Vaughn Gething [5]

Vaughn Gething is a cunt.

He readily took money from an organisation under criminal investigation whilst presenting himself as an ‘ethical’ candidate, and now he’s been found out he doesn’t gave the good grace to resign – despite losing a confidence vote on the matter. Apparently this is because two of his colleagues being absent ‘affected the vote’, but given they have both had fallouts with him there is no guarantee they would’ve voted in his favour. I’m not a sheep shagger, but I absolutely cannot stand uppity little nogs who try to dodge, dive, dodge, deflect and dodge when challenged to take accountability for their wrongdoings. The odious cunt should fuck off back from whence he came [edit].

BBC News.

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65 thoughts on “Vaughn Gething [5]

  1. Denzel Washington’s rètarded brother been caught with his hand in the till.

    Finally clearing the ethnics out of higher office one by one..
    Now if only khan would have a terrible accident..

  2. He looks far too blick to have white dad, mummy must have black as the ace of spade

    Looks a bit like chicken George out of roots 😂

  3. He says he is a man of colour, so why as he culturally appropriated a Welsh name?.
    The fake shit coloured cunt.
    Surprised he hasn’t complained about miners blacking their faces.
    Fuck off.

    • “…why as he culturally appropriated a Welsh name?.”

      He hasn’t – his father is/was a white Welsh cunt.

  4. Fuck it. it doesn’t matter. pure bread and circus.

    We are about to get a Labour government good and hard

    crime will be decriminalised and welfare scrounging the norm.

    anyone earning more than £50 a day is about to to taxed into oblivious.

    Either give up now and sign on, or be prepared to lose your social standing and most probably your life to a drug addicted third world piece of shit who will then be entitled to your house.


    • Peter Hitchens has said in two recent interviews that it’s important to vote against Labour., be it Reform, Tory or even Lib Dem.
      Star is a cunning Blairite shit with a collection of far-left nutters ready to fill the cabinet. Their next reign will destroy Britain.

  5. This is the cunts fifth cunting, but due to spelling differences used on the cunts first name he’s not getting the full credit of this achievement …

    Hmmm…I’ll check on that and see what I can see – NA.

    Update: Yep, you are correct. It’s 5. Gold star awarded and title changed. I checked all the previous noms and none of them were written up by me, so I’m not the cunt who fucked that up – NA.

    • Can I get that gold star as a medal, please?

      And if could be forwarded to :

      HRH Charlie Windsor
      c/o Buckingham Palace.

      Cunt’d probably wear it too, next time he’s giving horse-face a royal rogering ….

      I have to go now ; it’s 2 minutes to Wapner.

  6. How did he get in, even though he’d lost his keys. Besides not being able to read the sign in the window, which should’ve given a clue.

    No Blacks
    No Irish
    No Dogs.
    What have the dogs ever done to deserve this.

    • In the nom it’s mentioned about him mixing with shady characters.

      It’s some businessman who’s been fined a few times for environmental crimes.

      Dumping shite in rivers
      Dumping Shite in protected wetlands etc

      Thought these lefty cunts were meant to be eco aware?

      Taking funding from a polluter, a capitalist polluter no less.

      Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to vacate the moral high ground .
      Red card.

      • I like the fact that two of his colleagues weren’t able to turn up to vote ‘for health reasons’. Apparently he’d shit all over at least one of them in the past. Revenge is sweet.

      • Almost certainly a gyppo owned compnany. They love fly tipping do your Caravan Using Nomadic Travellers. Also answers in answer to Sammy’s query above, they probably helped him gain entry i.e Q. What sort of key can open any lock.
        A. A Pikey.

  7. Standard course for politics in this country nowadays. The politicians are all great believers in democracy as long as it gives the answer they want. Emily Thornberry called the result in this case a gimmick. The word more commonly applied is populism.

  8. The mulatto is just the same as all the other third world vermin,crime and deception is their first instinct.

    Corrupt foreign trash.

    Burn at the stake then gibbet.


