Nomination: Various footie cunts

To celebrate Ipswich’s return to the top division after twenty-fucking-two years away, I’d like to nominate a group of irritating footie cunts.

VAR: this useless fucking system has wrecked the flow of many a game just so a bunch of twats can sit in an office miles away from the game and decide (usually wrongly) that a striker’s eyelash is a nanometre offside. And such is the inherent bias of the system towards Scouse Cheats FC that LiVARpool regularly trends on Twatter.

Leeds: everyone hates these arrogant bastards who seem to think they have a divine right to be in the Premier league. Numerous disparaging comments about ITFC from Leeds supporters throughout the season. How did that work out for you, cunts? I fucking hope they lose in the playoffs.

Brighton: apparently the rentboys of the south coast are sniffing around Kieren McKenna. Fuck off and find your own promising young coach gaylords. They probably want to bum him.

But without a doubt the biggest football cunt of them all…

Jurgen Klopp: I fucking despise this cunt. Possibly the only person in their world I would physically assault if I was ever in the same room. Has gone completely native in Liverpool and spent the past nine years whinging about how hard done by the bin dippers are despite the ludicrous bias of both the FA and the media towards his shitty club. His latest moan is about too many 12:30pm kickoffs. Fuck off and die, you prick. Thought he going to win a Quadruple and ended up with the tinpot League Cup, a competition so pointless it only entitles the winners to enter into UEFA’s crappy Europa Conference League.

Go ITFC. Aiming for 17th next year!


Nominated by Emperor of East Anglia.

62 thoughts on “Nomination: Various footie cunts

  1. Football is cunt full stop.
    Better the game was played with a human head from some executed child killer. ( Baby Ps mother ). Add to that at least one hidden small anti personnel mine on the pitch. Just another C4 to take out a foot and one testicle.

  2. Man City win again. azing what you can do with a few billion quid. The only way to stop them is for them to sign Harry Kane or some other shitehawk Spurs pkayer.

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