King Charles [16] – Cancer Victim

The king has cancer. Not just “has” cancer. Is “stricken” with it.


His cancer is infintely more important than your pleb cancer and don’t you forget it.
Jug-ears’ll have access to the very best oncologists in the world and everyone else who actually has to pay for the disaster that is the NHS…well, their cancer is terrifying because of chınkyflu and overcrowding, waiting lists are as long as a siphonophore.

The fawning press goes overboard with their asskissery of this hypocritical, WEF-stooge, über-rich sponger.
“Cancer-stricken king might not be able to perform his royal duties”

His duties? Going on holiday and waving at simpletons from a safe distance.

Fuck him and his whole useless, grasping family of chinless inbreds.

BBC News Link.

Nominated by : Thomas the Cunt Engine

52 thoughts on “King Charles [16] – Cancer Victim

  1. I think anyone suffering from this terrible illness – full of uncertainties – deserves sympathy whether Prince or pauper.

    I am not sure I like the newspaper term “stricken” as it makes it sound very doomy indeed.

    • I agree; wouldn’t wish this fucking horror on anybody.

      Having said that, I’ll save the great part of my sympathy for all those sweating on an appointment with the NHS, hanging on for that vital scan, not knowing what their problem is and how far gone.

      KC will of course have the very best of the best, available yesterday.
      For most people, no such fucking luck.

      Morning all.

  2. Sirs:

    Hahaha now that’s what I call a counting. A masterpiece of the form. Bravo.

    Especially this:

    “His duties? Going on holiday and waving at simpletons from a safe distance.”

    My entire day just got brighter.

  3. I couldn’t care less about the lazy, thick, inbred, big eared, scrounging cunt.

    About the same as he cares for anyone stricken.

  4. Sausage finger, Savile buddy and wannabee tampon.
    Fuck him and his parasite clan, the Queen is dead, bring on the Republic and do away with the robber baron classes for good.

  5. It’s how the world works, he’s in a situation to get the best care so why wouldn’t he.

    We all went to sleep knowing there are starving kids in the world but no fucks were given after breakfast.

    Cancer is a cunt and it doesn’t care who it afflicts. Charles is a massive cunt with or without cancer.

  6. The King should revive the practice of the laying on of the Royal hands. ‘The King’s Evil’ would give him renewed relevance and help cut NHS waiting lists. A win-win as we like to call it. It would certainly be every bit as effective as the Covids vaxzine and also, be perfectly safe.*

    *This post has been fact checked by totally infallible BBC fact bots.

  7. I reckon it’s divine retribution for stopping the practice of washing beggars feet on Maundy Thursday!

    Do better, King!

  8. Everyone knows that Royal cancer is much worse than peasants cancer.

    Feel more sorry for Kate, she is still young and has a young family.

  9. Charle is a cunt, doubtless, but I’d rather he just abdicated after realising he is totally unfit to head the Church or the nation than rot away from this dreadful disease.

    BTW, why all his faux-shock over Randy Andy’s friendship with Epstein when Charles was very close friends with Saville, hosting numerous Christmas dinners at Balmoral for him and even having marriage guidance with Di from him?

    I shit you not.

    • It’s rumoured William won’t take on the role of head of the CofE. Probably doesn’t sit well with his wokeness. Charles was said to want to change it to defender of the faiths.

      Constitutional crises incoming and I don’t think the current crop can survive it.

      • KC3’s problem is that, unlike the late Queen, he let his political views be known thereby alienating a lot of people, on a lot of subjects, against him. In order to survive they monarchy should be above such things. I think Prince William has recognised this and has managed it a lot better, to the extent that I wouldn’t know how he would vote whilst you can be fairly certain that KC3 would be Green or Liberal Democrat.
        Being diagnosed, as I was late last year, with cancer is fairly emotive. As it is I have since found out I need a bit of thoracic and heart surgery so I have hardly given it a 2nd thought recently. You can’t blame The King for his press coverage.

        The NHS has been terrific so far, I couldn’t have been treated better and I am in one of their centres of excellence.

    • Good point, I ought to’ve remembered about his Savile links when writing up this spiteful nom.
      To be honest, I kind of expected a bit of grief from a couple of ISACunters who still like the royal leeches.
      Come on bootlickers, give me some shit about what a disrespectful prick I am!

      • I grudgingly respected the Queen but any loyalty to the monarchy died with her.

