Keith Byrne and Sophie Singer

are cunts.
This lovely pair left their elderly boxer, Bentley, home alone without food, while they went on a family holiday.

Concerned neighbours alerted the authorities, and pushed food through the letter box.

Bentley was rescued and taken to a vet, but sadly couldn’t be saved. During the necropsy, the contents of his stomach included food wrappers and a felt tipped pen, ffs.

This charming pair were given suspended sentences. I know where I’d like to suspend them, and from what.

Meathooks and the Forth Road Bridge.


Nominated by Jeezum Priest.

57 thoughts on “Keith Byrne and Sophie Singer

  1. My family is currently fostering a dog that was dumped in a school yard by our home. We are having to foot the bill to feed him, neuter him, and get him ready to be adopted. This shit is epidemic as we decline in Western culture. No integrity in our priorities means the animals in our charge suffer as well. Selfish fucking cunts like this turn my piss to steam.
    Children and animals are the innocent victims of the rampant selfishness we see today.
    Poor pooch. Breaks my heart.

    Reminds me of that blind guy who walks into a bar with his seeing eye dog, grabs the dog by the tail and swings him around in circles. The stunned bartender yells,”What the fuck are you doing?!”
    He replys, “Just looking around.”

    • I think you’ve got it in one there MC. The selfishness, the self absorption I notice recent times is breath taking. Sorry to say it seems to be prevalent mainly amongst younger folks.

      • There’s no shortage in ANY generation. Maybe it’s becoming more prevalent with the younger lot of cunts that do it because of these suspended fucking sentences.

        Rotten useless cunts, whatever age, … I commented on the likes of that Columbia student … but all things considered, she is but a deluded lowbrow arsehole.

        The likes of these 2 are WAY worse. Bona-fide cunts that are superfluous in a supposedly decent society.

  2. Incredible. Are they stupid beyond belief or just genetically evil bastards? Not the first such case I know of though. Some years ago a hamster or a guinea pig which was kept as a pet in a school was abandoned in it’s cage in the class room when the school closed for the summer holidays and starved to death. It became public knowledge when the teacher responsible for the creature was rightly prosecuted.

    • From the state of the poor lad, arfur, it’s pretty obvious that he had been terribly neglected for some time.

      No dog, however old, gets that thin in days, and the length of his nails!

      Brings tears to my eyes, poor boy.

  3. Poor dog, just throw the pair of cunts into a cellar and lock the door, wait for a month or so and then just fill it with concrete.

    I don’t get it, if they couldn’t (be bothered to) look after the dog just take it to a rescue centre.

    • Right up my street Sick of it. “I do unto them as they do unto others”. Iike you say, if you locked this pair of fat cunts up without food, it would be doing them a favour for a short time, helping them to loose weight and leaving them the wrong food is probably what they’ve been eating anyway. Think we should go back to starving the twats and think of what to do next.

      • What about locking them in a dog’s home without food and the dogs will eventually eat them.

      • Dog food, they aren’t good enough for dog food, maybe crocodile food 👍

  4. These cunts should be locked in a sealed room and left to rot, just like their poor pooch. Eventually, one would eat the other and die in an imprisoned room full of their own piss and faeces.

  5. People with no regard for animals have nobregard for people either.

    They really should have served time for this outrage.

  6. let me at that fat piece of shit, I would kick seven sorts of fuck out of him, then start on the feckin slime ball partner. Animal cruelty should be a hanging offence and a very slow hanging at that.

  7. Turn them into dog food..

    And send it to gaza to feed the ragheads.

    Still they got a five year ban from owning animals..i bet that had them shaking in their boots..

  8. I would love the birch and penal servitude reintroduced for bastards who ill-treat animals. It will be the only thing that will teach them. WTF does a suspended sentence mean to idiots like that? – merely that they have got away with it.

    • I would cheerfully do damage to this pair of cunts. How can anyone leave their helpless pet to die alone? And which stupid bastard decided they could own animals again after five years? Whoever it was should be forced to resign immediately.

  9. The end of the summer will see a huge rise in the number of abandoned dogs here.

    There will be dogs wandering the streets and getting injured on the main roads.
    Some lucky ones may find their way to the many dog pounds that we have.

    The majority will probably starve to death.

    It’s rumoured that the cunts responsible for this are northern Europeans. Belgians are blamed mainly.

    They get a stray from the dog shelters to guard their stuff while they are here on extended holidays.
    They leave them barking outside their properties for a few months.

