His Majesty’s Government

I would like to Cunt his majesty’s government for high treason against the British people.

It turns out that they have been colluding with the frogs so their navy can safely escort the illegal gimmgrants to our own border farce.

GBNews News Link

I’m am rarely lost for y: words but government expect you to do your duty in time of war invasion yet these treasonous bastard s don’t even try to do theirs.

And now I read we are paying the frogs an extra 8 million quid a month/ day / hour who cares.
Where the fuck is guy fawkes?

Punish the cunts for treason.

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt

59 thoughts on “His Majesty’s Government

  1. Nations fall from within, due to corruption, incompetence, moral decay and rot.
    Full House for UK Plc.
    Colluding with the French is about as low as you can get.
    Hang the cunts.
    Good afternoon.

    • Indeed.

      We used to give these sneaky soap dodging cowards an arrow through the heart or a musket ball between the eyes – a rite of every true Englishman.

      I might have to go and watch a bit of Sharpe to calm down.

      Afternoon Jack.

      • “…an arrow through the heart or a musket ball between the eyes – a rite of every true Englishman.”

        Well that’s my evening’s viewing choice made… Henry V it is… Branagh or Olivier? … hmmm… Branagh, thanks L.L.

  2. The Elite and the Establishment won’t give two lorry-loads of fucks because they will still sit in their environmentally-friendly faux-ivory towers while Rome burns (or should I say, the UK)

    Great Reset, and all that – Put the plebs in their place while maintaining the Status “Whatever you Want” Quo for the rich and powerful

  3. Governments never learn, do they? We colluded with the Freugs over Suez in 1956 and that went really well, so here we go again.
    I have no doubt that if Jeanne d’Arc was alive today we wouldn’t even burn her at the stake this time around. Fucking hopeless Government.

  4. This collusion is a given and infests the whole of Europe. If His Majesty’s Government (of any colour) really wanted to stop the mass invasion of these shores by hoards of savages, then they could. The simple truth is that they don’t. Globalisation, Eco-bullshit, raising taxes and the cleansing / dilution of English and British culture is all these abject cunts care about.

  5. You have the Prime Minister and the Home secretary who are both Indian.
    How do you expect what’s left of British identity to be upheld?

    • Neither is really running the show though. It’s thdt oily, Chînk-loving Remoaner Jeremy Hunt whospulling the strings. Soundly beaten by Honey Monster Johnson in 2019 and first to be ditched in the waste-of-time leadership knockout a few months ago, he’s clearly not wanted. However, the contemptible cunt assumes the leader position when he’s as welcome as dogshit on your boot.

  6. Why would the French care?
    Theyre getting rid of human sewage clogging up their streets and repeatedly getting paid for it.

    Our political masters are shipping in masses of this scum on a trend.

    Anti racism is like the Rubics cube or Slinkies®
    Leg warmers or the fuckin Twist.
    A short-lived fad.

    Overturning thousands of years of history to not be accused of racism.

    A island community with limited resources and space?

    Ship in millions.
    Fuck the Government
    Fuck the RNLI
    And Fuck the King.

    German cunt🖕

  7. I respect Nations that revolt. People feeling aggrieved and take to the streets in numbers often achieve some degree of success.. But this country? Perhaps we just fucking well deserve our place under the doormat.

  8. The judge who locked up a pieman for innocently helping people in lockdown, should be locking up the blacks who are sneaking into the country to make ludicrous adverts.

  9. No bunch of cunts are that incompetent, this is deliberate and there is an end game. The Tories must know this will cost them the next election but they don’t fucking care because the cunts are all in it together. What they want is an amorphous, rootless mass with no common culture or values. Then they can be manipulated, pushed around, told what to do. Democracy is an illusion, voting makes no difference.
    Imagine you are a kid growing up today…….you have no history, no culture, you are a blank piece of paper. The elites are writing your story and it’s the only one you know.

  10. They’ve stopped pretending now.

    All out in the open,ruin everything then sell it off for a healthy illicit bung.

    All vermin.

    Whatever the cunts say is good for the country can be guaranteed to be a total disaster.


  11. Dirty brown water rats want sinking as soon as they leave France.Install Larry the cat for Prime Minister instead.Useless traitorous shit weasels.

  12. So poor Nandi M’butu in Beaucoup Buttholia and the equally poor Ahnad Habbibi in Shitholistan decide to leave their dung huts for a better life in Great Britain.

    Fording raging jungle streams and trekking barefoot across burning sands they make their way across the far flung reaches of their respective famine plagued, war torn continents, only to somehow cross the Mediterranean Ocean and arrive in the Fourth Reich/European Union.

