I`d like to cunt ISOHEDRA.
(It`s a long shot, but I`m guessing this hasn`t been cunted before).

But I`m not talking about any old three-dimensional polyhedral object existing in what we perceive as spacetime; no, I`m nominating this …

BBC News Link.

Nobody, thus far, has been able to figure out what it `s purpose was.

So now it`s OUR turn, cunters! You know what’s coming, don’t you: What the fuck was this thing used for? – ADMINS – prize please for best thought?

My guess? Simple. Don`t overthink it.

It was a Roman wanking device.

Further, if I were that inclined, professor Alice Roberts would be my `inspiration`.


Nominated by : Sam Beau

62 thoughts on “ISOHEDRA

  1. As a metal detectorists of 45 years. Yep Im one of those cunts.
    I was employed as a archaeologists and small finds is expert. ( Worked In partnership with the British museum and regional councils. Etc etc.
    These items are just ceremonial mace heads used by Romans in religious rites.
    We have known this since the mid 1980s.
    Hundreds of complete and fragmentary examples have been found in the UK.
    I might nominate modern users of metal detectors as they really are cunts.
    That’s another story…….

    • OVSF@

      Nice to find out what it really is.

      I can see the appeal of metal detecting.,

      Please could you recommend a good detector for someone just starting out?

      I know they can be expensive and saw a few quite cheap but guessing they don’t penetrate deep below the topsoil?

  2. How do they know it’s a ceremonial mace and not one used as an actual a weapon? I bet there were robbers in those days and you could use that for self protection.

    If thousands have been found there couldn’t be that many required for ceremonial reasons.

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