Gillian Burke

Gillian Burke, and she sure is..

This springwatch presenter finds its jarring to call African animals by their english names.
She much prefers the swahili names..

Daily Fail Link.

Problem being miss burke, you work for the British broadcasting corporation, and the language spoken in Britain is English.

Born in Kenya but brought up in Vienna, this pseudo african can always fuck off back to Africa and work for the umbongo broadcasting company..

Where she can talk swahili to her hearts content.

Until then gillian you are a complete kuma.
(I looked this up in case Barry was being clever. He was! – NA)

Nominated by : Barry zuckercunt

75 thoughts on “Gillian Burke

  1. Yet another entitled cunt from the BBC.
    Spent nearly 40 years in Europe but regards hereself as an African.
    The ignorance of these people is astounding, she uses the word ‘Ndovu’ for elephant, elephant has it’s roots in Greek for ivory, so in essence not English as are a lot of zoological names.
    Yet this chippy half chat is on a wildlife programme.🤔

  2. This is Packhams fault.
    He should keep her on a short lead.
    He’s too limpwristed.

    ” Ooo yeth! I loth Swahili nameth for animalth”

    Poseur punk cunt.

    Wearing Vivien Westwood doth not a punk rocker maketh.

    Fuckin old spunker

  3. Kuma Kuma Kuma Chameleon………….
    Give em an inch and they’ll take a mile, chippy fucking Kumas

  4. I would like to see the look on the cunt’s face when the pilot of the next plane she is on decides that English is no longer the recognised language of aviation and decides to communicate with air traffic control in Swahili.

    Preferably over Paris.

    • I posted before Odin of when four of us flew over to Le Touquet one day in a 172 and French ATC gave us a circuit height in metres. Our guy on the radio told him we didn’t understand which really pissed off the Frenchman because he knew he was required to give height in feet. It was a blazing hot day and we walked down to the beach where a whole crowd of very fit young French women were out sunbathing topless. A good day all round.

  5. Gillian Burke? That sounds African, doesn’t it?

    I wonder, does she refer to Tigers and Indian elephants in Urdu?
    Or how about Siberian tigers in Russian?
    Or how about llamas or lemurs in Peruvian?
    Surely, she does it with all of them?

    My arse. Of course she doesn’t. Fucking showboating woke treeswinger.

  6. Black=not really any good, apart from.
    Genetics I imagine.
    I’ve been to Africa, shame it’s not a white continent it would be fucking wonderful..!

  7. Soon all BBC preseneters will be Francis Biggera. Every single one.

    Lineker will be safe though. Because, as we all know, he is black.

  8. I call a spade a spade. Beautiful thing the English language. It has so many different meanings for the same word…

  9. FFS! Silly cow! If you are going to virtue signal at least get it right! No such language as swahili. That just means costal dweller a wa’swahili who speaks K’swahili and besides that’s just one African language why not fangalo or one of the more obscure bushman lingos with a whole bunch of interesting clicks and pops for constants now that would be “sooo right on”! Cunt!

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