Tyson Fury [5]

Tyson Fury is a cunt.

He just got beaten fair and square by Usyk after showboating for half the fight.

His response after the result was announced? ‘His (Uysk’s) country is at war.’ Yes, he’s really trying to blame politics for a subpar performance. Hopefully the nasty, arrogant Pikey cunt will fuck off after Usyk batters him again in the rematch, never to be seen or heard from ever again.

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79 thoughts on “Tyson Fury [5]

  1. This was on Pay for View.

    Who the fuck would pay to watch that cunt?

    I watched it for free, which is about all it was worth.

    I know fuck all about boxing and that was the first time I have seen him fight.

    What a cunt.
    Any of the old time boxers, the ones who had just one title belt instead of the 4 up for grabs, would have knocked the flash fucker out in the first round.

      • Firestick….. RapidStreamz….. Sports TV…. Sky box office.

        Fuck paying those cunts for an awful build up (who was the níg-nóg grunting into the Mike for 10 minutes?), and the woman (obviously) presenter?
        Did she really need a panel of five to answer her stupid question, “So who do you think will win?”.

        And the extended walk on by both fighters was an embarrassment.

        Mike Tyson had the right idea.
        Walk to the ring in just your boxing kit and let your fighting speak for itself.

  2. I’m surprised at Fury saying this,
    It lessens him.
    Olexander Usyk won the fight fair and square by judges decision.

    Maybe next time listen to your trainer in your corner rather than your idiot father.

    Anyway got a rematch clause so another 80million pending,
    Cheer up kid!

    • Evening MNC, hope you’re well.

      I enjoyed the fight and the colourful language from the corner.

      If I am now mistaken, at some point in the latter rounds, SugarHill clearly shouted at Fury “Stop hiding, bitch!”

      Alas for him, he didn’t listen.

  3. Good Morning

    Anyone who gets in a boxing ring has bigger bollocks than I will ever have.
    I don’t want to sound like a bit of a woke wanker but I think it is probably time that a discussion was had about whether we should allow it to continue. There are too many retired boxers going around who are more than a bit ga-ga and I suspect Tyson Fury is already suffering. At the very least there should be a compulsory retirement age, there are too many elderly boxers hanging on for their next big pay day.

      • Lol, we could ban strikes to head as well. And body.

        Every person getting in a ring knows there’s a chance they won’t walk out of it, and if they do they may pay for it years later.

        Changing the sport to suit those that don’t have the stomach for it will ruin it.

        BTW, American footballers are dressed like Roman gladiators, replete with what is akin to motorbike helmets, and CTE is a bigger problem in that sport than in rugby. There is a very good argument that repeated blows to heads of boxers wearing headguards is more damaging than not wearing them as it is far mor difficult to score a KO and thus the fighters take longer, more sustained punishment.

      • Fairly self explanatory, but I’ll try for the hard of thinking –

        a) Helmets don’t reduce CTE in impact sports like American football, and the rates of CTE in the players with helmets is higher than similar sports that play without them.

        b) A KO ends the fight. Wearing headboards reduces KO’s, but not the repeated impacts to the head, in fact it increases them because the fights often go the distance instead of being cut short by a KO, thereby exposing the fighters to more head impacts.

        Do try and keep up, there’s a good chap.

      • It’s boxing, and rugby, contact sports that the elite of them get payed very well for, especially boxers. Head gear is allowed in rugby, most players don’t wear it, their choice. It’s like F1 drivers having an 80mph speed limit, daft and pointless.

      • It’s a choice. Grown ups are allowed to make mutually consensual choices.

        You can’t go go into boxing and potentially make yourself rich but you can take various low paid jobs that will leave your health fucked and allow you to die in poverty.

      • That comment, makes no sense.
        Why would he be sitting in a park and shooting up going ga ga?

        Other options are:
        He could retire with the money he has and enjoy a good life and the prospect of not having to work again.

        Or set up his own boxing club or chain of them and make shit loads of money that way.

        Or just make shit loads of money from endorsements/advertising.

        Kno’ what I mean ‘Arry?

  4. He’ll fight that chip on both shoulders cunt Anthony Joshua sooner or later whether for titles or not for silly money.
    But both of them can’t get near the 37 year old small Ukrainian bloke because Usyk is a proper boxer.

  5. The best British boxer is Ricky Gervais. All the others are mongs.

    Good morning, everyone.

