Johannah King-Slutzky

*Deadline 1st May 2024, NYC’s Columbia University*

As the legendary philosopher Austen Warhol once said, ‘it is a truth universally acknowledged that any cunt can be famous for fifteen minutes’. Step forward one Johannah King-Slutzky, who recently gloried in her fifteen minutes in the spotlight.

Okay I hear you saying; ‘Johannah Kunt-Slutty who, and what’s her claim to fame?’

Well, cunters will be aware that a bunch of scruffy pro-Hamas types recently ‘liberated’ Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall from reactionary forces, and began an occupation for Palestine. Step forward Johannah ‘Keffiyeh Karen’ King-Slutzky, a PhD student who is studying poetry ‘through a Marxist lens’. As you do.

Anyway, after this occupation began, gobshite King-Slutsky had the unmitigated cheek to demand a commitment from the university that this motley crew of campus guerrillas would receive food and drink as they struggled for the cause. Here she is, pontificating self-importantly before the cameras;

YouTube Link.

If you listen very carefully, you’ll just be able to make out the sound of the protesters chanting in the background; ‘from the river to the sea! Now bring us some rooibos tea! From the sea to the river! KFC must now deliver!’ **

Lenin and Mao would be weeping tears of admiration if they were still around to see this. Whatever your views on the situation in the Middle East, you can only admire those who are prepared to make any sacrifice for their cause, just as long as it doesn’t actually put them to any inconvenience.
(Go on, read this link, I dare ya – NA)

** okay, I made that bit up

Nominated by : Ron Knee

60 thoughts on “Johannah King-Slutzky

  1. This bearded lady and her militant Islamic loving chums should have been crushed by tanks,bayoneted and then thrown in a skip.

    That’s a fucking care package for you.

    Good shout Ron.

    • Cheers Unk.

      Like you, I’m getting sick of these cunts and their latest fashionable cause.

      Don’t recall any of them protesting about atrocities in Syria and the Yemen, or gobbing off about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or China’s treatment of Uyghurs.

      Israel’s different though. Now what is it that’s different about Israelis…

  2. Hehehe 😂

    ” Do you want students to die of starvation, dehydration and get ill?”

    Pretty much.

    I hate her for numerous reasons.

    1) student
    2) 4eyed twat
    3) yank
    4) drama queen
    5) humourless
    6) yank
    7) lefty
    9) that Arab rag she’s wearing
    10) yank

    I’d happily watch her die of dehydration while I sat in a deckchair drinking a slush puppy

  3. People wanting to side with either of the lunatics in the giant kitty tray need to go there and do it or their just pissing in the wind and I don’t want to be covered in their piss.

  4. I constantly ask myself; ‘was Karl Marx one of the biggest cunts ever to walk the earth?’.

    The amount of misery brought upon the human race by the bearded fucker and his hordes of loony tunes followers is incalculable.

    J K-S is just another in an incredibly long line of useful idiots.

    Morning all.

    • Evening Ron, evening all.
      Spot about KM. The politics of envy from him.
      Commies have had a free ride from all the atrocities they have inflicted, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Lenin etc.
      And why has Marx’s statue been removed from Highgate Cemetary. The evil old monster.
      Err, you may gather I might be a little right wing.

  5. The UK sistas of this worthless harpy will be those who only yesterday, were chanting for ‘infitada’ on the streets of Londinistan. Needless to say, The Met did fuck all about it and joined in with the carnival atmosphere. No Jews allowed, obvs. Fuck them and fuck the middle class wankers who spawned them. Fuck off.

    Good morning, everyone.

  6. Magic shout there Ron. All the bollocks she’s studying won’t pay off her student debt. Her possible only customer address would be would you like fries with that? Mummy and daddy must be SO proud of the little cunt.

    Mind you she could also go on the game. She’s whored herself for a bunch of cunts who hate her and her country.
    FUCK Gaza, Hamas and the fucking horse they rode into town on.

    • She’ll probably end up lecturing (what an appropriate term) on dialectical materialism and its relationship to poetry at Shithouse College in Ratass, Arkansas. That’s when she can spare the time from dedicating herself to all her ‘progressive’ causes.

      A glttering career in academia awaits.

  7. I read her bio and couldn’t make head nor tail of it. Not a clue what it is she’s ‘studying’, why orcwgat use it would be to anyone, including her.

    One of her pals had the right idea for dissidents: Bullet to the head, bill for the execution to the family.

    Good old Chairmain Mao, not all bad I reckon.

  8. We demand ethically-sourced, free range lobster frittata di zuchinne served with sun-dried tomatoes, manzailla olives and sourdough bread.

    It’s humanitarian aid.

    By the way, do you like the keffiyeh? Does it go with my beautiful eyes?

  9. Slutzsky? Really?

    Sounds like a slang name for Eastern European women.

