King Charles’ [17] D-Day Disrespect

Charles the homeopathic moron and his disrespect for our D- Day veterans.

This fucking chinless halfwit gave tributes to the D-Day veterans wearing more medals than Idi Amin. Not one of which was deserved or earned.
These men were there and survived to mourn their comrades. How dare this fucking overprivileged cunt wear decorations suited to a third world dictator.
What a repulsive cunt.

BBC News.

Nominated by : Cuntstable Cuntbubble

76 thoughts on “King Charles’ [17] D-Day Disrespect

  1. I think it’s just a pile of meaningless ceremonial bling, isn’t it?

    But you’re right CC, it doesn’t look good.

      • @ General

        The poor old bastard doesn’t know where he is to be fair.

        Not that I’m defending him but at the end of the day he’s clearly in the mid to late stages of dementia.

        Anybody who even tries to defend that shit show over in the States is a CUNT.

        Shame on all the enablers.

        Good morning

      • Hey Herman,

        I do understand your poor old bastard remark but it’s hard for me to have any sympathy for him. He’s been a hateful, lying, clueless cunt his entire career.

        You are totally correct about his handlers and defenders. It’s even worse than perhaps you think. Daily we are gaslighted by leftist pundits and political operatives telling us how mentally sharp and physically active he is.

        It’s absolutely insane.

        Dr fucking Jill should be charged with elder abuse.

  2. He was also wandering around, laughing and joking with the granny shagger Macron while French immigration were checking the passports of the soldiers that parachuted in as part of the celebrations.

    It’s a pity that they don’t check the immigration status of the hundreds of thousands of third world scum that they let in to make their way to the UK.

    And as far as D Day was concerned, no passports were checked…. No fucking French were anywhere near the landing beaches.

  3. I agree Cuntstable.

    I commented the other day that I saw a picture of Jug Ears and Baldy and thought they looked like a pair of Cold War Soviet Politicians with all the bling they were wearing.

    And what do you think those medals were?

    The Order of the Tampon for the King and the Scion of the Saintly Whore for the Prince?

    It really was bullshit.

    • I find it interesting, General, how the Anglo-American relationship has changed since i first started using the internet over twenty years ago.

      Back ften it would degenerate to heated squabbling over WW2 or dentistry.

      Nowadays, with 20 years of mass intercommunicatuon across the North Atlantic between millions sharing a common language and, in a lot of cases heritage, there seems to be a consensus that both of our ruling classes are complete cunts

      • Hey Cuntamus,

        That’s a solid point.

        We are “led” by cunts on both sides of the Atlantic.

  4. I see that most of the medals were awarded to him by his mother, one was the coronation medal which he awarded to himself.

    His mother bravely endured the worst of the war by hiding away in a castle.

    She kept the spirit of the nation up by pretending to drive an ambulance in times when she was in absolutely no danger.

    Fuck the lot of them.

    Strip them of everything that they have scrounged and send them off to survive in another Commonwealth country.

    Somewhere like Papua New Guinea.

    • Lizardbreath betrayed us from day one of her reign.The coronation speech had some interesting wordplay.”Insincerity l pledge” rather than ‘in all sincerity” two contradicted sentences essentially.

      They need to go.Only insects require a Queen.

    • He was wearing 10 medals.

      They would have included…..
      His mother’s coronation medal.
      His own coronation medal.
      At least 5 different Queen’s jubilee medals.
      Another 2 would have been long and good service medals from the Navy.

      The final one?
      For being a cunt, I suppose.

  5. Not to take from the nom, which is a belter, short & sweet, … but Fuck the medals being undeserved … the jug eared cunt is the King of all Engerland and the Comminwealth and such .

    Associated bullshit includes : He has to be referred to as ‘His Majesty’, and bowing and curtsys are expected from his commoners. Near £800 million in the bank as his subjects (combat vets included) are not ‘having it great’. (£10 new million in the past year, I’m reading on another tab). Sometimes £672 million just doesn’t cut the mustard, I suppose.

    The medals? .. The medals are just him shitting on your sitting room floor after he’s robbed your TV….

    • Shit…. ^ £762 million (then, plus the new ten on top since)… mustn’t cut the mustard… one must be more careful when counting a cunts hundreds-of-millions…

      • He’s worth many many billions, he owns millions of acres of land all the rights off shore never mind the jewels and priceless arts.No fucking Death duties for these cunts.

      • 800 million is his equivalent of a restaurant tip.He owns vast continents via the ‘Commonwealth’.Trillionaires for sure.

      • My bad.

        … one must be more careful when counting a cunts THOUSANDS-of-millions…

  6. Royals love medals!
    That and gold braid.

    But they aren’t like your dad’s or grandads medals- earnt.

    More like chocolate medals.
    They get em off eBay.

    And they get them for things like buttering their own crumpets or making a pot noodle.

    Dictators also use eBay to buy medals and gold braid.

    Famously Idi Admin loved a medal ,
    Second only to Muttley from Wacky Races.

    But Idi actually served in the British army, saw combat fighting the maumau.
    So some of his were Earnt.

    Bet King Charles can’t say that,?

    • I think we can be to harsh on ISAC.

      The king was awarded (mum) the George Cross for taking the top off his own boiled egg.