  6. After AJ destroyed the amateur Ngannou whom the Pikey made a massive meal of and then this farce, its time for Cunt to retire.

      • I’d call him a cunt from a safe running distance lol.
        But yeah has had his best and it’s time to bow out gracefully.
        Boxers who fight past their prime tend to get nasty brain injuries.

  7. Cheap and disappointing of Fury to try and blame the Ukraine war for a comprehensive points loss.

    What was that imbecile John Fury doing in his son’s corner as well?

    Never a good idea to have a clueless gob shite or some kind of “motivational speaker” cunt, mithering in a fighter’s corner.

    I don’t know why boxer’s do this. I’ve seen it happen several times over the years and all it does is cause confusion because the actual trainer can barely get their messages across to their man.

    Having said all that – doubt it would have made a blind bit of difference here Usyk is a master craftsman.

    I think both should retire now though. Usyk has nothing left to prove in this era at 37 and Tyson was wishing every cunt a Happy New Year afterwards. In the middle of May.

    • Usyk might not retire due to the money involved.
      That £80milliom could help his countrymen out a fair bit?
      Buy a fair bit of supplies with that?

      As for John fury he’s a disgrace,

      Headbutting that kid from Usyks camp,
      Shouting over the trainer during the fight.
      the money men behind Tyson Fury should keep that idiot low key.
      He’s a liability.

  8. transport the 🤡 back to when Frazier, Norton,Foreman,etc where in their prime and you’d certainly regret buying a ticket unless you like wasting your 🪙🫰…. heavyweight in size but compared to those boys classless 🥊

      • I’m not interested in football.
        I don’t like cricket – oh no!

        But I like boxing.👍

        I don’t think it should or could be banned.
        It’d instantly go underground and criminals would cash in on unlicensed fights.

        Besides it’s thousands of years old and human nature.

        Men want to fight.
        Men want to watch others fight.

        They know the risks
        And willingly take them.

        It’s kept many a tearaway on the straight and narrow and benefitted many of them economically beyond their wildest dreams.

        A lonely sport, early to bed, early to rise, eating healthily, countless hours training,
        And it’s you against him in the ring.
        Best man wins and hopefully nobody seriously hurt.

        Boxing is fuckin brilliant.👊

      • What a fight that was Mis.

        One of my favourites.

        To see a hard bastard like Smokin Joe get battered around like that must have sent shockwaves around the sporting world.

      • @MNC

        Ever tried Muay Thai? Best fun I ever had…… the pain reminds you that yer alive.


      • No MCC,
        I don’t eat foreign food.😆

        I haven’t but one my casual workers is a quite good Thai boxer.
        He was showing me his moves and he was like lightning,
        Fast as fuck.

        He said the best one where he trains is a young girl,
        Expected to go far!

    • I remember listening to the Henry Cooper v Joe Bugner fight back in 1971. I was only a young shaver and had to listen via transistor radio under the bed covers as I was supposed to be asleep. Broadcastlive from The Empire Pool, Wembley. Magical.

  9. The war in Ukraine?
    Is that still a thing..
    Should of blamed it on the Jews..
    Thats all the rage now..

  10. Enjoyed the fight,especially as someone lent it me off the Internet for free.

    Fury has little to no killer instinct and is a relatively poor boxer,Usyk is another story altogether..

    I have no idea why,in a heavyweight world championship contest,the ref gave Fury a standing eight count in the 9th,Usyk should have been allowed to continue his fine work and put Fury on his arse.

    As Barry said,it’s all down to climate change and the Jews.

    Good morning.

  11. I like Fury, despite himself. Let the haters hate.

    His father though, weapons grade cunt.

    Boxing is the sweet science, the ultimate sport.

      • I don’t recall mocking the disabled because I didn’t.

        I don’t know what your problem is and I don’t care!

        Fuck you and have a nice day!

      • @OP

        No he’s not! He didn’t like my comment about the woman who got wrongly declared dead. And he didn’t like it when I said some people scam the system. He’s been sniping at people on here regularly and makes me think it’s an old favourite returned to try again.

        I give no fucks, if he wants to get upset let him. His salty tears are amusing.

    • He’s started being obtuse even in this thread.

      Fancy being on site called …’is a cunt’ and then being offended that someone has called someone a cunt, then expecting others to moderate themselves because of his tingly feelings.

