Racist and Imperialist Milk

Milk is racist and imperialist apparently. Well, stands to reason; it’s white innit?

Would you Adam and Eve it, some so-called academics at the History of Science Museum in Oxford are to investigate the ‘political nature’ of milk, and its links to colonialism.

Now if these supercilious wankers want to waste their time on such a ludicrous pursuit that’s their business. However it becomes our business when we learn that their ‘work’ is being funded through the Arts and Humanities Research Council, which means Joe and Jane Taxpayer.

Still, I suppose that we can all gain some solace from the fact that this vital research can only result in a significant improvement in the quality of people’s lives everywhere. Not.

I’m actually working on a thesis that snow (being white) is naturally racist. It’s a bit of a struggle at the moment, but I think that my case could be strengthened with government backing to enable investigative trips to Switzerland, Norway and the western USA. A hundred grand from the Council would probably cover it…

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Nominated by Ron Knee a brief supporting act by W C Boggs below.


I had to look twice to see it wasn’t April 1st, for today’s stories of lunatics (and I don’t mean Dame Kweer and his gender bollocks). No, this tart has got one over on even him – this is a “study” paid for by us, of course, by some loony tart called Dr Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp, who wishes to find out if milk is “racist”:

Words fail me, so this will have to do:

92 thoughts on “Racist and Imperialist Milk

  1. Of course it is..bison piss is the drink of champions, or a clean glass of water from the ganges. Just remember to sieve out the turds..

  2. Milk and other dairy products are definitely racist.

    From the NSDAP battle yoghurt used by the waffen SS to the innocent looking fromage le hate used by Marine le Pen.

    The killers of Steven Lawrence left Dairylee triangles stuck in his chest.
    A message to all sooties.

    The Milk Marketing company is complicit in trying to murder hundreds of Lactose intolerant weaklings.

    Deutschland Deutschland udder alles.

    IAN RUSH,?!!!
    Fuckin war criminal


  3. Why stop at milk?

    I’m thinking of applying for a grant to study the political nature of white rice, and if there’s any evidence that it’s racially biased against brown rice.

    • I like rice pudding.
      It’s also racist.

      Think I read somewhere that sooties can’t digest milk and assorted dairy products.

      They get a fever, start talking gibberish, swell up then drop dead.

      Why you never see a black milkman.
      Not because they’re lazy bastards and can’t get up at 5am.

  4. Fuck me I wouldn’t have had that cheese on toast if I thought it was part of a racist conspiracy.

    The milkman is a new Himmler,I fucking knew it!

    Money spent unearthing these scoundrels is money well spent.

    • What really boils my piss is that these fucking wankers are getting taxpayers’ money.

      Fucking hell,can’t the government find better things to spend our cash on than this lunacy?

      • Don’t fret Ron,
        Now we have this nice new, re-engaging govt, all stupid fucking waste of money antics like this will be stamped on.
        They are not engaging with “gimmicks” and we will all be so much better off, both socially and financially.

      • Indeed Cassandra.

        We have to be careful not to be wasteful with scarce resources, because we’ll need billions to feed, clothe and house all the boat people coming our way now, the poor deprived souls.

  5. All the best things are racist nowadays, the sun, milk, dinosaurs, police dogs,cricket,medicine, cheese and Britain.

    So I’m glad to join the list, you tunnel nostriled,big lipped porch monkeys with your inbred, cousin fucking, smelly brown brothers.

    That list is wonderful and so am I..

    “Well that’s what me mum said”

    • Funny how suntanned taxi drivers raping vulnerable 12 year old white girls isn’t racist, innit? Perhaps somebody could fund a study? Yeah, right.

  6. Do the same rules apply to black women’s breast milk?

    Next they’ll be trying to gaslight us into thinking spunk is racist!

    Though possibly not black man’s spunk.

  7. I hope milk and dairy is racist cos I fucking love both of it!
    Yam extract just doesn’t cut it on me cornflakes of a morning.

