Now here is a lady? (or it could be a man in drag), who really is a self-important, up- her-own-arse woman. This Karen has lived abroad for over 40 years but has decided to vote in the general election (no doubt for the Starmer/Blair party, otherwise the BBC wouldn’t be interested), because, despite her long, unlamented absence she regards herself as “an ambassador for Britain”:


This self important old cunt is 76 and lived in Manchester, but not having lived here for 40 years, and no doubt influenced by the tittle tattle she has read, thinks her one vote is important. The BBC regard it as important enough to devote a page to her. What a bunch of cunts.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs.

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  1. Well, she is just one of a few that they interviewed but it is indeed a silly little piece of ‘social journalism’. I guess everything is quiet in Gaza and Donetsk at the moment.

    I like Jim, who cannot be bothered to vote because he doesn’t think he deserves to, living down under. Good lad Jim, but you could have spoilt your ballot paper like the rest of us.

    Mailing in some kangaroo turd would have been a plus.

  2. Its obvious, these self important twats who no longer live here, will be as vindictive as fuck and try to make things even worse.

    • But the main culprits are this government who want the votes. Teach the foreign cunts you allowed in English and pay them for the privilege.

  3. Sorry, but no.

    Lie in the bed you make and if you have decided to fuck off to pastures greener then you have no right to cast a vote over something that doesn’t affect you.

    So this slag, who was probably fingered my Manuel in a tapas bar when she was 37 and decided to stay thinks she has some kind of right?

    I get she gets a full state pension too despite contributing fuck all for the last 40 years.

    No dear, shut up and fuck off.

    • Please tell me it ain’t so. How the fook can she (or anyone) get a state pension from abroad?
      I (stupidly) believed that you only get out what you put in… AND that one lives in that country (for 365-90 days).
      Even Communism didn’t go that far.

      • Unfortunately it is. As cited by the web:

        If you’re planning to live abroad when you retire, you’ll still be able to claim your State Pension if you’ve paid enough National Insurance contributions to qualify.

      • Communism didnt support people who didnt want to work either.

        The government gave you a job.

    • It gets better MCC.

      There are kids in Europikeyland that have never set foot in this country, but still get child benefit from the UK taxpayer.

      Likewise, some dishwaller who arrived on a student visa can import his entire family to claim benefits and housing. Including pensions for the parents who have never paid a penny into the kitty and never will.

      For some reason we now have a Labour government, so this is only going to get worse.

  4. Vsalerie and the bloke in canada want votes and pensions, but havent lived in Britain since I was in nappies.
    No taxation, no representation. The biggest cunts here are the tories for changing the fifteen year rule. At least the bloke who raises pigs in Australia has a sense of fairness.

    My mates who have left the country and have taken citizenship abroad couldnt give a fuck who runs Britain, although the ones in Japan might have to return in the future before they ae worked to death in their 80s ; Japan has a terrible birth rate and by 2050 will have one worker for every pensioner.

    • The Japanese are weird cunts aren’t they.

      Great country and culture and all that but the fact that the young blokes over there seems to prefer relationships with a virtual reality girlfriend or some stupid electronic device, deserve all the demographic problems that are coming.

      • They should try these women you get down on the South coast. They’re so rotund with brightly coloured hair and blobs of plastic and metal attached they resemble pokemon and tamagotchi, and they also stink of raw seafood.

  5. If it looks like a Labour voter, if it walks like a Labour voter and it talks like a Labour voter – it’s a Labour voter.

    Let’s be honest, if she was a Conservative type, do you think Al Beeb would have given her the time of day?

    Good morning

  6. Seems like any cunt is allowed to vote how do you think that cunt khan got elected it weren’t the indigenous people of London that voted the carpet kisser in . All these fucking elections are fixed the people have decided it’s all bollocks

    • Was it Stalin who said it doesn’t matter who votes, it’s who counts them.

      I have practically zero faith in the electoral system in the West.

      At least African countries wear their obvious corruption on their sleeves.

    • Living in Londonistan I have yet to meet one person who voted for Khunt, but he was able to wheel out thousands of his Ali Baba friends to vote for him.

