I bet Indians, S Koreans and Chinese are not happy about being lumped in with Blacks and Peacefuls in the BAME tag.

  11. Curry’s is that still a thing.

    The only curries I like come with rice and a ice cold beer.

  12. In Stanley Kalms day (Curry and Dixons interchangable – not a halfpence of difference as a washing powder ad had it) my son had a Saturday job with them. They were very harsh employers not at all generous (Kalms was modelled on Fagin) and my son got the sack after three months because he wasn’t selling enough “extended warranties”. He wasn’t BAME or Jewish or Muslim, but I am sure if the modern version of the country treated a Mohmmed or Dwight like they did Mark, they would be up either on the front page of the local paper, on the BBC news website or even an employment tribunal. Do they even employ white Saturday boys these days, and how even back then (early 80s) could you sell an extended warranty on their own brand Walkmans or transistor radios?

  13. Having black people, especially black women in almost every advert no longer seems to be enough.

    Now they make sure that the black women are fucking horrendously fat and ugly.

    Not a good looking one with a nice figure anywhere.

  14. I am sure that the plantation owners hundreds of year’s ago would have thought twice if they knew that as compensation we would have to endure ugly black women advertising ‘bulky pee pads’.

    • That advert is disgusting.
      Two middle age frumps discussing going out smelling of piss?

      Token says use adult nappies!!

      I say stay at home, have a wash.
      Nobody wants you there reeking of piss,
      Nappy or not.

  15. Sirs:

    I used to laugh at this sort of thing, but no more. When the time comes I am retiring to South Dakota, to the end of a dirt road, next to a trout stream, with lots of ammo and no neighbors.

    So when Helter Skelter starts I’ll just crack open a can of war surplus condensed milk, check the perimeter and laugh until dawn.

  16. Why don’t ads show blacks fetching, carting and carrying things like they do in the films ? There’s a famous black actor called Stepin Fetchit doing all those things. Why don’t you go and help him, you lazy black bastards !

  17. There’s been an advert for some brand of phone where it’s unique selling point seems to be that it can photoshop people out of your pictures. I was going to write to them and ask if they would sell the technology for my tv to erase the sooties from every advert.

  18. I’ve noticed the h0m0z in the ads are all black as well. It’s pretty bad when a white male homosexualizer is not woke enough for the adverts.

  19. I’ve been hearing that they are going to start sticking migrants into rural areas soon. Places where they’ve never had to enjoy the benefits that diversity brings.

    Living in and around London my whole life, I’m looking forward to those (often Lib Dem) councils and constituencies getting to observe some of the beautiful behaviour first hand.

    Will be pretty funny

  20. I can’t believe the disproportionate number of blacks in adverts is anything to do with political pressures. It’s just that there are a surplus of these wonderfully talented people. Just as there are a surplus of toothless white morons for things like the Postcode Lottery adverts.
    Get to fuck

    • Soon, the only White people on the telly will be criminals or simpletons whose ethic partners and mixed race kids are physically, intellectually, and morally superior. This cuntery is becoming normalised every minute of every day.

  21. I’m sure I’m not alone in finding the ‘Innit, bruv’ Ali G dialect fucking piss-boiling in virtually every continuity announcement and advert. It’s a forced, fake fucking accent. It’s not endearing, trendy or clever. There’s nowhere in this country that has a dialect like that, you stroke-inducing motherfuckers.

    Every fucking time I hear it, I’m one step closer to the grave. Where’s Michael Ryan and his eclectic taste in weaponry when you need him?

    • Afternoon DCI

      I know I’ve said it repeatedly on here, but fuck it, I will say it again.

      Clinton Morrison.

      The only reason this man exists on every platform is because of the horrific accent.

      • Evening, Herman. I’d love someone to ask where he’s from and what regional dialect he speaks. Never happen, though.

      • AK 47 when you absolutely have to kill everyone in the Mother Fucking room I love Jackie Brown. I would choose an FN Minimi

    • That despicable little phaedopile wigger Tim Westwood had a big part to play in the ebonisation of speech among duh yoot.

  22. Curry’s are cunts, just look at their returns ……. sell it and forget it. Cunts.

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