Specifically, those aliens who used to abduct people and interfere with their genitals, amongst other things.

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There was a spate of these in a period around the `50s to the `70s – a Golden Age, if you will, of people (usually in some way not quite right) being `taken` by aliens and `experimented` on – usually involving their privates.

These days? — Nothing. Fuck-all. Not a sausage.

Where have you all gone? We could do with a jolly good laugh during these bleak times.

So come on aliens!! Get your act together, float into your saucers, glide back down to Earth and touch a few fuckwits inappropriately, like you used to.


Nominated by : Sam Beau

Plus this distress signal from Cuntamus Prime:

Admin, may I clarify. The chaps Sam refers to are the Zeta Reticulans, commonly known as ‘Greys’

They give me the screaming willies. (Hope they lube up first – NA)

104 thoughts on “Aliens

      • I’ve seen it too many times cos I’ve only got a shithouse freeview, could be why I have never given the sequel a chance whenever it comes on.
        That being said I’ll watch full metal jacket and blazing saddles without a gripe.

  1. An interesting fact regarding alien rectal probing is that it appears to have started in the late 60’s the same time that colonoscopy became a common diagnostic tool. When Reagan had to have a colonoscopy the number of “abductees” claiming to have suffered the indignity of having tubes shoved up their arse increased dramatically. The conclusion reached was wishful thing by some odd men and bad dreams by ladies. As stated in the past, if a species has the ability to travel billions of light years then whizz around like a fucking computer game and has bases under mountains and the Antarctic why does it make do with sticking things up arses. Seems somewhat primitive to me, unless it’s a cultural thing ohh bugger

    • It’s just a fantasy, perpetuate by perverts, who should be locked away for the public good.

      Dirty thinking, nasty people.

      Of course the wouldn’t probe your arse, if they wanted to know what the hole was for, they’d just evicerate you.

  2. When I came round from my colonoscopy this fruity gentleman sitting on the edge of my bed wearing scrubs said, “ The good news is that after examining you thoroughly, your sphincter is in perfect condition.”
    Me :“What’s the bad news?”
    He: “I’m not your doctor”

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