  8. Does it snow in Africa – no?

    With this guiding principle nig-nogs should demand black milk and potentially black snow.

    These researchers really need some tough-love to realign their brains.

    I need some sleep.

    • On the odd occasion I have a milkshake, I always order it made with a big scoop of dark chocolate.

      You can’t be too careful these days.

      Afternoon all.

      • Whenever I order a milkshake I order it without milk or flavouring ,
        In a pint glass and topped up with bitter.

  9. Twist me up like a pretzel and fuck me hard – have I really just read this.

    Is this was the rich cunts of these parents pay for to send their kids to go to soggy biscuit land, to do research project into this.

    Taxpayer funded too I see.

    Hawk Tua and spit on that thing.

    Question. If the milk has chocolate added to it does it become racist by being brown milk?

    • Bloody hell CM, keep that question to yourself, or some other cunt will be looking for a grant to research that as well!

  10. Johanna doesn’t like milk but is going to great lengths to get other to stop drinking it.

    Is it the white man’s fault? Do the Mongolians and Iranians not herd goats and sheep for their milk?

    Seems like it’s all based on assumption, and a big grift.

  11. After years of feeling fatigued with bouts of diarrhea and flatulence, Diane Abbott diagnosed herself as lacrosse intolerant.

  12. If human nature is prejudice, the ones complaining are the silly cunts. They have midnight on their side, the time spent when doing naughty deeds. Whatever the outcome these lazy cunts will always be second class citizens and we all know who we are talking about without any explanation. Case closed.

  13. Any sane government that saw this waste of time and money going on in an educational establishment should pull the plug.
    These wasters and their lecturers obviously have fuck all constructive to do, so should be kicked into the world of work, instead of having a racist jolly at tax payers expense.
    Having said that, who’d employ them?
    Even McDonald’s would think twice.
    Basically, if you are receiving state funding for education, it should be used to the benefit of the country, not against it.
    I’m fucking sick to death of lazy cunts using education as a means of avoiding work for as long as possible, and then whinging about the debts they’ve racked up.
    You get what you deserve, you thick, lazy cunts!

    • Eternal students. They’d save thousands and learn vastly more by just reading, but then they don’t get a piece of paper, another couple of letters after their name and spend their parents and loan money on ‘student nights’ down the pub well into their late twenties.

      Not knocking anyone who is already qualified and who goes into research in parallel with their career, or is self financed and taking professional, industry-recognised courses and exams. Those people are grafters and highly intelligent.

      It’s these cunts who go from college to college, picking up useless qualifications for no other reason than they’re desperate not to work and think a BTEC in pottery at 28 will get their parents off their backs a bit longer.

      • The scholarship system worked well enough for the financially disadvantaged. If you were clearly gifted, you had a chance to shine.
        Now, like everything else, higher education is simply a business. Bums on seats equals ££££.

  14. I remember when left wing martial artist Owen Jones was attacked by a vicious far right gang of cheesemongers and milkmen.

    The udder bastards.

  15. The wife just pointed out that the Ingerlund football shirt is white.

    This is clearly racist and imperialist. What’s to be done about this?

    Well I suggest that our kit should be dark brown. Or given that we’re managed by Wokegate, we could go for a shirt in the colours of the LGBTQ£&*()!%@~# flag as an alternative, to show that we’re ‘on message’.

  16. All this nom has done is make me hungry.

    Strawberries from my beautiful garden and Cornish cream,
    I’m exquisitely racist .

    • Nice one Miserable.

      We’ve just had raspberries fresh from our garden, with deliciously white double cream.

      We must be racist as well.

  17. Admin/s,

    Evening admin hope you’re well?

    Just wondering are the nominations going to be going back to 3 per day ?
    I can’t quite keep up with when the times are or how many.
    Not a criticism
    Sure there’s a reason why.
    Just wondering is all.

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work.

    All the best

  18. Milk is not only racist and Imperialist,
    But also sexist and transphobic (unless you happen to be a trans man).
    Fuck them.

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