Chroming – the next level of idiocy

From the morons who brought you happy slapping and vodka eyeballing, comes:

Chroming – this link says it all

Are teenagers and students really so bored with their lives that they have to keep inventing these stupid “challenges” on social media? They really think that damaging their bodies to the point where their lives will be spent as vegetables or worse, killing themselves, is worth the risk? It says in the link above that one of the many risks is the lowering of your I.Q. – that’s at least one side-affect that isn’t going to be noticeable then. What a load of stupid cunts.

Nominated by Chunder Tunt.

107 thoughts on “Chroming

  1. The more of the pointless cunts that die the better. Just read about some Russian cunt who has burnt his bollocks off on some challenge. Bring em on.

  2. If anyone out there is thinking of trying ‘chroming ‘
    I say go for it!!!👍

    Why miss out on all the fun?
    Don’t let some old duffer tell you what to do!

    Fit in with your peers and get chroming.
    Film it too.

    Your parents have other kids so you’re pretty much disposable.

    And remember,
    “Free Palestine!!”✌️

  3. Sniffing solvents and glue, nowt new there, when I was a school some silly cunt jumped off a balcony after sniffing glue. Darwin’s theory was at play on that day.

    There are so many idiots and not enough methods to dispose of them, chroming isn’t strong enough to make a real contribution 😂

    • Quite right, Sicksy.
      When I was at school – as a dare – we had to sniff an elephant`s bottom. They weren’t really too bothered, but there is an element of risk involved. You just had to choose the right one. 🐘

  4. I don’t know what the fuss is about, I tried with deodorant all I ended up with was a wet nose..

    You can use roll-ons right?

  5. If you’re going to inhale something, make it something worthwhile, like DMT.
    Or Isla Fisher’s used knickers.

    • Afternoon Thomas 👍

      When I was at school it was glue for boys
      Butane gas for girls.

      Sort of like drinks at a cocktail party.

      Some would try Tippex ®
      They were seen as wankers.

      Then it all just …stopped.

      Everyone doing ‘hot knives’
      Then ‘bucket bongs’.

      You probably reminisce about it at Narcotics Anonymous??

      • Narcotics Anonymous is for pussies who are don’t enjoy their drug habit.
        They should make their own naughtiness, like I do.
        Afternoon MNC/all.

      • With you on that one, Thomas.

        Should we start Narcotics unanimous for like minded psychonauts?

  6. Next thing you know, the Lib Dems and mumsie types will be calling for aerosols to be banned to ‘keep our children safe’. Twats.

    Cillit Bang is nice and strong. Go on, give it a go kids….

    • I thought the modern way of saving our children and the planet involved putting tax on things.

      • and letting them learn about mermaids and unicorns from bearded blokes in ball gowns.

  7. Used to be they were content with a bag of evostik, youth of today eh?

    Used to work in a chrome plating shop long ago, everything in there was toxic, chromium itself gives wonderful skin ulcers, nitric acid, water doesn’t wash it off and it just burns through your flesh, cyanide for that quick goodbye.

    Fucking insult calling sucking on an aerosol chroming!

  8. I’m saving my ‘dead younglings’ sympathy on the likes for the toddlers that get murdered by their parents.

    THESE stupid cunts voluntarily bring their problems/demise on themselves.

    To quote Big Vern , “You play with feathers, .. you get your bum tickled”

    The parental *shame* of watching the box go into the ground for such trivial bullshit must be a real thing, despite the grief.

    • *caveat* – (the shame bit)^ .. not the aerosol sniffing exclusively, but any and all of the potentially lethal bullshit internet trends, created by devious cunts for those with apparently no imagination of their own.

      And that’s when they kill (only)themselves. Anyone else on here fancy a houseblock through the windscreen as you approach a flyover after dark, at maybe 70mph?

      These days you can never be 100% sure it ain’t gonna happen! What a fucking species!

  9. It was gluesniffin when I was a youth.

    The papers screamed in outrage!
    Politicians promised to stop it!
    Cliff Richard begged us to stop!

    Just fizzled out.
    A fad.
    Never see a gluesniffin youth nowadays.

    Went the way of leg warmers , rara skirts and I shot JR t-shirts.

    • Because they made it difficult to buy glue, the skinheads in hanewell used to buy the gallon tins. It helped them form a good bond.

  10. It’s nowt new,the mad cunts back in the 80s were sniffing glue,aerosols and highliter pens.

    Bargain Basement Space Cadets.

    Keep at it you crazy kids!

    Then fuck off

    • Yes, fuck off to the crem’ with your whole family turning up in tracksuits and Robbie Williams’ Angels piped through the speakers.

  11. Chroming pah!

    I my day we drank Domestos and Jeyes Fluid. Never did us any harm.

    I don’t know, the youth of today eh?

  12. For you young uns out there glue sniffing was fucking ace.
    I recommend Iceland freezer bags and evo stik thix o fix if still available as it’s less messy than the runny stuff although the effects are probably crap nowadays as all the volatile substances have been removed.

  13. These kids rehashing 80s fads for TikTok.

    They should try Football hooliganism?
    Get tribal.

    Breakdancing on a bit of carpet or cardboard in a shopping centre.

    And Heroin was very ‘on trend ‘ in the 80s.
    All the celebs had a dabble.