    I bet she would be a slut, but no one will shag her.

  10. The cunts take over a building and then want food to be brought to them, the reporter even said no one has stopped any food being delivered.

    Revolutionaries did live in jungles and used to die for causes now these idiot cunts want a maccies bringing to them.

    time to test some chemical weapons on these pillocks.

    • Indeed Cuntalugs. Both King and Slutzky sound very red sea pedestrian to me too.

      Perhaps she would like to volunteer as a human shield, handcuffed to a mortar tube in a school playground in Rafa.

      After being gang raped by her pets multiple times. Obviously.

      What a stupid bitch.

  11. Thinking about it, the authorities missed a trick here.

    They should have locked the place down and given the the student wankers all the food they want…heavily laced with elephant laxatives.

    No bog roll deliveries are to be forthcoming.

    If they’re that desperate, they can use their Keffiyeh as a wiping medium.

  12. My theory is that all these Pallly protests are borne from frustration. Frustration that the IDF is taking too long to level the dump.

    Come on IDF get a shift on.

    • Thanks SB.

      Just read the link you put up. I mean, what the fuck’s the twat on about? An incredible case of verbal diarrhoea; pseudo-intellectual
      psychobabble at its finest.

  13. Should these twats ever mature do you think that they will ever look back at their current antics and think ‘Fuck me, I was a prize cunt in those days’.

  14. Utterly pointless, and I don’t mean the game show.

    Pointless person, pointless studies, pointless protest.

    The sooner Israel cleans out Rafah, builds a fucking decent fence/wall and leaves the cunts to it the better.

  15. How does occupying a university make any difference to fuck all squared. Scary that these dumbfucks by their very attendance at the university indicating some amount of intelligence can be such naive turd heads. Burn the place to the ground. Arse the fucking lot.

  16. I bet she’s got a sweaty gorilla salad for a minge and a hairier arsehole than Chewbacca. She didn’t choose the cause she now bravely campaigns for, the cause chose her, knowing she’s gonna have plenty of free time on her hands unmolested by the male sex.

  17. Columbia University’s annual tuition fees are $65,524.

    Motto: ‘Providing academic excellence for Millionaire Marxists’

    Pa’s Trust Fund comes in mighty handy, doesn’t it Johannah?

  18. Sorry Ron, but we’ve enough on our plate without this and the other lass with the hair not knowing what a gee-gee is. It was going fine with moaning motorists who can’t cycle, cunts on computers in coffee shops, fat cunts who don’t know when to stop eating, silly cunts who can’t look after their wallets, more fat cunts who can’t sing for toffee and kids who are mollycoddled. Enough !

  19. What a clueless – on so many points – cunt. The UN’s and other full fucking *countries* appeals to halt this, and (far bigger)mobs of cunts here, there and everywhere all protesting-lite in their spare time, and every next bunch of bandwagon-jumpers think THEIR bit of narcissistic attention-whoring will be the bit to tip the balance? (on this current event, and plenty of other previously, plenty more in the future).

    Zero difference being made whatsoever.


    So anyways this cunt nominates herself spokesperson ; goes out front and makes a wet fart of ‘it’. Demands for the sake of making them. Her moment to be the one to make it all end … ends. Pathetically.

    Back inside to your chums, luv, .. your dream of being the face of this went badly. May as well go and buy a handheld battery megaphone & make yourself the momentary ‘leader’ or figurehead for a moment in some public fracca by that method instead. There always obebof THEM cunts as well.

    Your dream of having your face on t-shirts Che Guevara style certainly won’t be arising from that little stunt in front of the cameras.

    The faraway goings-on continue, I see, on news channels today….

    • I’ve seen better protests in the pub when the footy channel went on the blink.

      Near riot, bottles lobbed, women with mascara streaming down their faces, crying, fat blokes with their t-shirts off and bloody noses lol.

      Amateurs this lot are

    • There’s a lot of pressure in the Biden administration through this so they are making a difference.

      A couple of weeks ago protesters on both sides united for a few rounds of ‘fuck Joe Biden’

      Give him his due, he promised to unite Americans and he’s delivered at last!

  20. Is she expecting UN food drops of deconstructed cabbage rolls?

    Maybe a Hollywood luvvie like Sean Penn or Meryl Streep appearing in a televised campaign for food aid?

  21. Anyone going to try for a wank ?

    Anyone ?……. anyone ?

    ( tumbleweed blows through the dusty Halls of ISAC )

    Final call……..

    Thought not.

    Good afternoon.

    • Did me best, but mid-flight had to upgrade the fantasy to Anne Widdecombe rimming Jabba The Hut while getting a reacharound from Herman Munster. It was challenging to say the least, but decidedly more erotic than the thought of snarling at the busby of this particularly hirsute horror show.

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