The European Citizens Panel To Discuss Hatred in Society

I am a member of the Free Speech Union and so receive a weekly news email from them. This week it included an article about this EU project, which was launched on 5 April. It’s aim is to tackle hate in society and “build bridges for disenfranchised and alienated communities”. It has 150 members picked at random ( I’m inclined to not believe that bit) from the 27 member states.

I did a bit more digging on line to see what this was about and was amazed at how far they intend to take this in terms of indoctrinating people – adverts on public transport, radio broadcasts and adverts, a free film promoting the message that will be broadcast constantly for nothing and even branding household products such as bogroll and ketchup with cautionary tales and slogans about how saying the wrong thing could get you into a spot of bother.

Not much said about the penalties for breaches of this nonsense but I can well imagine they will be harsh and disproportionate. What a load of festering old wank.

Europa Link.

Nominated by : Mary Hinge

Seconded by Chuff chugger with this:

If I may add to this nomination as this bbc article is related to the hurty word movement of today’s sensitive types.

This is a modern ‘man’ and f1 racing driver.:

BBC Sport.

What cunt. Ahh bless him.

When I was at school if you didn’t want to be bullied or abused in the playground I didn’t go to that area of the playground where the hard boys converged…thus I wasn’t troubled. As I got older I learned there were pubs that attracted cunts in town and others that were full of my kind of people….did I got to frequent the pub full of cunts, no of course not. I avoided it. This philosophy has seen me in good stead all my life, so why do these sensitive cunts keep hanging around social media platforms if they haven’t got broad enough shoulders to handle some flack….just font go there…or stick up for yourself. Its not difficult.

57 thoughts on “The European Citizens Panel To Discuss Hatred in Society

    • Hate is all you need….

      Im riddled with prejudice and Hatred towards my fellow man.

      That’s natural.
      Perfectly healthy and well balanced.

      These crybaby motherfuckers bleating about hate deserve to be hated.

      Also I’m not that keen on free speech.

      It’s ok for me, but I don’t like it in regards to other people.

      It’s not a right.

      People have the right to shut the fuck up and stop whining.

      I Hate them.

      • Agree wholeheartedly, Mis. Have a go back with weaponry the cunts can’t muster and it will send then scurrying away like the mice they are.

  1. 1. Who defines hate? Free speech is hate speech?

    2. You’re a professional (paid a fortune) driver, do better!

    3. Fuck the EU, I hate it.

  2. Sorry for not reading more than a few words before spewing up, Mary.

    Chuffs advise is the common sense I’ve always followed my whole life.

  3. As I’ve said before, the problem with hate is what exactly?

    I hate religion, trannies, Marxist cunts, Gary Lineker, the Woke and The European Citizens Panel To Discuss Hatred In Society.

    All perfectly complimenting a healthy outlook on the world.

    • Alright, Dave,

      How you faring, mate?

      I’d like to add the Tory party, Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson, Zelensky, the EU, Lewis Hamilton, and Ferrari at Le Mans to the list if that’s alright.

      • Afternoon Cuntis, good to hear from you mate, hope you’re in fine fettle

        As for me, the usual hangover, it’s at times like this when the person I fucking hate the most is myself…

        Even that’s probably not allowed any more on this pitiful planet of pansies

  4. Well we know the disenfranchised and alienated communities are the indigenous Europeans but that is not who these cunts mean is it.

  5. It’s all very well cacking on about human rights, but when will we see Human Responsibilities legislation?

    This could include matters from the trivial (Watch where you’re going, no compensation for you, you cunt) to the more fundamental (Learn the language of the country you live in; public places aren’t rape markets)

    Quite simple, no actual hate or anything-cism required.

    Top hole.

  6. A panel?


    Panels are paper tigers waffling-on but effecting little.

    What’s needed is a parliamentary minister against hatred in society.

    Sounds dumb? Welcome to Earth, 2024, .. where THIS is now a thing, from Victoria., Australia….

    (quoting the PM).

    “Tim Richardson will become Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behaviour Change”

    Well, I suppose that ‘maaaate’ business made a huge change, eh?

  7. I’m waiting for the box of tissues that come pre dampened to save the soft 😭 babies the effort…. I’d like an isac bog roll with messages/delictations on every piece🧻… enjoy your first dump with a morning 😆

    • I like the ISAC bog-roll idea. It would certainly encourage me to read more. I’d be perma-bogged, my legs would go numb.

      Could sneak the bog-roll into the local Arab ‘restaurant’.

      • I once attended a cal at a Virgin Active gym in Finchley MCC. I checked in at reception and started work on the terminal which had failed. A security guard came into the area, headed straight for me and asked; “You planning to steal the terminal?” I told him I had come to fix it and he clocked I had my tools out and the covers off the machine. He then apologised and said; “Sorry I should have known. You don’t look like a fucking arab.” His mate who had now appeared and heard this last statement told him he couldn’t say that to which he replied; “Why not? It’s the truth.”