        Those left behind seem to be making the case for abolishing the monarchy pretty well by themselves.

      • Thomas, you could have only been more disrespectful if his majesty was neurodivergent and had to wear a special seatbelt in his chauffeur driven Rolls Royce as was your behaviour in last weeks nom.

        I expected this kind of vindictiveness from Miserable….and possibly JP.

      • Thomas you disgusting little traitor.

        Your lack of respect for your betters sickens me.

        Just because the royals are leeches is no excuse for this royal bashing.

        Bet you don’t even buy Franklin mint commemorative plates do you?

        Wouldn’t mind but they’re krauts like yourself,
        Think you’d have some empathy.

        You better not be wanking over pictures of sickly Kate or ill use my considerable influence as COTY to have you suspended.

        Bloody pleb

  10. At a time when the British need strong leadership you’d imagine the King would step up and stop signing off on the turds that now pass for law..

    Bring on a constitutional crisis,have the King come out and say I want My Country Back..dressed in full armour wielding a broadsword.

    Fucking no chance,too busy talking to trees.

    Weak as nuns piss.

  11. Chuck and Bill are a pair of dab hands when it comes to helicopters. You’d have thought one of them might have lent an up to date maintenance manual to that grey bearded, finger jabbing and turban toting Iranian cunt. Good fucking riddance, sadistic shithouse.

    • One bit of good news I woke up to… See if I get invites out to all the other political despot cunts for a go in my acme helicopter.

    • …Grey bearded, finger jabbing and turban toting Iranian cunt.

      It’s Gerry Adams with a party hat and bedsheet?

      Same person, two cunts.

  12. I could not give a shit about the niceties about how terrible cancer is. I know lots of people who got it and died in squalor after half arsed treatment in NHS hospitals while paying for others to survive by virtue of bring over privileged cunts.

    The only fuck I give about this jug eared, thick, lazy cunt is that if he dies I’ll no doubt have to pay to bury him too.
    The whole fucking lot of them are leeches to a man. No fucker should be living off me by virtue of which cunt he fell out off. No other fucker should be dying to pay for these grasping cunts. The French had the right idea.

  13. Fuck him. Cancer’s a spiteful little cunt, but why does this nonce apologist, big-eared inbred get special treatment?

    The Russians had the right idea in 1917. Romanov the lot of ’em and be done with it.

  14. I do have a modicum of sympathy.

    All those years lurking in the wings, waiting for his turn to fondle the sceptre and orb, then he’s hardly had a chance to mold the seat cushion to fit his arse cheeks, and wham, the big C!

    Suck it up, Chas, like thousands of others before you. You’ve had a good innings.

    It’s the Princess I feel sorry for, poor lass.

    • Charles has Royal cancer which is a whole lot worse than commoner cancer and needs a whole lot more money spending on it. No need to worry, us tax payers will fund his treatment, wouldn’t want him to have to shell out. We’re all praying for him aren’t we?

  15. I was treated by the RMH. My surgicals were NHS and also world class private. First Surgery I had they had no beds ( it was emergency ) so I was upgraded to Private room on private ward. I had room service and 24 hour nursing and the biggest tv ever. Second Surgery I had my own nurse for 24 hours a day, for six days, in a room to myself. I suspect the King is getting treatment or advice from the RMH, considering his son is president. His doctors are more than likely also NHS. If he is getting chemo then this would be done via the nurses. Unless he is having surgery then the consultants role is limited as most treatment is via nurses. The RMH is a world class hospital, and its NHS.

    • My wife had 25 sessions of radiotherapy after 5 scans and is currently in the 8 weeks wait after treatment before she has more scans to see if the treatment has worked. The problems she was having have vanished and she says she feels great. From the initial scan in October to her first scheduled scan next week her contact with the NHS has been superb. Shame not everybody has this experience.

      • Yes it is a shame as there are some world class cancer services in the UK. I met folk from all over the Uk who had come for treatment. Cancer does not give a fuck about class or skin colour. I met non smokers with smokers type lung cancer and young men under 20. I sat opposite a Oncologist getting Chemo himself. I met rich people and poor people. Cancer really gives no fucks.

  16. His mother was descended from Germans his father was fucking greek so fuck the British empire interbred cunts all of erm bring back the fucking Guilin

  17. I read somewhere that a “Royal Prostrate examination” commemorative plate was to be produced. I look forward to hanging this heirloom on my wall.

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