Rishi Sunak [18] and His Plan

Is this fucking useless cunt for real? Hard on the heels of the Tories’ drubbing in the local elections, here’s the Torygraph giving a platform to Shortarse himself in a pitiful attempt to stave off complete annihilation at the next General Election.

Telegraph Link.

Shorty says he has a plan. I’ll save cunters the trouble and cost of surmounting the paywall erected by the billionaire twins who own this rag, especially as they’re in the process of selling out to a bunch of smelly, sheep’s eyeball munching oilw*gs. Instead, here is the 6-point plan in summary:

1. To provide a red carpet welcome for all dinghy arrivals. Slot machines will be installed along the south coast where, for a small fee, all undocumented males will be able to purchase British citizenship, a passport and free access to accommodation, healthcare, public services and pension rights for life.

2. To punish aspiration, self-reliance and success by taxing the indigenous population to death.

3. To impoverish the population by pandering to the ecomentals and forcing EVs and heat pumps on people who don’t want them and can’t afford them.

4. To turn the country over to Islamomarxist mob rule.

5. To provide further prohibition business opportunities for organised crime by following up the cigarette ban with bans on vaping, alcohol, junk food, non-Halal meat and anything else we can think of that people enjoy.

6. To lose the next election by a landslide, fuck off to Silicon Valley and hand the UK over to the Labour Party to finish the job of destroying Britain’s history, heritage, culture and economy.

So that’s the Plan. Or have I missed anything?

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41 thoughts on “Rishi Sunak [18] and His Plan

  1. Well cunted. A talking turd stuck to the nation’s shoe. His only plan is to cling on as long as possible. Cunt.

  2. Blokes an utter cunt, and somewhat deluded. His plan is dogshit. it’s all talk.

    The plan is bollocks, the same as any of the main stream uni-parties in these lands. Sadly many who have the vote are too thick to see it.

    Until we in the UK get a Gert Wilders type politician who speaks the truth and doubles down on his actions, there is no point in casting a vote.

    Labour, tories, limp dumbs, greens are all New World Order, WHO.WEF globalist stooge cunts who care nothing for this country or it’s indigenous peoples.

  3. All these cunts are doing is hastening their violent demise.

    Keep going with unlimited raghead scúm,sky high taxation,collapsing public services,eye watering rents,rampant corruption by an unaccountable “civil service”,a colossal welfare bill etc etc etc and it won’t matter.

    The police,the judiciary,all of it will get swept away if they keep up the same disastrous policies as they have for the last 30 years.

    A new Cromwell will be along in good time.

    Fuck that filthy rabble.

  4. His major contribution to economic development was ‘Eat Out to Help Out’. Enough said.

  5. Six point plan, with none of it achievable..

    Should of got it laminated on a card like dame keir.
    Or on a stone tablet like bacon boy ..

    All politicians should be gassed…

  6. I think Sunak is just about the wotrst thing that could have happened – so far – but look at the alternative: Kweer “Lanour has a plan” Charmer. Let’s look at that plan:

    * Dismantle Trades Union Laws, so that we can have more wildcat strikes and flying pickets.

    * Have a cabinet full of mincers and benders

    * Have a cunt on legs as his deputy, a woman who can open her legs wider than her mouth

    * Re-entry into the EU

    * Unfettered immigration

    * Dame Eddie Izzard elevated to the house of Lords as a Dame

    THAT, gentlemen is the alternative. Reform will do no better than the Lib-Dems – only one of the two big parties can win the next election, and if it is Labour offering votes to 16 year olds and EU citizens we will never be rid of the infestation.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    • Reform are controlled opposition, WC….. take a Google search on ‘when Tice met Zelenski’ it shows the true thinking of reform.

      They’ve also got ‘form’ in removing any of their ‘less savoury’ characters who have annoyed various left wing factions…

  7. Sir
    I raise my glass to you on a most excellent cunting
    Never ever specifically said but that just about sums it up .

  8. His only plan seems to be “vote for me because we are not Labour” and vice versa concerning Starmer who incidentally looks like Dr Johnathan Foyle from the ISOHEDRA nom.

    What a shit show.

    • True enough LL.
      As an election slogan ‘Yes, we’re shit but Labour would be worse’ doesn’t quite have the appeal of ‘Get Brexit done’.

  9. Mini Pac Man, ‘quite the most irrelevant streak of piss to ‘lead’ a country. All fart and no shite! Half man, half shit-biscuit.

    Bring back Oliver Cromwell!


      • Indeed Mr Baker.

        And if he wanted any chance at all of winning the election he should have started deporting raghead criminals,terrorists and immigration charity staff a long time back.

        He has failed so california and a job on the board of Google awaits.