      • Fuck him. Ironically makes a comment about people commenting behind screens from the safety of his device.

        Notice how he only picks fights with some people because he’s too piss scared to say anything to others.

        His gargantuan IQ probably doesn’t add up to double figures.

  12. Cousion loving Pikey. His family most likely steal from old people, abuse animals, steal WW1 bronze memorials and fly tip in the countryside.

  13. He was lucky to survive the 9th, I watched most of it on YouTube (a shit recording) other than the 9th not much in it.

  14. Over the years I grew to like Fury. A gobby but likeable and entertaining fucker, if a shite singer. Let’s hope that this shuts his nasty, aggressive, attention seeking and basking in reflected glory prick of a father up. There’s a couple of YouTube vids of the cunt getting flattened for anybody who’s interested.

  15. I’ve cunted Tyson Fury on a couple of occasions previous to this.

    I do actually admire the fella and have been the first to sing his praises in the past.

    A slick, clever technical fighter with a never say die attitude in the ring.

    Often at his best when unfancied and thriving on adversity, his trilogy with Deontay Wilder will become legendary and his defeat of Vladimir Klitschko back in 2015 was like a shot in the arm to the Heavyweight division.

    He has however, cheapened any legacy by choosing some blatantly money oriented matchups such as fighting eternal bum Derek Chisora for a third time and that farce against the MMA fella.

    Not that he’s going to give a fuck what I or anybody thinks about his decision making as he counts his millions, but the point still remains.

  16. Every fight should be arranged for each boxer to hit each other with one simultaneous punch and end up braindead. I wonder how long it would take to eradicate this brutality for good ? Or these musclebound pillocks could redeem themselves by putting their violence to good use, with a front line attack on illegal immigrants. How’s that for a good laugh.

    • I’m also glad the football season is at an end, so I don’t have to watch sweaty black cunts chasing a ball. Its also a relief there aren’t any in my small town, which brings me back to my childhood when there weren’t any, only on television documentaries about what went on in the jungle, before silly white people disturbed the shit on their travels, leading the black twats to follow them.

      • It’ll give us a rest from that clown in the Manchester United goal as well, Sammy.

        Apart from this Saturday, of course. When City will put about four past him at Wembley.

  17. Not a fan of boxing , I was interested to see the outcome of this ‘fight’. Fury is taller , heavier and has a longer reach than the Ukrainian, but the smaller man made him look stupid in round 9, I watched this few minutes for free on you tube. How Fury has the unmitigated audacity to claim he won is beyond a joke. Usyk was knocking the shit out of him in that round and Fury was saved by the bell from a total KO. I really don’t like pikeys , this family in particular………

    • I’m watching the fight now and just finished round 5 in which Fury made something of a comeback but I really want to see him get fucked up.

      I say this because even though I’m an Englishman and Fury was announced as “from Morecambe”, he is wearing green colours to indicate his “Irish” roots (Pikey roots).

      Fuck…. as far as I’m aware, even most Irish don’t like Gypos very much and even a lot of Gypos don’t like Tyson Fury very much.

      • I just watched the 9th and final round of the fight, and watching the replays of Fury getting bounced around the ring by a far-smaller man was like watching a pinball getting bounced around a pinball machine.

        Maybe if he’d spent less time cockily-posturing around the ring as though he’d already won, and spent more time ACTUALLY punching his opponent then he might have knocked some more fuel out of Usyk and maybe won he fight. I don’t know for certain…. just a hunch.

        What a cunt.

  18. I’m not a boxing fan and don’t really watch boxing but I have to say, I’ve never seen so much posing and posturing than I saw from Tyson Fury. What a cunt.

    • I haven’t watched this fight yet, I’ll wait to watch it for free, then I’ll make my mind up, but it sounds like he got out-boxed. First he says Usyk only won because his country is at war, then he says he’s not going to cry about it. He already did.
      What will most interest me about the post-fight interview will be to see if he says ‘I want to give thanks to my lord and saviour jesus christ.’ I’m really looking forward to that.

      • Yeah, I think Jesus forsook him… I guess that would make Eastern Orthodox Christianity the one true nonsense.

      • Allan my friend, you won’t be disappointed.

        A big shout out to JESUS does indeed happen.

        I can’t fully endorse this cunting for that reason alone. I’m no Miles Plastic, like, it was just funny.

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