    • I 🤎 to discriminate.

      One of my favourite things.

      My advice is to start early.

      ” Are you coming to my 6th birthday party?
      Not so fast karim.
      Your not invited.”

  8. Remoaner here.

    This smug toss makes me strongly dislike the EU. It’s just so… sneery and self-righteous. I’d never get tired of throwing that Ursula Van Der Whatever out of a window. And they can’t understand why Europe’s swinging right…

    Being called a cunt doesn’t do you any harm if you’re being a cunt.

  9. With England kicking off their euro campaign this evening, so too will the allegations of hate towards any black player who turns out not to be as good as they’re told they are.
    Lots of talk of hate, but not a shred of evidence offered.
    I hope the media remember to post a picture of a black player if we win and a white player if we lose.
    Will avoid being accused of a hate crime.

  10. Paris November 2015
    Cologne New Year’s Eve 2015
    Charlie Hebdo
    Manchester Arena 2017
    P*ki Grooming gangs
    And many many more.

    And they wonder why effnicks are despised. None of the above were down to the far right who are allegedly the real threat.

  11. What a load of bollocks if you don’t like an orrible sub species cunt what’s it got to do with some other cunt fuck erm

    • I regularly get into discussions or arguments with people who don’t like the way I speak my mind. I don’t mind saying that I don’t like the look of someone, for instance. To me, this just means that someone is behaving in an odd way, so I make sure I get away from them. I sincerely believe that is an animal instinct. I might not be here now if I gave these types the benefit of the doubt. Central Bristol is full of weirdo cunts. Occasionally one meets another, which can be very funny to watch,

      • Couldn’t agree more Mary. We used to call it what it is, acting on your instincts, now disparangingly called prejudice. Keep it up, you’ll live longer.

  12. I hate everyone.
    And hopefully they hate me, so when it comes to me being shafted, it’s not a big surprise.
    Hate is good, keeps things in perspective.

  13. Getting rid of hatred is an impossible task and it’s not for politicians to attempt.

    In the House of Lords there are 26 Lords Spiritual.
    These arseholes are supposed to be teaching the relevance of Christianity in today’s society.
    They are supposed to be promoting an end to hatred.

    But they don’t.

    They are more concerned with sexualy assaulting small boys and defending the rights of hoards of illegal immigrants, none of them Christian.

    You will never hear a bishop saying that Muslims marching with banners calling for the beheading of all infidels are being hateful.

    You will hear nothing from them condemning Muslim terrorists for their latest atrocity.

    So if they are not going to do anything about hatred in society then why should I?

    As a heterosexual, white male almost everything I say is hateful in one way or the other.

    White, heterosexual males are the only target for the people that mistakenly want to wipe hatred out.

    Black people cannot be hateful.
    They have every right to hate all white people for having distant relatives that may or may not have taken part in a legitimate business hundreds of years ago.

    Gays and trannies have the right to hate all straight people who are fed up with their antics.

    Muslims aren’t showing any hatred when they carry out terrorist attacks or call for all non Muslims to be put to death.

    I have the right to hate whoever I want and I have the right to say whatever I want as well.

    No cunt is going to take those rights away from me.

  14. I was mugged by blacks and another time they stole the back wheel from my bicycle. A piccaninny thumped me in the arm on a railway station, for which an elderly black man apologied profusely for the little cunts actions. There are other occasions I care to mention that went on and my only reward was having the chance to shag a real beauty.

  15. The EU has form pushing this stuff.

    A few years before the referendum there was PDF going around on the EU’s plan to enforce ‘tolerance’ training across society in schools, through the media, public spaces and the workplace. It discussed conflicts that might arise with freedom of expression guaranteed under the ECHR.

    It was quite deranged. Hopefully it was entirely fake, but from the way certain govt. employees I knew through Facebook actually think about the people who pay their wages, it might just as easily have been real.

    in a related topic, Chief Commissar Rowley would like the little people to stop talking about the Great Replacement. theory

    The sort of expansion of hate speech legislation is obviously meant to stop discussion of conspiracy theories of all sorts.

  16. Imagine if they re-made A Clockwork Orange now. They would pin open his eyes and show him lots of evil Honkies followrd by conscientious people of colour, not cheating the system and not selling drugs.. Mind you, Alex himself would be played by some Nigerian who certainly, definitely wouldn’t be an UltraRapist.

  17. The pendulum always swings back eventually, and to the same degree it swung the other way. Seig Heil, fuckers, this is what you get when you justify your version of bigotry.

  18. My response to all this shit:
    You really are a bunch of disgusting pee d0ugh c@mel-bugg3r!ng a55licking tr@ nny d3vi@nt$ .
    If you disapprove of living in the most tolerable country in the world just fuck 0ff back to the festering shithole that you were born in.

  19. Ocon has made a career of crashing into other drivers, usually his team mate. The bloke is an utter chip on shoulder cunt.

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