  7. Valerie Salary can fuck right off.
    She’s to me a foreigner.

    She left this country doesn’t contribute to it, why should she get to vote on its governance?

    Go eat your paella and chips you plastic Spaniard.

  8. It’s obvious from the article why she feels she deserves a say still, it’s nothing about feeling British either .

    Telling says that the things she is most interested in are the NHS and social care .

    She’s 76 and clearly realises that Manuel doesn’t want to look after her in her old age , so she’s lining up a buckshee jaunt to “home” so we can pay for it .


    • Spot on CotL.

      Watch her come speeding back when she needs a hip replacement, followed by three months in an NHS convelecent home.

  9. I just knew it lived Spain before I even got that far into the ‘story’.

    I lived abroad for 10 years more or less. I voted in the 2015 General Election, because back then I was naive enough to think my vote would change anything.

    If you live out of your homeland, shut the fuck up about who runs the show.

  10. To right CC.

    They shouldn’t be allowed back to pØnce off the NHS either.

    They should have to sit a citizenship test .
    Prove allegiance to this country being throwing a immigrant child into the sea,
    Or harpooning a dinghy and clubbing any that stay afloat with a baling club.

    • I worked and paid contributions for nearly 40 years before I moved abroad so I am entitled to full pension under the rules when I get to 66 and 10 months. I have never voted or used the NHS since I have been out of the country, my wife and I get very good health care if we need it, to be honest, it’s a lot quicker and better than the UK. It always seems to be the people on here who have moved to Spain that come in for a lot of stick. Don’t judge us all, we are not all benidorm tourists. Have a pop at the ones on here that are in NZ, Canada, USA, Poland and Scandinavian for a change. You are always moaning about life in the UK, you never hear me moan about life here as I’m happy as are many others.

    • Those in France and Germany will not be ponzing of the NHS.

      That would be like exchanging Claudia Schiffer for Susan Boyle.

  11. The Bollocking Broadcasting Cunts are doing everything in their power to annoy us, because we won’t give them our money to keep them going. We genuine stubborn British won’t budge an inch you stupid twats. Come on beeb, give us all you’ve got, but you must realise there are still enough of our old lads sill here and the young are backing us up. So there !

  12. I’m sorry but she’s lived away from Britain almost as long as I’ve been alive (42 next month).

    If I ever emigrated to another country, especially for 4 decades which seems pretty permanent to me, then I would’ve tried long ago to attain legal citizenship in my new adopted country and renounced my British citizenship.

    Another example of a presumably well-to-do, out-of-touch, middle class, remoaner cunt who wants to have her cake while the plebs eat it. Fuck her.

    • I won’t tell you how old I am now – I have my pride, but if I had known 55 years ago what a shithole this country would become, I would have fucked off to Australia and burnt any indication that I origniated in Britain. If things had got tough I could have always blacked up and come home in a boat to the RNLI taxi service in Dover. Meanwhile that silly fucker Sugartits Cooper kids herself she “has a plan” to deal with illegal immigrants, just as I have a plan for alchemy in the garden shed.

      • She has got a plan, and that plan probably consists of laying on extra boats for the cunts along with a military escort to make sure they get here safely. After all they mean more to Labour than actual British people.

        The fact that Cooper is Home Secretary and Lammy is foreign secretary only reinforces this school of thought for me.

  13. Well sometimes I go out by myself
    And I look across the channel.

    And I think I deserve a vote
    Cause I was a teacher.

    Cause since I left blighty
    Well my body is a mess.
    But I think I’ll come back and abuse the NHS
    Why don’t I come over
    And make fools out of you..

    Keep your fucking nose out Valerie.


  14. She’s not so bad.

    She’s just one of postal ballot crowd,which largely consists of dead people from Pakistan.

    Anyway All Hail Supreme Leader Khan!

    Your vote counts and don’t forget his dad was a bus driver.

    Good Afternoon.

  15. Stop it beeb, be your old self. You can’t erode what you allowed Jimmy to blatantly do live in full view of the camera. What you are doing is making things worse by kowtowing to the wrong people. Its we British you should be helping. Stop cutting your nose off to spite your face.

