Chroming – the next level of idiocy

From the morons who brought you happy slapping and vodka eyeballing, comes:

Chroming – this link says it all

Are teenagers and students really so bored with their lives that they have to keep inventing these stupid “challenges” on social media? They really think that damaging their bodies to the point where their lives will be spent as vegetables or worse, killing themselves, is worth the risk? It says in the link above that one of the many risks is the lowering of your I.Q. – that’s at least one side-affect that isn’t going to be noticeable then. What a load of stupid cunts.

Nominated by Chunder Tunt.

107 thoughts on “Chroming

  1. Nothing new under the sun, and I bet these chroming cunts have never known the pleasures of chugging a family-size bottle of alcohol- infused mouthwash.
    A habit no longer to be found in these lands, apart from the dooshka population, who make a night of it with the mouthwash, half bottle of vodka, and a bag of laughing gas.

  2. Kids have been sniffing stuff for decades, but never reach satisfaction from it, whereas I’ve been sniffing and eating snatch from the lassies I tell not to wash it and I’ll clean it with a tonguing and a final nose insertion to sniff for later.

  3. If enough people do something then a few of them will die.

    Planking was a craze at one time.
    Laying down in a stiff position somewhere and having someone take a photo of you.

    I am sure that some cunts fell off cliffs trying to get the best photo.

    I should think that of enough people had a bucket of ice tipped over them then a few people would have a heart attack and die.

    Didn’t a few people get run over by their own cars doing the stupid craze of getting out of one when it’s moving and dancing next to it?

    Chroming is alledged to be a thing done by kids all over the world.
    Making a sensation of the handful that have died really just proves that the practice is very low risk.

    Anyone that sniffed glue when I was a kid was just a cunt who couldn’t afford or handle real drugs.

    And the tell tale sign of glue sniffing was a red burn mark around the mouth and nose.
    That could be spotted easily by the kid’s parents who would normally knock some sense into their children.

    I don’t think that the parents of today take time to look up from their social media sites on their mobiles long enough to notice what their kids might be up to.

    Fuck them all.

  4. Imagine the amount of retards who did ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’?
    Presumably it was to raise money or awareness of some condition or other, who cares?
    Almost none of the halfwits doing it could’ve named its purpose.
    Some fucker at friend’s barbeque said he was going to dump the beer ice bucket on my head. I said that I’d crack every window on his car with half a brick.
    He was the sort of bellend who likes Ed Sheeran.

      • Thomas,
        Me and LL dont get out much and don’t have any friends.

        Next time can we come to the barbeque?

        I’ll spank that ice bucket kids teeth out for you!😁👍

      • I can just imagine Cunt Engines small talk in polite society Miserable, discussing the merits of ball gags over duct tape.

      • In polite company, I like to be charming and attentive, using an elegant and erudite lexicon, before going elbow-deep with a spiked chainmail fisting gauntlet Barrymore reference, with accompanying acting out of poor Lubbock’s violently sexy murder.
        By which time the other kids whose birthday party my son is at are in tears of horror.

      • Yeah, happily chatting away wearing his gimp mask.

        The duoballs up his arse buzzing and people pretending they haven’t noticed.

        I’ll miss him when he goes the states LL.☹️

        Thomas you depraved little wretch,
        Safe travels
        And don’t go all yank.
        Your a Englishman 🇬🇧

        The nearest thing to God

      • Bah, it won’t be for at least 2 years apparently. It’s hard as fuck to get in legally, but easy as pie if you’re a chınk or beaner, it turns out.
        Maybe I can be an honourary Met-se-kan?

      • We’ll have to get used him posting at funny hours Mis.

        What are you going to be driving out there Cunt Engine? Something with a good trunk to coed ratio presumably.

      • My money is on a black panel van LL with the back converted into a ‘special’ room.

      • I was surprised at how cultured Thomas really is when I found out he watches the Charismatic Voice starring the lovely Elizabeth Zharoff and he listens to opera.

      • The opera is for when he’s prepping his surgical instruments and sterilising them in his crucible.

  5. “However, the activity can result in deadly side effects. These include heart attack, seizures, suffocation, coma, choking, or fatal injury, and can cause permanent organ damage.”

    Much like having sex with the ex-wife then

  6. Chroming, I used to think that was a process when a metal was plated, to make it shine, & look nice, but I could be wrong.

  7. Being a fairly innocent sort of chap I thought chroming was probably going to be some modification to boy racer cars.

    Turns out its sniffing aerosols.

    Black and White Cunt used to like sniffing aerosols….
    Or was it sniffing arseholes?😆
    Dirty bugger.

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