  9. If you’re a sheep, being raped by a horny Welshman is bad enough, but imagine being the only sheep in the flock who’s full of darkıe spunk.
    As sheep have been romanticised by the Welsh for centuries and no hybrid offspring have ever been conceived, this baby is something of a miracle:
    The first ever sheep/subhuman hybrid has been born, thanks to the first ever infusion of coffee-coloured jizz:
    (pic safe for JP)

  10. They just can’t fucking help themselves can they?
    Prince or pauper not matter how much we try to give Ni
    Giggers a chance (myself excused) they go on the rob. It’s in their genetic make-up, that and 3 lobes on the skull

    • What’s the difference between Batman and a nıg-nog?
      Occasionally, Batman goes out without Robbin’.

  11. Never thought they would find more of a cunt than Drakeford, Drakeford was a dodgy retard but Born Guessing is already way ahead, sacked one of his team for leaking his dishonest dealings with dodgy recycling cunts with 200k bribes(bound to be way more, we don’t know about yet) now he is crying and pulling the race card, I’m surprised he, s not taking the fucking knee… Honestly out of all the useless, waste of space, lazy, lying, dishonest peices of monkey shit we could have had, we have this useless fuck knuckle, Wales is fucked on hundreds of different ways…

    • Mark SON WITH A RAPIST OF AN UNDERAGE GIRL WITH LEARNING DIFFICULTIES Drakeford banned tampons during NOvid. No wonder he’s such a bloody cunt.

  12. There’s only one thing worse than a bent politician clinging onto power once they’ve been rumbled, and that’s an over promoted chancer from a devolved authority clinging on to power after being rumbled.
    Welsh cunts, Scottish cunts, Khan and other big city mayors should be nowhere near the levers of power.
    And in pre devolution Britain, they would never have been.
    I’ve said it before, there can only be one boss, Westminster.
    If you don’t like it, fuck off!

    • Under Sir Kweer, Labour look likely to hand more powers away from parliament to the Scots and Welsh, as well as money.

      • Power to the people eh?
        What have the Welsh got from it all? 20 mph speed limits.
        How about the Scot’s?
        A wrecked economy, their former leaders desperately trying to avoid a spell in nick and a raghead replacement leader and then another unelected cunt.

      • I never could get on with this idea of devolved power even before Blair’s devolution bollocks. All local government should be scrapped. Everything should be run from Westminster.

      • To true Afur.
        Councils should be apolitical, just be administrators, sorting dustbins, road sweeping, potholes etc
        Not about town twining, lgbxyz shite etc.

      • If the WEF and the EU were a male with ballsacks and a female with flaps, Kweer would have been shat out of the latter’s cunt.

        This mincer was the Director Of Public Prosecutions during the time Rotherham and Rochdale etc were covered up. People seem to forget that.

  13. Isn’t it. My childhood memories of Wales were Max Boyce, Holiday cottage fires, Ruth Madoc, Sgt Mjr Shutupppp. What happened? Harry Secombe didn’t seem the kind of bloke to want to see Wales destroyed by socialism, wokeism and ineptitude.

    Why is every fucker in this country concerned about every third world shithole but hell bent on destroying our own?

    I have a love hate relationship with being British but I’d never want to be something else.

    The people of Britain are unique and we are divided by being a union of different nations but as much as the English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish may find fault with each other in times when there have been external enemies we combine into the British and when we are united against an enemy we are unstoppable.

    Cunts like this will never understand what it means to be British and that’s reason enough why they should never hold power over any Briton.

    The full significance of what’s happening seems lost on people.

  14. Are we still having to hang this cunt out to dry. If that’s the case, shall we go round there personally to do it ?

  15. He wasn’t born here, only 1 of his parents were, he should never be allowed office.
    No heritage.
    No provenance.
    No decency.
    Fuck off sambo.

    • Reminds me of Rishi but that cunt was unfortunately born here.

      Everyone’s tearing him a new arsehole which I am enjoying watching.

  16. ENGLAND/Wales/Scotland all with an ethnic in charge….!

    All fucking shite… Right diversity experiment tried – failed…

    Let’s get a white Anglo Saxon bloke in charge and set how that works out…

    Kier starmer….. Perhaps, what could possibly go wrong…?

  17. No idea what party this sack os represents .
    One thing that I’m 100% sure of is that he’s a really ugly cunt.
    Is he related to that unfunny git Romesh Jamragnathan?

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