  16. Interesting that this rule change was introduced by a Conservative government. Presumably they reasoned that anyone who decides to leave Britain and live abroad must have plenty of money and therefore is more likely to vote Conservative. Why else would they do it?
    As far as I’m concerned, anyone who doesn’t live here has no right to have a say in what happens here. End of story. Forty years or one year makes no difference.

    • Its just as transparent as Labour wanting to lower the voting age. Both parties look to benefit from changing the rules on who can vote.

  17. Silly old cow has no idea what it’s like living in the dump that is Britain anymore. Reminds me of the Brexit Referendum when all the cunts who emigrated out of the country years ago thought their opinion counted for more than citizens that live here. Get to fuck

  18. Under the Brexit agreement UK ex-pats who are permanent residents in Spain were allowed to vote in Spanish elections.

    That right was revoked a few years ago so unless you are a full citizen of Spain or you are from an EU zone country, you have no right to vote.

    Even if you have lived here for decades and voted previously.

    So much for Boris’s oven ready deal.

    Even though she has been out of the UK for so long there is a chance that she has family or friends there.
    Wanting an entitled say in their future is not such a bad thing.

    If she is receiving her pension, although paid into her Spanish bank account, she will be taxed in the UK.

    All said and done, I think that she should do one of two things.
    Either become a Spanish citizen, which she could have done 30 year’s ago.
    Or fuck off back to the UK.

  19. How the fuck can an ex pat have a vote and because there was no candidate in my area from my party choice I had no vote
    Forgive me for missing something along the way as politics ain’t my bag but surely people vote on party manifesto rather than individual candidate?
    If not why not?

    • Because most ex-pats are concerned about their pensions which they pay tax on in the UK.

      Others worry about the healthcare and future of their children who are still in the UK and the education of their grandchildren.

      If they have a legitimate right to vote then why not?

      It seems like most people who have commented here think that all ex-pats living abroad are Labour and EU lovers.

      That isn’t the case.

      There would probably have been a load of different comments if it was revealed that the hundreds of thousands of ex-pats throughout Europe voted Reform.

      But I still can’t see why this particular woman is still not a Spanish citizen.
      Especially as she worked in Madrid for so long.
      It’s not like she wouldn’t be able to pass the citizenship test.

    • I hope you at least took the trouble to spoil your ballot paper.

      Btw: in this country, according to the rules, we vote for individual candidates.
      Who may or may not be affiliated to a political party.

    • Pointless making Thornpiggery a cabinet minister seeing as she’s going to be rendered down to make candles when the lights inevitably go out.

  20. Ambassador for Britain the cheeky self important cunt, she hasn’t even got a hat with Ostrich plumes on it. She looks more like an ambassador for Hammer Horror films. You’ve made your bed in Spain mrs what goes on here has fuck all to do with you .

  21. In the second Nolan Batman film , the says to two mobsters that his organisation has room for one person whilst tossing them a pool cue to fight to the death.

    This is what I suggest we televise instead of Strictly Come Dancing

    Death matches between a migrant and an aged expat who wants to come back on the ponce .

    Winner stays on

  22. Talking politics or boloticks as I call it I see captain bowl head Rachel Reeves is revelling in her new role as first female cunt.

    One of her pledges is:

    • Build 1.5m homes by the end of this parliament – including affordable and council homes

    Fuck me, I can see the rag heads and dakis shooting their AK’s into the air shouting Allah ‘akbar and lining them dinghies up quick time – fuck me the chinks can’t build them quickly enough.

    • Every town you go to there is a housing estate being built somewhere there. It’s not like no new houses were being built and if she wants to speed that up where is the manpower coming from to build them?

      I saw a comment on Facefuck the other day with some deluded lefty cunt suggesting that we ‘process the asylum seekers quicker’ so they can be put to work helping to build these homes. Yeah because I’m sure all of them are qualified architects, brickies, plumbers etc. Most of them have probably never used a proper toilet let alone install one. Fucking delusional.

      • Doesn’t take long to make a home out of cow shit & mud…💩

        I’m sure they’ll feel right at home in a turd house..!

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