Racist and Imperialist Milk

Milk is racist and imperialist apparently. Well, stands to reason; it’s white innit?

Would you Adam and Eve it, some so-called academics at the History of Science Museum in Oxford are to investigate the ‘political nature’ of milk, and its links to colonialism.

Now if these supercilious wankers want to waste their time on such a ludicrous pursuit that’s their business. However it becomes our business when we learn that their ‘work’ is being funded through the Arts and Humanities Research Council, which means Joe and Jane Taxpayer.

Still, I suppose that we can all gain some solace from the fact that this vital research can only result in a significant improvement in the quality of people’s lives everywhere. Not.

I’m actually working on a thesis that snow (being white) is naturally racist. It’s a bit of a struggle at the moment, but I think that my case could be strengthened with government backing to enable investigative trips to Switzerland, Norway and the western USA. A hundred grand from the Council would probably cover it…

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Nominated by Ron Knee a brief supporting act by W C Boggs below.


I had to look twice to see it wasn’t April 1st, for today’s stories of lunatics (and I don’t mean Dame Kweer and his gender bollocks). No, this tart has got one over on even him – this is a “study” paid for by us, of course, by some loony tart called Dr Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp, who wishes to find out if milk is “racist”:

Words fail me, so this will have to do:

92 thoughts on “Racist and Imperialist Milk

  1. If things that níg nógs are intolerant to are racist then hard work, responsibility and fatherhood must be on the list too.

  2. I have just read the article and it makes no sense to me.

    If it is decided that milk is ‘colonialist’ then what the fuck do they intend to do about it?

    Black people in Britain eat some wierd stuff.
    It’s what their parents and grandparents cooked and I suppose that they are accustomed to things like mango, sweet potato and green bananas.

    My mother-in-law used to give me that sort of stuff when I visited.
    I didn’t like any of it but I didn’t consider her food as racist.

    That’s because I am not a thick, chip on the shoulder cunt.

    She did make amazing fried chicken.
    There was often the milkman or postman (both white) enjoying some when I went round there.
    She always got more visitors after she had cooked a batch.

    None of that KFC shite for her!

  3. Blame the cows. I always thought they were racist. Saw loads of them in the pictures of the Nazi rallies.

    People don’t need to be racist anymore, there’s plenty of cunts like this to hate instead.

  4. Years ago, me mates lurcher would take a morning walk and snaffle stuff off peoples doorsteps, that the milkman had left.

    Half a pound of butter one day, six eggs another, perhaps a loaf.

    The local paper did an article on it.

    Fantastic dog.

    Good evening.

    • I can’t remember the last time I saw a milkman Jack. Obviously I now know that he was trundling around in his little float spreading hate and white supremacy under the cover of delivering dairy products to an unsuspecting public.

      Evening Jack.

      • Alright LL ?

        All good ?

        The milkman that comes round our way delivers at 2.30am.

        A racist insomniac.

      • Yeah not bad mate, got my ‘granny gardens’ tomorrow so a nice easy day.

        Did Mis tell you he has got an allotment now?

        No foreign muck allowed just good honest English fruit and veg.

      • Don’t forget. Granny gardens are tax free.

        It’s the law.

        So MNC has an allotment ?

        Great things.

        We had one, donkeys years ago.

        When we were poor 😁

        Had to give it up.

        Not enough time to look after it properly while working full time.

        We could harvest something every day of the year The kids used to love going on Christmas eve, to pick the veg for Christmas dinner. They actually loved sprouts, still do.

        Now we just buy the finest quality fruit and veg from Waitrose 😃

  5. I’ve heard of horrific things done in history but I have never heard of people being oppressed by milk… because it isn’t a thing!

    This is it then, here we are in clown world.

  6. I don’t like bananas when they go a bit black. Am I a racist?
    They smell funny, are bad for you, look awful, and make me feel a bit sick.

    Just like the black bananas.

    • I don’t eat bananas.
      They make me self conscious when eating them.
      Like Linda Lovelace or something.

      Too phallic!!

      Same with frankenfurters.
      And cucumbers.

      If it makes a nun blush I’m not eating it.

  7. No bandages in hospital then – White = racist init
    Tell Walls there going outa business – Ice Cream = White = racist
    Tell the Red Cross their gonna need a rainbow flag – White = racist
    Sukdik already banned England Flags – racist init
    Black Islamic Flags – they’re all the rage
    No Israel Flags obviously – White = racist
    Rice pudding to go – White = racist init
    Muller better start just selling chocolate colour deserts
    No more milky bars – White = racist

    Black Pudding – Thats ok

    DR Johan von Hindenberg-Sturm or whatever her name is better Fuck right off.
    Another passenger for the ship of fools.

    At this rate immigrants arriving on boats won’t be a problem ….we’ll be queuing up in Dover to climb in the dinghies to paddle away from this country as quickly as possible.
    By years end net migration will be in minus figures, and suicides will be soaring.
    Welcome to Labour Britain + +

  8. Some points (possibly already written but I can’t be arsed to check).
    Is breast feeding racist ?
    Is maggot milk made in South Africa (https://www.businesstoday.in/latest/trends/story/this-startup-makes-ice-cream-from-insect-larvae-235389-2019-10-28) racist ?
    Will snow become ‘racist’ ?
    Will clouds become ‘racist’ ?
    Pasteurisation kills the benefits in raw milk.

    Who the fuck listens to what these cuntish pseudo-scientists/experts say anyway and are they publicly funded ?

  9. So milk is racist eh? Somebody had better tell that to the Masai in Kenya as milk has been a part of their diet long before Whitey came along.

    • They’ll be going after butter next Two.

      I can see it now;butter’s yellow, and is consumed on toast, which is brown. White people eating toast is symbolic of us ‘consuming’ ie oppressing Chinese and dark skinned people.

      *note to Arts and Humanities Council; please send my grant check asap, I’m running a bit short of cash

  10. Bog paper is white and i agree it should`nt be it should be it should be BLACK and covered in shit like the rest of them…..

  11. Bog paper is white and i agree it should`nt be it should be BLACK and covered in shit like the rest of them…..

  12. Muddy Waters drank milk without complaint and shot his milky white cum all over the faces of his fans, who loved the blues in the coffee clubs from the sixties. We didn’t muddy the waters back then.

  13. Most of the cows in this area are black and white so how can dairy farming be racist. To think that some cunts go around inventing this kind of bollocks and some will get grants as well. Hunting season soon methinks

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