    You can probably get fair trade vegan heroin nowadays 👍

    • They’ve got hooliganism. They call it social/environmental justice activism.

      The only difference is they need a lift from their mums.

  14. What the youth of today need is their own zammo to put them on the straight and narrow..

    Maybe the doctor who bender can become doctor no.
    Might as well as his tenure as the doctor will soon be over.

  15. We called it “Huffing” when I was a kid. I swear these last 2 or 3 generations didn’t invent a fucking thing.
    Every fad they love is what my generation invented (gen X).

  16. Drink Windowlene or quality de-icer, then chow down on some Kiwi high-gloss boot polish.

    Breakfast of Kings.

  17. I read today on Facecunt that in our local area some cunty teenagers think it is funny going round playgrounds super gluing nails to slides, seesaws and roundabouts.

    What a fukcing hoot.

    I feel like I’d like to catch one of these cunts in ‘action’ beucase I’d superglue their eyelids together then twist then round and round and send them onto a main road to find the other side.

    • Again, nothing new. This generation aren’t capable of having an original thought.

      It was razorblades superglued to playground equipment back in the ’80s.

      • Nowt was as sharp as the saddles on our early 80’s Raleigh (heavy as fuck) racing bikes eh, Odin?
        Handlebars rotated back 180 degrees to look like laser guns, of course.

      • I had a Tomahawk and then a Chopper.

        The Raleigh Burner and the Grifter were fucking ace for jumps and wheelies though…If you could get the front wheel to lift off.

      • I only had BMX-type things. Brother had a mountain bike at one point.

        I went up a wooden ramp we made and landed upside down.

      • Grifter XL (the one with 3 gears) .. too heavy to pull a wheelie on, even …

  18. Fucking pansies.

    When I were at uni in Edinburgh, the jakies used to sit on the benches outside Surgeons’ Hall wrecking themselves on ‘Brasso’ that they’d knocked off from somewhere.

    I used to love sniffing ‘Cherry Blossom’ shoe polish as a lad. Never did me any harm.

    Afternoon all.

    • That’s why cunting modern bikes go rusty at the first sign of moisture in the air. And they don’t have proper fucking mudguards. I love my Triumph sprint, but what fukwit designed the front end so that water and mud gets sprayed over the radiator, and the back end which sprays crap all over the panniers and my pillion’s legs?

  19. A new name for an old practice.

    Just as glue-sniffing was an IQ test in the 80s and 90s, chroming is the updated version. That it’s been done on TikTok just adds to my sense of apathy..

  20. My first thought was that this story is a load of bollox. There’s nothing new to see here.
    But on second thoughts, these gen z types are so flaky, they’d probably need the services of A&E if they sniffed a marker pen.
    There’ll never be anything like the early 90s rave scene whilst these soppy cunts still exist.
    Can you imagine any of the current shower of shit popping a couple of doves after a gram of wizz and 6 pints of Stella, and living to tell the tale?
    Fucking mollycoddled wankers!

    • They were doing this when I was a lad, and probably before. They’ve just given it another name so that young wankers will think it’s something new.

    • Theyre not drink or staying out (got to look good for the ‘gram), having sex, learning to drive or going to house parties.
      They get excited over a iphone or new burger at MczDonalds, that they get delivered and then eat on their own.
      They’ll be the very cunts Edgar Friendly (Dennis Leary) talks about in Demolition Man

    • this all day long!!! then hop in some cunts motor spending the next 4 hours trying to find a warehouse in Hackney where the party was the driver being more off chops than anyone else

  21. I huffed some interesting-smelling used knickers off Susan Boyle.
    Rather than multicoloured visions of the fractal dimension beyond this one, I was transported into a sea of grey misery, dotted with drab stone huts full of hunched miserable đẁarvės.
    Presumably Scotland.
    Or Wales.

  22. Why is everything a fucking ‘challenge’ these days?

    Numerous fuckwit challenges on soshul meedya that started with the ice bucket challenge and have since got more retarded to the point of being instantly lethal.

    Even the work place isn’t safe from this bullshit.

    Middle management bellends sucking up to directors with their ‘I do love a challenge’.

    Do you cunt? Do you fucking really?

    I don’t. I like to go to work, do my job and get paid at the end of the month. That’s because I’m competent and capable. Not a corporate cock sucker.

      • When I were a boy the word “gender” were used exclusively to describe ships, aircraft, cars, etc.
        As “she” or “her”.
        Also some countries, e.g. “motherland” or “fatherland.”
        Gay males were occasionally referred to as “her” but only in a derogatory sense.
        Nowadays school children are given 100 genders to choose from by their lefty woke teachers and the BBC.
        It’s nowt less than child sexual abuse, imo.

    • There was the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ a few years ago. It was to ‘raise awareness’ of Motor Neurone Disease, but the message was forgotten and it became a way for cunts to humiliate themselves.

      Unsuprisingly, nobody on Facebook nominate me after having pointed this out.

  23. I’ve had some nice chroming on my Rover P6 – bumpers, door handles, light bezels, number plate plinth, fuel cap…

  24. Your Michael Douglas in Falling Down and I claim my £5😁

    Today after work I went the gym.
    Getting out of shape.

    I hit the machines, weights, then gloves on and hit the bag.

    I feel like shite.
    Can barely turn my head ☹️

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