Cunts in Space

For fuck’s sake.

I explained my angle for inputting ‘offensive’ search terms in Google (late)in the thread about same. Self amusement a bit, and the irreverant hope lines such as the original “Did Ed suck Daroolios blue cock?” (re: an ambiguity in a stupid The Orville episode)… might carry over to strangers autofills.

An early example I shared was ‘First tranny on the moon estimate’. Re-entered same just now, for pig iron … and in a few short years it has gone from ‘Your search did not match any documents” previously, to …

Well, this.


The whole article is very cis-aggravating. The bones of it is this (quote)

“…the end goal is to “train and fly an exceptional LGBTQ student to space to conduct relevant research” that will highlight LGBTQ contributions in science and space”.

If LBTQGwhatever-it-is want to go to space (or be ‘represented’), .. why don’t LBTQGwhatever get together and build themselves an exclusively LBTQG-rocket. Their assumed homo-superior attitude in all other avenues of existence is pretty evident, so why would cunts like the one in the article be satisfied to ride on the cis-mans rocket? (puns there if you want).

And then, as seems to be their way, make any such (piggybacking)mission ALL about their, their, their …. habits. Flight engineers and mission specialists and engineers and planners and all others’ ACTUAL feats bedamned.

Lastly, .. why it’s not a good idea. A flight captain in a precarious job to begin with, might find himself with limited time to make a critical decision in an emergency situation. The last thing he needs in that scenario is the payload expert, say, coming over behind him and running his hand through his hair …

Nominated by Cuntemall.

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  1. Does anyone want to wake the sleeping beauty ? Don’t worry, its not necessary to wake them the traditional way. A bucket of ice cold water will do.

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