    Then when the cunts go back to their own countries they just chuck the dog out, sometimes tying them up to bins.
    More often they will leave them on the side of the motorways on their way to the airport.

    We also have a problem with stray cats.
    Nobody bothers sterilising cats here.

    Holiday makers take food to the places where the cats hang out.
    Parks, woods, beaches etc….
    They never clean up any decaying food left over or take away any containers that they have used.

    The food attracts rats.
    Fucking huge rats.
    Some almost as big as cats.

      • Galgos and podencos are the usual hunting dogs LL.

        Any hunting dog that doesn’t come up to scratch are dumped by the hunters if they are lucky.
        I’m not going to upset people here by telling them what happens to the unlucky dogs.

        I found my podenco Andalucía on the street.
        The vet reckoned that he was about 2 year’s old.
        They usually live to be 10 to 12.

        We gave him the best life possible for the 15 years that we had him.
        He died peacefully aged around 17.

        A lovely dog who we miss every day.

  10. No excuse for this behaviour in modern society.
    If you are not prepared to look after a pet then don’t have one.
    If you are no longer able to care for your pet try to get it re-homed or at least take it to an animal shelter even if it results in the animal being put down it will be over quickly and not made to suffer

  11. These sorts of cynts always seem to receive suspended sentences; disgraceful.
    Even Calvin Candie remembered to feed his property.

    • The Iranian president is just a figure head. The ayatollah is in charge. That cunt ain’t getting on no plane.

      • Here’s my favourite:

        “Thoughts and prayers go out to all the rocks and trees injured in this crash.”

        (As an aside I hope the Benjamin Huntsman is planning on putting on a celebration).

      • Sure did JP, very amusing!
        People are finally starting to get sick of the mużrats, even tolerant wussies.
        Shame the Met pigs still protect them, thereby encouraging their appalling behaviour.

      • Helicopters are a bit 20th century for him, aren’t they? Can’t he use a camel like the other Muzlamic fîlth. Whatever next? Trousers? Showers? Toilet paper?

    • Helicopters are ingenious machines and can carry out tasks impossible by any other means, thus their use universally in search and rescue. Trouble is they operate on the edge, the wisecrack in the trade is that they don’t fly, they beat the air into submission. They have the aerodynamics of a house brick and many available faults are fatal. Engine failure can be survived if the pilot is clever enough, but transmission failure or loss of the tail rotor cannot. I once spoke to a man who was involved in training middle eastern types to fly them and he said it was all you could do to teach them to hold steady in the hover, the idea you cold teach them how to autorotate down with no power was a non-starter.

  12. Seriously and without one bit of guilt, I’d hang them for that.

    As a responsible and loving dog owner, I couldn’t skip one of my dog’s meals. What kind of conversation did these two cunts have before they fucked off for two weeks and left the dogs behind?

    Proof again dogs are better than humans.


    • The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

      Attributed to Mark Twain but I’m sure he picked it up from elsewhere.

  13. A vile pair of fuckrats.

    Roast them both alive over hot coals, on a spit following a tidy impaling on a stake at both ends.

    Cut when cooked and serve to the wild animals.

  14. OT. The top BBC news headline is Iran’s president missing after some helicopter cock up.

    Seriously, who gives a fuck? And why should it be news in the UK?

      • Wonder if Israel topped the cunt?
        Wouldn’t surprise me, and I also wouldn’t blame them either.

    • The rag head cunt is dead and you’d think the BBC was Iranian by the amount of time and space they’ve given the story.

      Appeasing the hoards of the cunts who’ve infested the country no doubt.

      • Package holiday to the crash site so you can piss on what’s left.
        Hope he survived the impact and burned to death.
        Good fucking riddance !

      • At Lord of the Rings. F king right and can you imagine the comedy value of his rag hat on fire? I’d pay to see that and hear his screams to the pedo more ham head.

    • Please tell me you are joking.

      If not, that must be a prime candidate for idiotic comment of the year.

  15. I would flog this pair of cunts in the middle of the city centre.
    I would then thrown them in a vat of salt.

    And then they would have ‘murderer’ branded across their foreheads. Bastards.

  16. Lock the evil bastards in a room for 2 weeks with the contents of a bin and see how they like it.
    By the look of the fat bastard, he’ll probably eat the bitch.
    Remains to landfill.
    End of.

  17. Fucking pair of cunts should be gassed and thrown into a fire. I can’t stand animal abuse. It’s one thing that carries a guarantee to steam my piss.

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