    Weary, exhausted and without means or funds, the savages pass through a number of Western countries pausing only long enough to rest before they continue their pilgrimage to the Promised Land of England.

    Finally, arriving in the land of the ancient Gauls they face one last obstacle…the Channel. The barrier that stopped the Armada…Napoleon and even Hitler is all they must traverse. Luckily for them the treacherous Froggies have struck a deal with His Majesty’s government and the entire shore is littered with more crafts than at any time since the Normandy invasion.

    Braving the tides, the waves, the currents and even the winds and waves…the intrepid jungle bunnies and camel jockeys display a knowledge of seafaring the would put the Royal Navy to shame and make the treacherous channel crossing. They arrive triumphant on the sacred shores of England…and claim it for their own.

    Meanwhile, in the venerable halls of Westminster, the MPs take a break for doing their expenses and publicly proclaim they know nothing about any so-called “dinghy flotilla” and even less about any alleged deal. Furthermore, if they did know anything about either, they would be powerless to stop both.

    But united in their public show of outrage and compassion, they issue a statement condemning the “most foul and foreign French” while at the same time procuring 5 Star accommodations for their new voting constituents.

    So what’s this got to do with the Great Replacement theory you ask? Is there any proof such a theory actually exists?

      • @Minge

        If you’re going to virtue signal the least you could do is take a knee…in solidarity with your siblings (no sexism here) on the football team.

        And while we’re at it, let’s all mourn the plight of the indigenous populations of the world and champion their right to live in our countries and off our taxes…be they dollars or pounds.

        And let’s do so in the name of man made climate change…and social justice…and environmental justice…and reparations…and for diversity…and inclusivity…and against racism…and oppression…and for equity…so we can be on the right side of history…which we will re-write so we can feel better about our virtuous pronouncements..which is where we started from by taking a knee…so we can replace the invaders with BAMES, LBGTQ+ or – Gens XYZ and BLM…and Extinction Rebellion…

        (This nonsense never ends with virtue signaling leftys!)

      • No virtue signalling on my part, Cuntstard.
        Clearly the same cannot be said of you.
        I was merely stating a fact, that’s all.
        PS… your reputation for pompous windbaggery is not undeserved, LOL!

      • @Minge

        Name calling?

        I’ll keep this simple and not use big words so you can understand it.

        Fuck you.

      • The people who are classed as indigenous, colonised America long long time ago. Supposedly no human there when they arrived, So they claim the land as theirs, first come etc.
        Why do all the great and good deny that there are indigenous British? There were humans in U.K. prior to the last ice event (Devensian) then more came along after when the ice retreated.
        I carry genetic material from those returners therefore I claim indigenous rights to what’s left of my country. Aborigines have got land back, Native Americans have got land back. I want some cos my claim goes back over 9000 years and so does the majority of persons native to these Isle. Stop this mass immigration now.

  13. A 9/11 event on the “Honourable House” in full session by a Robotic 737 packed with enough shit to blow the fuck out of every single last one.

  14. If only the channel was a land border….

    We could build a fucking WALL 😂

    Peter Bone said in the house of cunts, ‘Return everyone to France and it would stop immediately’. Everyone knows it but we are ruled by the woke wankers who think that we are obliged to process these cunts.

  15. Brexit was important for the UK.

    Any European country wanting to offload their immigrants only had to offer them citizenship.

    Once a citizen of a European country you have the right to live in any other member country.

    Brexit was the right thing to do as it would stop immigrants moving legally to the UK.

    But it is a waste of fucking time if you are going to allow immigrants in illegally anyway.

    Also, because the British no longer have the right to move to another European country they are stuck on their island, surrounded by an ever increasing number of scumbags, unable to escape.

    • Spot on. It’s like they’re punishing us for voting for Brexit by importing scum en masse and shutting the doors to escape to a decent part of Europe.
      But unless the elite plan to leave soon, even they will have to put up with the crap that will follow.

    • I hear Sir Nigel wants to return to politics.These dirty goat shaggers want sending back.People will start to Rebel soon.Riots.I hardly blame them.

  16. I’ve heard they are thinking if housing the vermin in cruise ships.

    Here’s an idea, lock the doors once on and drop the cunts back in Albania

  17. What do the leftists that support this unchecked immigration is the end game here. Do they think they will be spared by the filth rushing through the door?

    The utterly stupid.cunts

  18. Well, apparently we do, BB.
    We, the voting public, have done fuck all to get rid.
    But the alternative is equally dire.
    Then in 8/12 years time, the Cons will be voted back in, on the slogan, after 8/12 years misrule… We will get Brexit done.
    I hope I’m dead by then.

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