        Politicians are pond scūm.

      • Not one Tory PM in the last 14 years has lifted a finger to curb mass immigration in this country, or deport foreign criminals.

        In fact, since Brexit, immigration has skyrocketed. Johnson wanted an amnesty for illegals and Truss wanted to increase immigration to boost the UK economy!

        We only managed to deport Abu Hamza cos the Yanks wanted him, the poor saps.

      • The actual country matters not.
        Asian non oriental ergo a paki.

  10. Anybody in who’d been stuck in a time warp for few decades and suddenly emerged into 2024 would not believe the state that this soft as shit country has let itself fall into. In government we’ve got this clown in Westminster, something from a Robertson’s jam jar in Wales, a fat slapper in Northern Ireland and, until recently, a camel’s afterbirth in Scotland. Watching TV is like a permanent rerun of clips from Zulu and ‘people’ disembarking at Dover look like monochrome negatives of those who were filmed after being rescued from Dunkirk. The country’s fucked, RIP no longer great Britain.

  11. Straight on the talking circuit, one day a month Board Member, not a bad gig if you can get it. Meanwhile, us ordinary non multi millionaire mortals slowly drown in higher bills, lack of housing, illegal immos, slower access to health care and being a second class citizen cash cow in our own lands.

  12. Yeah, what was it, an 85 seat majority? Still managed implement precisely no centre-right policies.

    Everything is a numbers problem.

  13. The Plan is working, he keeps on telling us that.

    Well I am convinced, but wait Kweer has his own plan and it’s got 6, yes 6 points.

    Will Rishi go for seven, he has to up the ante, can’t let that fucking shyster lawyer win.

    I will help him out
    Sink the boats, that will STOP them
    Raise the tax threshold to 20K
    Cut benefits, what fucking use are cunts sitting at home, may as well let the starve.
    Ban everything that isn’t true British
    Deport every fucking foreign cunt.
    Scrap net zero and start burning coal until the Nuclear is properly up and running.
    Shoot any fucking Muslim who dares to shout Alan’s snackbar, gets all upset over a picture of uncle Mo, or anyone carrying a knife

    • The white one was bad enough but at least he wasn’t PM. Although neither is the suntan kid, not even close.

  14. Well he’ll be getting my vote.
    Fine upstanding, centre parting shiny shoes , little globalist that he is.

    I remember him when he was nothing, a waiter in a Indian restaurant

    But his name then was Gunga din.
    Least that’s what I called him.

  15. 4ft 6.
    Isn’t that extraordinary?
    Smallest leader since Napoleon (3ft 12in, 4ft in heels)

    And 5st 8 ounces.
    Karen carpenter was 6 an half stone.
    His wife ties kite string to his belt on windy days.

    I could never vote for someone like that.
    Even if they were white.

  16. I was sent a video where the Dark Daki Prince Rishi was being questioned by someone who alleges that his Daki father in law, owner of Infosys is being accused of lobbying the government on immigration. Also, a minister of the Curry King, No. 10 poppadom Palace was reportedly heard telling Infosys company execs they would see what what they could do to help grow the UK business.

    Everytime that cunts wife Akshata Murty smiles, it reminds me of what my ring-piece looks like before a shit falls out of it.

  17. It puts me in mind of when that rubber faced twat Ed Miliband had his pledge stone in 2015, tombstone more like you cunt.

    ‘A strong economic foundation’, ‘Higher living standards for working families’ and ‘Controls on immigration’ amongst other bullshit.

    Well that didn’t age well did it Gromit?

    And neither will Sunak’s plan. Has he okayed it with Davos HQ and his WEF puppet masters Soros and Schwab?


  18. Rishis a good boy.
    Not like that dirty Gerty in the Netherlands.

    Always causing trouble for the EU.

    That’s the trouble with people nowadays .
    Bit of unlimited migration, lose a bit of the indigenous culture and have a few knife attacks and they lose sight of the plan.

      • Not sure, The Cunt In Scunthorpe. The EDL though, aren’t they? I’ve become a big fan of Tommy Robinson over the last six months or so.

        Ah, just to think 10 years ago, even looking into the far-right proper (not the MSM “far-right”) would have been something most of us never thought we’d be considering.

      • Looks like it still is, mate. They took a pasting at the last election though.

  19. In reality, Rishi only has a 2-point plan:

    1. To keep the 300 or so Tory MPs who are going to lose their seats at the General Election, in their £8,000 a month (+ expenses) jobs for as long as possible.

    2. Make sure he manages to limp over the 2 year mark as Prime Minister.

    Everything else is just smoke and mirrors bullshit, like it’s all been since 2010.

    Fuck him.

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