      His valet held his coat and his butler and groom rolled up his sleeves,
      And he swung the spoon his royal self.

      Now anything could of happened!
      Could of broken his wrist.

      He could of been blinded by flying eggshell shrapnel!

      But he persevered .
      It must of been exhausting?

      And he probably had to recover with a couple of months on a yacht.

      Hence the famous line

      “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!!”

      • Lest we forget, he also outlawed flip-flops.
        Anyone caught wearing them was forced to eat them in front of him.
        Or be shot dead!
        Deserved his medals for that alone.
        Morning SCB, all 👍

      • I remember my Grandad laughing his tits off reading the news of the screws about an assassination attempt when a lobbed grenade bounced off Idi’s bonce.

      • Wasn’t the bastard responsible for kicking out the Ugandan Paks.who ended up here in blighty ?

  7. Blimey, it’s jug-ears’ own nom, a senior version of my Hewitt nom from a fortnight ago!
    Filthy royal parasites.
    Hopefully all the boot-lickers watching trooping the colour yesterday in the rain will catch pneumonia.

  8. If King Charles was in the scouts he probably didn’t earn any of his badges there either.

    I earned every one of mine and proud of it I was too. Especially my ‘Groomed by Akela’ one.

  9. They should have covered him in medals to the equivalent a weightlifter could lift. Then award him with a medal for breaking the world record, which would turn out to be the straw that broke the camels back and see stupid cunt go arse over tit, for us all to laugh our heads off.

    • Tried looking at your explanation Harry, but it was telling me to use the biscuits, ( equivalent to the yankie shite ) but got the gist. What Charlie should have wore is a black military tunic minus medals he obviously doesn’t own and would’ve been more respected.

  10. I’d have grudging respect for this laughable fellow if he’d taken the podium to say

    “By asking for the passports of those British Servicemen upon landing here you have disrespected our Glorious Dead and acted like the cowards you all are.

    I command the entire British delegation to leave immediately.

    I consider the actions of these petty French cunts to be an act of war.

    Now Fuck Off.”

    • True but the poor guys would have had do to have done the same coming back into England which is a crime on its own.

  11. As King of all England and the commonwealth and such, .. I’m thinking on reflection he doesn’t have ENOUGH undeserved/pointless medals on his person.

    How about an honorary London marathon participant medal every year for starters. It’s HIS city runners are being allowed run around after all. That kind of thing. Shit or get off the pot kind of scenario. Honorary helicopter pilot – it’s HIS army, .. would be another one.

    On a different tack altogether, … anyone reckon that besides ceremonial do’s, the medals get an outing on date night between the tampon wannabe and his consort? Maybe a couple of extra kept especially FOR same, that he bought in a pawn shop after a genuine veteran had to sell ’em to keep the heat on at some stage, in later life. Real fucking life.

    It’s a wonder the cunt didn’t get the things included on the banknotes.

  12. Don’t really go along with this cunting. The King is the King, and he is our Head of State. He is the Head of our Armed Forces and as such is entitled to the nomenclatures that go with it. Either a country has a Royalty or it doesn’t – we do. God save the King; send Him victorious. Rule Britannia. Fuck off.

    Good morning., everyone.

      • Don’t make kings like they used to do they?

        I’d prefer a big boisterous cunt like Henry vIii ,
        Than some bush bothering Hanoverian no chin .

        We used to have a few kings at one point.
        King of Northumbria
        King of Mercia
        King of Wessex

        More like clan chiefs really but the sort of fellows you could get behind,
        I’d be a royalist if it was still blokes like that .

        Tossing bones over their shoulders for the hounds,
        Drinking heavily
        Having priests murdered
        Shagging the staff
        Leading the charge into battle…

        They really were awfully nice,
        Someone to look up too.

      • The quality of our kings has definitely been lessened since Longshanks and the like. Playboys and mentals with a brief interlude from the puritan fun police Cromwell.

      • King Alfred the Great is my favourite king, Mis. Pre-Norman king of Wessex.

        Eddy Longshanks a distant second.

  13. A fine nomination.

    However, what else would one expect from a privileged pampered cunt like Charlie.

    The only medal he should be wearing is a “Cunt of the Year” courtesy of all at Is a

  14. What a cunt. Over a year after his coronation, I’m still waiting for my coronation medal. Having retired 6 months ago, I’ll probably be dead before they get round to isssuing them to plebs like me. After all, I only had 35 years of service in various services, what do I count for? As long as big ears and the other chinless cunts can get their unearned medals, that’s all that matters to them.

  15. All these military types make me smile with these pretend medals. They’ve never been up to their necks in muck and bullets as you or I have.

  16. Running up the stairs the fastest. The dressing up box was certainly busy for TTC, oh and kate being soooo brave. Fuck all of them.

  17. I notice he has pilot’s wings above that row of gongs. Must be for his exemplary skills demonstrated when landing a 146.

  18. There was once a time when leaders led into battle. This chinless faggot couldn’t lead a pencil.
    Fuck him and his parasitic clan of shabbos goy.

  19. Was he wearing a “Victorius Cross” a la that crafty old dictator the King of Scotland Idi.
    The world is less interesting now all these nutters have shuffled off their mortal coil

  20. As soon as the beautiful Queen died,i knew this family of inbred fucks would disintegrate. Waste of space all of them .

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